Press, Sizzle, Crunch!


Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Don’t worry, that’s a squirrel risking life and limb to rob a bird house in our neighbor’s yard – HA!! Maybe you had to be there, but this was one of the funniest things I have seen in a really long time. Look at his little body all stretched out! I’m still laughing 30 minutes later! :D

DSC_0036 - Copy

In other news – homemade panini presses be damnedLOOK! 8O


The amazingly generous people at Cuisinart heard my pleas for a real panini press – not a pan stacked with protein powder & baked beans – and sent me a Cuisinart Griddler for all my grill, griddle and panini press needs! :D


This puppy does it all.


Not only does it have separate griddle, grill and panini heat settings,


but it also lays flat so you can use it as a flat top grill.


Or, easily flip the plates to use it as a griddle! Pancakes, anyone? ;)


On the menu tonight: Pumpkin Turkey Paninis using my new Griddler!


I kept the panini/grill plates facing out and warmed up the appliance while I assembled my sandwiches.

DSC_0002 (2)



I started with a loaf of fresh French bread,

DSC_0004 (2)

cut myself off a portion, and dug out the insides. This leaves more room for filling, and makes for a crispier sandwich, IMO. (I didn’t end up eating the bread I dug out this time – win!)

DSC_0007 (2)

Then I got out the goods – Pumpkin Butter from the North Carolina girls!

DSC_0008 (2)

Sweet, spicy and a great “glue” for pressed sandwiches.

DSC_0009 (2)

I slathered some onto the top half of my bread,


and layered low-sodium deli turkey and swiss cheese on the bottom.


All together now – his and hers – and PRESS!


(not my arm)


Woo! Look at those babies sizzle!



One of the best features of the Griddler is the floating hinge. It’s great for not burning one end of your sandwich while the other end remains cold and non-crispy. You know what I mean.


Several minutes later we had paninis!


This is the crispiest, crunchiest bread I have ever had. No lie.


Look how taking out the inside of the bread makes for such a thin and crunchy outer shell. It really lets the fillings shine through – such as the pumpkin butter. Oh, the pumpkin butter! Future sandwich combos need not apply. Hot turkey, swiss, and pumpkin butter is’!


Served with some simply roasted asparagus to compliment the sandwich.


4 very enthusiastic thumbs up (IGE + IBE) for these sandwiches and the Cuisinart Griddler. We honestly could not be happier that we have this fun new appliance. I see pancakes, burgers, skewers and many more sandwiches in our future!! :D


I am off to complete a Total Body Circuit then hit the hay by, fingers crossed, 9pm. I’ve had a persistent twitch in my left eye (I know, random) for the past several days, which I hear can be attributed to not getting enough sleep and/or too much caffeine. Early bed time and water it is!

Good night. :)


Do you keep any appliances out on your countertops?

We keep the toaster and butcher block (not really an appliance, but still) out on the counter. The Kitchen Aid mixer, mini food processor and blender are banished to the cupboards!

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  1. Abby Ryan 03.22.2010

    LOVE the Cusinart Griddler. Can’t imagine life without it. Very versatile!

  2. Sara 03.22.2010

    That Griddler looks awesome! I have a Cusinart panini maker and it rules. You’re sandwich looks awesome. I love, love pumpkin butter. We keep our toaster, toaster oven and KitcheAid mixer on the counter.

  3. We totally almost bought that one!!! We ended up not getting a panini maker in favor of another Calphalon pan, but i will be getting that sometime soon! How cool!

  4. ShutupandRun 03.22.2010

    Oh I so need one of those. I’ve been piling up my cans on my sandwiches. It works great, but kind of a pain.

  5. Lauren 03.22.2010

    Awesome Press! I usually don’t get too excited over fancy kitchen gadgets, but this one is something I can see myself using quite often. I can only imagine it makes the best sammies!

    We try to keep our appliance appearances at a minimum. The basics are out, like the toaster, the coffee maker and an electric kettle, but everything else is stored away. Less clutter in the kitchen is my goal.

    Have a good night and good luck with the eye thing.

  6. Jenny 03.22.2010

    I can’t believe that squirrel! Too lazy to fight for his own food:) And you’re so lucky! No more weighted down pans mimicking- you’ve got the real deal here, sister!

