Idols in Iowa!


Good morning!

Last night, my Mom and I headed down to our local dueling pianos bar – Blue Moon – to hear American Idol contestants Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott sing!


I don’t watch American Idol, but Katelyn is from my hometown and my Mom knows her from working in the school district, so we went to check it out. :)


This was my second time at Blue Moon – the first being on Valentine’s Day for some pre-dinner cocktails!


Last time I tried some of their specialty martinis, but I stuck with good ol’ Miller Light last night.


We met some of my Mom’s co-workers there and snagged a table right up front!



The girls came out about an hour before the show to give some interviews to the local media. Can you imagine how different their lives are now, compared to 6 months ago?


Lilly came out first and made the rookie mistake of calling our town Des Moin-ES. It’s a silent “es” Lilly!! Despite her faux paux, I really enjoyed her set. She’s got a kind of indy-Norah Jones type voice. Very chill. I could listen to her type of music all day. Plus, most of the stuff she played was original – good for her!


Our hometown girl, Katelyn, came out next. Her voice was more mainstream – sort of a husky Kelly Clarkson sound. She played the piano and sang at the same time – a concept that I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around!

Overall we had a very nice night and, even though I didn’t know the girls, it’s always nice to hear quality, live music! Do you watch American Idol? Did you like Katelyn or Lilly?

This morning I woke up with an intense craving for almond butter – so I slathered some globs on an Earthgrains Thin Bun and called it breakfast! 


I’m getting down near the end of my jar…do you know what that means??? ;)




The last of the pineapple!!! I will compare all future pineapples to this one. It might have been the best one I ever had.


I packed some more freshness for lunch – a salad & mango!

DSC_0001 (2)

In the mix:

  • Spinach
  • Roma tomato
  • Carrots
  • Tofu
  • Dried cranberries

DSC_0002 (2)

Doesn’t my tofu look like cheese?! I just roasted it in a 350 degree oven with olive oil, garlic salt & onion powder for about 30 minutes. IT’S SO GOOD!

DSC_0006 (2)

There is literally 3/4 of a bag of spinach in this salad too. I filled up my container, zipped through it with my pizza cutter, filled the container back up, then zipped through it again. What iron problem?

DSC_0004 (2)

Big fork worthy. Clearly I’m having too much fun with this fork. ;)

DSC_0009 (2)

This is my last mango too, and it is mind numbingly sweet juicy and tropical. 8)

DSC_0010 (2)

What’s with excellent exotic fruit in Iowa, these days?! I don’t hate it! ;)

DSC_0012 (2)

I can’t tell you how pumped I am that it’s already THURSDAY! This week absolutely flew by! Here’s hoping the day goes by quickly!

Byeeee :mrgreen:


Three Question Thursday time – favorite’s edition!

1. What’s your favorite tool/gadget in your kitchen?

2. What’s your favorite candy?

3. What’s your favorite color AND your favorite color to wear?

My answers!

1. Mini food processor – I can’t imagine my life without it! Or, my good can opener from Williams & Sonoma. You don’t know what you’re missing until you have a good one!

2. Fruity: grape laffy taffy. Chocolate: Reese’s peanut butter cup. Non chocolate/fruity: red vines!

3. Fave color is pink, but my favorite color to wear is black. It’s so versatile!

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  1. 1. Mini food processor!
    2. Hmm…maybe Starburst? I don’t really know…
    3. Pink is my favorite, black is my favorite to wear!

  2. such a fun night with your mom!! and i ADORE your pictures that you take with your big fork! haahha i crack up everytime i see them.

    1. cast iron skillet or pastry bags. weird?
    2. chocolate: almond joy; fruity: chewy sprees
    3. purple is my FAVORITE; black is my favorite to wear

  3. RedTurtle 05.06.2010

    1. Sharp knives. (I’m in deep need of that mini processor though!)
    2. I rarely crave sugary candy but watch out if there’s chocolate and I ADORE butterscotch chips in ANYTHING!
    3. Red is my favorite color…green is my favorite to wear because it matches my eyes. But I wear black most often for sure.

  4. Yasmin 05.06.2010

    What a great idea to use a pizza cutter to slice up your spinach. I wish I had thought of that. My answers:
    1) Quesadilla maker from Macy’s!Love it!
    2) Snicker’s all the way or anything with caramel and chocolate.
    3) Purple or burnt orange are my fave colors.

