My Ultimate Dream Home


Good morning!

Oh my – my morning Mom walk was like walking through a perfumeria! The crab apple trees that are blooming right now are sooo fragrant – enough to make your eyes water! I can’t wait until the lilac bushes that line a portion of our walk start blooming. OMG I get out bed every morning just to smell those flowers – they are divine!!

I’m taking breakfast on the go today – the same combo I seem to be hooked on: Multi Grain Cheerios, Banana & Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze!

DSC_0007 (2)

These two take cheerios from ho-hum to oh-yum! (hahaha, ok I’ll admit, that was lame).

DSC_0011 DSC_0013

Seriously though, a sliced banana in crunchy cheerios with ice cold milk = the best.


They make me smile…although slightly less googly then this one:

DSC_0009 (2) 

I’ve also got an AE fat-free Raspberry Yogurt, for eating oh, I’d say, around 9:30.

DSC_0010 (2)

I’m channeling my inner 6th grader with lunch today. I feel like these are the exact same items I used to pack in my bag everyday!


I smeared 2 pieces of EarthGrains 100% Whole Wheat bread with some creamy almond butter, 


and separated them out into two mini sandwiches, because I need quantity at lunch, people! 8O


I’m helping to meet my fresh fruit & veggie quota for the day with a crunchy Fuji Apple (these are soooooo fantastic right now!)


and some baby carrots.


What were you like in 6th grade? I was all over big bangs, long hair, round glasses and…plaid. Yes, I seem to remember a lot of plaid happening.


So lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the show House Hunters. National/international, east coast/west coast – doesn’t matter I want to see it! Chances are, if you turn on a television set in my home, it’ll be on HGTV. (Ben just loves that, btw) ;)

Last night, while enjoying an episode about a couple looking for a retirement home in Panama, Ben and I got to talking about maybe building a home one day – one day far, far away – but still one day. Building a house is a very exciting prospect because you get to pick everything out yourself! This got me thinking about what my ultimate dream home would be like.

First of all, the outside would be cottage/craftsman style. I just think this style is so classic and cozy, yet sophisticated. The front would have a big, wraparound porch with 2 rocking chairs for sipping coffee on in the mornings.


The lot would be it least an acre, and have large, mature, oak trees that we could gaze at from our huge back deck when they turned colors in the Fall. We’d also be able to look past the trees from our living room at the divine ocean view. I know, huge oak trees + the ocean? This is a dream home after all!


The living room would sit right off a large, eat-in kitchen – no need for a formal dining room – which would have an old-world Tuscan feel. The countertops would be granite to give it a sense of gourmet, but the furnishings, decorative accents and warm wood tones would make it feel super cozy. Oh, there’d also be one of those central vacuuming systems where you just sweep all the crumbs on the floor into a little vent in the floorboards. I freaking love those things.


As elaborate and luxurious as the home would be in those three areas – style of home, ocean view living room and kitchen – the rest of the home would be very modest. Someone has to clean the place after all! I’m thinking no more than 2,000 sq ft, with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths (a must!) and a basement that’s half finished and half un-finished. Unfinished basements are key for storage and beer brewing. Oh, I’d also love to have a gas fireplace and balcony in the master bedroom. Let’s throw a workout room in there somewhere too. :)

Ahhh, a girl can dream, can’t she?

What does your dream home look like? What are your “must haves”?

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  1. Ohh we have a show over here called Grand Designs where they build thei own houses – literally every one is my dream!
    Big, open plan kitchen, very modern, everything open plan, loads of space….really groovy architecture…I have so many dreams LD But kitchen is number one! Most important room in the house IMHO :D

  2. Kelly 04.20.2010

    Looks like an amazing dream home! I could get on board with a house just like that!

  3. I used to have a folder with all sorts of pictures torn out of magazines (like when I was 13 or 14).. I wish I knew where it went! My dream home would have tons of space and an open floor plan, with lots of windows to let in the light, obviously a great kitchen with lots of seating, and a wine cellar!

  4. hahaha i love your lunch! ive been eating that combo recently too!! throw in a bag of goldfish and i’m rightttt back in the 6th grade. i had thick bangs, braces, and those stretchy black steve madded shoes that everyone wore! oh god i cant believe my mom let me wear them all the time! oh and GREAT dream home!! i love it! i need a fireplace in the master bedroom and a hugee and beautiful kitchen. that’s all

  5. Daisy 04.20.2010

    you dream home rocks. I love thos pics. My dream home currently, would be a big loft in the city. One of those modern two story lofts, granite countertops, 3br, 2 bath. something with plenty of extra basement storage, a roof deck… dream second home (wait you didnt ask about second home?!) would be a ski house in vermont with a rustic mountain feel to it and a jacuzzi on the porch.

