How did your weekend go? I suppose there’s still an entire day left, but, you know what I mean! ;)

Friday night’s second attempt at our second anniversary dinner went off without a hitch! It was a gorgeous afternoon, which made sitting on a patio somewhere before dinner practically mandatory. We headed to The Royal Mile for some icy beverages in the sunshine.


The Royal Mile has over 28 beers on tap, 120 bottled beers and a great, cozy atmosphere. I like to sit by the roaring fire they have inside in the winter time!


IMG_7753 IMG_7754

Outside, you can sit on a brick-paved patio in between giant murals of the pyramids, a Greek vineyard…and…other stuff? It’s a conversation starter. :)

IMG_7761 IMG_7762

It was quite warm so we both decided on a cold beer. Boulevard Wheat for her…


Blue Chimay for him!


We basked, talked and drank. Then we got hungry!


We hopped over to, hands down, our favorite restaurant in town, where we went for our first anniversary dinner and where we attempted to go last week for our second – Miyabi 9!


You can read all about Miyabi 9 here, but let me just tell you – this is the freshest sushi I have ever had, outside of the Tsukiji fish market in Japan. Yes. In Iowa. In Central Iowa. I promise.

IMG_7770 IMG_7772

We got right to work ordering our rolls! Avo-Cuc (avocado, cucumber)


Spicy Scallops (fresh scallops, cucumber, spicy sauce)


Caterpillar (eel, cucumber, avocado wrap).


We prepped for the arrival of our food while we waited.


You don’t have to wait long at Miyabi 9 though and, before we knew it, our sushi had come!


Ahhh! (angels singing!!!!)


Our avocado cucumber roll was cool and refreshing.


The toasted sesame seeds on the outside gave the simple roll, little pops of flavor.


I have been obsessed with scallops lately and HAD to get the spicy scallop roll.


Raw scallops sliced and drizzled with spicy sauce. What a combo!


Just look at the big hunks!!!! I took about 2 minutes per piece of this roll because I wanted to savor each, chewy, mouth-watering bite. I want to eat spicy scallops every single day of my life.


Unadventurous me didn’t try Ben’s roll containing eel. I just can’t do it. The fear of snake-like creatures runs to deep inside of me!


Whenever we go to Miyabi, we each get an order of nigiri for “dessert”. Tuna for him, salmon for her. We save them to eat very last because they will make your head spin they’re so good. Like buttah…


Devastated when it came down to the last bite!! Locals, if you’ve never eaten at Miyabi 9, you’ve got to get there quick. It’s mind boggling how the fish here is SO fresh, yet the prices are SO reasonable. It just doesn’t make sense!! 8O


But we’ll happily take advantage. Which we did. Demolished.


We almost ordered more rolls because they were so good, but decided to go have a couple drinks. So, we headed underground to…The Underground!


The underground is a bar that’s, well, underground. It’s got a great vibe, amazing bathrooms (ladies, you know that’s a selling feature for a bar) and even has this old stained glass window salvaged from the 1920’s. Cool!


Yesterday was a technology free day. Ben and I went to a friends garage sale, got some Mexican food (Monterrey whoop!) and I stuck by my kleenex box for the rest of the day. The budding trees, while so pretty and making me excited for summer (!) are not agreeing with my allergies!

This morning I’ve already gone grocery shopping – without a list, it was terrifying – and had myself a nice little Fuji Apple and Almond Butter breakfast.




I’ll be hitting up Target, the mall and my parent’s house for lunch today, but first I’ve got to CLEAN this house! Ben had Friday off so he dusted and vacuumed, but I’ve somehow managed to accumulate a ton of “stuff” on my kitchen counters and table. Don’t you hate “stuff”? Bills, magazines, bottles of marsala wine…what?

Have a great day! :D


Do you like sushi? Is there anything you won’t eat?