Obama’s Next Campaign Cookies


Here’s the cookie order I was working on this week – little cutouts of the state of Iowa! Aww, I love my state. ;)

DSC_0004 (2)

I started by lining my sugar cookies in thick, royal icing.

DSC_0001 (4)

After the outline dried, I filled it in with thinned out royal icing.


I use the sugar cookie and egg white royal icing recipe here (made with pasteurized egg whites,) and add a little flavoring to it. They changed the sugar cookie recipe, for whatever reason, since I first started to use it – but I’m sure it would taste the same!


Next, I added little red stars to mark the state capital, Des Moines.


I thought they turned out cute! The woman who I made them for is having a bunch of college girlfriends come into town and wanted to hand the cookies out as edible souvenirs…the best kind of souvenirs, IMO!


They all attended Iowa State University – whose colors are red and gold – so the color scheme was very fitting.


All packaged up with a sweet, red ribbon. :)

DSC_0008 (2)

Hey Obama, why choose chocolate chunk, when you could have iced sugar?! I kid, I kid… ;) Seriously though…call me.

DSC_0012 (2)

omg, I must confess my cookie delivery fail. It was so windy last night and just as my client opened the door a giant gust of wind came whipping by, distracting me, thus causing me to DROP THE BOX. I repeat – I dropped the box of cookies!! Ugh. She must have thought I was a raging lunatic as I frantically went through each cookie to make sure they were ok! Thankfully they were, and thankfully she was totally cool with it. ;)

DSC_0013 (2)

Anyways, all’s well that ends well – I hope they like ’em!

In other news, I made a super tasty bowl of oatmeal this morning – Peanut Butter & Jelly Oats!


In the mix:

  • 1/4 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 banana
  • Peanut Butter
  • Raspberry preserves


The thing about this Trader Joe’s peanut butter, is that it get’s almost rock hard in the fridge. It’s definitely not suitable for spreading on a tender piece of bread when it’s cold.


But it’s absolutely perfect for glopping on my oatmeal!


As it melted, it formed a warm, luscious layer over my hot oats. Divine.


Oh – so remember when Ben and I had our 2 year wedding anniversary dinner FAIL?! The folks at Gateway Market (scene of said dinner fail) sent me a giftcard with the promise that my next experience would be much, much better! Ben and I are putting it to use today at lunch. We’ll see how it goes!!


With all the KFC drama yesterday morning, I skipped three question Thursday! How about we give it a go on Friday? Answer away! :mrgreen:

1. Where do you place your hands on the steering wheel?

2. What state do you live in?

3. What’s your favorite board or card game?

My answers:

1. I’m a total 10 & 2’er. Ben always makes fun of me… :(

2. Iowa!

3. I’m going to go with BLURT! for favorite board game – omg I need to break that out ASAP – and my favorite card game is Spit! I remember playing that game with my Mom for hours when I was young!

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  1. Wow, did you get a gift card cos you gave them a bad review? Awesome!!
    1. Where do you place your hands on the steering wheel?
    10 and 2 if I’m being proper, or just one…I’m cool :P
    2. What state do you live in?
    Errr Suffolk, in England!
    3. What’s your favorite board or card game?
    MONOPOLY! Or Snap – they’re the only ones I can play :P

  2. Bridget Miller 04.30.2010

    This is not good! I am craving cookies AND peanut butter now. Yyyikes! Your cookies are too cute! Hope Obama calls soon ;)
    1. I’m a 12oclocker… one hand. Its a long drive so I like to relax
    2. Iowa! Live in Nevada, school in Ames, work in DSM
    3. Scrabble. for sure!

  3. Mellissa 04.30.2010

    How nice of them to send you a giftcard to try it out again!

    1) I am a 10 and 2 drive, although sometimes I can be 9 and 3.

