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Fellow LOSTies: Who? What? Where? WHEN?

I seriously need a guidebook for watching that show! I miss when they used to show the previous week’s episode with little captions at the bottom to explain what was going on, before showing the new episode. Why I even watch shows that need subtitles to help me understand what’s happening, is beyond me! HA!

At any rate, last night I was craving a Green Monster, so I made one for breakfast! I forgot how addicting these can be. :mrgreen:


Here’s how:

Add 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 Tablespoon chia seeds, 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder, 1 Tablespoon almond butter and enough spinach to fill up your blender. Blend until very smooth. Add a frozen banana, (I cut mine in half before freezing) hit the "ice crusher" button a few times, then finish blending until smooooooth again. That’s it!

DSC_0003 DSC_0004


Silky, thick, refreshing and nutritious. Photo taken by one of my favorite sayings: "The best way to predict your future is to create it." It’s true – get after it! :D


In case you missed it, Ben finally gave a Green Monster a chance this weekend, and he loved it – boo yah! :D


For lunch I’m packing, you guessed it, another Kitchen Sink Salad! Someone asked me why I call it a "kitchen sink salad" – it’s because it contains everything but the kitchen sink! ;)


In today’s mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Amana ham
  • Roma tomato
  • Cauliflower
  • Sliced almonds
  • Dried cranberries


Jazzed about this combo – salty ham, sweet cranberries, crunchy almonds,  refreshing tomato = yummy.


Sometimes when I have salads too many days in a row, I get really sick of them. I think I might have to take a break after today’s. This one will be good, but you can only take so much salad, you know? ;)


For snackeage – a Fuji Apple and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. I received two of these babies in my Easter basket and I’m trying to slowly savor them. I can hardly believe they’ve made it to today, to be honest with you! FYI – I eat the chocolate off first so I’m left with a giant, peanut butter egg. How about you?


Oh gosh you guys, last night I was going through some of the pictures Ben and I had scanned to make our wedding video in 2008, and there a ton of my old dance photos in the bunch! I danced from Kindergarten all the way through my senior year of high school!

krissi betty hill age 7 krissi betty hill age 6

At the peak of my crazy dance schedule, I was taking 6-7 classes a week! 8O

krissi betty hill

From jazz and tap, to acrobatics and pointe – at one time or another, I did it all.

krissi betty hill with laura and lindsay

I was lucky enough to spend all those years at the studio with two of my best friends. We got a group picture every year in our costumes that ranged from sophisticated to…deranged? (sorry ladies!)

10 krissi betty hill with lindsay and laura

My favorite part was performing at the civic center every spring. It was when we had the chance to show our friends and family what we had been doing all year, on-stage, under the big lights (yep, that’s a cat costume.) :D

krissi 9th grade betty hill krissi betty hill cat

I loved dance so much I was even on my school’s dance team for all 4 years of high school!

krissi - dance team seniors

We even went to all-state one year. Gangsta!

krissi dance team group

What sort of activities were you super involved in growing up?

Well, this morning I’m off to speak to a Drake University class about starting and maintaining a blog. Last time I was so nervous…this time isn’t much different. ;) Wish me luck!

PS: this may be the happiest song ever – happy hump day!

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  1. I danced my whole life, too! I have a slew of similar pics…lol. I took tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, etc for 18 years. I miss it!

  2. Awwh you were too cute when you were little!
    Love that sign behind your GM (and they are totally addicting – I had 3 in a row for breakfast :P)! Where’s it from?
    I was heavily involved in riding – and still am! And I did LOADS of swimming…tons and tons. I miss it!

  3. Jenny 04.07.2010

    I was a serious tennis player through high school! It got lost along the way though:(

  4. Alice 04.07.2010

    Oh memories! Did you dance for Richard Powell? We always danced at the Civic Center every year for our recitals too. Good times. FYI I grew up in Des Moines and Indianola then lived on the East Coast for a long time (and Germany) and recently moved back to the Midwest and am enjoying Minneapolis. My family still lives in Des Moines and I come back frequently. Love your blog! I have tried so many of your recipes with great success. Looking forward to your cookbook someday!

  5. Angela 04.07.2010

    It was piano and music for me:) Thank you so much for blogging. I have never been addicted to a blog before but I am now!!! I found yours while searching for chocolate coated orange slices and I have been on everyday since then. I have been copying and pasting your recipes to my computer and last night I printed several out and put them in a three ring binder. I managed to cut each recipe down to one page by reducing the size of the photo. (it helps me remember how much to portion.) Love it, love it, love it!!!! Now I am trying to decide on a Iowa Girl Eats design for the front of my recipe book:)

  6. LOVE the dance pics!!! I was a total fine arts nerd growing up and all through high school and college. I was on color guard and had to suffer through the terrible costumes too!!

