I May Have Gone Overboard…



I got the jeans I was after this afternoon…


and so






It’s true – the shopping Gods were on my side today and I came home with all you see here for truly, not that much dinero! There were a TON of BOGO offers, so I took advantage. ;) I had to! Right?!


By the time I got home, the clouds had parted and the sun was starting to peak through, so I made a mad dash for my trail and clomped out 3.75 miles. The humidity level was insane, something like 90%+, and I was…sweaty…when I got home.

Since I was such a hot mess (literally) I decided to roll with it, and did my 30 minute power vinyasa flow #4 download from Yogadownload.com. Even though I don’t think this is as challenging as flow #2, I was sore today from Thursday & Friday’s sesh. Whee!

By the time I got showered up, I was starving. STARVING! So I whipped up the easiest, quickest thing I could find – a Turkey & Cheese Melt!


The goods:

  • EarthGrains 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  • Sharp cheddar cheese
  • Turkey breast
  • Grey Poupon (parden me…)


Some toaster action, followed by some broiler action –> we were in business!


I actually love Grey Poupon because it’s got a hint of horseradish/wasabi flavor – really opens up the airways! 8O


Cheddar + turkey = classic. Perfect for a refuel!


I also crunched on a juicy Pink Lady Apple.


Sliced after the photoshoot, per usual. ;)


Ben and I are off to a birthday BBQ for one of our friends. Hopefully the wind we’ve got going on right now will die down some. Nothing like flying potato salad to ruin a good party!

Have a good night!


How would you describe your personal style?

For the most part, I am a total “Gap” girl. I am of the opinion that a woman can never have too many cardigans, classic pieces and solid colored, comfy shirts. Some of my favorite stores are Gap, Anne Taylor Loft and Banana Republic!

Summ-ah, summ-ah, summah-time!


TGIFTW (thank goodness it’s finally the weekend!) :mrgreen: Yesterday after work, Ben and I met my parent’s, brother, sister-in-law and nephew for happy hour at my Dad’s favorite place to hang (seriously he and my Mom know every single person that works there…) Granite City! We were there to celebrate…

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