I Ate the Whole Thing


The rain clouds moved in today! Aren’t they ominous? 8O


It was a perfectly lovely afternoon – I even got to go on a nice lunch time stroll with my husband – but around 4:00…they came. They interfered with my plans to go running after work. Hmph!


Thinking they had beaten me, I decided to forego exercise, at the time, in favor of a quick & easy Mexican feast – Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Guacamole!


Oh yes – this trifecta of lusciousness was on my mind all day and I couldn’t wait to dig in! I started with, arguably, the star of the plate – guacamole.



Serves 2 as an appetizer, or 1 hungry Iowa Girl.


1 avocado

squeeze of lime juice

dash of garlic powder

salt & pepper


1. Mash.

2. Devour!


I swear to you that you WILL lick the masher. You will! It’s a mathematical certainty! This guacamole is THAT good, and THAT easy. I scooped mine up with some salty, crunchy, bite-sized tortilla chips.


Bite sized is the only way to go, in my opinion. Full sized tortilla chips are so awkward, no?


Garlicky, buttery, creamy. I live for this guac!


The eggs weren’t so bad either. ;)


In the mix:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white
  • hot sauce
  • salt & pepper
  • green onions
  • cottage cheese.


Whisk and scramble in a hot skillet on the stove top. Have you ever added cottage cheese to your eggs? They make them fluffy and cheesy. I had to wonder why I haven’t been adding cottage cheese to my eggs each and every time I make them?!


With a dallop of guac + fresh roma tomatoes = Heaven on earth.


What a meal! Quick, inexpensive and exploding with fresh flavors.


After cleaning up, I noticed that the clouds were pretty much in the same position as they were before dinner, so I paused and assessed the situation.

Do I exercise but risk getting caught in the rain? Or do I stay in, but risk feeling bad if it never comes? Not wanting to regret a wasted opportunity, coupled with the fact that I had just eaten an entire avocado, I hopped on my bike and raced down to my trail!

DSC_0001 (2)

Four, quick miles later, I’m back. It was a great ride – MUCH better than yesterday’s! – but I’m covered in bugs. They were out in full force and were literally ping-ping-pinging off of me during my ride!

And I arrived home not a moment too soon, I think. The clouds are near black, and the birds are going crazy (don’t you love how birds start chirping like little mad people when they know rain is on the way?!)

To the shower!

Have a great evening!


Do you like thunderstorms?

I.Love.Thunderstorms. I love how the house gets really dark, I love the sound and smell of the rain, and I love sitting on the front porch watching it all come down!

I do remember being absolutely petrified of them growing up. 6 year old me thought they were the worst!

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  1. Evan Thomas 04.21.2010

    Thunderstorms are the best. I love falling asleep to the rain, too.
    Guacamole = heaven. Sometimes, if I’m really lazy, I’ll just take an avocado, salt, lemon juice and a spoon. And no worries on eating a whole avocado–it is a whole food, after all!

  2. Now I want guac! The cottage cheese in eggs idea is great… ricotta has a similar effect if you ever have that sitting around to be used up.

  3. Molly 04.21.2010

    I loooove thunderstorms! Especially the “calm” before the storm. I love sleeping listening to them, and I love them during the day (only sometimes) because then I feel I can be SO much more productive and get stuff done. It’s a win/win.
    Glad you had a good run!


  4. Lauren 04.21.2010

    What a fantastic looking dinner, and not sure if you realized it, but you totally rocked out BFD Wednesday! My favorite day of the week! :) Yay, I think this should be a must for everyone in the world. I think I will try to pass that law at some point! ;)

    I have never tried adding CC to my eggs, but you know I will now.

    Hope you have a great night girl.

  5. katie 04.21.2010

    that is such a FRESH DINNER!! love it!
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE thunderstorms! makes me wana curl up in my PJS and get cozy!

  6. I’ve recently been adding cottage cheese to my oats, but never thought to do it with my eggs. What a great idea! To be honest, I’m still a little afraid of thunderstorms. Such a baby!

  7. mina 04.21.2010

    adding cottage cheese to eggs seems like it would be such perfect match. i can’t wait to try it!

  8. Christie 04.21.2010

    I love thunderstorms! I actually wanted to be a tornado chaser when i was a kid- lol!

    You just made me really want guac- YUM!


  9. Molly 04.21.2010

    i love them now, but as i child i was terrified of lightning…and the full moon. maybe i was raised by wolves? hmm.

  10. Jenny 04.21.2010

    I, too, adore avocados / homemade guac! My husband and I sometimes add a little cumin to add a smokiness to it — not much though.

    Thunderstorms remind me of being a kid & living on the farm… windows wide open – listening to the rain pour outside. My sister & I would love watching lightning streak across the sky too.

  11. Jenny 04.21.2010

    I like light, summery, sunny rain when I’m running, but I love thunderstorms/rain anytime I’m sleeping! Your dinner looks fab:) (No surprise there!)

  12. Yum! I love avocados! You know how those women’s magazines always tell you to stop eating when you’re still a little hungry? Or to cut your entrees in half and only eat one portion? I think that’s silly. Eat the whole darn thing if you want it!