  7. Awwww!
    Lovely pics, girl!
    You look so cute on those dancing clothes :)
    And, you’re totally right – kitchen sink salads are the BEST!
    Have a wonderful day and presentation!
    Brazilian XOXO’s,

  8. Samantha 04.07.2010

    That’s why I’m so scared to start watching Lost because everyone that’s been watching it gets so confused haha.

  9. AmyLou 04.07.2010

    Oh, love the dance pictures! I took dance for a year, but my body type wasn’t exactly suited to the costumes. One of my biggest regrets is not sticking with it and trying out for our high school drill team.

    I will email you about LOST so no one hates me if they haven’t seen it yet, LOL.

  10. I was also a dancer! all your pictures make me think of my dancing queen days!

  11. Dawn Hutchins 04.07.2010

    I personally like the blue eyeshadow photo and the IGE as gangster photo. Very cute. Good luck at Drake today!
    Growing up I did a bit of everything…dance, gymnastics, volleyball, cheering, sailing, ice skating and roller skating (lessons….like dancing with the stars but on roller skates). Now, however, I love yoga! Today I’m taking my first reformer class though so maybe I’ll have a new love…

  12. Good luck at the speaking gig. I love those pictures!!

  13. Amber 04.07.2010

    Ha ha I loved this post! I myself did 4 years of high school danceline and have packed a reeses egg for lunch.

  14. Amber 04.07.2010

    I love your blog! I read it every day! I went to a small high school, so I was involved in all sports…volleyball, basketball, golf, and softball. I was wondering about all of your salads…many do not seem to be accompanied by any dressing. Do you eat them plain most of the time? Good luck speaking at Drake!

  15. jen 04.07.2010

    LOVE all the dance outfits! I was a dance girl too, but not as much as you. 6-7 days a week!? crazy!
    High school dance team was the best! I’d love to have that to do for exercise today!

  16. Quinn 04.07.2010

    That cat photo is priceless!!! Sounds like you were quite dedicated! I was involved in pretty much everything, but soccer was where I spent the bulk of my time.

  17. Wendy 04.07.2010

    I never took dance, but I’m thinking of enrolling my 5-yr-old. She’s always making up her own little dances and seems so graceful to me. I was more into sports – played volleyball 3 yrs of hs, ran track 4 yrs, and ran cross country my senior year. Outside of school, I was in 4-H and showed cattle at the local fairs. What can I say, I’m a country girl. :)

  18. Tina 04.07.2010

    I love all the dancing pictures!!! I only did dance for a few years, and then I just stuck with gymnastics and cheerleading. I want to find some of my old cheerleading pictures now. LOL

  19. OMG – I danced from kindergarten through 2 years AFTER college. It was really time to give it up. This makes me laugh though because I can TOTALLY relate to the horrid costumes. Way too funny.

  20. Valerie 04.07.2010

    I love the pictures! So neat.

    I didn’t do anything growing up. I was in tae kwon do for a short while when I was 15-16, and they quit when I finally got my black belt. Needless to say I was forced into it, so it wasn’t something I enjoyed. But, I’m making up for my lack of “extra curricular activities” in my adult life ;)

  21. I’m making my cousins GM for a snack tonight so we’ll see how they like it. I’m hoping they can get past the green look if I add some blueberries.

    I was a band geek. I played in all the bands and ensembles. Even after I was homeschooling I still went to my public HS to participate in the band.

  22. shannon 04.07.2010

    I danced from when I was 5, all the way through college, and now I miss it!!!! It’s fun to see a handful of your old costumes… it makes me think back on my old days, and the crazy, colorful 80’s costumes that went with our jazz performances to Can’t Touch This and Opposites Attract… now those were fun times!

  23. janetha 04.07.2010

    these flashback photos are AWESOME! you are the cutest ever.

  24. Sara 04.07.2010

    Ha ha! Those pictures are great! Love the costumes. In high school, I was big into volleyball. Played on a club team and was the high school team captain/MVP.

