They Put Me in a Magazine!


Good morning – TGIF!

Well, they put in me in another magazine!

DSC_0002 (2)

A couple months ago I was interviewed by Q Magazine (a new, local publication) on my workout routine and tips. The story came out today as an insert in the paper and online!

DSC_0005 (2)

So true…

DSC_0007 (2)

Cool!!!!!! Thanks Q Magazine!! 

In other news, breakfast, lunch & snacks are packed.


Kashi Honey Almond Flax CRUNCH.


Peanut butter on whole wheat, baby carrots & a Pink Lady apple.

DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0007


Droooooooooooooooooooool – a Chocolate Brownie PURE Bar. I love.


My bag is by the door.


Toll money is handy.


I’m off to Chicago!!

I haven’t been to Chicago since my epic girls weekend ALMOST A YEAR AGO and I figured it was high time I get back to visit some of my best girl friends! :D


(oh how I miss you long hair + tan!) At any rate, I’m driving up today and driving back Sunday. Road trip! :mrgreen:

Check back this afternoon for a special (and YUMMY) giveaway!

Time to hit the road – Chicago or bust! :mrgreen:


Where’s the last place you went on vacation?

I seriously haven’t stopped thinking about New Orleans since we got back! :) / :(

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  1. My husband and I are thinking of heading to Chi town this summer for a quick getaway, maybe a Cubs game? Sadly, our last vacation was our honeymoon almost 4 years ago…I know…

  2. congrats on the magazine article! you look awesome!!!! have fun in chi town!

  3. That is so cool girl! Great pics, too. :) Congrats – you are a celeb! Have a fun weekend!

  4. That is so exciting! You’re famous!

    Have a blast in Chicago :-). My last vacation was to Antarctica! I want to go back!!

  5. Sammy 05.14.2010

    You look really pretty in that article and your quote is so true… I often find getting my gym shoes on is the hardest bit!

  6. VeggieGirl 05.14.2010

    AWESOME feature!!!! Congratulations!!!

    Last vacation spot = NYC.

  7. awhhhhh how wonderful!! you seriously look absolutely gorgeous in that picture with you and your girlfriends!! the hair looks DARK! and welcome to first grade with that lunch!! hahah i loveee. have a great wknd!

  8. Kloe 05.14.2010

    I was just in Chicago (roadtrip) two days ago, and gosh I LOVE that city! That’s awesome for the magazine article, and I agree the battle is mostly getting to the gym!

  9. Congrats on the article!!! How awesome!
    And, excuse me… Chicago? Why are we not getting together??!

  10. Congrats on the magazine! That’s so exciting!

  11. I can’t believe how famous you are!! LOVE IT!
    My best vacation was to the USA in 2007 – best 2 weeks of my life :)

  12. Mellissa 05.14.2010

    What a great article! Have a great time in Chicago, it is one of my favorite cities. I recommend Bin 36 Wine Bar downtown, such a great place.

    Last vacation was Brazil and we have 2 Chicago trips planned for the summer and Spain and Portugal planned for the fall.

  13. Claudia 05.14.2010

    Congrats and great picture of you stretching!
    Growing up in Germany we always used to Vacation in a small beach town in Portugal and I have to say it was the best vacations.

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kristin, Jason Wells. Jason Wells said: RT: @iowagirleats They Put Me in a Magazine! (You rock!) […]

  15. Bridget 05.14.2010

    You’re famous! Congratulations on a great article. Have a wonderful time in Chicago–my old stomping grounds. The last vacation was Vegas with my husband and it was a blast.

  16. sara 05.14.2010

    Have fun in Chicago! I was just there a couple weeks ago visiting my bro. Go to Piece!!! It’s a brewery/pizza place. The best pizza. Ever. Especially if you like thin crust. Try the clam and bacon if you go.

  17. Ashley 05.14.2010

    Congratulations on the magazine! That’s exciting! :).

    Have fun in Chicago! I love mini – road trips! Great for the soul :). Trip I can’t stop remembering, my trip to Colorado! So much fun!

