Baked Blueberry Oatmeal


Baked Blueberry Oatmeal is make-ahead, sweet, and decadent tasting. A healthy and delicious breakfast recipe to start your day! Mornin’ sunshine! Or rather, mornin’ bitter cold! It was absolutely freezing on my morning Mom walk today – I even had to bust out a winter coat to keep warm! 8O…

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Mayo-Free Chicken Salad Recipe


Good Heavens – could it BE anymore deliriously delightful outside?! I stole away for a quick, two mile walk in the sunshine at lunch today…in boots…with pointy(ish) toes. Rookie mistake. I ended up with a wicked blister on the top of my big toe! 8O It didn’t keep me from…

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Celebrity Sighting!


Last night, as the cold rain continued to fall, Ben and I got a craving for a hot cup o’ joe, so we headed to our nearest Starbucks for a steamy drink. We were walking out when this guy and a girl walk in. The guy is normal looking enough, but this girl is…

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Brothers & Sisters


Hey blog-heads! Oh my – the weekend definitely caught up with me today. My sleepiness, coupled with the drizzly rain, almost sent me straight to snoozeville this afternoon! :cry: I always find that I’m the most tired, two nights after not getting enough sleep. The dreaded 2-day effect, if you will….

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Kind of Salty, But Not Too Sweet


Good morning! :mrgreen: I slept like a bebe last night – it’s always nice to lay your head in your own bed, know what I mean? Plus I got to fall asleep to the sound of the drizzling rain…ahhh, bliss. :) This morning, I whipped up a quick and easy…

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