Operation Dessert Makeover


Operation dessert makeover was a success last night!

Around 7:45, just as I was about to settle in to watch The Bachelorette (this season looks juicy!!), I got my nightly craving. Instead of reaching for Ben & Jerry’s, though, I reached for Frozen Banana Custard…with a twist!


I whipped up Gena’s life-changing, one ingredient, frozen banana custard and at the end, I threw in a Tablespoon of milk chocolate chips.


Those babies took this thick, creamy, cold custard from good to GREAT!


Seriously. One ingredient. A frozen banana. And you get this. It’s crazy. And without the chocolate chips, you get over a cup for under 100 calories! You can’t say that about too many of Ben & Jerry’s concoctions! ;)


In other news, we’ve got another scorcher on our hands today, so I made a no-heat-required breakfast of an AB&J Thin Bun!


That’s one EarthGrains Thin Bun smeared with Crunchy Roasted Flaxseed Almond Butter and Red Raspberry Preserves.


Look at those crunchy almond and flaxseed pieces. This stuff is the creme de la creme of almond butters!


This sugar-free jam tastes a little like Koolaid. I’ll probably move on after this jar. Any good jam recs that don’t have a TON of added sugar?


Easy, fuss-free and NO HEAT REQUIRED!


I’ve got my favorite thing for lunch – leftovers! :D


6 Cheese Tortellini with Goat Cheese Marinara Sauce and broccoli.


Honestly, I would eat this sauce with a spoon if I could. It is so amazing.


Nothing like microwaving broccoli at the office to get people all fired up. It has a certain…odor…when cooked, shall we say, that a lot of people don’t care for. Ah well, what can you do?!


And some more crunchy almond butter and carrots. These days I find myself wandering around my kitchen, wondering what else I can put this almond butter on…it’s that good!


Got to get a move on – I’m treating myself to a cold, refreshing iced latte from Starbucks before work today. It’s my first iced one of the season – whee!

ps: I’m wearing white today and it’s not Memorial Day yet. Kind of freaking out about that…

Have a good Tuesday!


If you could have coffee (or tea!) with anyone this morning, dead or alive, who would it be?

I’d like to have coffee with my Grandma. She reads the blog every single day and I miss her!

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  1. stonewall kitchen raspberry preserves/spread (i forget) no added sugar. it is AMAZING. doesn’t have that fake taste that most brands have. usually you can find it at like tj maxx, marshalls, homegoods, or order it. or wherever else they sell SK. oh and i loveeeeeee banana custard!

    • Stephanie 05.25.2010

      They have SK at Gateway!

  2. a 05.25.2010

    would love to be having a coffee on the deck at the cottage( its beautiful weather right now ) with the bf.
    Unfortunately, he’s at work and I’m in class.

  3. I have been eating banana soft serve everynight and just love it! Add some melted pb or some coconut, too!

  4. I loooove banana soft serve, I need to add some chips, too! YUM :)


  5. Dana 05.25.2010

    polaner all-fruit spread is good! sweetened with fruit juice only–no sugar! I really need to try this soft serve!

  6. Exercise and Eat 05.25.2010

    I wear white all the time! I don’t know if that’s bad or not, but it’s Florida, so I think you can get away with it!

  7. sara 05.25.2010

    I use Smuckers LOW sugar. I think it has 4 or 5 g’s of sugar. Tastes so good – more tart than sweet!

    • Mari 01.10.2012

      i said that one too lol there were too many comments to read so i just re put it but i added some other comments too

  8. Linda 05.25.2010

    I thought the “white season” was Easter Sunday through Labor Day. Go with that philosophy and you are good to go today. :)

  9. Emily 05.25.2010

    Down South if it’s after Easter – you’re good. And considering it’s 2010 – as long as it’s not in February (winter white’s okay, though) you can get away with it. =)

  10. Maura 05.25.2010

    I’d love to have coffee with Randy Pausch. Hewas such an inspiration, I’d love to pick his brain! I love these kinds of questions & have been practicing them a lot for my med school interviews!

  11. Mandy 05.25.2010

    I do not do much sugar free stuff, but Trader Joes has a low sugar blueberry jam and I love it.

    Oddly enough, I’d love to have coffee with my husband! I think it would be so nice to sit on our deck and have coffee each morning… but we are always on the go!

  12. Anna 05.25.2010

    Smuckers Simply 100% Fruit is really good! Try adding some to your banana custard with some melted almond butter! Out. of. this. world!

  13. Try Polaner all-natural fruit spread. It’s literally just the fruit with no added sugar. It’s yummers!

    And, you can TOTALLY wear white before Memorial Day. That rule has been kicked to the curb.

    I’d like to have coffee with The Pioneer Woman. She’s INCREDIBLE!

