Iowa’s 5 Types of Rain


Well, at least you can’t call Iowa wishy washy.

When it snows, it snows. When it’s hot, it’s hot. When it rains, IT RAINS! 8O


It has been pouring and storming the entire day, and I’m pretty sure I went through at least 5 distinct types of rains on my drive home from work.

You’ve got the annoying “come on, just RAIN!” rain, where there’s just enough of a misty drizzle that you can’t justify having your wipers on, but you still have to randomly swipe them every 30 seconds or so.

The classic “I’m heading into the apocolypse!” rain accompanied by black, thundering, menacing skies.

Oh, who can forget the “omg my wipers can’t keep up!” rain where it’s coming down so hard and fast (twss) that you can’t even see where the highway starts and the side of the road begins.

And, you know, several other types. ;) Oh rain – I’m over you!

At least it made for the perfect atmosphere to enjoy tonight’s hot and cozy dinner of BBQ Pulled Pork & Biscuits!


You didn’t think I put the crock pot away for the season yet, did you?? ;)


Oh yes – I had a nice pork butt cooking away for nine hours while I was at work today, and I could smell it through the front door as I got out of my car this afternoon!!


The pork was so tender, it practically shredded itself. Some people casually say that about tender meat, but I really mean it. IT PRACTICALLY SHREDDED ITSELF.

DSC_0004 (2)

I used my friend’s recipe which combines coke + BBQ sauce to create a flavorful, unforgettable meal.


To go with, I made some homestyle biscuits from Bisquick Mix!


Just add water, form into a circle and bake for 10 minutes.


These were thick, chewy and oh-so satisfying!


Ok, maybe a little crumbly – but still delish!


For a veggie side, I simply individually sautéed baby spinach and yellow squash in extra virgin olive oil and chopped garlic.



Whoops! A zucchini casualty! My pan flipping got a little out of control. ;)


There we go!


The vegetable were tender,


simply seasoned,


and it was good.


Love this meal – take that, rain!


I have a plethora of items to cross off of my to-do list tonight – including packing and a self-pedi. I need to look cute for where I’m headin’! ;)

Have a great night!


What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Such an Iowa question…we love to talk about the weather here. ;)

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