Hey, hey!

Can I just tell you guys that I am still sore from yoga on Thursday?! Isn’t that crazy? Who knew a 20 minute, beginner session could do so much? I can’t wait to try more classes! :D 

I’m happy to report that lunch at my parent’s house was fab per usual. :)


My Mom had a beautiful centerpiece of home-grown daffodils on the table!


She found them in one of her background gardens yesterday – doesn’t even remember planting them! Don’t daffodils make you smile?!


Lunch made use of a 100 pound package of spinach! 8O Costco…’nuff said.


The spinach was the bed for Lemon Pepper Chicken with Artichoke Salsa and Roasted Romatoes…yum!


Based off of this recipe, tender pieces of chicken were seasoned with lemon pepper and topped with tangy artichoke salsa, salty feta cheese and sweet roasted tomatoes.


Homerun, Ma! :D


We also had a fruit salad with fresh pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and blackberries. So juicy!


Today was an awfully special Sunday lunch, because we were celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday. Action shot!


Finn was very excited for his Mama. :)


Or maybe he was excited for PEPPERIDGE FARMS BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! 


This is my family’s traditional birthday cake. Yep, the $4 cake you buy in the frozen foods department at the grocery store! There’s a story behind it, and we’ve served it for every family member’s birthday for…ever!


Oh my, it’s sweet, soft, creamy and dreamy. I had two pieces. Yep!


MMMM I could’ve eaten the whole thing!!!!


Here’s my little nephew nugget. Our Sunday afternoon lunches now revolve around acting a fool to try to get him to laugh (which isn’t hard, he is the happiest baby EVER) and persuading each other to give him up so the next person can hold him. ;) 


I’m still pretty full from lunch but I’ve got a nice dinner planned for this evening so I think I’ll go on a walk to try and work up an appetite!

See ya!