  7. Thirtyandhealthy 03.22.2010

    I want want want one! I just looked it up on amazon to see if they sell them here, in the UK, and they do! I just have to wait till christmas . . .

    My kettle and toaster are out all the time but everything else is tucked away. I don’t have a huge amount of counter space but could not imagine having to take the kettle out the cupboard to make coffee. Every morning I’d stumble into the kitchen and think I’d been robbed!

  8. Omg Im so jealous!! I need one of those right now!!! Haha! I’ll have to see if they’re selling them anywhere around here!

  9. BroccoliHut 03.22.2010

    Sweet panini press! I keep my blender, toaster, and microwave on the counter.

  10. Those are so awesome! We have NO counter space so only a microwave and a blender are out :-)

  11. Samantha 03.22.2010

    hahhaha that is so funny!! And oh my goodness, when I have my own place I am purchasing one of those. What beautiful panini’s!

  12. Tina 03.22.2010

    We have the coffee pot and toaster and thats it on our counters. I like having space in our small kitchen.

    We have that panini press/griddle. Its amazing! :)

  13. jordan 03.22.2010

    my gf and i LOVE our griddler…we used it tonight to have a very similar panini as a matter of fact! we’ll have to try the pumpkin butter sometime; we used a spicy honey mustard :) it is definitely great for pancakes too…hopefully you’ll end up loving it as much as we do! :)

  14. Wow… Cuisineart hooked you up!!! I’m SUPER jealous!!!!
    That combo is out of this world good! And it’s very ironic because I had the exact same thing for lunch today except on Great Harvest Dakota Bread instead of the French bread. Pumpkin butter and cheese and turkey is like… the best combination oh, ever!

  15. Jersey Jim 03.22.2010

    I’ve had my Griddler for years, and have been very happy with it. But it sleeps in the pantry. Only the toaster oven gets counter space. Blender, mixer, Griddle, et al. sleep in the dark.

  16. We keep our George Foreman grill, toaster and Kitchen Aid on the counter. The rest is banished to the cupboards.

  17. Jenny 03.22.2010

    Not on the note of paninis… but worthy of stopping in:

    Did you know that tomorrow is Free Pastry Day @ Starbys?? With a purchase of a drink and with a coupon you can get a free pastry before 10:30am :)

  18. Awww – squirrel!
    And WOW, girl! A panini maker?!
    Loved your 1st homemade panini – pumpkin makes everything better!
    Have a great week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  19. Court and Whit 03.22.2010

    We have that same Panini press, it is great! The things we have our on our counter are the kitchen aid mixture, coffeemate coffee pot, and the panini press.

    XOXO Court and Whit

  20. Becky 03.22.2010

    Ooohh! That looks like a fun new toy. I want one! I try not to keep things out on the counter, but we have a definite storage issue so I try to keep my gadget purchases to a minimum. Those sandwiches look delish!

  21. Kaitlin 03.22.2010

    I’m so jealous of your panini press, thats so exciting!! I will miss pictures of your homemade press though… At my apartment the only appliance we keep out is our beloved George Foreman, I use him for everything!

  22. We have several squirrels that try to rob our bird feeder. A friend gave us a sling shot and we use it to scare away the squirrels. Luckily we aren’t very good shots and we haven’t hit anything yet.

  23. kate 03.22.2010

    Woo hoo for griddlers & crazy squirrels!

  24. Kim K 03.22.2010

    How do you lift your mixer in and out of the cupboard? Mine weighs too much to move off the counter!

    Loved the ad!!!!


  25. Yummy…I had a similar sandwich tonight, except I used apple butter instead. I love the sweet/savory combo in sandwiches. We keep our wine fridge out and that was it, until our cuisinart conveniently started staying out due to my husband and I have just not put it away, largely due to using it constantly!

  26. My husband and I love our griddler! It’s perfection in an appliance. I need to try the turkey, swiss and pumpkin butter combo.

    I love paninis with cranberry relish too!

