A Seriously Tasty Bite + New Product Find!


Holy cow, it’s 82 degrees! It doesn’t feel like it, thanks to the dreamy breeze flowing through opposing doors in my kitchen and front entryway, but still – 82 degrees!? Loves! 8)

Well I didn’t end up snacking on my apple this afternoon, for whatever reason, so I was starving by the time I got home. Enter nature’s candy, aka dried apricots! It’s been WAY too long since I’ve had these puppies, and I gobbled them down. I tried really hard to savor, but they’re like potato chips. Once you have one, you can’t stop going back! You know how it goes… 


As I gobbled, I prepared dinner using a brand new product I picked up on a whim during my list-less grocery shopping trip this weekend. Tasty Bite’s Good Korma Sauce!

DSC_0004 - Copy 

Korma is considered a type of curry, and incorporates exotic flavors like cashews, coconut milk, cinnamon and coriander. I found this particular sauce pouch in the “health food” section of my grocery store, along with several other types of Tasty Bite products like rice and other entrees.

DSC_0005 - Copy

Normally, I wouldn’t have given this guy a second glance, but something made me stop…

Not to be a snob, but pre-packaged sauce/rice/entrees/etc. are usually packed with salt, and ingredients invented in a lab somewhere – and I usually refuse to buy them. Not this stuff though, oh no! The sauce appeared to only contain ingredients I would have used myself, if I were to make it from scratch.


Nutrition facts got two very enthusiastic thumbs up as well. ZERO PERCENT of my DV of sodium??? I was impressed…and sold! I added it right to my cart. :)


The back of the pouch suggested I sauté some protein with veggies, then add the sauce + some water and simmer. So that’s what I did! I started by heating up 1 Tablespoon of wok oil, which is basically vegetable oil infused with garlic & sesame flavors – super exotic – in a skillet on the stove.


Next I sautéed some pressed, extra-firm tofu until it began to brown, then added chopped broccoli and cauliflower.



Once the veggies became slightly tender, ~2 minutes, I poured in the sauce + water mixture, popped on the lid and simmered for 10 minutes.


After adding some chewy brown rice to a nice, big bowl, I added my korma and CHOWED!


TASTY BITE indeed! WOW – I just can’t believe this flavor came from a packaged sauce! The interesting thing is that I wasn’t wowed by the overpowering flavor, rather, I was wowed by the subtle flavor!


You know how most pre-packaged, or even frozen, Asian-type meals have sauces that are just so in your face, so salty and so…fake tasting? This wasn’t like that at all.


The sweet coconut was very subtle and a twinge of curry permeated the whole dish. Plus there was this lingering heat in the back of my throat. Not on my tongue – which is why I don’t like a lot of spicy dishes – but in my throat. It was SO, so, SO good!


I’ll admit that I’m a roasted tofu junkie, but sautéed like this was amazing too!


Can you tell I liked this? :D I am totally picking up more sauce pouches from this company the next time I go to the store. You saw above…making this was child’s play, yo!


I’ll be enjoying another Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream Bar in about…ohh…4 minutes. I have yet to try a Skinny Cow product that I didn’t adore. Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, ice cream…mmmm, yes please! To all!

Fellow Losties – prepare your brain for tonight’s epi. The rest of you, enjoy your sanity! ;)  


What’s your favorite type of ethnic food?

I have a serious weakness for Japanese food, but Thai food is so GOOD. Just so GOOD – know what I mean??

Skip & Skippy


Yoga kicked my TAIL last night! After dinner I completed the class I downloaded last week, then tried a new, 20 minute abs/core class – Core Yoga #1. Umm, definitely missed the fact that it was an advanced/intermediate class with a vigorous intensity level, which would explain why I was dying…

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