  6. Jenna 04.20.2010

    Sometimes channeling your inner elementry school side is the best, I love those ‘throw back’ lunches. :)

    I am obsessed with House Hunters as well. Mike gets made because I clog up our tivo with House Hunters episodes! Honestly, I can see myself living in the house that you just described! Must haves though would include a chef’s kitchen, a game room, a wine cellar, a pool and a heated floor may not be too bad, either.

  7. Jo 04.20.2010

    Love this post- like an episode of cribs, I adore cribs! My dream home would be an existing Georgian or Victorian home I think, I have barely lived in modern houses, even my current flat was built around 100 years ago. Though I would have to be able to get planning permision to put in a pool or at least build a pool house on the grounds somewhere- far too cold in Scotland to have an outdoor pool. I’d also have a workout room, a farmhouse style kitchen with aga (and modern electric oven), dishwasher and american style fridge/freezer. I’d probably have a home cinema in there somewhere too aswell as a jacuzzi bath and a wet room too . . . I could go on all day! Oh this was all providing I won the lottery too wasn’t it?

  8. Lizzy 04.20.2010

    i adore that show too! i could watch it all day!

  9. Melissa 04.20.2010

    Oh my . . . 6th grade was all about the big bangs! I think I may have actually had a perm, too! Oh, the horror!

    I totally agree with you on the big wraparound porch & mature trees in the yard! A cozy kitchen is a must, too! I would love a big, open floor plan with hardwood floors, but thick, cushy carpet in the family room so we can sit on the floor and play games (Blurt!, anyone???). And while, we’re dreaming, I’ll throw in a pool in the backyard & a workout room, too! :)

  10. i love all the parts of the house you just described. Cozy yet sophisticated! i def want a back deck and i would love a front porch as well!

    the kitchen would be EXQUISITE! just like that picture with all the best gagdets since I do spend quite a bit of time there!!

    my bf’s parents have that central vaccuming system in their house, its unfreakinbelievable!

  11. I’ve never thought about it! Mine would probably be an awesome penthouse apartment…..a great kitchen is a must ;-)

  12. I am with you on the wrap around porch and rocking chairs. Both are a must for my dream home! I also need an open layout so that the kitchen looks into the living room/den. Then when I’m slaving away in the kitchen I can still have a conversation with my hubby/and or guests. Oh, and I would like HW floors! Easier to clean up dog hair :)

  13. Midgetkeeper 04.20.2010

    Your dream home is pretty awesome.

    I just want mine to have a huuuge kitchen overlooking a family area. I want a big open kitchen, great for entertaining.

  14. That house is amazing! I can’t even begin to describe my dream home, but it would need a GIANT kitchen!!

  15. Those houses are amazing! But I agree with Jessica, I would want a giant kitchen :D

    The fact that your school lunches looked like that…good for your mom :D

  16. Teresa 04.20.2010

    My dream house would have a kitchen like that!! I love to cook and entertain. A gas stove is a must…..maybe an ocean view too wouldn’t hurt. :)

  17. I would definitely have a workout room and movie theater. I’m such a homebody…I’d want everything right there for me. And, I’d have a huge kitchen where I could create all kinds of scrumptious items. I’m getting excited just thinking about this!

  18. Mellissa 04.20.2010

    I sort of have my dream house now- has all the things I want. But to be a true dream house we could just pick it up and move it around the world so we could change the view.

  19. Dream house? A porch is a must, preferably front and back porches. Also a nice bathroom with a big bathtub. And a big open kitchen. I could go on and on!

    My favorite HGTV show is Divine Design. Candice Olsen could decorate my dream home any day!

  20. Cheerios and banana is the BEST!!! I would eat that combo more but it doesn’t really keep me full.
    Where do you get those yogurts? They sound so good!
    Mmmmm I love pb and j sammies every once in a while!

    OH MY that kitchen is gorgeous!!! I want one like that too! I can dream right?

