Baked Blueberry Oatmeal


Baked Blueberry Oatmeal is make-ahead, sweet, and decadent tasting. A healthy and delicious breakfast recipe to start your day!


Mornin’ sunshine!

Or rather, mornin’ bitter cold! It was absolutely freezing on my morning Mom walk today – I even had to bust out a winter coat to keep warm! 8O

It’s days like this when I consult my scarf stash to select a pretty, yet functional, piece to wear for optimal warmness during the day.

DSC_0002 DSC_0009

I love keeping a variety of scarves on hand to quickly throw on, on my way out the door. Scarves are inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and patterns, and just kind of spice up whatever you’re wearing that day.

DSC_0006 DSC_0007

Most importantly, they keep you WARM! My office is usually freezing cold – I keep a space heater running under my desk to stay cozy during the day – but a scarf totally helps too. I think I’ll rock this soft, purple one today!

DSC_0004 (2)

Breakfast is also of the purple and warm variety – Blueberry Banana Baked Oatmeal!

Print this recipe!


Yesterday’s BB overnight oats were so incredibly tasty, I decided to bake up a batch this morning – it’s been ages since I’ve had baked oatmeal!


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/3 cup each of water & unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
  • vanilla
  • 1 banana
  • blueberries
  • sliced almonds

Mix oats, water, almond milk and vanilla. Slice in banana, mash until chunky and gently fold in some blueberries. Bake @ 375 for 10 minutes, add sliced almonds on top, and bake for 10-15 more minutes. Ready!

OH MY…YUM!!! What a decadent baked oatmeal breakfast! Totally loving this combo! And since I actually made this last night, all I had to do this morning was re-heat it for 1.5 minutes in the microwave. Soooo creamy and sweet – with no added sugar! Love. ♥


For lunch today, I packed a very picnic-esque lunch. :) Chicken Salad Sandwich and Carrots with Almond Butter.


Greek yogurt is such a fabulous swap for mayo in this chicken salad recipe. It’s what I use for my tuna salad sandwiches, and it’s just fantastic. Mayo freaks me out a little, so I’m glad that I can still enjoy these creamy sandwiches without it!


To be piled on a soft and chewy Thin Bun.


This chicken salad is one of those things that gets better then longer it sits too. I’m anticipating an even tastier sandwich then the one I had last night!


For snackeage – Baby Carrots & Almond Butter. You didn’t think I’d forget about my beloved AB just because there’s a new player in town, did you? ;)


Yum, can’t wait.


This cold has me thinking it’s a Starbucks kind of a day…what do you think?



What’s your favorite sandwich? Is it hot or cold? Does it have to be on a certain kind of bread?

I am literally obsessed with my turkey, cheese & pumpkin butter sandwich on ciabatta bread. I LOVE IT! I also love a good Caprese sandwich – fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and S&P on doughy focaccia – omg.

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  1. I love using greek yogurt as mayo, too! I don’t like mayo and it is the perfect swap. I love a good grilled cheese, blt, or club sandwich. :)

  2. That is quite a scarf stash!
    I’m not really a sandwich person :( BUT I do love me some jam + goat’s cheese, or jam and tempeh, or jam and brie…do you sense a theme!? Oh no – I forgot the best one; PB and banana!! Ultimate.

  3. Jenna 04.28.2010

    It is a total Starbucks day! It is freezing up here in Minneapolis, too. Brr!

    I love warm, press sammies on a baugette or ciabatta. :)

  4. My office is also always cold as well, it’s like I can’t ever enjoy my summer wardrobe.

    Mmm-favorite sandwich, I think roasted veggies with a pesto spread.

  5. Kristin 04.28.2010

    I don’t really like sandwiches that much–not sure why, maybe all the bread you have to bite through to get the good stuff? But I LOVE bread… Anyway, I love chicken salad on saltines :D My mom makes an awesome version too!

    So I’m pretty sure I have that scarf. I got it in NYC visiting my bro last year, and I bought a teal one, too! I love those city-street-corner pashminas!

  6. Jenny 04.28.2010

    I love apples in grilled cheeses!

  7. Your breakfast AND lunch look fabulous!! Yum!!! My favorite sandwich is also the cheese, pumpkin butter, and turkey – SO good!

  8. Jillian 04.28.2010

    Yummy looking sandwich! I have been eating those thin buns based on your recommendations and love them (have you tried the thin bagels…amazing!). But, I’m delurking today to say that I finally picked up some Chia seed at Hy-vee, and they are my new favorite food item. I put some in my oatmeal every morning and it keeps me full for twice as long.

  9. a 04.28.2010

    Looove scarfs. Only thing i dont love about them is how people constantly ask all day long ” are you cold ” ” gonna stay awhile ” etc..

    Favorite sandwich is a roast turkey clubhouse, no tomato , mayo on the side and a dill pickle.

  10. Matt 04.28.2010

    Mmm that oatmeal looks good!

    Any sandwich on thick chewy seedy bread is a winner in my book!

  11. Bridget Miller 04.28.2010

    The best sandwich I have ever had was in Rome in a little cafe called Bar del Cappuccino :) Please go there if you ever find yourself in Rome. Its just off the via del Argentina right by Tiber Island! Check out my blog entry about it :)

  12. Bridget Miller 04.28.2010

    November 21st 2009 entitled Paaastrami :)

  13. Melissa 04.28.2010

    Totally rocking a purple scarf today, too! Perfect for keepin’ me cozy at work!

