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Good morning everyone!

Oooo, I wanted to show you – some of you noticed on Friday night – I got some new decor in my kitchen!

DSC_0001 (2)

A giant spoon and fork! Aren’t they the coolest?! Ben and I stumbled on the greatest little kitchen gadget and home decor shop while in New Orleans called Roux Royale, and I couldn’t stop oogling these babies. Sneaky Ben gave them a call while I was out getting my NOLA Starbucks mug and had a set shipped to our house for my anniversary gift! I LOVE THEM!!! (and him ;) )

DSC_0002 (2)

Ben wants to use them for a massive platter of spaghetti, or a giant bowl of cereal. I’m sorry, but that’d be hilarious. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not happening – but it’d be hilarious!

DSC_0006 DSC_0008

Onto breakfast! It’s going to be a warm one today – 78 degrees! – and I wanted something light and refreshing.


That includes some Multigrain Cheerios with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze,


and a banana to slice in. 


Plus a cool and refreshing Lemon Cream Torte yogurt. I haven’t had this flavor in awhile – it’s awesome!


Lunch is so colorful and full of great textures – a Kitchen Sink Salad!


In the mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Reduced sodium deli turkey
  • Peanuts
  • Blackberries


They were practically giving berries away at the grocery store this weekend – especially strawberries. I read that there are an abundance of strawberries coming from Florida (I think) which is why the prices are so low right now. Sweet!


I took a new bottle of Annie’s Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette to work, to dress my salad. It’s easier to keep an entire bottle there, instead of bringing a single serving in a small tupperware everyday!


And some Lime + Salt Popcorn for my afternoon snack. Buttery, salty, with just a hint of lime. All that’s missing is a Corona. 8)


Oh you guys, remember when I told you about Alex & Mina – the couple who quit their jobs, sold their house, and are now traveling the world?! (I know) Well, they put out a call for people’s “wanderlists” on their blog – a listing of 10 places you have to do/see in the world before you die – and they posted mine yesterday! Check it out:

1. Spend a weekend at the hot springs in Hakone, Japan.

2. Go to the top of the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa – in Dubai

3. Spend a week in Kyoto, Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

4. Visit the pyramids in Egypt.

5. Go on safari in Kenya.

6. Explore the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.

7. Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

8. Spend a month doing nothing, but eating, in Italy.

9. Go to (and participate in!) the La Tomatinatomato fight in Bunyol, Spain.

10. Swim with the dolphins in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Tell me, what are 2-3 things on your “wanderlist”?

Have a wonderful Monday! :D

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  1. I don’t know if I can only list 2-3! I really want to go to Greece and Italy, and eat myself silly. Other than that, I want to shop my brains out in Paris – but I’d like to do that in NYC, too! :)

  2. Christina 04.12.2010

    There are so many things on my list but my top 3 would be going to the Galapagos Islands to hike and explore the wildlife, explore more of Europe by starting in England, going to France and Italy and ending up in Greece where we have a house and finally driving down the coast of California.

  3. Mellissa 04.12.2010

    My top 3-
    Spend a month traveling through Asia
    Actually take a 2 plus week trip
    Visit a new country every year (I have a 6 year stretch going!)

  4. alison 04.12.2010

    I will have to do some thinking on mt wanderlist but for now I just wanted to say thanks for the weather update! That saves me some time this morning! Haha. Have a great, sunny, Iowa day! :)

  5. Emily 04.12.2010

    I think it’d be an even funnier photo op if someone was attempting to eat a teeny tiny portion of spaghetti on a little tiny plate with the giant fork. :) They look great on your walls!

  6. Midgetkeeper 04.12.2010

    How sweet of Ben to get those shipped for you, they are awesome.

    Greek Isles and Paris, I would die a happy woman.

  7. Jess 04.12.2010

    1. Go on an Alaskan cruise to see the glaciers.
    2. Go skiing in the Swiss Alps.
    3. Visit Italy and Greece to see the historical ruins of the things I teach about in Western World Lit.

  8. Jenny 04.12.2010

    Go to palmyra atoll, swim with great whites in south Africa and sail cape horn!

  9. Kristin 04.12.2010

    I would just like to ask how those lucky, lucky people get to travel the world with no job and no home! I am insanely jealous… Just went to their blog and decided I want that same life! Also, I want the guy who photographed their wedding to photograph every picture of me for the rest of my life. :)

    Love the spoon and fork!

  10. Evan Thomas 04.12.2010

    Those remind me so much of the giant fork and spoon on Everybody Loves Raymond! I miss that show

  11. I’m loving number 8!!! I’d like to spend a month living in London and then Dublin. Those cities are just absolutely amazing!
    Your salad looks delicious!!! Giving away berries? Ummm i’d be loading up hah!