  14. brandi 05.25.2010

    great dessert!

    Crofter’s Jams are AWESOME and much lower in sugar/calories than a lot of other jams/jellies.

  15. Daisy 05.25.2010

    I am obsessed with Trappist Jams. Blurberry, Blackberry, you name it. No idea about the sugar content though….sorrrry!

  16. AP 05.25.2010

    It’s MORE than warm enough for white. Don’t worry! I’ve got white on, too ;)
    I wonder if the “banana custard” would taste good with some ice blended in? Then you’d get even more for no extra calories. I’ve been working on a jar of Full Circle organic raspberry preserves, and I love it! Found it with the regular jams and jellies at Hy-Vee for ~$2.50.

  17. Jen 05.25.2010

    When I was at Trader Joe’s the other day they didn’t have the almond butter with flax seed but I got the peanut butter with flax seed, had it with a HUGE apple last night! I need to freeze some bananas! That custard looks SO good!!!

    For my coffee/tea date I’d say most definitely Abraham Lincoln. That man fascinates me!

  18. Machelle 05.25.2010

    I’ve never been a believer in the “certain colors @ certain times” myth. Wear what ya want when ya want! Who cares?? Ha! One of my best friends actually allowed her mother to talk her out of having a fushia colored wedding cuz it wasn’t quite the right time of the year for fushia…May 23rd. WHAT?? AnyHoo-I would have morning tea & toast with all my grandparents, my aunt & uncle & my father..all who have passed on.

  19. Sara 05.25.2010

    I’m going to have to try that banana custard! It looks so great!

  20. little miss mel 05.25.2010

    Trader Joe’s fruit spreads are what we buy in our house. They have less sugar than regular jellies. Just fruit and that’s about it. Currently working through “super fruit” flavor. Kids love them all!

  21. Sarah R 05.25.2010

    I suggest any of the Crofter’s jams or jellies. We’ve got a jar of the North American Super food and a jar of just plain strawberry. Both are excellent.

  22. Melissa 05.25.2010

    Add a little chocolate syrup to your banana soft serve when you blend it up– it makes it amazingly rich! YUMM!!!

  23. Brandy Rushing 05.25.2010

    Hey Kristen,

    I work in the food industry, and I suggest you try Crofter’s Premium Spread. The product is organic, and the strawberry version contains 35 calories and 8 grams sugar per tablespoon. If you can’t find it, another favorite is Polaner All Fruit with Fiber. I know it sounds strange, but this spread has only 35 calories, 6 g sugar, plus 3 g of fiber (most other jam/jelly/fruit spread on the market do not contain fiber).


  24. Rebecca 05.25.2010

    Bonne Maman perserves = best. Real jam like your grandmother used to make made with real ingredients, not splenda.

  25. Rebecca 05.25.2010

    Or Polaner!

  26. Stephanie 05.25.2010

    I strain yogurt (any flavor works, though vanilla is probably my favorite for this) overnight in the fridge, then spread the thickened yogurt like cream cheese on my toast and top it with sliced fruit or berries or bananas. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon if you like or a dusting of wheat germ or both! Yum. In fact, I think that’s going to be breakfast tomorrow!

  27. Wendy 05.25.2010

    I’m casting another vote for Polaner! It’s sweetened with fruit juice – no added sugar. I’d love to have coffee/tea with my best friend, who moved away last fall. I miss her tons!

  28. Tay 05.25.2010

    Smucker’s makes a good low sugar jam. I’m not sure if there’s added sugar or not. I also know TJs has some good “low sugar” jams.

  29. anne 05.25.2010

    Polaner All Fruit is the best! Inexpensive too.

    I would love to have coffee with my Aunt today. We always have the best conversations over coffee.

  30. Kristen 05.25.2010

    I love your blog! I tried the banana soft serve… and added in some cottage cheese! OH my goodness! Takes it to serious custard land! :) Great eats!

  31. The banana chocolate chip custard sounds AMAZING!! I’ve been wanting to try the banana concoction for so long but I’m not sure my food processor is up to the job. Actually, I know it’s not… Do you think it would work in a blender?
    I’m not a huge fan of sugar free preserves like that… kinda has a funky taste to me. I really like Crofter’s, a LOT. They do have sugar but I figure a little a bit isn’t going to kill me.
    I’d like to have coffee with my great-grandmother too. She passed away when I was 10 or so but those 10 years of my life that I did spend with her were amazing. She is the person who taught me how to cook and inspired me! I only hope to be half the woman she was one day.

    • Katie 05.25.2010

      It does work in a blender. I am eating the banana custard now right out of it, thanks to this post working up my craving for it!!

  32. Cari 05.25.2010

    Have to try that banana custard. Looks awesome!

