Pour One For the Road…


Hi, how’s your weekend going?!

Mine’s been great so far – I can’t believe we’ve been blessed with so many picture-perfect days in row. Sun, sun and MORE SUN! I love it!

Ben and I kicked off our long, sunny weekend last night with some friends that live right down the street from us. We packed ourselves a couple of cold ones for the road and moseyed on down for happy hour(s) on their back porch in the warm evening air. We didn’t get home until 10 or so, and zonked right out!


This morning I slept in ’til – GASP – 9:30! I feel like such a slug when I sleep in past 7:30, but I needed it. The body wants what the body wants, I suppose!

When Ben and I finally got up and going  it was practically lunch time, so we went to the Farmer’s Market for samples and…I’m sure you know what else… ;)


Blue skies as far as the eye could see!


This was the latest we’d ever gone to the FM – we got there around 11:00 – and I guess I didn’t know what a packed market was until today. Holy cow, you could barely move!


I made a beeline for one of my favorite vendors – Great Harvest Bread. Their samples are fresh, delish and HUGE! Ben wasn’t very hungry so he got a sample for me. My man knows even if he’s not hungry, I most likely am! I got chewy, sweet Cinnamon Swirl Bread (umm, best thing ever) and Cherry Blueberry Apple Butter Bread (deece).


Moving right along to one of the millions of new goat cheese stands at the market this year!


I bought some of this Summer Salsa Goat Cheese after Shandy recommended it to me. It’s basically goat cheese salsa with onions, tomatoes and jalapenos.


It came frozen, but I tried some that had melted on the sides – oooo super creamy and zippy from the jalapenos! Can’t wait to dig in with some crackers!


Allllright – here it is…my beloved Pupusa!!!


Since it was so late in the day, they only had bean and cheese left (I usually get the spinach and cheese) but clearly I had to have one, so I ordered up!


LOVED IT!!!! The beans were so savory and flavorful! The spinach and cheese pupusa has tons – I mean TONS – of cheese melted on top, which this one didn’t have, but I didn’t mind.




After the market, we walked a couple blocks down to a nice little fountain in the middle of downtown.


I came here during a lunch time walk on Friday, and there was a little string quartet playing during the middle of the day. How nice!


We seriously considered hopping in because it was spicy outside,


but we refrained. :)


Instead we made a pit stop at World Market for some odds and ends (including this adorable placemat!), then home to change our clothes,


and hit the open road!


You can’t stay inside on a day like this, so we grabbed a couple fishing poles from Ben’s parents and cast our lines at Maffit Lake Reservoir.


We headed down a quant little path,



and setup shop!


Neither Ben nor I “know” how to fish. We just cast our lines and hope for the best. :)


Unfortunately, our best wasn’t good enough – as no fish would be caught!


Last time we came here I caught a big ol’ fish on my first cast, but today – nada.


That’s ok, we enjoyed each other’s company and the outdoors. :)


And water. Lots of water. It was hot! Thank Heaven for World Market’s incredibly large water bottles for only $.69!!! Nice!



Summer fun. :mrgreen:


After we got back, I went on a toasty 2 mile run. I’ve got to get cleaned up because we’ve got a date with some of our friends to go to a foooooood festival tonight – can’t wait!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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