  13. Darci 04.21.2010

    i LOVE storms!! my windows are currently open so i can enjoy the pre-storm smells and breezes!!!

  14. ohhh that dinner looks great!!! and there is nothing better than a summer thunderstorm – im right with ya on the dark house, winds, and smell of rain. i.love.it. i could sit on my porch and watch the rain come down forever.

  15. Sara 04.21.2010

    Everything looks great! Always love your blog. And yes I love thunderstorms, usually I spend them curled up with my boyfriend :)

  16. I love avocados with eggs. I like to add them to egg sandwiches.

    I love thunderstorms too. I open the window and and smell it and listen to it. It is the best thing to fall asleep to.

  17. Dawn 04.21.2010

    I grew up in Portland, Oregon and yes, I love a good downpour mixed with some electricity!

    I have never had eggs with cottage cheese.

    I eat a lot of egg white – to keep calories down, but when I get FRISKY, I will try yours one day.

  18. Kaitlin 04.21.2010

    Your guac looks amazing, so fresh and colorful! I’ve never put CC in my eggs, I definitely want to try it now though.
    I don’t like thunderstorms, they really scare me! I was in a tornado when I was 9 and have been terrified ever since.

  19. I love eggs for dinner every once in a while!

    I hate thunderstorms when they are severe. As soon as the warnings and what not hit, I am in the basement!

  20. kate 04.21.2010

    i love thunderstorms! i dont think we got amy rain in iowa city though, unless im losing my mind! yummy guac!

  21. Oohh I’d never thought of cottage cheese scrambled with an egg, very clever!
    I love thunderstorms, they’re beautiful :)

  22. Margarita 04.22.2010

    I love the smell of thunderstorms, it just smells good! I sound crazy, I know. Anyway, have to try this cottage cheese in the eggs – sounds incredible!!

  23. Edelweiss Cowgirl 04.22.2010

    I love thunderstorms! And your guac recipe is almost exactly like the one I use, minus the pepper. It’s so simple but so good and really lets you enjoy the avocado flavor unlike some recipes that add tomato and/or onion. I’ve never been a fan of chunky guacamole.

  24. Erin 04.22.2010

    I’m sooo scared of thunderstorms. I HATE them. Being a light sleeper, it’s almost impossible to sleep to them. No thanks!

  25. I love a good ‘ol Iowa thunderstorm!
    And never thought of putting cottage cheese in eggs – great idea:)

  26. Steve 04.22.2010

    Eggs, guac, and Iowa thunderstorms. Now that’s a trifecta I love.
    Will definitely be trying the cottage cheese in the eggs.

  27. Machelle 04.22.2010

    I do love the smell of the earth when it’s raining…just don’t like the high winds! I eat cottage cheese almost every day but never thought to mix it in w/scrambled eggs! Usually have my eggs w/a little feta cheese & roasted red peppers. And I love a glop of cottage cheese on my baked tater. Much better than sour cream.

  28. Tracy 04.22.2010

    I feel exactly the same way about T-Storms!! My bro who lives in SF, CA hoped we would have one when he visited. Apparently they don’t have them in San Fran? Is that right?

  29. Stephanie Norton 04.22.2010

    I live in the Des Moines area also and I just have to say that, that storm came out of NOWHERE! It was a crazy but cool one!!! I love reading your blog daily.. Keep it up! :)

  30. Teresa 04.22.2010

    I only like thunderstorms if they are during the day. When I was a kid I used to grap my pillow and sleep next to my mom’s bed during a storm. There is nothing worse than waking up during the middle of the night to a thunder and lightning storm. Maybe it is because you can’t see whats coming, maybe because our area in the last few years have had more tornadoes than in years past. I couldn’t imagine living in Kansas or other areas that have frequent tornadoes.

  31. I LOVE thunderstorms and any rainy, cloudy day actually. I grew up in Utah so rain was pretty rare and I still get excited for rainy days after being in NC almost two years!

  32. I can eat guacamole like it’s my job! I can’t seem to ever stop. I’ve never tried it with eggs though. Yum!

  33. Julie S. 04.22.2010

    Hi Kristin! I missed my bike ride last night due to that same thunderstorm. Bummer! Went to the gym & rode instead. Just not the same. :(

  34. Ms. S 04.22.2010

    Thunderstorms are my favorite – they make me absolutely giddy with delight! :) Though I get insanely frustrated if there’s very little or very wimpy thunder.
    As a youngster, I was convinced lightening would kill anyone who ventured outside in a storm – even walking from the garage to the car. I would cry watching my dad walk inside or my mom take out the trash. Embarrassing, but true.

  35. I’m the same way! I used to be terrified of thunderstorms but now I love them! So long as there are no tornados..

  36. Jenna 04.22.2010

    Guacamole with breakfast?! Who would have thought. Can’t wait to try this!

  37. Paul 04.24.2010

    I live in the Des Moines area also and I just have to say that, that storm came out of NOWHERE! It was a crazy but cool one!!! I love reading your blog daily.. Keep it up! :)

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  41. anna 03.01.2011

    You are so right about the bite size chips! I stick to the regular size ones, but break them into smaller pieces for dipping… to avoid that sideways glance some people give you when you double dip. :)

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