  5. 1. Blender
    2. Reese Cups!!!!!!!!! Oh yes. Or just plain Hershey’s Kisses.
    3. I like to WEAR black, who doesn’t look good in black? But my favorite colors are probably blue and green, though it does change. I am fickle :)

    Oooo I LOVE the Dueling Pianos!! We have one at the beach we go to every summer. LOVE it!

  6. Anna (twelve22) 05.06.2010

    What iron problem, indeed! That salad looks amazing. Ten years ago, or so, I had blood work done that showed my iron was fairly low. I’ve been vegetarian for almost that long now, and my current iron levels are super good!

  7. emily 05.06.2010

    1. Now my blender, but whenever I get it out of wedding storage my food processor!
    2. York Patties or gummi cola bottles.
    3. Turquoise or purple for both.

  8. Paige 05.06.2010

    1) My COFFEEMAKER. How would I live without that thing?
    2) Almond Joy! I wouldn’t kick a Reese’s out of bed either though…
    3) My favorite colors are green and purple, and they’re also my favorites to wear! Unfortch, there aren’t that many green or purple clothing options out there, so I’ll say navy.

  9. Beth 05.06.2010

    1. garlic press
    2. anything with chocolate and nuts together
    3. favorite color is green, favorite to wear is red

  10. Elyssa 05.06.2010

    1. Sharp knives! I love chopping things!
    2. M&Ms – I eat them two by two!
    3. My all-time favorite color is purple, but I my favorite color to wear is grey. I love that it’s so easy to accessorize with different colored jewelry or cardigans!

  11. Margarita 05.06.2010

    1. My fave gadget in the kitchen…. my hand mixer and my tea kettle – both I use daily!

    2. My favourite candy is hard, I love so many – I love Reese’s peanut butter cups and Skor bars though :)

    3. My fave colours are pink and turquoise, but like you, I still to wearing classic black, some white and grey and have my shoes stand out!

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  13. shannon 05.06.2010

    1. garlic press- I use it almost daily
    2. Reese’s, Almond Joy, or Sour Patch Kids
    3. green is my favorite color, black or white are my favorite colors to wear because you can match them with everything and they both look good on me, plus you can then make your outfit pop by adding a brightly colored bag or shoe

  14. Hannah 05.06.2010

    1. My blender – I love smoothies!
    2. It’s a toss up between Twix and Almond Joy
    3. My favorite color is bright blue (almost turquoise… I know it’s weird I’m so specific! :) ) But I also love to wear that color too… as well as purple, black, and pale yellow

  15. Jenny 05.06.2010

    1. Blender, for sure!

    2. PB M&M’s!

    3. Red!

  16. midgetkeeper 05.06.2010

    1. What’s your favorite tool/gadget in your kitchen?
    Can’t live w/o my blender, I am a one smoothie a day kind of girl.

    2. What’s your favorite candy?
    sour gummy worms

    3. What’s your favorite color AND your favorite color to wear?
    blue, and blue to wear.

  17. Sami 05.06.2010

    Of course we know what that means!! OIAJ will soon be making an appearance! ;)
    1. Fave tool is my single serve coffee maker.
    2. Fruity: Starbursts Chocolate: Snickers
    3. Fave colors are a toss up between yellow, pink, & green!

  18. 1. What’s your favorite tool/gadget in your kitchen? I my food processor but really want a more versatile one. I also love bigger fish spatula because it is useful for so much more than fish.

    2. What’s your favorite candy? I love toblerone. Anything dark chocolate…the darker the better because it doesn’t hurt my stomach.

    3. What’s your favorite color AND your favorite color to wear? I love yellow but I love to wear green because it sets of my hair and eyes better.

  19. a 05.06.2010

    1. My salad spinner. I love it . It even has a brake button.
    2. Sour skittles.
    3.My favorite color is red, my favorite color to wear is black . I have far too much black.

  20. Angharad 05.06.2010

    Katelyn looks like Meg Ryan!! Circa, 1996.

    1. I don’t have many tools/gadgets sadly! But probably the french press…

    2. Favourite candy has to be cadbury’s dairy milk from home orrrr sour haribos!

    3. My fave colour is also my fave colour to wear: green!

  21. tray 05.06.2010

    1. not alot of gadgets here. food scale?

