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I did it!

4 miles in 37 minutes down the ol’ hatch – in my new shoes! They are very lightweight and breathable. I knew as soon as I felt the whoosh of cold air hit my tootsies through the top of the shoe as I started running! ;) said it was 54 degrees out, but I’m going to go ahead and say that it was more like 47-48.¬†Nevertheless, I donned some shorts and short sleeves, (!)¬†then hit the trail! My ears got a little bit cold on the way back running into the wind, but all in all, it was just a peach of a run. :D

I wasn’t too hungry after my run – lunch was pretty heavy – so I kept it simple with BFD, aka breakfast for dinner (coined by Lauren!) ;) Cheerios, almonds & dried cranberries with a side of toast.

DSC_0022 (3) 

I’m telling you – best bowl of cereal EVER! Oh, and for some weird reason, whenever I smell or taste unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, I crave Cheerios…? I was using some of it to make tomorrow’s breakfast and immediately knew what I wanted for dinner. So strange. So good.

DSC_0020 (3)

I used some of my EarthGrains Wheatberry Honey Bread for my toast. Look at those chewy wheatberries!

DSC_0010 (3)

Topped with a smear of raspberry jam.

DSC_0011 (3)

Whenever I eat Cheerios I think of this Family Guy clip…HA!

Cheerios sound bite

DSC_0023 (3)

Ben and are I off to go hang with his parents…it’s all about family today! :D



Do you ever watch cartoons or animated shows?

I’ve been known to watch an occasional episode of Family Guy. I used to HATE it – thought it was tacky and gross – but Stuie got to me. That little, foul-mouthed baby got to me, I tell ya’!

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  1. Evan Thomas 03.14.2010

    I love family guy! Also pokemon(did I really just admit to that?!). The clip isn’t working :-( But it’s alright because I’m such a fan I’m 95% sure I know which one it would be

  2. Jenny 03.14.2010

    Glad you had a good run in your new kicks!

    Have fun with the fam!

  3. Run Sarah 03.14.2010

    Awesome run! I used to love Daria as a teenager when it came to cartoons. I love BFD – I call it ‘brinner’ though, a la Scrubs!

  4. We just had breakfast sandwiches for dinner. I loved how quick and easy it was.

    I watch Simpsons with Hunni because he loves it. I used to love Daria as a teen.

  5. Funny you should ask about cartoons! My bf and I (both in our early twenties) have become addicted to all the great animated movies available on youtube! Our faves are Atlantis, Fern Gully and Monster’s Inc. You’re never too old for cartoons!

  6. Becky 03.14.2010

    Nice run – way to break in the new kicks! You’re brave to break out the shorts and tee already! It’s gotten warmer in RI, but I’m still rockin’ the under armour.

  7. the wicked noodle 03.14.2010

    I don’t watch any animated shows, but I attribute that to the fact that with two little girls I can’t stand to watch one more cartoon (even if it is for adults)!

  8. Kayla 03.14.2010

    Yay for a great run! I love that Family Guy clip. My husband watches FG all the time; I like it but sometimes it goes too far. And I’m the only one at work who will even watch it, kinda crazy and sucky cause there’s no one to talk to when it’s really funny.

  9. Rachael 03.14.2010

    I hate to say it, but I HATE Family Guy. However, I have good reason. Sophomore year in college, my roommate would stay up until 2 AM watching Family Guy. I would be trying to go to bed at a decent hour and I would hear that annoying intro song and their little cartoon voices. To this day, it makes me cringe when I hear it. In all fairness, I’ve never seen it so I can’t comment on it’s content, but it is tainted for me haha.

  10. I liked Family Guy at the beginning but I can’t stand it now. The simpsons used to be great too…..either that or I’m getting old!

  11. Runeatrepeat 03.14.2010

    I love Family Guy :) It used to be a tradition to watch it with my Ben, but we haven’t in a while.

  12. I used to watch Family guy all. the. time. (was an ex’s favorite show) I don’t much anymore but it’s hilarious and that clip is priceless!!! I remember it!
    Yay for the run!! And I know i’m a little late on this but the mint pie sounds amazing!!!!

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  14. I used to watch a ton of South Park when I was younger, but it’s never on anymore, so that went out the window, stupid funky channels!
    I love BFD, it feels like a treat :D

  15. AP 03.15.2010

    Nobody mentioned the Simpsons? Love Family Guy once in a while too. Stewie is funny but Brian takes the cake for me!

  16. Lesli 03.15.2010

    Have I told you that I thoroughly enjoy all of your lovely food pictures? :) Everything you eat looks so amazing!

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