    I love my homemade version of the turkey artichoke panini at Panera. Get an asiago roll (they have them at my grocery store), & hollow out the doughy inside. Spread each side with a layer of creamy spinach dip, top with artichoke hearts & turkey, & pop it into the panini press (or skillet + heaviest object in the kitchen, of course!). So super yummy!

  14. Machelle 04.28.2010

    I’ve never heard the word Caprese, but years ago when I owned a bar & grill I did pretty much all of the cooking. In the summer I would make grilled tomato & mozzerella sandwichs with my own homegrown mayters & they were yummy & a big seller! They were not on the menu so you had to be “in the know”! Ha! I’ve tried making them at home & ya know…it’s just not the same! I think it was that well seasoned 50 year old grill that made them so tasty! And the other day I had a toasted Italian sub from Arby’s…and it was pretty darn good for Arbys! Better than Subway for sure! My favorite would have to be the tuna salad & lettuce on Asiago cheese bagel from CJ’S Bagel Shop in Ankeny.

  15. Angharad 04.28.2010

    ooh turkey, cheese and pumpkin butter?! Crazy. I like it.
    I am a massive fan of a bacon sandwich back home: soft white bread, thick danish bacon, butter and HP brown sauce. Perfection, lemme tell you.
    I also LOVE cheese and pickle/chutney; so good!

  16. shannon 04.28.2010

    I love a good pastrami and swiss on rye with spicy mustard.

  17. I used to wear a scarf everyday when I taught because my classroom was always freezing.

    My absolute favorite sandwich is the random thing I made of a toasted bagel thin, lots of garlic hummus, sliced english cucumber and parmesan cheese. Cripy and chewy all at the same time.

  18. Sara 04.28.2010

    Wow, you have a lot of scarfs! I only have 2. Except I live in AZ…and they aren’t really in high demand here. :) My favorite sandwich has to be my old standby and all time classic: chunky PB and strawberry jelly.

  19. Alison 04.28.2010

    What do you store your scarves on? Whatever it was looked pretty organized! :)

  20. That is quite a scarf stash! I have a few scarves myself, but never end up wearing them because I don’t think they look good on me. But they look great on you! And delicious looking oats this morning if I do say so myself!

  21. Margaret 04.28.2010

    I like that you bring portions of side/snack items to work rather than a multi-day stash. I do the same because eliminates the mindless snacking risk.

    I don’t have a go-to sandwich, but I do get awfully excited for turkey sandwiches with homemade cranberry sauce as the condiment after Thanksgiving.

  22. mich 04.28.2010

    This just in: Trader Joes is coming to Omaha! So exciting :)

  23. kate 04.28.2010

    Hooray for scarves! It looks like you have quite the selection!

  24. Kaitlin 04.28.2010

    I love the tofu hoagie from Mellow Mushroom! Tofu, satueed mushrooms, peppers & onions, lettuce, tomato, & mustard all on a warm wheat sub roll…so good!
    I love scarves too, they are the best!

  25. Runeatrepeat 04.28.2010

    I love sandwiches :) Especially tuna! And PB&J of course.

  26. Tay 04.28.2010

    You’re inspiring me to break out my one and only fashion scarf I have. I have warm ones for winter, but just one cute one I should get use out of before it gets too warm!!

    Favorite sandwich would definitely be either one of 3:
    1. Pulled BBQ chicken
    2. “Plymouth Rock” from Safeway – Turkey + cranberry sauce + havarti cheese
    3. “California Dreamin” from Safeway – turkey, avocado, and ranch spread

  27. Lovely scarves, Kristin!
    Loved the stash ;)
    Delicious eats, as always!
    Have a great night!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  28. My new favorite combo is raspberry jam + sharp white cheddar + baby spinach – it’s tasty I tell ya!

  29. Sarah 04.29.2010

    Where did you get that little dish you baked your breakfast in? I want to make this, and even bought the ingredients last night but need something small like that to cook it in.. I was looking for like ramekin type bowls. Am I on the right track??

    Im in Omaha, and we are getting a Trader Joe’s. I have been there before, and just cannot wait! I want some PJ filled prezels!

  30. Sara 04.29.2010

    My favorite sandwich is pretty much a Caprese Sandwich, but its from this cute little Italian diner in my town and she adds artichoke hearts, lettuce and a big portobello mushroom cap. Its so yummy!

    Also I love your scarf stash :) I have one similar…my boyfriend says I can’t buy anymore because its taking over our closet :(

  31. […] other news, remember when you told me what your favorite sandwich was? I was completely inspired by your ideas, but reader Melissa’s comment caught my attention […]

  32. Windows Phone7 11.12.2010

    thanks for all the info. I able to save this link for later.

  33. emily 02.23.2011

    o my goodness… that oatmeal was incredible!! i used frozen blueberries and just water and it was SOOOO good! i can’t wait for my hubby to try the leftovers :)

  34. Dolce 05.22.2011

    Looks delishhhh!:) About how many people will this feed?

  35. Abra 07.17.2011

    Just wanted to say this was amazingly delicious! My 18 month old and 5 year old boy loved it! Thanks so much for the recipe! :)

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