Disaster Averted!


Oats in a Jar kept me full for a full five hours today! 8O Yet another reason why I just adore and look forward to it every time my almond butter jar gets low. ;)

This afternoon was cold, rainy and just plain gross, so after work I hunkered down in my yoga room and completed Yoga Sculpt #1 from Yogadownload.com. This class was taught by my fave instructor, Dawnelle, who turned out to be a friggin’ mad woman in this class! We used free weights to deepen our poses and incorporate more cardio and strength training into the flow, and it.was.brutal. My arms are toast!

Speaking of toast…I made Goat Cheese Pasta with Parmesan Garlic Toast for dinner tonight!


Last week, when I asked you guys for goat cheese recipes, reader Lindsay sent me a link to an Asparagus Goat Cheese Pasta recipe on RealSimple.com. One look at the picture and it was over. Done. Sold!


I used broccoli and wilted spinach in the recipe instead of asparagus because, to be honest with you, I’ve had way too much asparagus lately and couldn’t bring myself to buy it at the store. Plus it was $3.99/lb – oh hells no!


Broccoli + spinach was the way to go, though! They were the perfect sidekicks to the nutty, whole wheat spaghetti I used in the dish.


7g of protein and 6g of fiber – love that!


The preparation of the meal was actually kind of disastrous. The chicken broth wasn’t whisking in with the butter and flour, so I had to transfer it to my mini food processor to get everything bound together. Then when the sauce wasn’t bubbling away like it was supposed to, I realized it was because the skillet was on the wrong burner. Oof!


After several more trials and errors, the dish finally came together and it was absolutely incredible!  A grown up version of your childhood fave, mac & cheese, if you will. So fab!


Next time I’ll probably break up my spaghetti before cooking it, or use a short pasta like cavatappi or gemilli (my two faves!) because the cheesiness did make it hard to twirl the longer pasta. Somehow, I still managed. ;)


My parmesan garlic toast was simply 100% whole wheat EarthGrains bread, smeared with a little butter, topped with a little garlic powder and parmesan cheese, then broiled ’til golden brown. Heaven!


For dessert, my knight in shining armor business clothes (aka my husband) brought me a delectable piece of brownie cake home from work. Swoon!


Aaaand now said husband is trying to put the parmesan cheese away in the spice cupboard. Oh dear.

Have a good night!


What’s your favorite cheese? Do you like it stinky?

Brie used to be my fave, but now that I’m seeing how versatile and delicious goat’s cheese is – well, brie might be taking a hike.

And no, I loathe stinky cheese. Ooooogh!

My Favorite Breakfast


Look who is STILL here! The dark comedy, The Men Who Stare At Goats, has turned into a horror flick, The Movie We Keep Forgetting to Return! Nothing like spending $3 on a movie we never got around to watching… :( Oh well, maybe I’ll get a coffee when I return…

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