  12. Angharad 04.12.2010

    Oh goodness, your list is so good! So good!
    A few of mine are: travel to western Africa, hike in eastern/central europe; finish my south-east asia travels that were cut short by going to vietnam, cambodia and laos!

    Enjoy your sunny Monday!

  13. Margarita 04.12.2010

    Amazing list! The Tomatina festival in Valencia is on my list of things to do as well! Also, doing nothing but hanging out in Ireland, drinking beer and walking through grassy fields. And skiing the Swiss Alps :)

  14. Anna 04.12.2010

    Most of my list would center around traveling as well. Good picks.

  15. andie 04.12.2010

    OMG! Love those. My grandma had wooden ones like that back in the day… but I love those. I want them now! LOL

    I’ll have to check out that shop next time I’m in the quarter. :)

    and it’s almost time for me to go pick blackberries on the side of the road… can’t wait!

  16. Bridget 04.12.2010

    Love the fork and spoon! I found some smaller, but still large, wooden ones at a thrift store recently. They’re in need of a fresh coat of paint, but I think I have a spot for them in my kitchen! Cute idea you gave me!

    My ideas would center around traveling in Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. What an exciting life!

  17. Jessie 04.12.2010

    I love Alex and Mina. I found you through them when they featured your green monsters! My whole blog is basically a wanderlist but my tops: Moscow, New Orleans, New York City, Galapagos Islands, Loch Ness, Provence/South of France, Northern Ireland, Greece, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Barcelona, South Africa, Macchu Picchu…I could go on forever! And then there’s the places that I’ve been but did not spend nearly enough time in (or that I fell in love with and never want to leave): London, Cambridge, Bath, Edinburgh, Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence, British Columbia, Seattle. I couldn’t keep it to 2-3 when it comes to traveling! I never feel more alive than when I experience new places and cultures (and food!)

  18. Heather 04.12.2010

    Love the giant fork and spoon – what a great way to decorate your kitchen!

    I would love to go to Greece, Turkey and Italy and like you, scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef…

  19. Erin 04.12.2010

    I wish I liked Sushi!!! I just hate the texture and am not really a fish fan. Looks good though:)

  20. Ok, those fork and spoon things are FANTASTIC!! I wish we had the wall space for something like that… oh well!

    the only thing on my wanderlist I can think of right now is to see and climb Macchu Picchu in Peru

  21. Machelle 04.12.2010

    I LOVE the big fork & spoon! It’s a little hard to tell how big they are..need a picture of you next to them! Reminds me of an “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode. I don’t even remember what the story was about, but Rays parents have the wood “Big Fork & Spoon” hanging in the kitchen for so long that when they took them down the wallpaper had changed colors around it & you could clearly see the they hung them back up! Wanderlist….go sit w/the gorillas in the rain forest. And ride the mules down into the Grand Canyon.

  22. Machelle 04.12.2010

    OK! I just checked out some earlier blogs & there is a picture of you & Ben in front of the Big Fork & Spoon! My…they really are BIG! Ha!

  23. Rachel 04.12.2010

    I’d love to visit the Scottish Highlands, Macchu Picchu, Venice, Paris, Rome, anywhere in Australia…Heck, I’d even love to visit California–I’ve been as far west as Las Vegas, but that’s it!

  24. Great wanderlist!! Tokyo/Japan, and New York are top of mine – totally amazing placing that I feel I just HAVE to experience!! Or Niagra Falls…or the Grand Canyon,,,,ooohh so much to do, so little time!

  25. Ooo I can cross off 3 things on your list!! hah

    A few of my newest adventure ideas include: climb the Fox Glaciers in New Zealand, trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp (tentative for July), and even though it’s in the U.S., hike and camp at Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon (a colorful oasis in the desert). Oh, and I also want to hike Cinque Terra on the coast of Italy!

  26. Terin 04.12.2010

    I have a gigantic spoon and fork in my kitchen too :). They are made out of wood and my mom got them in the 70s, she gave them to me as a present for my new apartment. I want to travel to Greece, Hawaii, Australia, and Florida. I’m the only person I know who hasn’t been to Florida yet!

