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Wow – super glad I got my workout in this morning, as it’s currently 80 degrees with 30 mph wind gusts! 8O It’s times like these when I’m glad I don’t live in 1875. Love ya’ Laura Ingalls, but I couldn’t hang in the wind. You know how much I hate it, and I’d get too annoyed with it whipping in my face, whilst working in the fields, and such. ;)


In other news, remember when you told me what your favorite sandwich was? I was completely inspired by your ideas, but reader Melissa’s comment caught my attention with her description of a homemade Turkey Artichoke Panini from Panera. I made a tiny adjustment – used grilled chicken breast instead of turkey – and immediately put it on my meal plan for this week. Tonight, I got down to makin’ it!


This sandwich is incredibly easy to make and only has 3 ingredients!

1. Artichoke hearts. Drained and sliced in half.

DSC_0003 (2)

2. Spinach Dip. I wanted to buy the fresh kind from the deli, Ben wanted to make our own – but we both compromised when we discovered this bad boy at the store. Normally, I would never buy anything like this in a jar, but the ingredient list/nutritionals looked semi tolerable.

DSC_0004 (2)


DSC_0006 (2)

We decided to give it a whirl and it’s actually good…really good! On this sandwich and tortilla chips. Lots and lots of tortilla chips!

DSC_0007 (2)

3. Grilled Chicken. So often, people assume grilling is a man’s job – I heartily disagree. Women can grill just as well as men. I actually love taking on the responsibility. It makes me feel so, “I am woman – see me grill!” ;)

DSC_0009 (2)

To make my ‘wich, I hollowed out a ciabatta roll, slathered on some spinach dip,


layered on my grilled chicken breast,


topped with some artichoke hearts,


and pressed with my Griddler!


6 minutes on high did the trick.


After my sandwich came out, I threw on a bundle of asparagus that I had trimmed of its woody bottoms.


Let those go for another 2-3 minutes,


and you’re good to go!


Yowza, this was good! Crunchy bread, creamy insides and so.much.flavor!! Plus, when you break it down, the whole thing costs a mere fraction of what it’d cost at Panera.


I did love the artichokes more than the chicken, though. I actually picked it out from the second half of my sandwich. It was kind of making me nauseous!? Guess I’ll stick to steak as my protein of choice for the time being! ;) 


Chicken aside – everything else worked wonderfully together. The tangy artichoke and creamy spinach dip were perfect mates.  Normally I like a thick slice of gooey cheese in my hot sandwiches – but the dip was a perfect replacement.


Oh, if you can’t tell, I’m pretty much obsessed with these plates. They’re from the Better Homes & Gardens collection @ Walmart!


This was an easy, 20-minute weeknight dinner. You can’t go wrong, peeps. Thanks for the inspiration Melissa!


I just remembered that my Mom got some fresh rhubarb from a friend that she offered to share with me, so it looks like I’ll be facing the wind after all, to go and pick it up from my parent’s house.

I think I’ll give biking there another whirl…it can’t go any worse than it did last time…right?!



Are there any foods you just can’t bring yourself to eat because of it’s texture?

MUSHROOMS. Nope, can’t do it! Oh, and mushy strawberries. Disgusting.

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  1. sassy 05.04.2010

    Yummm…get in my belly! ;)

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kristin. Kristin said: I Am Woman – See Me Grill http://tinyurl.com/36p2wcx […]

  3. Jenny 05.04.2010

    I hate peas! I just can’t bring myself to eat them!

  4. emily 05.04.2010

    HA, I talked about Laura in a post today too! (http://eatventures.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/choose-your-own-adventure/)

    Your pressed sandwiches are always so amazing! Anything pressed would be good but your combos are so creative; you almost make it seem worth it to lug out my George Foreman!

  5. Jenna 05.04.2010

    That sandwich looks fantastic, I love how simple it is, too! And don’t you just love that griddler?

    I need to get some rhubarb. I absolutely love strawberry rhubarb pie/crisp. One of my favorite summer treats!

  6. Lauren 05.04.2010

    What a great sandwich! I love recreating things that I love from restaurant menus. It’s actually more like a hobby to me. :)

  7. Melissa 05.04.2010

    Kristin! You made my night! Glad you liked the sandwich–I use the same spin dip :)
    Check this out sometime, too: http://www.examiner.com/x-355-Low-Carb-Examiner~y2008m6d4-Cauliflower-Pizza-Crust-Worth-its-Wow-in-Gold
    I topped mine with sun dried tomato alfredo sauce, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, & banana peppers. Holy YUM!!!

  8. Jess 05.04.2010

    You don’t like mushrooms!?!? I love this time of the year in Iowa…morel mushrooms are the best!

    I can’t stand fresh tomatoes. ICK!

  9. little miss mel 05.04.2010

    Totally random, but did you know “yeast extract” is another word for MSG? It’s in a lot of processed food, even ORGANIC food for that matter. PLUS, there are many other words coded for MSG as well.

