Birthdays & Babies!


Hey, hey!

Can I just tell you guys that I am still sore from yoga on Thursday?! Isn’t that crazy? Who knew a 20 minute, beginner session could do so much? I can’t wait to try more classes! :D 

I’m happy to report that lunch at my parent’s house was fab per usual. :)


My Mom had a beautiful centerpiece of home-grown daffodils on the table!


She found them in one of her background gardens yesterday – doesn’t even remember planting them! Don’t daffodils make you smile?!


Lunch made use of a 100 pound package of spinach! 8O Costco…’nuff said.


The spinach was the bed for Lemon Pepper Chicken with Artichoke Salsa and Roasted Romatoes…yum!


Based off of this recipe, tender pieces of chicken were seasoned with lemon pepper and topped with tangy artichoke salsa, salty feta cheese and sweet roasted tomatoes.


Homerun, Ma! :D


We also had a fruit salad with fresh pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and blackberries. So juicy!


Today was an awfully special Sunday lunch, because we were celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday. Action shot!


Finn was very excited for his Mama. :)


Or maybe he was excited for PEPPERIDGE FARMS BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! 


This is my family’s traditional birthday cake. Yep, the $4 cake you buy in the frozen foods department at the grocery store! There’s a story behind it, and we’ve served it for every family member’s birthday for…ever!


Oh my, it’s sweet, soft, creamy and dreamy. I had two pieces. Yep!


MMMM I could’ve eaten the whole thing!!!!


Here’s my little nephew nugget. Our Sunday afternoon lunches now revolve around acting a fool to try to get him to laugh (which isn’t hard, he is the happiest baby EVER) and persuading each other to give him up so the next person can hold him. ;) 


I’m still pretty full from lunch but I’ve got a nice dinner planned for this evening so I think I’ll go on a walk to try and work up an appetite!

See ya!

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  1. Stephanie Norton 04.11.2010

    Hey! I just wanted to say.. YUM! That cake and lunch looks delish!!! I’ve been following your blog now for about a month after my sister told me too.. Because crazy thing I don’t live far from you.. I live in the DSM area! :)

  2. Midgetkeeper 04.11.2010

    Finn is sooooo cute and Lunch looks delicious.

  3. Awww so cute :-)

  4. I’ve obviously never met your mum, but I LOVE HER! She seems to cook such awesome food :) What a lovely tradition you have going there!
    Have a nice walk :)
    (oh, and Finn is waaay cute – this coming from a self-confessed baby hater! :))

  5. Fun family traditions like that are so fun.

  6. That lunch looks amazing! You’re so lucky to have your family so close to you!

  7. Dawn 04.11.2010

    Finn is a cutie! Your mom and me might be the same age, well, I might be older!! Ugh… 50 next month! Ughhh again!

    Okay, so tonight no tufu – too pooped to cook. Opting for cashew chicken… from take out. Hope its good, I never do take out.

    Thanks for sharing, I miss my family (In Oregon) and its nice to come and see what you are up to! ;-)

    Quit posting cakes and goodies, makes me want to go try it!! The power of suggestion and all.

  8. Court and Whit 04.11.2010

    dang, I want to try that cake now, usually we have ice-cream cake, or red velvet for our B-day

  9. Lauren 04.11.2010

    Finn is getting so big! :) What a cutie. I am sure you are such a proud aunt.

    Yay for a fantastic Sunday dinner with the family. :)

  10. AWWWW!
    How cute is your nephew?!

  11. Dave 04.11.2010

    Ah ha, your sister-in-law is a Husker fan – congratulations for adding such a quality woman to the family!

  12. Jessie 04.11.2010

    I downloaded that yoga for weight-loss class yesterday and I feel ya girl! I’m so sore, but in the best way possible. Muscles that I forgot I had. I can’t wait to keep it up. It was the first time I’ve ever done yoga too, I’m too self-conscious to go into a class with strangers and try to bend and stretch my body!

  13. penny. LA 04.11.2010

    Aw, I love Iowa moms! And her flowers are GORGEOUS. How festive!

  14. Kathleen 04.11.2010

    Yes! Daffodils make me smile. It sounds like you had a lovely celebration with some delicious food!

  15. Ashley 04.11.2010

    Lunch looks delicious! I love Daffodils! They’re so cheerful :)

  16. Sarah 04.11.2010

    What a cutie patootie nephew!! My husband and I love being aunt/uncle, it’s so much fun :)

    Such beautiful flowers, I love that your mom forgot she planted them! For me, keeping a plant alive is a daily trial…I’d love one day to just have them grow on their own!

  17. Machelle 04.12.2010

    There is nothing better than Pepperidge Farm cake! The coconut one is my favorite!

  18. Susan C. 04.12.2010

    It all looks so yummy. Its so funny, my husband bought the same huge bag of spinach at Costco too! He saw me make a green monster shake on Friday and thought I needed more spinach! We’ll be eating it for days. Anyway, just love your blog!

  19. […] wonderful? They’re lining the streets downtown where I work, and are about as cheerful as my Mom’s daffodils. […]

  20. Rachel 04.13.2010

    Mmmm… That cake looks heavenly! And that meal/recipe is delish – I had that once at the Green Mill. Sadly, they took it off their menu, but I will have to recreate it using the recipe you provided :)
    Those daffodils and Finn make me smile. Glad you had a wonderful Sunday.

  21. […] in from Denver) gathered to celebrate my Mom’s birthday – complete with candles and Pepperidge Farms birthday cake, […]

  22. […] I put the petal to the metal on the other ones, wrapping them snugger than Finn at nap time in his swaddling blanket. […]

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