  27. :O wow you lucky thing, getting that for free!! How jealous am I!?
    We have the toaster and the kettle out – I hate having things out but my sister is MESSY and she leaves the George Foreman out (and pans, plates etc….) ALL the time..grr!!

  28. erin 03.23.2010

    my parents have the panini griddler – they love it!

    Squirrels are desperate

    Toaster stays on the counter tops. I don’t really have any other big appliances – ironically enough i do have 2 blenders (those stay put away) and so does my food processor. I HATE having clutter on the countertops!

  29. Erin 03.23.2010

    Oh my gosh that grill looks amazing!!!! I’ve really got to try one of those!

  30. Mark 03.23.2010

    I’ve had mine for about a couple years now and it’s used more than my toaster! Makes the best sandwiches!

  31. Margaret 03.23.2010

    We don’t keep any appliances on the counters, just the block of knives. If only we could get rid of that pile of random mail/junk that never seems to go away, we’d be set. Our bills are almost all paperless so I’m not sure where it even comes from!

  32. Graze With Me 03.23.2010

    That squirrel photo is killing me, so cute! I once saw a picture of a raccoon who had his left legs on the side of a canoe and his right legs on the dock. The canoe was slowly floating away and he was all balanced & sprawled out over the water. (Maybe you have to see it, but it makes me laugh just to think of it.)

    I have too many appliances on my countertops – blender, toaster, electric can opener, juicer, commercial size coffee bean grinder, & espresso/coffeemaker. There are about 10 more various appliances in my cupboards! I have too many…

  33. Donna 03.23.2010

    We were on the same page this weekend! I made oats in a jar saturday morning & turkey paninis WITH pumpkin butter and TOTS on Sunday for dinner!! :)

  34. AP 03.23.2010

    That squirrel is hilarious.
    George foreman all the way!! :D Just kidding. Mine’s getting worn out. Might be time for something new.

  35. Cynthia 03.23.2010

    That squirrel is hilarious!! I love the cuisinart griddler. I grill asparagus on mine. I just use evoo and s&p on mine, but the hubs likes them a little sweet so I brush them with evoo and roll them in some brown sugar. They get carmelized and a little crunchy…he loves it. The best part is that the plates come off and go right into the dishwasher. Easy clean up = less time in the kitchen and more time with the hubs. IMO,it’s a win….win situtaion. Enjoy!!

  36. Machelle 03.24.2010

    So groovy that they sent you one of those gadgets! I have the microwave, toaster oven (which I LOVE) and toaster out on the counter. I love pumpkin butter. I try to stock up when we travel…I can usually find it cheap at the little small town Amish grocery stores…and it always tastes better than the commercially packaged stuff. Heres an unhealthy way to eat it….nuke a little till it’s warm & dump it over vanilla ice cream. To Die For!!

  37. […] started by whipping out my new Cuisinart Griddler and the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix the North Carolina girls sent […]

  38. mai 03.24.2010

    Yes, I have a Food Processor and Mixer on my counter top. That sandwich looks delish! I have to make a trip to TJ’s to pick up that pumpkin butter.

  39. […] again my beloved griddler made an appearance as the appliance du jour this evening, along with the sauce du jour – […]

  40. […] a couple minutes on the Griddler was all it […]

  41. Nancy 08.09.2010

    I need a toaster … Can this appliance be used to just toast one slice of bread, english muffins, and bagels? I’m guessing it may use more energy than a toaster … does anyone know? I’d rather buy one of these than a toaster! Thanks for your help ~

  42. […] the cap on and warm up the Griddler…or the homemade griddler…small g. (omg you have to click on that "Griddler" […]

  43. Cindee 08.31.2010

    Thanks to this post I bought one of these over the weekend. Hands down best $$ I have ever spent on an applicance! Love ours!!

  44. […] I heated up my Griddler for some panini press action. Here’s the deal, if you still need a gift for the foodie in […]

  45. Cyndi 02.23.2012

    I LOVE my Griddler. My husband is now a Panini freak. (L love them too.) I bought this and have loved using it very much. Recommend it too. P.S. Love the blog!

  46. Elyse 04.05.2012

    I love my Griddler too! Have you ever tried making waffles (or a waffle variation) with it? If so, let me know what recipe you used!

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