    For low-sugar jelly, try Smuckers Simply Fruit. The strawberry kind has 40 calories per tablespoon, no fat, and 8 grams of sugar and it’s GOOD.

    I’d like to have coffee with my grandpa today. I’m missing him (he lives 5 hours away). He’s hilarious and tells the funniest stories from the “old days.”

  33. kristin 05.25.2010

    i have really terrible news for you kristin.

    at trader joes yesterday, i noticed they had a sign that said “aloha, we are discontinuing this item” and it was right over the almond butter with roasted flaxseeds.

    I dont know if its just my trader joes, or all TJ’s – but I

  34. kristin 05.25.2010

    ah i published too soon!

    anyways – I dont know if its just my trader joes, or all TJ’s – but I wanted to tell you so you could try to grab some. they were down to one jar at my store, which i obv scooped up for myself!

  35. Elyse 05.25.2010

    I would agree and say to try Trader Joes sugar free jams/spread. Sadly I have no Trader Joes even close to me because I live in Texas, but I have family in California so when I am there I stock up! My Grandmother makes the world’s best german pancakes (basically a crepe) and I refuse to eat them with any other jam but Trader Joe’s strawberry. TDF!!

    If I could have coffee with any person in the world, I think I would have to make it a tie. Ellen Degeneres would be one because I think she is such a good person and she always makes me laugh. It would be so much fun to talk with her. My other would be John Travolta because he is my all time favorite Actor. Just being in the same room with him would make my head spin!

  36. Corinne 05.25.2010

    Sometimes instead of jam I just use the real fruit..like slice and somewhat mush up blueberries and strawberries and put that on top of my pb. Could be worth a shot ?

    I would definitely sip tea or coffee with my pop pop. We have a lot of catching up to do.

    Funny I am wearing my new cream/white carpenter khackis from the Gap! If they are selling them, I’m buying AND wearing them. Does that rule really exist anymore?

  37. Sara 05.25.2010

    Banana custard is soo good! You should mix some almond butter in ;-) I always use some nutella and top it with homemade granola!

    Unless it’s church or something, I kind of ignore the white rule…whoops!

    Aaaand I’d love to have coffee with rob pattinson. dreeeeeamy :)

  38. Nicole 05.25.2010

    I make bananna custard for my toddler all the time, I started adding a tablespoon of peanut butter and a squeeze of honey, and it goes from good to AMAZING!

  39. Dana 05.25.2010

    I have been on a banana soft serve kick lately, too. Last night I made it with some frozen mango pieces and it was just like mango sorbet. I used about 1 cup of mango and chopped the mango first for about 1 minute then added 1/2 a banana.

  40. sassy molassy 05.25.2010

    Agreed…the bachelorette looks like it will be a good one. Some of those guys seem like total tools. But I know Ali won’t pick the bad ones.

    Trader Joe’s has some good low sugar versions of jam that I like.

  41. penny. LA 05.25.2010

    Oh my gosh, that looks delicious…

    I would have coffee with BONO. In a heartbeat, he would be my choice.

  42. Kaitlin 05.25.2010

    I’ve seen that banana custard everywhere and keep meaning to try it. Yours looks awesome! And I just bought a new jar of almond butter yesterday and have been looking for ways to break into it :)

  43. holly 05.25.2010

    totally doing the banana thing tonight while i watch the biggest loser finale!

    also, made oats in a jar this weekend. fab!

  44. Dani 05.25.2010

    Costco sells E.D. Smith’s Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate spread. It taste so good. For 1 tbsp. 25 calories, 6g carbs and 6g sugars. No splenda and no corn syrup. Very good!

  45. Sarah 05.25.2010

    My family went just nuts over banana custard! My three year old son went around the room asking for bites of everyone else’s after he polished of his own. Thanks for remaking our evening ice cream fix! We are gaining much from your posts.

  46. Julia 05.26.2010

    I’m also LOVING the banana soft serve! I want it every night :)
    As for jams, I’m a big fan of the 365 (the Whole Foods store brand) Strawberry fruit spread (about 40 cals/Tbsp.) and the Trader Joe’s Strawberry fruit spread (similar nutritionals). They taste like real strawberries, and don’t taste like fake sugar, despite being low calories compared to other jams/jellies. They are both reasonably priced too :)

  47. I’d also love to have coffee with my G.ma at Peet’s since she’s not a Starbucks fan : )

    I’d love to have any meal with Giada DeLaurentiis though!

  48. Mari 01.10.2012

    I really like the Smuckers reduced sugar jelly it comes in a squeeze bottle and looks like a yellow check picnic blanket. I love it because it has lower sugar and no fake sugar and you can see the chunks of real strawberries in it too.

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