  27. Love your list! I’d love to hike Machu Picchu, go on a safari, and bike through Denmark!

  28. Here’s a couple of mine…I sure hope someday I’ll get to do them.

    1. Spend a week on a tropical island with nothing to do other than – bathe in the sun, read books, eat food food, and be with my hubby:)

    2. Visit NYC and see ALL the sights!
    3. Spend every Saturday at the farmer’s market!

  29. Jill 04.12.2010

    1. Explore Costa Rica
    2. Enjoy the Beer Gardens in Germany
    3. Celebrate St. Patties in Ireland

    • Kendel 04.12.2010

      I’m in Germany and have a couch bed! Bring on your beer-drinking dreams! Company is always welcome!

  30. Graze With Me 04.12.2010

    I don’t think that can technically be called a “fork” because it has 5 tines. :) My parents have some three tines ones that we call “threeks” and a two tined one for serving that we refer to as a “took”.

  31. Danielle 04.12.2010

    I love the giant spoon and fork! Such a neat and fun kitchen decoration :)

  32. Kelly 04.12.2010

    ooo I love talking about places to go. I really want to go to Peru, the Amalfi Coast and Iceland at some point…
    however the list could literally go on FOREVER.

  33. Kendel 04.12.2010

    Amazing how the list will never get shorter. From your list, I’ve already been to Egypt, on a Kenyan safari, and celebrated my 21st birthday on Zanzibar…. that being said, my list only continues to grow! I’d love to spend this summer traveling through Easter Europe learning how to cook traditional food in the homes of locals.

  34. kate 04.12.2010

    i love the giant utensils. jamie oliver totally has those in his kitchen from food revolution. my list includes practicing yoga in india, going back to greece to island hop, and backpacking through ireland & scotland. ugghhh i love to travel!

  35. Oh, tell me about it…….a carton of Strawberries is only $1 at our local grocery store here in Orlando, Florida! LOVE IT! And, they are super sweet…….going to make homemade jam next weekend if the sale is still one.


  36. Kacie 04.12.2010

    I’m headed to Petra, Jordan and the pyramids in Egypt in 2 WEEKS! I am so excited and I’m sure it will be beautiful! Inspires me to go elsewhere in the future!

  37. I love off beat kitchen decor.

    I would love to wander Rome again for that perfect pizza I had back in 2002.

    I want to go zip lining over the cloud forest in Costa Rica.

    And I’d love to eat vanilla beans in Madagascar.

  38. Court and Whit 04.12.2010

    Hey Kristen!
    If you send us your address, we will send you a Colorado starbucks mug, since you forgot to get one while you were here in December.

  39. Jenny 04.12.2010

    I am not quite sure of the ‘wanderlist’ — although my husband and I do have a “L I T ” list (Living It Together!) We have the most random items on the list — from travel plans to seeing our great grandchildren…

    I have a gigantic fork and spoon too! (Just a bit smaller than yours and for some reason our are turned UP — picture little kids saying, ‘we want food! we want food!) I adore kitschy kitchen signs and items :)

  40. Elyssa 04.12.2010

    I’m going to Dubai this July, so I’ll have to visit the tallest building in the world for you!
    My top three:
    – Visit Prince Edward Island (as depicted in Anne of Green Gables, of course!)
    – See the Bosphorous in Istanbul, Turkey
    – Travel around Iceland–volcanoes, ice, and green meadows all in one country!

  41. Renae 04.12.2010

    Speaking of Starbucks mugs, they had a bunch of Detroit mugs at the Jordon Creek Pkwy HyVee…..on clearance for $3 last week!!

  42. Molly 04.12.2010

    Love your list Kristin- and don’t hate me b/c I’m going to Kyoto in 2 weeks :-/ Also on my list, go to and walk the Great Wall of China, see the Taj Mahal in India, Skydive in New Zealand b/c I was dumb and didn’t when I was there. LOVE the spoon and fork! So classy :D

  43. Rachel 04.13.2010

    That is a great and varied “wanderlist”. Where did you come up with such fabulous ideas?! I am a homebody myself and don’t really get bit by the travel bug… I don’t know where I would like to visit.
    Your breakfast and lunch both look so amazing and fresh. I am also jealous of your almost 80* weather. Blow some warmth up into MN please!

  44. kate 04.13.2010

    i LOVE the new decor…must.find.asap!

  45. Nagore 04.13.2010

    La Tomatina is more for tourists than something local people enjoys that much… if you wanted something authentic, i would sooner recommend you San Fermin in Pamplona, we welcome lots of americans every year ;)! And me… i just think of going to south america, they are an amazing people!

  46. Jenn 04.13.2010

    Love the fork/spoon combo! Might have to search for something similar for my kitchen…

  47. jen 04.14.2010

    Love the fork and spoon. Someday, when you have kiddos you’ll have to do this:

    that’s my best friend’s little one. couldn’t you just eat him up!? {pun intended!}

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