Bacon Fest was a bacon extravaganzaaaaa! There was chocolate covered bacon, bacon brownies, bacon soup, bacon dip, bacon wrapped gizzards (couldn’t bring myself to try one), bacon pinwheels, bacon scotcharoos, bacon…YOU NAME IT! My contribution? French Toast & Bacon Mini Cupcakes!


The base was French Toast mini cupcakes, to which I added some maple extract and 4 pieces of bacon, obviously!


This batter, by the way, blows every cupcake batter I’ve ever had in my life completely out of the water. Incredibly thick, dense and luscious…ohhh yum.




Topped with a swirl of butter cream icing laced with more maple flavoring and a sprinkle of crispy bacon, why, if I shut my eyes I could have been sitting down to a full French toast and bacon breakfast!


The maple flavor in the cupcake batter and creamy icing was SO fragrant and paired perfectly with the salty, crispy bacon. It also made it so these weren’t just um, cupcakes with bacon…! ;)


Aren’t they cute?!


I looooove miniature versions of things. I think they’re so much more fun and special. :) 


By the time we left the party, I was fairly certain that I would be just fine if I never had to lay my eyes on another piece of bacon again! My fingers were so fat and pudgy from all the salt, but what does one expect from attending something called Bacon Fest, hmmm?? ;) We had a great time, and the rest of the weekend shall be consumed with drinking copious quantities of water and vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables!

Ok, and some carbs. :) I picked up some of these David’s Deli Multigrain Bagels at the store today. Actually a pack of multigrain for me, and a pack of plain for Ben – they were 4/$5!


These bagels are HEARTY but not too big. I hate those bagels that are as big as your head – who needs that much bagel?


Toasted to crunchy, yet chewy, perfection, and topped with a smear of almond butter.


omg, there is nothing better than almond butter on a hot bagel. Nothing!


Look at the crunch factor we’ve got going on here, too! Awesome!


Well, Ben and I are switching it up a little this afternoon – we’re going to his parent’s house for lunch! After that I’m planning on either hitting the gym, or doing two levels of 30 Day Shred. I know, I’m scared – however all this salt needs to exit my body pronto! Jillian will know what to do! ;)

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Have you ever been to a food festival?