    Honestly, you can’t get passed it, there is just no way, but I do try to keep up on what items have it and which ones don’t. The same organic free range chicken broth, but by different companies, one has MSG (yeast extract) and the other doesn’t.

    Just thought I’d share since you were talking about labels.

    I would love to make this sandwich. Sometimes chicken is too thick for me. I have a harder time biting into in a sandwich than on a plate with a fork and knife.

    Must get a press. Looks like too much fun!

  10. That sounds so so so GOOD!!!! YUM!!!

  11. Rachel 05.04.2010

    I cannot stand the texture (or the taste) of coconut.

  12. Sara 05.04.2010

    I used to not be able to stand the texture of bananas…but I got over it :)

  13. I cannot handle the crunch of water chesnuts!

  14. Amy 05.04.2010

    yum! what a great combo! I have to say I hate artichokes from the can because to me they just look soooo disgusting and slimey! (albeit delicious though! ;) ) I have a panini maker and some ciabatta… might have to give this a whirl! :)

  15. I admit it…I hate banana texture! I’m probably the only blogger who does! But your panini looks scrumptious!

  16. Adrienne 05.04.2010

    Looks great! The chicken might be more palatable if you sliced it and laid the slices on the bread (you’d also use less).

  17. This combo sounds awesome!! Definitely going to have to try this!

    I cannot stand onions. I’ve tried. Many times. I pick them out of everything! And green olives…ew!

  18. Kristin 05.04.2010

    I used to work at the Sports Page Bar & Grill in Pella, and one of our best-selling sandwiches was the “Spin-Art Chicken Sandwich.” It was really similar. Homemade spin-art dip, chicken breast, slice of tomato on top, served on Texas toast. It was to die for. Your entry just made me crave it again!!! :)

  19. Jessica Lee 05.04.2010

    I actually love texture so I love all foods :)

    I really want a panini maker. Everytime I see your sammies, they look soooo good!

  20. kate 05.04.2010

    I found that dip the other day in my boyfriends sisters fridge. It was tasty with some carrots! Im also on the anti-mushroom train. Chu! Chu!

  21. Yum Yucky 05.04.2010

    Ooo, the Little House. It was my most favoritest show in the world.

  22. Bridget 05.04.2010

    yummmmmmm! I want a panini maker!

  23. Anna 05.04.2010

    I’ll eat almost anything… Especially that spinach dip. It’s so good with blue corn tortilla chips.

    I’m not big on slimy mushrooms either.

  24. midgetkeeper 05.04.2010

    That looks pretty yummy!
    I hate mayo because of the look and texture, yuck, also canned tuna. eww

  25. Another no-mushroom foodie : )

  26. Ashley 05.05.2010

    I can eat about one spoonful of cottage cheese before the chunks make me want to gag. I do not like the consistency of ricotta cheese (or the flavor for that matter). Also, tapioca pudding!

    I love that griddler that you used! Definitely need to look into that!

  27. Ms. S 05.05.2010

    raw tomatoes are my food I refuse to eat because of texture. I just can’t do it. But I love sauteeing fresh tomatoes with some minced garlic and spinach for a light pasta dish. It’s just when they’re raw. Blech!

  28. Erin 05.05.2010

    That dip looks awesome! I’ve gotta find that.

  29. Ashley 05.05.2010

    That sandwich looks divine! Must try that!

    Mushrooms – oh my goodness I love them! They are definitely my favorite! I can’t eat raw tomatoes, yuck! But will eat them cooked? Go figure!

  30. Dawn Hutchins 05.05.2010

    Loving the three easy ingredients!

  31. Sara 05.05.2010

    That sandwich looks great! I love Panera Bread. Their veggie sandwich is delicious. I can’t bring myself to eat Jello. Ewwww, the texture just grosses me out and I gag. :)

  32. Mich 05.05.2010

    I love mushrooms! Once I was at dinner with some friends of a friend and was gushing about how much I loved mushrooms. Then one girl was like “I like ‘shrooms too. In fact, I have some really good ones in my car if you want them after dinner.” I was super caught off guard – I’m not into THOSE kind of mushrooms!! Talk about an uncomfortable situation!!

  33. Liz 05.05.2010

    I can’t do “creamy” things because of the texture, like dressings, mayo, sour cream, cream cheese, etc. Lucky me, since they’re usually not healthy for ya! Weirdly though, I can do hummus, but I have to have a very thin layer, and I need to apply it myself!!!

  34. Jana 05.05.2010

    Can’t stand the texture/taste of cottage cheese. But I can eat it when it’s in lasagna. Weird I know. I tried your overnight oats and everything sounded good, but when I added the banana, I couldn’t stand it. They were mushier and changed the texture and flavor of the oat/yogurt combo. I loved all the ingredients, but when I added that banana, it made me want to hurl. So I will make it and eat my banana separate! Love the site, the recipes, it’s great! Thanks!!

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