  18. Jess 05.14.2010

    We just went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico over Easter break; it was wonderful!

    Our last big vacation before that was a drive out west to tour Yellowstone, the badlands, Mt. Rushmore, etc.

    We go on a big vacation every two years, and mini vacations every year. We just bought a camper, so now we will be doing that all the time throughout the summer.

    Have a great time in Chicago! We usually go once a year at least for a Cubs game; not for sure that we will make it this yer :(

  19. Linda 05.14.2010

    Congrats on the article!

    If you are looking for a cheap brunch in Chicago, check out Zapatista in the South Loop. $5 Breakfast burritos are my fav!

    Last vacation was to San Francisco to run the Muir Woods trail marathon, my favorite marathon to date.

  20. Erin 05.14.2010

    That’s so awesome you were in another magazine!! Congrats.

    Have fun in Chicago!!! It’s the best city in the world!

  21. kate 05.14.2010

    Hopefully the next time Im in Chicago is for the Healthy Living Summit!

  22. Matt 05.14.2010

    My last vacation was to Tennessee!

  23. Angharad 05.14.2010

    Cool! Congrats on the magazine stuff – you look awesome in all the pictures and they’ve done a really good job on the layout and everything.
    Annnd chicago. That makes me so jealous – I love that place!! My last vacation was to go home to England in March but it didn’t feel like much of a vacation as I hadn’t been back in almost three years! Have fun!

  24. Anna 05.14.2010

    My last road trip was to Minneapolis for New Year’s :)
    Have a fantastic time!

  25. Wow congrats on the magazine, that is SO exciting!!!!!
    And yay for a girl’s weekend! I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago. The last vacation I went on was last month when I went to Gatlinburg, TN.

  26. Sarah 05.14.2010

    Congrats on the magazine! Looks great!

    I went to Colorado last month. Denver, Estes Park, Littleton, and Castle Rock for my last vacation. Pure Bliss!

    Have fun on your Chi town trip!

  27. Margarita 05.14.2010

    That is so awesome on your magazine article!! I haven’t been on vaca since last summer – Amsterdam & Paris. We’re going to Europe again this August and I can’t wait!!

  28. Katie 05.14.2010

    Congrats on the magazine girl!!!!!!!! how awesome!! U look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun in Chi-Town!!!!!! eat some deep dish pizza for me!! I love chicago, thats where my fiance is from, we go once a year!!!!!! I have always loved it there even before I met him, in fact before we met, I was in chicago 5 times the year we met!! I just always loved it there, I think I was searching for him! lol! But we didnt meet there, he actually moved to where I lived , Pittsburgh for a job, and we met there!! Ok im done rambling!!

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Sara 05.14.2010

    You’re famous! That’s so cool, congrats! Have a fun weekend trip. The last place I went on vacation was to the Rivieria Maya in Mexico, back in April.

  30. Lindsey 05.14.2010

    Oh, Chicago! It’s on my wishlist of places to go.

    We just got back from Orlando – I must say, it will be a trip I will remember (and dream of) for a looooooong time to come. *sigh*. I was looking at your posts from New Orleans (ALSO on my wishlist!) – makes me want to take off tout de suite and VACAY again! LOL!

    Love your blog (I’m a newbie). Your attitude. The works. :-) With many happy returns, I’m sure… ;)

  31. I want to go to Chicago so bad! I might be going soon if I can convince Hunni to let me go.

  32. Taylor 05.14.2010

    Congrats on the magazine!! Love your blog :)

  33. Daisy 05.14.2010

    you look amazing in the magazine! (even with short hair and a no tan.) hehe. it is funny how the pic of you in chitown is with “long” hair. Mine is more than halfway down my back. I’ll for sure miss it when I chop it all off this afternoon!!! (I’m scared.) Have an awesome weekend. My last vacation was also with my girlfriends in Boulder, Colorado. What a blast that city is. I am like you I always think about vacations long after they have passed….