    2) Minnesota

    3) My favorite board game is Scrabble or Up Words and my favorite card games are Cribbage and Euchre,

  4. Paige 04.30.2010

    1) 12:00…sometimes 12 and 6.
    2) Misery (ahem…Missouri). I’m from Iowa though!
    3) Favorite board game is Apples to Apples. Favorite card game is probably Presidents and Assholes. Yes, it’s a drinking game. But it involves cards!

  5. Midgetkeeper 04.30.2010

    I must have these cookies, my Husband would love them!

    1. Where do you place your hands on the steering wheel?
    I’m a 10 and 2 as well. Granny driver right here, and I’m proud. I have Baby passengers :)

    2. What state do you live in?
    Rhode Island

    3. What’s your favorite board or card game?
    Monopoly, all the way!

  6. Daisy 04.30.2010

    I missed 3 question thursday!!
    1) gosh i dont even know. I live in the city so I take public transportation everywhere. I don’t even own a car and rarely drive…..
    2) Massachusetts.
    3) Cranuim. My friends and I could have late night competition for hours. Card game is definitley Set Back.

  7. You are so talented in the cookie department. I have never done the whole royal icing thing.

    1. I don’t know??
    2. PA!
    3. Scrabble

  8. 1. 10 and 2 baby! – im a very comfortable driver and i’ve never been in an accident or pulled over, but for some reason, 10 and 2 is the most natural for me!
    3. apples to apples or catch phrase! i loveee love game nights with those, friends, and vino!

    i also love your cookies! i have a few questions for you so im sending you an email now! =)

  9. Christine 04.30.2010

    Those cookies look delicious! :) Maybe it’s because I’m from Iowa…(probably not…LOL)

    1. I think I’m kind of a 5 & 7 o’clocker..if not then a 10 & 2-er
    2. Iowa! (Iowa city)
    3. Taboo!!!

  10. Sarah R 04.30.2010

    Cute cute cookies!!
    1. Hum, usually one at two, sometimes one at six.
    2. Missouri (I like to call it misery though… originally from Kansas)
    3. Love to play pitch. We have a weekly date with some friends to play pitch. Always the girls vs. the guys too. So much fun!

  11. Elyssa 04.30.2010

    I love your cute cookies! I love sugar cookies, but never ice them because they never come out as cute as yours…
    1. 10 and 2 around town, 8 and 4 on long drives
    2. North Carolina (originally Pennsylvania, then Georgia–but quickly breaking out the Tar Heel pride!)
    3. Chicken foot! It’s a family favorite played with dominoes. Such fun!

  12. Evan Thomas 04.30.2010

    1. Don’t, but that’s another story
    2. MA or RI depending
    3. Monopoly!

  13. Jennyj 04.30.2010

    Ten and two ish, Florida and Life!

  14. 1. Where do you place your hands on the steering wheel? Right hand a 2 or 4.
    2. What state do you live in? NC for now!
    3. What’s your favorite board or card game? Catchphrase!

  15. RedTurtle 04.30.2010

    1. Well….if it’s a quiet moment I will usually have the 10 & 2 position, but if I’m singing, crying or driving angrily who knows? It’s best not to talk to me while I’m driving…I’m easily distractable and I talk with my hands.
    2. DSM, Iowa :)
    3. Trivial Pursuit (all versions)

  16. Such great cookie skills! Now I want a cookie…
    1. 2 and 10 or both around the 6 position
    2. Colorado!
    3. Taboo

  17. Maura 04.30.2010

    1) One hand @ 12 o’clock
    2) Massachusetts babyyy!
    3) Life..omg, I should go buy that right now.

  18. CUTE cookies! I’m sure Obama already has his people on it… :)

    1. I had a stick for several years, so I typically drive with my left hand at 11:30 and my right hand on the gear shift – it’s habit.
    2. Nebraska and soon to be Missouri (which is a bummer, considering I’ll be leaving just as Trader Joe’s arrives. :( )
    3. Scategories – it’s one of the only games that puts all of the useless info in my head to good use

  19. Matt 04.30.2010

    I totally need some PB&J oatmeal in my life!

