It’s Grillin’ Time!


Hola! Guess what Ben just said to me? Guess.

"Will you bake me some tofu for my lunches next week?"

HAAA!! Ben has officially, single handedly ruined all your excuses for not eating tofu. If he can like it – anyone can! He’s been snacking on a big big batch of cubed, extra-firm tofu seasoned with soy sauce, honey, garlic powder and sesame oil that I baked earlier this week, and finally come clean that he did, indeed, love the stuff. We’re takin’ ’em down one at a time, folks! :D

In other, non tofu-related news – it’s 88 degrees outside! 8) Can you even believe that?! I am dying to get outdoors!

Well, I actually already did… Ben and I busted out the grill for the very first time this season, and whipped up some thick and juicy Mignon Burgers for dinner!


My family and I have been buying these mignon burgers for many years at our local grocery store. They’re big beef burgers mixed with feta cheese, cheddar cheese, garlic, onions and spices.


Basically, they’re a burger lover’s dream come true – so special!!! 


I had Ben make sure our grill was up to snuff last week, in anticipation of the warm weather coming our way. I’m terrified of gas grills, so making sure this baby wouldn’t blow up in my face when I turned it on after the long winter, was priority one!


I fired it up, then Ben got to work flipping burgers!


Ahhh, look at those grill marks! When the cheese starts oozing out and snapping on the hot grill, you know it’s ready. :)


To go along with our burgers I made us a roasted veggie bonanzaaa!


That’s a tray of yellow squash, asparagus and broccoli, dashed with some sesame oil and garlic powder, then roasted in a 425 degree oven. Squash and asparagus get 10 minutes, broccoli gets 13 minutes.


All together now!


Ok, these burgers rock my face off. In every single way possible.


They are by NO means (nooooo means) healthy – rather they are extravagant, luxurious and oh-so rich. The perfect thing to kick off the grilling season, IMO!


The roasted veggies took the meal over the top. The yellow squash got super sweet during it’s short roasting time.


And the asparagus retained a perfect snap.


The char the broccoli gets from roasting is divine! I really like roasting veggies with sesame oil because you get more bang for your buck. It’s intensely flavored so you only need a few dashes!


What a way to ring in the warm weather!!


I’m off to babysit my little nephew Finnegan and take him for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. It’s way too nice to stay indoors! 8) (omg, I just almost typed "y’all"!)

Have a lovely night!


Have you gotten out the grill yet? If not, what’ll be your first meal, grill side?!

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