    2. don’t really eat candy, but i like chocolate protein bars! or larabars

    3. black. i really like camo.

  22. Tracy 05.06.2010

    1. My BlendTec blender (like a VitaMix)

    2. Dark, dark chocolate

    3. Fav color: pink/green tie, fav color to wear: pink/black tie!

  23. Dawn 05.06.2010

    FAVORITE TOOL: Wine opener
    CANDY: Dark Chocolate (hands down)
    COLOR: Black (Abolutely)!
    Have a great day!

  24. Teresa 05.06.2010

    1. Coffee maker, I would die without it. I really, really want a Kitchen Aid stand mixer…….then that will be my fav.
    2.reece peanut butter cups & thier eggs that come out at easter time.
    3. Pink for sure. I wear more earthy tones though.

  25. Smith 05.06.2010

    1. My coffee pot. We finally got one that you can preprogram to grind and brew in one. Nothing better than walking downstairs to hot coffee already made! And it matches the rest of our stainless steel appliances! Perfection!
    2. Chocolate – York Peppermint Patties or Junior Mints; Non-chocolate – speckled jelly beans (only can find at Easter)
    3. Turquoise. Love, love, love it. Favorite color to wear is black. . .with accents of turquoise! Go Figure! :)

  26. Sara 05.06.2010

    1. Favorite tool/gadget in your kitchen – panini press
    2. Favorite candy – Snickers OR Reese’s PB Cups
    3. Favorite color AND your favorite color to wear – Pink is my favorite color and my favorite color to wear is green (b/c the lady at the Fashion Institute told me it was “my color.”) :)

  27. anne 05.06.2010

    1. Sharp knives

    2. Dark chocolate peanut clusters

    3. Blue is my favorite color and also favorite color to wear

  28. 1. Food processor- so good for chopping up anything and everything.
    2. Chocolate + PB or chocolate +caramel
    3. Favorite color is blue and favorite color to wear is probably also blue.. at least I wear a ton of it!

  29. kate 05.06.2010

    M&Ms are my fave :)
    I love the tropical fruit in Iowa, too. And the fact that its been on sale!

  30. Stephanie 05.06.2010

    I love my toaster oven. It makes melted cheesy things for me.
    As for favorite candy, definitely candy corn. It’s wrong, and I know it, but I persist in being like this.
    My favorite color is green, but my favorite color to wear is orange! It’s zingy and makes me feel alert. And I live in Alaska where we have snow six months out of the year; it’s like living in a black and white TV. NEED COLOR!

  31. Cynthia 05.06.2010

    Sounds like you had a nice mother/daughter night out. I love it when you post pics featuring the big fork, cracks me up everytime! :)
    1. Gadget: My Cuisinart Griddler. I’m able to grill even when it’s 40 degrees outside.
    2. Chocolate: Milky Way Dark
    Non-Chocolate/Fruity: Twizzlers
    3. My hands down favorite color is Pink. My favorite colors to wear are black or grey. Makes dressing easy to accessorize with pink and other jewel tones.

  32. Mellissa 05.06.2010

    1. What’s your favorite tool/gadget in your kitchen? Food Processor or Knives

    2. What’s your favorite candy? Junior Mints and Butterfinger

    3. What’s your favorite color AND your favorite color to wear? I love orange and wear it at least once a week.

  33. Love the picture with the fork and the salad!
    1. Gadget-Microplane, has made mincing garlic and shredding cheese incredibly painless!
    2. Favorite candy-Do chocolate covered pretzels count?
    3. Favorite color-purple, color to wear-black

  34. Anna 05.06.2010

    My mini chopper saves so much time. I love my Chef’s knife too.
    Gummies! Gummy bears, gummy worms, peach rings, those fruit slices with sugar on them, that sort of thing.
    I wear a lot of neutrals but I love purple and teal!

  35. heather 05.06.2010

    mango is always excellent, i agree!

    1. we have this metal colander from the 70’s that i just dig for no identifiable reason. its useful and groovy too.

    2. darrell lea green apple licorice–you’re not the only aussie candy fan, kristin!

    3. black is my favorite color for everything…mainly because my hair is black and it always matches. <3

  36. Jen 05.06.2010

    I just found your blog the other night and I LOVE it!

