Fellow LOSTies: Who? What? Where? WHEN?

I seriously need a guidebook for watching that show! I miss when they used to show the previous week’s episode with little captions at the bottom to explain what was going on, before showing the new episode. Why I even watch shows that need subtitles to help me understand what’s happening, is beyond me! HA!

At any rate, last night I was craving a Green Monster, so I made one for breakfast! I forgot how addicting these can be. :mrgreen:



Here’s how:

Add 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 Tablespoon chia seeds, 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder, 1 Tablespoon almond butter and enough spinach to fill up your blender. Blend until very smooth. Add a frozen banana, (I cut mine in half before freezing) hit the "ice crusher" button a few times, then finish blending until smooooooth again. That’s it!

DSC_0003 DSC_0004


Silky, thick, refreshing and nutritious. Photo taken by one of my favorite sayings: "The best way to predict your future is to create it." It’s true – get after it! :D


In case you missed it, Ben finally gave a Green Monster a chance this weekend, and he loved it – boo yah! :D


For lunch I’m packing, you guessed it, another Kitchen Sink Salad! Someone asked me why I call it a "kitchen sink salad" – it’s because it contains everything but the kitchen sink! ;)


In today’s mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Amana ham
  • Roma tomato
  • Cauliflower
  • Sliced almonds
  • Dried cranberries


Jazzed about this combo – salty ham, sweet cranberries, crunchy almonds,  refreshing tomato = yummy.


Sometimes when I have salads too many days in a row, I get really sick of them. I think I might have to take a break after today’s. This one will be good, but you can only take so much salad, you know? ;)


For snackeage – a Fuji Apple and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. I received two of these babies in my Easter basket and I’m trying to slowly savor them. I can hardly believe they’ve made it to today, to be honest with you! FYI – I eat the chocolate off first so I’m left with a giant, peanut butter egg. How about you?


Oh gosh you guys, last night I was going through some of the pictures Ben and I had scanned to make our wedding video in 2008, and there a ton of my old dance photos in the bunch! I danced from Kindergarten all the way through my senior year of high school!

krissi betty hill age 7 krissi betty hill age 6

At the peak of my crazy dance schedule, I was taking 6-7 classes a week! 8O

krissi betty hill

From jazz and tap, to acrobatics and pointe – at one time or another, I did it all.

krissi betty hill with laura and lindsay

I was lucky enough to spend all those years at the studio with two of my best friends. We got a group picture every year in our costumes that ranged from sophisticated to…deranged? (sorry ladies!)

10 krissi betty hill with lindsay and laura

My favorite part was performing at the civic center every spring. It was when we had the chance to show our friends and family what we had been doing all year, on-stage, under the big lights (yep, that’s a cat costume.) :D

krissi 9th grade betty hill krissi betty hill cat

I loved dance so much I was even on my school’s dance team for all 4 years of high school!

krissi - dance team seniors

We even went to all-state one year. Gangsta!

krissi dance team group

What sort of activities were you super involved in growing up?

Well, this morning I’m off to speak to a Drake University class about starting and maintaining a blog. Last time I was so nervous…this time isn’t much different. ;) Wish me luck!

PS: this may be the happiest song ever – happy hump day!