  20. teresa 04.30.2010

    10 and 2, but I’ve read that we really should be 4 & 6 for safety reasons, in the event of an air-bag deployment.

  21. mal 04.30.2010

    I put my right hand (only) at about errr 4ish
    I go to school in Missouri, but am excited to return home to NEBRASKA this summer!!
    Love me some egyptian rat screw.

    ps- I had pb&j oats this morning, too! They never get old! Have a nice Friday : )

  22. Regina 04.30.2010

    Was your comment about Obama a communist joke? because of the red star/yellow cookies? If so, right on! Hilarious! If not, I guess I’m the only conservative who took it that way. Either way, cute cookies!
    1) 10 an 2
    2) Illinois
    3) Scrabble or Sequence

    • admin 04.30.2010

      No, no! When Obama was campaigning for the presidency here in Iowa, his little girls fell in love with some local Chocolate Chip cookies from a little diner here in town. The cookie’s popularity exploded and became very famous!

      • Anna 04.30.2010

        Baby Boomers :D
        They have a new place in the East Village since then.

  23. Vivian 04.30.2010

    Wow, those cookies look too cute to eat (well, almost)!

    1. I don’t really drive, but 10 and 2.
    2. Since I’m in Canada, I live in the province of Ontario!
    3. I also don’t really play board/card games, but I remember that I use to love “Guess Who?”

  24. Your bowl is oats is itty bitty – just 1/4 c.! Does it really fill you up? : )

  25. Vanessa 04.30.2010

    I love your blog! i read it every single day and i have already tried some of your recipes!
    1. i drive with my right arm at 2
    2. Northern Virginia!
    3. im not really into board games but the one that me and my family play is Jenga!

  26. Heather 04.30.2010

    Love the cookies! Do you have an Iowa cookie cutter?

    1. I drive with my hands at 5 & 7 o’clock.
    2. Massachusettes
    3. I love Candy Land and go fish!

  27. I love all your cute cookies and wish you didn’t live so far away so I could order some for my friend’s baby shower.

    1. Where do you place your hands on the steering wheel? I usually have them rested on the sides or bottom of the wheel.

    2. What state do you live in? Massachusetts right now.

    3. What’s your favorite board or card game? I love Settlers of Catan. I learned it in college and love playing it.

  28. Pamela 04.30.2010

    1. I’m more of a 5/7 girl.
    2. Iowa!
    3. For board games, Scrabble hands-down. For card games, euchre!

  29. I hope your 2nd experience is much better!!
    Totally 10 and 2 too!
    South Carolina
    Uno Attack!

  30. Kristen Joy 04.30.2010

    1) Usually 10 and 2, sometimes one handed ;)
    2) California!
    3) Candy Land :))

  31. Rachel 04.30.2010

    1) 9 & 3, unless I’m doing long-distance driving…Then it’s 5 & 7.

    2) South Dakota (although I’m from Ohio).

    3) Monopoly & Euchre.

  32. Kaitlin 04.30.2010

    1) I usually keep my hands at 9 & 3
    2) I live in Georgia!
    3) I love scrabble & solitaire

  33. Angharad 04.30.2010

    1. 10 and 2 also!!
    2. Minnesota!
    3. Cranium, no doubt.

    Those cookies are adorable!!

  34. Anna 04.30.2010

    Those are the cutest cookies. I was excited to learn that you use the Joy of Cooking recipe! HOOrah! Here we go:
    1. Err.. usually 10 & 2. I get bored driving though so I move around a lot.
    2. IOWA (for now)
    3. Apples to Apples never lets us down!

  35. Sara 04.30.2010

    Cute cookies!! That’s a great idea for a party favor and I’m glad they were all okay after you dropped the box.

    1. Usually around 3 and 9.
    2. Arizona!
    3. My favorite board game is Cranuim!

  36. Jo 04.30.2010

    1. 3 and 9- folk take the Mick out of me for it too!
    2. A permanently confused state! (Or Scotland)
    3. Spit! My sister and I spent many a night trying to beat each other, to this day she is the only person I’ve met who can beat me. :)

  37. Anna 04.30.2010

    Er… baking. Whatever. :D It’s Friday.