    1. What’s your favorite tool/gadget in your kitchen?
    I have recently become friends with my garlic press, and I LOVE my microplanes. I need a food processor and a blender! I have an immersion blender but sometimes that’s hard.

    2. What’s your favorite candy?
    Chocolate – Snickers
    Fruity – Chewy Sweet Tarts

    3. What’s your favorite color AND your favorite color to wear?
    Favorite color – Purple, hands down!
    Favorite color to wear – Black or red

  37. 1. My chef’s knife. You can do pretty much everything with it!
    2. Ginger People Ginger Chews! Other than that I am a chocolate girl :)
    3. Color? Purple. Green as a close second. To wear? Black! Or anything bright and vibrant :)


  38. Sarah 05.06.2010

    I love my mini food processor too! But, my must-have item is my Paula Deen knife set, they are awesome!!

    My favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids.

    I love pink and green and my favorite color to wear is brown, there are just so many ways you can jazz it up/make it casual and it goes well with everything else in my closet :)

  39. 1. my griddle!

    2. kit kat

    3. pink & salmon/coral

    LOVE your blog!!

  40. Cate 05.06.2010

    Mmmm, that tofu looks delish! Also, can I ask where you shop for produce? I don’t know if you have Fareways in DSM, but that’s where I generally go for produce (I’m in Iowa City), although lately the mangos/pineapples/berries haven’t been nearly as fabulous-looking as yours.

  41. Maily 05.06.2010

    1. Slap Chop (I use it to make pico de gallo)
    2. Twix
    3. Fave color: Fushia
    Fave color to wear: Black

  42. 1. Slow cooker! Makes some of our favorite dinners – braised short ribs, BBQ pulled pork, chili!

    2. Sour Patch Kids

    3. Fave color is blue. Fave to wear is black or blue. Black because it goes with everything, blue cuz it brings out my eyes!

  43. 1) Definitely the mini food processor.
    2) Baby Ruth’s
    3) Fav color is green. Fav color to wear depends on my hair color. Kind of weird, but when I’m natural, I like to wear black. When I have highlights, I enjoy browns and more neutral tones :smile:

  44. Machelle 05.06.2010

    I too was thinking how could you possibly be “out of whack” w/all the greens & veggies you eat? weird! 1) probably this garnish thing I got from Pampered Chef…really it’s a crinkle carrot cutter, but they call it a garnisher. 2) Candy…reeses peanut butter cups, and also Smarties. 3) Brown. I know it’s kind of boring but I love it!

  45. Deborah 05.06.2010

    1. Mini food processor, definitely!
    2. Chocolate related – dark lindt with sea salt, if not anything with pbutter in it!
    3. I love purple, but I wear neutrals most often, so beiges and stones and taupes!

  46. JennyV 05.06.2010

    1. VITAMIX Blender — we bought a refurbished one at and it has changed our world (esp. when it comes to Green Monsters!)

    2. Truly don’t eat much candy — but when given the choice I like one of three: HotTomales, Reeses Pieces, Peanut Ms (my family drops the first M… don’t ask!)

    3. Fave color: PURPLE (always has been…) // Color to wear: royal blue

  47. sarah 05.06.2010

    1) i love my food processor and wok! i got them both for christmas and they make cooking easier and better!

    2) i am not a big candy person, i love salty foods! i guess hard candy…lasts longer

    3) i love blue!

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  49. Elyse 05.06.2010

    1) I would have to say my coffee grinder. I cannot function without my coffee and the taste of buying whole beans and grinding yourself to getting ground makes a world of a difference. So fresh, as well as inexpensive!

    2) Twix or cold kit kats. It sounds gross but put a kit kat in the fridge and its really good! Werther’s Butterscotch candies are always good too :-)

    3) My favorite colors are mauve, chocolate brown, and lavender, but I agree black looks the best on and it goes with everything!

  50. Ms. S 05.06.2010

    1. Kitchen Aid mixer (in red). LOVE!!!
    2. I absolutely adore Red Vines…but I definitely have a special place in my heart (and my stomach) for m&ms.
    3. Favorite color is green. My favorite to wear is probably various shades of blue or purple – makes my eyes pop – though I don’t actually have much by way of either. Hm… :)

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