Anniversary Dinner…FAIL!


Oh dear. Tonight’s anniversary dinner, mmm, didn’t go quite as planned! 8O

Ben has to work late tonight, so the plan was to head over to our favorite sushi restaurant – Miyabi 9(where we went for our first anniversary!) for a nice dinner during his break. Well, we got there and they were closed until later this evening. Rats…but, ok. We understood, as it was still super early. 

Next, we tried a nice little bistro type restaurant in the area – Noodle Zoo. Closed for a private party. After that, Ban Thai, our favorite Thai restaurant. Closed until tonight. Cool Vietnamese place I’ve been dying to take Ben to? Closed on Mondays. Fail. Fail, fail, fail!   

As each potential dinner opportunity passed by, time slipped away as well. We had to get Ben back to work, after all! The light bulb suddenly went off – we were right by a Gateway Market! Quick, reliable and always spot on with their dishes. We usually go to a different location, but were certain the quality would be the same. Um, wrong.


It’s true – I have to give a bad restaurant review! 8O You know it’s bad when it comes to this, because I will literally eat anything!


We usually like Gateway Market because it’s super quick and super delish. Tonight’s dinner, though, was super slow and super lousy. I won’t go into the gruesome details, but my would-be tasty and exotic Asian Shrimp Salad was tasteless and greasy. 


Not to mention, it took 20 minutes to come out to our table! This is a cafe-style restaurant where meals usually take 10 minutes, MAX, to come out. Plus, we were the only ones dining at the time. What were they doing back there in the kitchen, I wonder?


The usually no-fail, uber tasty Rueben Sandwich I ordered was cold and greasy.


Unlike the salad, I still ate it. Cold or not, this girl loves her Ruebens! ;)


Ben’s meal was equally terrible. His Italian Sandwich was pouring oil out onto his plate. Poor guy. :(

I feel the need to tsk-tsk Gateway Market because I know they can do so much better than this! Crappy dinner aside, we will give them another chance because we’ve had so many positive experiences at our normal location. Here’s hoping they were just having an off night…?

Ben, fortunately, found the humor in the whole situation.


And I suppose all is still right with the world if you get to smoosh your face against this handsome fellow at the end of it all. :)


PLUS, as I dropped Ben back off at work, he told me I would find dessert in the freezer at home. I got home, dug around and found…an ice cream bonanzaaaa!!!


Last year we were digging into our champagne wedding cake right about now, but I’ll take Peanut Butter Cup, Apple Pie, Cookie Dough and Caramel Cone ice cream over frost bitten, year-old cake any day! :D   


I’ll take Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream, to be more specific. :D


SO MANY HUNKS OF DOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That man knows me too well. Too.well.


For whatever reason, a tasty anniversary dinner was just not in the cards for us tonight, so we’ve decided to try again on Friday. That way we’ll have the whole night to drive around looking for suitable dinner locales after the first 16 are found to be closed… Kidding! Hopefully… ;)

Oh, on a happier note, I took a warm, Spring walk during lunch today!


Until it started raining and I had to power.walk. back to work!!



Some days are just better than others, eh?

Off to eat some ice cream and watch Gossip Girl.

…this day is ending better than I thought…!

ps Peanut Butter Pie recipe is up – pure decadence!



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