Hurts So Good



Oh my gosh you guys – I did it. I completed Level 1 and 2 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred right after another. It.was.intense!! I was dripping with sweat and my arms were complete mush by the end! There’s this one arm exercise at the end of level 2 – honestly, I’ve never even knew I had the muscle that it works. It hurt so good! :D

A couple of you asked if I’ve tried any of Jillian’s other vids. The answer is no I haven’t, but after your recs, it may be worth an extra look!

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner tonight, as we feasted on pot roast, potatoes and homemade apple crisp (omg!) at my in-laws this afternoon. I really, really wanted to get some good quality veggies in today though, so I whipped up a Kitchen Sink Salad for supper! (do you say supper, or dinner??)


In the mix:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Broccoli
  • Dried cranberries
  • Peanuts

My dad gave me the idea to add chopped peanuts into a salad, and they were so good!! The kind of tasted sweet, almost? I reeeeally, really liked them in there!


Ahhh…goodbye bacon, hello veggies. :) What a GREAT salad!


Hello Thin Mints, too! I spy four little devils that are destined to be my dessert. I can’t wait!


Back to AFV – they just had a hilarious dancing montage. I love me a good montage, don’t you know!?

Happy Sunday! :D


How often do you eat salads?

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  1. Katie 02.28.2010

    Never! Ohh I wish your love of salads and veggies would rub off on me like your sweet-tooth recipes.

  2. A) It’s dinner :)
    B) Gorgeous salad
    C) Since when do thin mints have holes in them?!

  3. Evan Thomas 02.28.2010

    I never eat salads, haha. Too bad, but they don’t fill me up! Ooo I’m jealous of your thin mints. I was looking at an organic version at WF today but they were wicked pricey :-(

  4. That salad looked truly amazing!
    I wish I ate salads more frequently – but my Mom often says it´s too little. That I need more carbs and protein ans stuff…
    Oh, well. I love salads, anyway ;)
    And I usually say DINNER! Haha!
    Have a great week, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  5. Stephanie 02.28.2010

    Let me guess, Vflys w/ squats? That one is so tough for me either way! I love salads and today is the first day I’ve been able to eat one in over a week – loving it!

  6. I try to eat salad at least once a week to get a good quantity of veggies. But thats only if I have the fixings.

  7. I wish I ate more salads, I usually only eat one fruit or veggie at a time unless I’m out :-)

  8. Alison 02.28.2010

    I can’t believe you did level 1 and 2! You’re nuts! –but good job regardless. AND–I say dinner for the 3rd meal of the day everyday except Sunday. I think I’m an Iowa exception…because everyone I know says ‘supper’ –I think it’s our farm culture. :)

  9. Carrie 02.28.2010

    I eat a salad almost every day during the week for lunch. Love me some spinach!

    And everyone is talking about the GS cookies and I have none. :-( Sad day, or week.

  10. Wow girl I’m impressed… 2 shreds back to back.. yikes!!

    LOVE big salads like that.. i’ll have to try the peanuts in one! I eat a salad pretty often, love them.
    Sometimes dinner, sometimes supper. Around here, it’s usually called supper though.

  11. BroccoliHut 02.28.2010

    Back when I was eating campus food 3 meals a day, I would have at least one big salad, usually two, per day! Now I try to limit it to a few times a week for variety’s sake!
    I love adding chopped peanuts to salads, especially with a few oranges and baked tofu in the mix:)

  12. I bet you are gonna be sore in the morning! But it’s definitely a good sore, right?! I call it dinner :) I eat salads a lot! Had a big one for dinner tonight also! Loved the addition of peanuts, I will have to try that! Have a great night girl!

  13. My favorite video of her’s is “No More Trouble Zones.” I hate it as the same time too, it is rough, but you feel so good after it is done. “Metabolism Boost,” I think it is called, is also good, but man it is also intense. I just know going in if I am going to do a Jillian workout I am going to be in pain :)

  14. Jessica 03.01.2010

    I ordered some thin mints from my friend and I can not wait to pick them up from her!!

    I eat salads probably 5-6 times a week, usually for lunch. It’s so fast and easy.

  15. YAYA for 2 Jillian levels! It really does kill you by the end :D
    I love big salads – does big plates full of roasted veggies count!? Cos I have them ALL the time, it’s my favourite type of meal :D

  16. 30 day shred means business! I love it though :)

    I always say dinner now, but growing up, we said supper. Not sure what made me change!

    Mmm thin mints. I can’t wait to get my order of GSC!

  17. Kim 03.01.2010

    Love Jillian’s Shred!

    I eat salads twice a day – lunch & dinner. Love me some veggies! :) I love the idea of peanuts on your salad! I have done almonds, walnuts & pecans, but never thought about peanuts! I am so trying that!

  18. AP 03.01.2010

    I LOVE the montages. There is one episode that was a countdown of the top 10 montages – that’s right – all montages. Hilarious.
    I say dinner! And I usually have a salad almost every day in the summer and probably 3-4 times per week in the winter.

  19. Iowa Mom Life 03.01.2010

    You did level 1 & 2 all at once???!!! You are crazy girl :) I’m still on level 1 just upping my weights. Love Jillian!!

  20. Wow – after Level 1 I’ve had enough – I can’t imagine doing Level 2 right after! Good for you!

    I try to eat salads a few times a week … I like roasted veggies and usually have them. I always mean to make a salad for lunch at work, but never have time (I know, such a bad excuse!). I’ll have to have them more often!


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