Frog Legs Will Not Be On the Menu


Gateway Market has redeemed themselves!

Ben and I sprinted into the market’s cafe between rain drops and got right to ordering. I was going to get my standard Vegetarian Pad Thai, but I thought – you know what, this is a free meal so I’m going to get crazy and order something I normally wouldn’t. Thus, I chose the Veggie Burger. I know…total rebel. ;)

We paid, found a nice little table and prepared to wait. Last time it took nearly 35 minutes to get a simple salad and sandwich, mind you!


We were pleasantly surprised though, when in the middle of the bustling Friday afternoon lunch crowd, our food arrived hot and fresh a mere 10 minutes later! This is what cafe dining should be!

Ok, it doesn’t look like much – but I’m telling you – this was sensational! (ps I forgot my camera, so my crackberry played substitute)


My veggie burger was house-made with tofu, cheddar cheese and mushrooms, topped with lightly battered and fried onion strings, and drizzled with a chipotle sauce. WOW – what a combo!


The chipotle sauce was smoky and spicy. The onion rings were crispy and flavorful. The veggie burger was char grilled with a nice crust on the outside.


AND THE BUN! A big, fluffy, locally made ciabatta bun that I could not stop raving about!


This was a BIG burger, and, I ate it all. It’s true. It was that good. WTG Gateway!

Ben got the KC Style BBQ Tips Sandwich with Fries. The sandwich was so-so – we wished the meat was a little more tender – but the seasoned fries were BOMB! I had my fair share. :)


omg, we walked around the market before leaving…look what we found – Frog Legs! Ben asked if I would make them for him sometime…I politely declined. ;)


After my afternoon at work completely zipped by (love those types of days!) I came home and, not 3 minutes later, headed right back out the door for a 3 mile run! It was humid, which I love, and the big, fat, grey rain clouds in the sky kept me cool. It’s been raining off and on for about a week now, so my trail was super fresh, green, and lush. Paradise, if you will.

Afterwards, I downloaded a 20 minute yoga sesh – Power Vinyasa Flow #2 – from Oooo, this class had me trying some new poses that I really liked! Eagle, anyone? I’d like to point out that the instructors do such a great job of guiding you through the sessions. You really feel yourself "click" into each pose, due to their super clear directions on how you should feel and what each part of your body should be doing. Really helpful. :)

Even after all that exercise, I was still full from my carby lunch. I find that starchy/doughy carbs (potatoes, breads, fried foods) leave me so much fuller, longer, than sugary/natural carbs (candy, fruits). I’m not saying this is a good thing, because it’s more of an uncomfortable full, rather than a satisfied full. At any rate, I wanted something light for dinner. Enter, an awesome blossom.


Wrong awesome blossom! A Pink Lady Apple + Almond Butter awesome blossom!


I am not exaggerating when I say this might be the best apple I’ve ever had.

DSC_0052 (2)

It was sweet, yet sour, and tasted like a Jolly Rancher! WOW.


I just love apples and almond butter. :)


Well, I have been eagerly awaiting tonight’s festivities for several days – Ben and I are finally watching Avatar!!


We never saw it in the theaters, so I’m hoping a blue ray player and big screen television will do the at-home version justice!

Did you see Avatar? What’d you think?

With that – I’m off. It’s early to bed for this one tonight, as I’ve got an eagerly awaited outing in the a.m.!



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