  34. Whoo, congrats on being in a magazine- TWICE! So cool.

    Last place I went on “vacation” was home to visit my fam for Easter! I hadn’t seen them in 3 months- the longest it has ever been!!


  35. The last place I went on VaCa was to The Dominican Jan ’09 with my husband, and his family. Merry Christmas from his parents to all their kids and spouces.

    I must say I am not a huge fan of going down south. This is simply because of the food. I am a picky eater and a wee bit of a control freak when it comes to what I heat.

    I am alreading dreading going down south for my husband’s cousins wedding in July ’11 because of the food. However I am prepping, and planning on what I will bring food wise with me to get me through bad/sketchy meals. Fish soup! Seriously?!???? lol

    ~ M ~

  36. Sami 05.14.2010

    Safe travels, Kristin! :) Congrats on the awesome photos in the mag!

  37. Jessica Lee 05.14.2010

    woo hoo, welcome to chicago!!

    congrats on the magazine. first the claritin, now this, oh and then there was the popcorn one too right? you’re going to be a famous model!! haha. ps. how do you get picked for these things? are you actually a model? either way, you’re gorgeous enough to be one so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit!

    have a fabulous trip!

  38. sassy 05.14.2010

    Aw, your photos in the magazine are so cute! I love it. Have an awesome time in Chicago. I love that place!

  39. Erika 05.14.2010

    Way to go you! BTW – you kinda look like Jessica Stroup in the picture.

  40. Tay 05.14.2010

    You’re so cute in the magazine!! Of course they’d want to use you :-)

    Have a fun trip!! I last went on vacay over spring break to Vegas.

  41. sharon weaver 05.14.2010

    I hope someone is framing those articles for you. Some thing to look at when you get old. =)

  42. Kerstin 05.14.2010

    What cute pictures – congrats on the article! Hope you have fun in Chi-Town.

  43. Dawn 05.14.2010

    Congrats on the Article, how fun, your kids will love to see that someday! Mommy is a celeb!

    I went to Oregon for my last vaca – but VEGAS in July BABY! The Wynn! Yoo hoo!!! I.Can’t.Wait!

  44. Have a great weekend and I hope you have time to enjoy some deep dish pizza!

  45. Caylie 05.14.2010

    Last place I went on vacation?? Probably to Petoskey, MI on our honeymoon back in Sept. I had a cold the entire time.. Boo! We are heading down to TN this summer for a wedding – and I get to see my ‘pen-pal’ that I have been talking to since the 3rd grade. Pretty fantastic that we have been friends for 17 years and we finally get to meet in person! Quite excited for that!

  46. Sara 05.14.2010

    Congrats on the article! You look great!

    My last vacation was a trip to Kansas City with my mom to visit her sisters for a “girls weekend” and to go to my cousin’s bridal shower (it was on this trip that I first heard about your blog :) One of my aunts is from Des Moines).

    Have fun in Chicago! I’m a local so if you need any suggestions of places to check out let me know :)
    A place I would highly recommend is The Chicago Diner, its actually a vegetarian/vegan place but the food is to die for!!! I’m not a vegetarian, but my sister is and she took me there and I had a great time. Its on Halsted in Boystown if you want to check it out.

  47. Melissa 05.14.2010

    SO cool! You’re famous! :) Have a great time in Chicago! Wish I were going somewhere fun! My last “vacation” was to visit my BF in Virginia . . . not exactly glamorous!

  48. Kendel 05.14.2010

    You’re turning in to quite the celebrity! Have fun near my home town. If you run into any loud, high-fiving brothers in cubs hats, say “hi” to my brothers for me. Have a good time.

  49. *Andrea* 05.14.2010

    you look great! congrats! have a fun weekend in chitown

  50. OMG – do you feel famous!?! That’s so cool. How do you find these things? You’re gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous. I hope you a fabulous time in CHICAGO! Are you planning to go to HLS ’10 in CHICAGO? : )

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