  25. I used to watch Lost all the time! It was my favourite show for a bit. But I was going to school and missed an episode here and there. Then after a bit I had absolutely no idea what was going on! So I’ve stopped watching it. My new fav show is Criminal Minds because I don’t have to watch every episode to know what’s going on!! I love that little saying in the picture with your green monster!!

  26. Great Pictures! I always wanted to “dance” but I have NO coordination what so ever…..=O I did soccer in school and wanted to run track but wasn’t quite fast enough then or running long distances either.

    I almost got my 9 year old daughter to try a Green Monster this weekend, she chickened out though….=(

  27. That’s so cool!!! I danced for a while when I was younger but I then gave it up for cheer-leading..not sure what I was thinking on THAT one..

  28. Machelle 04.07.2010

    I always wanted to take dance lessons…but I grew up in a rather low income household. After paying for the necessities there just wasn’t much cash left for such luxuries. sighhhhh. But we always had a warm home & clothes & plenty of food & a nice Christmas! I did get to take DISCO class’s at Connie Jo Wilsons School of Dance in Ankeny, IA when I was in junior high. That was fun! I think she still has a studio there…and that was MANY moons ago! Love your pictures!

  29. mina 04.07.2010

    We thought we were just missing those Lost re-caps because we’ve been watching it streaming whenever we can. I am so confused!!

  30. Jenny 04.07.2010

    Kristin—I stumbled across your blog, I’m enjoying it!

    I thought I’d post it here since you might read this rather then comments on another post. Anyway, I read your post about the MLK Gateway Market and not being happy with the food. I love, love, love Gateway Market and probably go to the MLK one once a week. And I’ve always loved whatever I’ve had (and to go off on a tangent here, the thing I love most about it, is that I can order the same thing and each time it is a little bit different—the chicken is cooked a bit different or there are regular tomatoes instead of cherry ones or my salad is arranged differently, etc, but each time it is good!). The only complaint that I’ve ever had about the place is that they took their shrimp po’boy off the menu.

    But I went for the first time last week for happy hour (can’t beat their no corkage fee policy on the wine) and ordered one of my staples for dinner. It was not nearly as good as the ones that I have at lunch. So I am wondering if maybe they don’t have a great evening chef? Who knows, but it does seem weird that both of us had subpar meals there at night. And since I am predisposed to love that place, it probably took a really bad salad to make me think that it was no good.

  31. I’m not surprised you were a dancer – I can see it ; ) I danced tap in elementary school and then tap, jazz & hip-hop from 6-12th grade. I miss it sooo much!

    That’s so cool you’re giving a speech about blogging! Will you share your tips with us pleassseee? : )

  32. Bridget 04.07.2010

    Those dance pictures are too cute! I wasn’t involved in any sports until 6th grade–no extra $$ or an extra car to take me there. I played the piano from age 6-14 and the teacher’s house was just two blocks away. I started running in 6th grade and basically stopped to have babies as an adult. I walked during pregnancies and ran as soon as I could to drop the baby weight. I ran cross-country and track for years and years and years. I even ran during my college days–how I competed with that big hair I have no idea! :) Now I’m week 8 into this summer’s marathon and love that this “hobby” has been with me for so long. It definitely clears my mind and de-stresses me.

    Onto Lost—my theory all along has been that the title of the show says it all!

  33. Molly 04.07.2010

    I’m a little late to comment being that I don’t have internet in my new home :( wahhhhh…but as for sports~ I failed miserably at any/all contact sports from 3rd grade-junior high (soccer, basketball), but then in high school became a tri-sport athlete…Fall was swimming, winter was nordic skiing, and spring was distance track. Did those each for 4 years. I miss it all but swimming- bleh big FAIL. I always wanted to be a dancer but coordination is something I lack- oh and rhythm. :D

  34. […] Laura is one of the girls that I danced with growing up. She’s “the tall one” in all of these pictures. […]

  35. […] yoga for about a month now – and I swear to you, one month has made me more flexible than 15 years of dance. I kid you not. I absolutely LOVE […]

  36. […] told you before that I danced nearly my whole life up until I went to college, and part of that was for my high school’s dance team. We […]

  37. Anna! 08.24.2012

    Hey! I’m on the Indianola Impulse Dance Team right now! As a sophomore, made it on varsity as a freshman. :):) I think I recognize the East Gym in the background…? Hahaha, crazy how I found this…!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 08.27.2012

      That’s awesome – congrats, Anna! It’s actually the old Valley Gym (well, the “old” one that was across the hall from the “new” which is actually probably gone by now with all the new construction they’ve done since I graduated in ’01!)

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