Classic Summer BBQ Menu


My Dad’s first second third birthday celebration today was sensational! (You only turn 55 once!) ;)

My Mom pulled out all the stops and whipped up a BBQ fit for a King. It was actually the same meal we had for my Dad’s birthday last year, and included ALL his faves!


We had creamy, homemade Potato Salad – honestly, I cannot/will not eat any other potato salads but my Mom’s!


Thick, sweet & smokey Baked Beans – my favorite thing on the plate!


Char-grilled, mustard-topped Brats,




Ughhhh – I love this meal! It’s our family’s “classic” BBQ menu and eating it is honestly one of my favorite things about summer. It’s true. :mrgreen:


Maybe you were wondering where the classic IGE family Pepperidge Farms Birthday Cake has been hiding? Here! Right here! We were saving it for today!


Surprised from behind!

IMG_8491 IMG_8492

Small issue with the candles going out and the birthday boy having to re-light them himself…no big deal…


Heeeeey! There we go! 


Yeah, yeah, yeah – let’s get those candles out so we can CHOW! ;)


omg…I LIVE for this cake! Creamy, sweet, moist – perfect.


And you didn’t think we only got the guy clothes, did you?! Oh no – this man deserves a new set of Calloway golf clubs, and that’s exactly what he got!

IMG_8501 IMG_8502

We were waiting to give them to him today, when we were all together at home. He loved them so much, he got choked up. Told you – world’s most sensitive Dad! ;) 

IMG_8503 IMG_8504

He gave his new clubs a few practice swings…


and Finn thought it was the funniest thing in the world. You should have heard him giggling at his Papa!


Oh, don’t worry – his little shirt says “Worlds cutest alarm clock” – I mean!!!!


The family picture was a bit of a debacle, but it’s family nonetheless! One last time – Happy birthday Dad!


Afterwards, Ben and I went to spend some time with his folks. We had a very nice chat! Then I came home and planted the world’s smallest pot of basil.




HA! I couldn’t stop giggling at it, actually! It’s a little starter kit I got form Target for $1, like, 2 months ago. I’m sick of paying $2.69 for a sickly carton of basil at the grocery store every week, so I planted my seeds today.


I usually pick up a couple starter plants at the Farmer’s Market each year, but haven’t yet for whatever reason. We’ll see how this little guy goes though. I actually can’t wait for it to sprout – seeing your plant go from seed to sprout is so rewarding!


Well it’s T-minus 66 minutes until the LOST series finale event. 6-8pm is behind the scenes footage, cast interviews, inside secrets and what not. 8-10pm is THE FINAL EPISODE! I’m sad!

Anywho – talk to you tomorrow!


What are some of the best birthday gifts you’ve ever received?

I got a car one year – that was pretty great!

What $49.66 Will Get You


Morning! Just got back from the store and realized it’s been awhile since we played “show me your groceries,” so I thought I’d give it to ya’ good! First we’ve got zee produce:   Broccoli Basil Baby spinach Mixed greens Cherry tomatoes Bananas Zucchini Cucumber Pink Lady apples Graddy’s salsa…

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