  21. Machelle 04.20.2010

    Oh crap! 6th grade? Straight long stringy hair, crooked teeth & wire framed glasses! Dream home? I’m getting old enough to think about how to live in my own home as long as possible into my old age! I want everything on one level…no stairs, but I would like a basemant in case of tornados! Not a huge house but large rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 w/a big walk in shower & multiple shower heads, gas fireplace, a nice level-private lot w/lots of trees & a pond, attached garage, nice patio w/a claw foot tub out on it so I can soak in the warm water & listen to nature all around me! And I’d like the house to be brick. And an iron fence all around w/an electric gate so I can “buzz” people in! I like my privacy! A girl can always dream!!

  22. In 6th grade I was totally sporting the school girl look. Lots of knee highs and plaid skirts. And denim! Oh dear.

  23. Maura 04.20.2010

    I think you just described my dream home too! Just add a wine cellar to that list and oh maybe a pool house with a sweet outdoor kitchen too for summer BBQ parties. There..perfect.

  24. Margarita 04.20.2010

    I love watching House Hunters, especially International! It makes me want to move to Spain or the Bahamas or somewhere crazy!

  25. Sassy Molassy 04.20.2010

    Oooh, my dream home from the outside would also be like yours…craftsman w/ large wrap around porch. And no formal dining room needed here either. I’d love a room that could double as an office/yoga/exercise room too!

  26. Tay 04.20.2010

    OMG I love that house!! The outside of your dream house is my exact dream too :-) I’d also want an exercise room. And a library ;-) Big spacious kitchen but also cute and cozy at the same time.

  27. Kait 04.20.2010

    I’m still a long way off from thinking about my dream home, but yours looks incredible!! And I totally agree with your comments on cereal, such a great way to start off the morning!

  28. sara 04.20.2010

    LOVED THIS POST!! and love House Hunters {and pretty much the entire HGTV channel}!

    My fiance and I just bought a house & I am in love with it!! However, if I could build my dream house it’d definitely be on a sprawling horse farm- with the cottage look (love the house you found) with the wrap around porch! Maybe a screened porch on the back to sit & listen to thunderstorms! Rustic but not “run down” and quite country- but not “grandma country” haha!!

  29. Mary Ann 04.20.2010

    How fun! My dream house has to have a second kitchen, just for my soap making! And at least two other crafting rooms lol. I have my priorities!

  30. kate 04.20.2010

    I love wrap around porches!

  31. My ultimate dream home must have an eat in kitchen. I love the idea of being able to talk to people while I finish cooking.

    And a porch on the front or back would be great.

  32. heather 04.20.2010

    1996 in new jersey…that was sixth grade. i feel like i need no further elaboration. : )

    my dream home is actually house that i pass on my way to work everyday, it’s a traditional three story on a regular suburban street but it has a third-floor rotunda balcony. it’s the only one i’ve ever seen in my life and i ADORE it! i dont even care what the inside is like(although i agree about the finished basement thing). location-wise, it fits all the criteria; i wouldnt want to live anywhere except between new york and the jersey shore and the lot is pretty big, too.

    • Corinne 04.21.2010

      1996, also a 6th grader in nj. love it. no more explanation is necessary but i’ll include it: hairspray and bangs and i didn’t skimp on either.

  33. Cass 04.21.2010

    we were all set to build a house last fall but then found a great one to buy! it was nice to not have to stretch our budget as much and i wasn’t ready for the stress of picking everything out. one day, though, i’d like to build!!

    do you realize how small 2,000 sq. ft. is? im not sure how big of a family you want, but if you think the total of the house would be 2,000 sq. ft., you will be cramped :) Of course, if this is a DREAM house for just you and ben, that would be a nice size!!

    • Aimee 04.22.2010

      I don’t know about that– I live in a 1400 square foot home (3 bed/1.5 bath) and there’s plenty of room for a family of 4 plus a German Shepherd. Maybe we just like it cozy, though. :)

  34. Brian 04.25.2010

    My ultimate dream home must have an eat in kitchen. I love the idea of being able to talk to people while I finish cooking.

    And a porch on the front or back would be great.

  35. Simon 04.25.2010

    How fun! My dream house has to have a second kitchen, just for my soap making! And at least two other crafting rooms lol. I have my priorities!

  36. Fe 11.16.2010

    Well, my dream house would be ENORMOUS and somewhere probably by the Hudson River near New York, not in the city thought. It would have everything you can imagine. It would be right in front of the river and there would be all the possible rooms and things. (I’m VERY materialistic) It should be also an area with lots of trees on the behind for the kids I hope to have to play at. Also, what I dream to have one day is a ENORMOUS library for all my books and all the books I’ve always wanted to buy but had no space. It would have rooms like music room, art room, gym, etc. But the main places would be my room and the library.

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