Challenge Update!



Loved you guys’ reference to Forrest Gump in my post last night! I didn’t even make the connection as I was writing it, which is too funny, because I actually watched Forrest Gump on Saturday night! (I know, CRAZY times in the IGE household! Whatever, I was in a bacon coma…)

I love Forrest Gump with all of my heart – it’s actually one of my very favorite movies! I get so wrapped up in Forrest’s stories and Tom Hanks completely takes you away. My favorite part is when he’s in the army. How about you?

At any rate, I had a cookie for breakfast :oops: (I was packaging them up and had to make sure, one last time, that they still tasted good!) so I’m going light on the rest…


A Fat-Free Raspberry Yogurt. Creamy, cool and sweet.


A Peanut Butter Larabar which I’ve finally decided is my #1 fave flavah!


These babies were on sale 10/$10 at my grocery store this weekend, so I stocked.up.! I actually might save this for an afternoon snack…we shall see.


And a Pink Lady Apple. :D


Lunch is more Turkey Taco Salads!


It’s like a lunch-time fiesta, no?


Avocado is such a special treat. Do you like avocados?


More of that ranch + Graddy’s salsa for dressing. Truly delish.


Challenge Update!

Well, we’re over two weeks into the 40 Day/20 Minute Movement Challenge! Today is Day 16, and I’m still going strong.  

How are my other Challengers doing? Any bumps along the way? Are you finding it tough to exercise everyday?

One thing that has just really clicked for me during these past 16 days, is that exercise has become a non-negotiable. Before, if something came up or I was in a time crunch, exercising was usually the first thing to go. Trust me I love feeling good, getting in a great exercise session and having a healthy mind & body – but when push comes to shove, exercising is usually what gets put on the back burner.

Now, that exercise is non-negotiable (it least for 40 days) I’m finding that it’s NOT A BIG DEAL, at all. At all! I’ve still felt rushed and pressed for time during these past 16 days, but I’ve found a way to fit in it least 20 minutes of exercise. It is possible. Now matter how much you have to do – there is always 20 minutes to be found in your day somewhere, I promise.

Another thing is that, believe it or not, I do not naturally LOVE to work out. I’m not one of those people that wakes up totally jazzed to run 5 miles later that day. It’s just not me, and I’m not sure it ever will. Therefore, I sometimes dread an exercise session, (once I get to the gym and am working out, I’m always glad I went) but getting there is 3/4 of the battle. Now, though, I don’t have the mind games. It’s not a question of whether or not I’m going to work out, or dreading it, it’s now something that’s just part of my day. A non-negotiable. I don’t dread the 20 minutes, or more, of exercise. I don’t really give it a second thought. It’s just going to happen.

Does that make sense?

Sorry for the rambling. It’s just neat to see the change 16 days can have on oneself!

I’m off to start my day – come back tonight to see the cute cookies and my movie debut…kind of! ;)



Do you naturally love to exercise? Have you reached a point where exercising has become a non-negotiable part of your day?

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  1. LOVE avocados, but right now they are so expensive here – like $3-4 a pop! Exercise IS a part of my day. I can’t imagine my day without it.

  2. Jessica 03.04.2010

    Exercise is my release. I love it!

  3. Love Forrest Gump too!

    I wouldn’t say I always love to exercise, but i feel so much better when i do it ;-)

  4. I normally look forward to working out but there are days when I’m just not feeling it. But usually, once I start, I’m glad I did!!

  5. AmyLou 03.04.2010

    Do you find ground turkey to be a bit “gritty” tasting? I do and so I always use the 93% lean hamburger. Your salad looks yummy. I started mixing ranch dressing with salsa and I LOVE the results!

    As far as exercise goes, I do not love it. In fact, I dread it! I hate how long it takes (I only do 30+ minutes on weekends, LOL), how sweaty I get, how monotonous it often is (especially running), etc. Perhaps if I could find a fun class (like Zumba or Turbo Jam or even Farrell’s (have you tried them?? I think that program sounds cool!)), I would like it better. But in my town, there’s only yoga and old-school step aerobics (speaking of step aerobics, did you see Merle Hay has a Jazzercise studio right in the mall ??!!).

    To be honest, the only reason I exercise is because I have a really, really hard time watching what I eat–so I need to burn those extra cals off! ;)

  6. I’m not really “working out” per se, but I’m definitely moving more, which is really nice. Especially now since its FINALLY nicer out!!

  7. jordan 03.04.2010

    i am so glad i am not the only one who doesn’t love to exercise! no matter how long i do it, it is always a struggle just getting myself there. once am finished, i feel great, but that feeling is still not enough to change the next day’s struggle! it does get somewhat easier when the weather is nice, so bring on spring :)

    ps – i LOVE avocados! so delicious :)

  8. Congrats on the first 16 days of your challenge! Most days I love working out. I played sports my whole life and just love the feeling I get after exercise. I don’t always bound out of bed to go for a run, but I would say that I natrually love to run.

  9. Carrie 03.04.2010

    I do love to exercise, but I’m getting really burnt out on going to the gym and doing the same things over and over–running, kickboxing, weights. Repeat.

    I’m so excited for warm weather and evening walks with the dog and long bike rides all over the trails in town. And hiking! Ooh, can’t wait!

  10. Julie S. 03.04.2010

    Exercise is always part of my day. I made a pact w/ myself a long time ago that no matter what I would find time for exercise every day. It’s a rare rare thing for me to miss a workout. So I don’t really mind it ‘cuz it’s just gonna happen – like getting dressed in the morning. I do try to mix it up. Much prefer walking or bike riding outdoors, but it’s gonna be awhile before all the melting is done. :( It’s gonna kill me to have near 50 degree weather on Sun. but have the sidewalks still swamped.