  38. andie 04.30.2010

    around 2 and 6 or 3 and 7
    I’m from Louisiana, but you knew that already. ;)
    and my favorite game- Trivial Pursuit

    great cookies. I wish I liked to bake. LOL

    oh- and question for you- did you ever do a primer on how you press your tofu before marinating it? I made some of your tofu recipe- but it didn’t come out crispy or crunchy! I think the tofu was too damp.

  39. Corinne 04.30.2010

    I LOVE YOU FOR LOVING SPIT! I had the best, funniest convo on Wednesday with a friend about our obsession with spit back in the day :)

    -I am also a ten and two’er. Can’t be too careful!
    -Live in NH
    -SPIT and 500 rummy for cards and I love Apples to Apples (actually, wow I am obsessed with board games, Taboo, Scattegories, Scrabble, LIFE! ha) GREAT question.

    Kristin that is real nice that Gate Way Market sent you a GC! It is worth complaining sometimes!

  40. Cari 04.30.2010

    Your cookies look awesome!
    1. Mostly 9 and 3, I think.
    2. Iowa
    3. Catchphrase is always so much fun with a big group.

  41. Bridget 04.30.2010

    Cool cookies!

    1. I’m a 5 and 7 or 3 and 9. So many numbers!
    2. Iowa!
    3. I absolutely love Scrabble! Hubby hates it so we play cards when we get a chance.

  42. Tay 04.30.2010

    What cute cookies!!

    1. I usually put one directly on top and the other maybe on the bottom, or resting on the window arm rest.
    2. California girl born and raised!
    3. Love Life!!! Apples to Apples is pretty fun as well.

  43. Cute cookies! I bet they taste yummy, too. :)

    1. Where do you place your hands on the steering wheel? I’m a 10 and 2 person, too.
    2. What state do you live in? New York!!
    3. What’s your favorite board or card game? Scrabble

  44. MOM 04.30.2010

    1.) place my hands at 10 and 2-get joked from the fam sometimes- so proper:)
    2.) IOWA – go HaWkS!!!!
    3.) Spit, BLURT and scrabble and Blokus. Hard to find someone that likes spit as much as me to play it!!!! :)

  45. Dawn 04.30.2010

    I am a 10 & 2er too!
    I live in Southern California (most awesome)
    I hate board games! I love golf!

    Cute cookies! How do you get them so thick and sturdy?

  46. Jenny 04.30.2010

    1. 10 – 2
    2. East Coast… of Iowa ;)
    3. Things… the game. http://www.thingsthegame.com/ SO FUN!!

    Where did you get that amazing Iowa cookie-cutter!?

  47. Elizabeth 04.30.2010

    I always get so hungry when I read your blog.
    1. 10 & 2 most of the time I guess.
    2. I’m from Oklahoma!
    3. Yahtzee. My boyfriend and I are like an old married couple. We LOVE to play!

  48. Graze With Me 04.30.2010

    1) I’m a 10 & 2 nerd too. If I’m on a long (straight) drive though I just rest my left hand on the bottom left side to keep it steady.

    2) Colorado native here!

    3) Balderdash – oh my gahh. SO much fun.

  49. Beth 04.30.2010

    I know its no longer Thursday but I always like 3 question thursday

    1) I have never paid attention-I will now think about it next time I get in the car.
    2) Maryland!
    3) I like Scattegories and Scrabble.

  50. Kelsey Huebsch 04.30.2010

    The cookies are adorable! I NEED to try your recipe soon!
    With what do your pipe your frosting on the cookie?! I tried to pipe some pretty design on a carrot cake I made Ben for our anniversary and used a ziplock bag….ended up squeezing too hard on the bag and a HUGE glop of frosting ruined my design as the bag busted. Oops. What do you use?

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