Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mama’s out there!

Ben and I are so fortunate to live close to BOTH of our Moms, so we got to spend part of our day with each of them!


This morning we got up early and headed to brunch at one of my Mom’s (and our!) faaaveorite restaurants, Granite City!


Granite City has a legendary Sunday brunch that Ben and I both agreed would be a special way to kick off M’s big day. With a buffet featuring foods like baked reggiano hash browns, thick hickory smoked bacon, fresh french toast and an eggs benedict bar – you won’t soon forget your meal here!


I filled my plate with alllll my favorites – fresh strawberries, cinnamon scone, french toast, crab cake topped salmon, bacon,  


and…two types of potatoes. Granite City has, hands down, the best hash browns and mashed potatoes anywhere! The hash browns are cheesy and thick, while the mashed potatoes are garlicky and smooth. OMG!


I was…stuffed…when I left. This brunch is a special treat though and we all just LOVED it!


Oh, I cannot forget to mention that you also get FREE CARAMEL ROLLS with your brunch!!!!!


Fresh, warm, gooey and as big as my face…oh yeah!


If you have a Granite City in your area, you’ve GOT to get there for their weekend brunch. You won’t regret it!


We certainly didn’t. :)


After brunch, we headed back to my parent’s house where the men fell into a buffet-induced coma while the women watched New Moon. SWOON! I literally cannot wait for Eclipse to come out. Team Edward!!! 


After getting our vampire fix, we parted ways and Ben and I took his Mom and Dad out for some Mexican! I was still full from brunch, but somehow managed to fit in chips & salsa, Mexican rice and some cheese enchilada. ;) Oofta!

I am parked on the couch getting ready to face the upcoming week. This weekend went FAR too quickly for my liking!

Have a great evening!


What things do you like best about your Mom? Go ahead and brag!

My Mom sees the good in a person when everyone else sees the bad. She’s the one sticking up for the little guy when everyone else is putting him down. She literally does not have a mean bone in her body and is the most generous person I know. She’ll pick you up when you’re down and celebrate with you when you’re up. She is one of God’s angels, I’m sure of it. I LOVE YOU MOM – happy Mother’s Day!