  11. I used to hate exercise, but now I enjoy it and it’s a non-negotiable part of my day (I’m doing well with the challenge :D). Sometimes I need to work on NOT making it such a non-negotiable though, cos I hardly ever give myself rest days!! I don’t feel right in the day if it’s not included :(
    Oh, and I hate 70% of avocados – oocccasionally I come across a nice one in a restaurant, but normally they’re nasty! SO much variation, it’s mad..

  12. jen 03.04.2010

    I have been obsessed with avocado lately…love them!

    I am not a natural exerciser either, and I can’t say it’s become non-negotiable yet, but i think I’m getting close! I’m sad to say that i’ve missed a couple of days on the challenge, but overall I think it’s going well. The point was really to make it a habit to work out consistently, so I’m happy! :)

  13. I don’t get overly jazzed to workout either, but I just don’t even think about it. I exercise first thing in the morning and when the alarm goes off, it’s just time to wake up and go. I wouldn’t make excuses for work, so I don’t allow myself to do it for exercise either! That’s always been my motto and like you said, you ALWAYS feel better once you go.

  14. Tina 03.04.2010

    Normally I love my workouts and they are a non negotiable part and a huge part of me and my passion. I do go through phases where I have to make myself get to the gym though….like lately. That’s great you are getting used to it being an ingrained part of your day to day life. And I love that you have a 20 min goal. I think lots of people think if they can’t get close to an hour its not worth it, which is so untrue. 20 minutes can be a great workout and you are showing that :)

  15. I love avocados, but I can’t stop my husband from making bad noises when I buy them … he hates them! LOL!

    I wouldn’t say exercise is a non-negotiable for me. I listen to my body and see what it wants. Though I do try to get a run in 3x a week, I’m starting to get pretty lenient on what goes on the rest of the time. Right now I’m concentrating on 31 days of yoga for March. I’m feeling muscles that haven’t been used before, but I’m feeling so much more at peace and in tune with my body. It’s great!


  16. Melissa 03.04.2010

    I don’t love to exercise, no. Let’s be real here–I exercise mostly so I can eat lots of yummy food! And for the health benefits, of course! ;) Honestly, though, I have become somewhat addicted to running in the last month or so. I just feel so much better when I get a run in, whether it’s torturing myself on the treadmill or enjoying a glorious run in the sunshine (as I plan to do today!)

  17. Oh, boy do I LOVE to exercise! I couldn’t imagine my life without it…especially running. I just started a new challenge: MOVE IT in March @ http://www.nutritionnutontherun. Feel free to join! : )

  18. Tay 03.04.2010

    Man I lovED it and boy do I miss it! Back during my running days, it was just as much of a habit to wake up and run as it was to brush my teeth. Get up and go. Now that I’ve been out of it for a while, I actually have to convince myself to workout. And getting back into running will be tough! But so worth it :-D

  19. Samantha 03.04.2010

    Love all the colorful food pictures! Working out, mainly running has become a huge part of my life. In fact it’s basically my main priority and I have to run everyday. I usually plan my life around it haha because I know it’s something I have to get in!

  20. Kristen 03.04.2010

    This is random…but I noticed that you use the phrase “it least” a lot – usually where I would say “at least.” Just wondering if that’s a regional thing..if it is common to say that in your area? Oh the things I ponder. ;)

  21. I think that’s part of the reason I signed up for another marathon – it really made running non-negotiable. I had to hit a certain mileage each week or I was worried I’d be unprepared. After the marathon was over I lost that. Hence – I signed up for another one 6 months later. :-)

  22. Sheri 03.04.2010

    I am still get my move on everyday! I have been so super busy this week that I have not had the time to update my blog. But it is on my agenda tonight! I have been doing good and have been doing some form of exercise everyday :)

  23. Sarah W 03.04.2010

    I’ve heard it said that it takes either 2 weeks or 4 weeks to form & cement a new habit (like exercise) so I would say that you’re well on your way there and after 40 days, you wont want to stop.

    Interestingly, reading about your motivation and conviction to move 20 minutes every day is actually improving mine. This might just be what I need move past the tipping point…

    (I will point out how fortunate you are to have a gym in the same place you work. It makes it much easier!)


  24. Katie 03.04.2010

    I LOVE avacado now that I realized that I’m not allergic anymore! What a great discovery!

    Well my job is physical, so it’s hard NOT to exercise every day. If I go to the gym less than 3 times a week, I feel like a complete failure even on top of the job!

  25. I just started following your blog after scrolling through your delicious looking photos! I’m also a runner and I find that I don’t feel quite right if I haven’t run/biked/walked/danced-like-crazy in a day!

  26. BroccoliHut 03.04.2010

    Mmm loving all that avocado action!
    I have reached a point where I get cranky if I don’t exercise. I use my run as a time to de-stress and organize my day, in addition to getting my heart pumping:)

  27. Matt 03.04.2010

    Running is seriously my favorite part of the day every single day!

  28. Lindsey 03.04.2010

    it’s so nice to hear someone admit out loud that it’s not always the most fun thing to work out! I agreeee— if I wasn’t vain and didn’t start recently seeing some bicep/tricep action poppin in my arm, I would have started slacking; instead, I kicked up my cardio a notch and did a solid hour of biking and ellipticalling. I think that wedding bells are ringing louder than ever (as I’m gettin’ married in a month)and it’s sorta pushing my bum to the gym! Keep it uuuup!

  29. Tamikka 03.05.2010

    I love my exercise classes- Zumba, Turbo Kick and Advanced Step being my favorites.

    My friend works for Larabar and sent me a HUGE box of bars. I’ve been great at creating new lovers.

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