Dem Genes


Aren’t genes funny?

Today (don’t ask me how) I realized that my thumbs are different from each other. I literally have one thumb from my Mom’s side of the family, and one thumb from my Dad’s side.


Dad’s side (left thumb) = normal enough. Regular thumb width and length, topped with a standard size nail bed. This is what my Dad’s fingers and nails all look like.


Mom’s side (right thumb) = HUGE! Slightly shorter and more squat, with a wiiiiide (and crooked!) knuckle and nail. This is what my Mom’s (and Grandpa’s!) nails look like.


I literally have both sides of my family’s gene pool, right in my hands. What, you can’t see it? Am I too close to the project?! I swear, they’re different!! Maybe it’s just me… Anyways, I just thought that was so strange/interesting! :)

At any rate, the wind and cold were still raging when I got off of work today, so I tackled 45 minutes of Power Vinyasa yoga. I have been “doing” yoga for about a month now – and I swear to you, one month has made me more flexible than 15 years of dance. I kid you not. I absolutely LOVE it!

Trust me, pigs are flying, I never thought in million years that those words would come out of my mouth, but it’s TRUE! Yoga rocks!

Afterwards, I made a nice, simple dinner of Grilled Cheese & Sweet Potato Fries!


I used a slice of EarthGrains 100% Whole Wheat Bread, spread some butter on one side, sprinkled with garlic powder and folded the bread around a slice of cheddar cheese.


A couple minutes on a flat top skillet was all it took for crispy, cheesy, garlicky yumminess!


I’ve never had a grilled cheese with cheddar cheese, actually. It was good though! Very chewy and melty.


Chomp. :D


I also roasted up some sweet potato fries on the side.


Made using my standard recipe! I roasted up some baby, Yukon golds for Ben.




Served with gobs of ketchup. My brother tweeted earlier this week that he has a problem with the word “gobs”. I like it. :)


His & Hers.


Great dinner! Quick, easy and inexpensive, to boot. :)

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go paint my toes the shade of “Malaga Wine”…whatever that means.  

DSC_0001 (2)

I was supposed to complete this task last night, but found myself SOL when there was only two drops of nail polish remover left in the bottle (seriously – WHY would I put a nearly empty bottle of remover back into the cupboard after the last time I used it?!) At any rate, I’m still rocking the color from my last pedi and am in need of a change!

Good night!


What physical characteristics do you get from your Mom and Dad?

I have my Dad’s eyebrows, hair, nose and, I think, mouth. I have my Mom’s skin and teeth. My brothers both have my Mom’s nose and my little brother has my Mom’s hair. Bet you really wanted to know that, didn’t you? ;)

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