I Have a Problem…


I have a problem.

It’s called – I can’t recognize people if they’re wearing sunglasses. I feel like a toddler playing peek-a-boo. Hide behind your hands sunglasses, and it’s as if you aren’t even there!

I’ve already snubbed three people I know on my running trail this summer, all because they were wearing sunglasses and I didn’t realize who they were until they had already said “hi?” and moved on when I didn’t respond in time. :(

On my run today, I failed to recognize one of my parent’s sunglassed neighbors, who I’ve known nearly my whole life. She gave a kind of disgusted “cchha” when I didn’t respond to her greeting. It’s only because I didn’t recognize who she was and was wholly unprepared for the salutation. Fail!

Moral of the story, if I know you and don’t say hi when I see you, it’s most likely because you’re wearing sunglasses. If you’re not, then come over, give me a slug and say hi first. :mrgreen:

In other news, who wants Mexican? I do! I’ve been thinking about this dish since the last time I made it – Tortilla Egg Scramble!


So easy guys, and so satisfying – this is one of my top 5 fave meals. All you do is warm up some enchilada sauce in a skillet on the stovetop,



throw in some thick corn tortilla chips (my fave are these Santitas chips)



stir to coat,


and place in a bowl.


Place 1 egg + 1 egg white, scrambled with hot sauce and green onion, on top, then melt some sharp cheddar cheese over it all.



Add more green onion, homemade salsa and fresh avocado, and you are set!


I love how the tortilla chips get kind of soft in the enchilada sauce.


Remember when you were little and you’d get nachos at the ballpark or wherever? The kind the concession-stand lady would douse in that nasty, orange cheese sauce and they’d get super soft and fabulous?


This is like that – minus the funk of fake cheese. ;) Healthy, filling and totally hits the spot!


In other news, tonight I will be enjoying a luxurious Chocolate Brownie PURE Bar for dessert.


Which I just realized tastes the exact same as my Chocolate Macadamia Nut Brownie from yesterday, but is probably 1/10 the calories. These bars are genius, I’m telling you! 


Can’t wait to curl up with my book and listen to the rain we’re supposed to get tonight. I was only able to dig in for about 20 minutes today at lunch. Long weekends = plenty of catching up to do at work, don’t ya’ know?!

Have a great night everyone! :D


Are you good at remembering names and/or faces?

I am TERRIBLE with names. So tragic!

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  1. Dawn 06.01.2010

    It will get worse!! As I got a little older and worked in a large building… I would see people at the end of the long hall and not recognize them. If I saw them earlier in the day, I might recognize there suit and wave, but if not, SNUB!!!

    ;-) Terrible with faces and names anyway.

  2. I’m great with names because I was a teacher and had to learn them quickly so the kids didn’t revolt.

  3. It’s really hard being a teacher! And, since I teach music, I often have hundreds of students. At my last school, I taught over 500 students. I hate calling a student by his/her sibling – that’s the WORST and it ALWAYS happened to me as a kid!!! Luckily, I’m getting better and quicker at learning names! :)

  4. I’m terrible with names too! It’s the worst!

  5. Lauren 06.01.2010

    Wow, I wish I would have seen this a few hours ago because this would have most definitely been BFD tonight. I am so trying this next week!!

    Okay, it really tastes the exact same as the brownie??? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Pure Bars are good, but that brownie dessert you had…..oh my!!!

    Have a great night girly!

  6. I used to be terrible with names….I quickly got better with them when I started teaching!!!

  7. Kris Nading 06.01.2010

    Hi there –
    I wanted to comment about getting into a good book – I get sad at the end too – have you read the Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury? Christian Fiction – I cried on the eliptical at the end of one of them – I still feel like I “know” the Baxter Family – if you haven’t tried them – do!

    Have a great day!


  8. JennyV 06.01.2010

    ^^Kris — I love Karen Kingsbury!!

    As for names, I’m all over the place! All of the jobs that I’ve had have required me to be good w/ names (all relationship based…) and it requires me to come up w/ random ways of remembering names. In my personal life (ie acquaintances — gym, etc.) I’m not the best. In fact, I have nicknames for nearly everyone at the gym, “Mr. America”, “Harley Couple”, etc… and then my husband knows exactly who I’m talking about when I get home.

  9. OMG, that egg scramble looks DELISH!

    Yeah, I’m actually very good at remembering names and faces. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t, lol.


  10. I accidentally ignored someone who I’d met recently then seen again at a bar later that week. My only excuse is that he was wearing a hat and sunglasses the first time I saw him, but not the second! I played it off pretty well, though. Great meal! I’ve been thinking about making healthed-up nachos for a while now!

  11. Jenny 06.01.2010

    I’m the worst at remembering faces… and names! it takes me very, very long to learn a name!

  12. Um yeah, totally get the whole sunglasses thing. And I can’t remember people’s names to save my life!!!
    MUST TRY the tortilla chips in the enchilada sauce.. that sounds fabulous!

  13. I love that egg scramble idea!! That may need to be on the rotation soon…

  14. shandy (@webgals) 06.01.2010

    so here’s a question for you…how do you pick a good avocado? I always seem to pick on that’s all gross inside. I’ve tried getting them ripe and I’ve tried green and ripening them myself and I always end up with a gross one. Help!

  15. Anna 06.01.2010

    Have you ever had chilaquiles? Your recipe sounds similar. So good!

    And holy cow, how about this rainstorm?!

  16. ahhh i always hate that problem! usually someone will recognize me when i THINK im incognito, and then i get all flustered because i wasn’t prepared. im usualy great with recognizing people, but if im trying to remember your name, chances are i will forget it! yikes!

  17. Kelly 06.01.2010

    I am THE worst at remembering people’s names…so bad in fact my sister and I have an entire routine down when I can’t remember someone’s name. What’s most comical is she falls right into line when she knows I am totally flaking on a person’s name. It’s great!
    Sad, but great! =)

  18. Kelly 06.01.2010

    oh and p.s. when I am alone and can’t remember someone’s name I just call them a term of endearment
    “Oh hi…Honey”
    “How have you been…sweety?”
    Works everytime ;)

  19. Sara 06.02.2010

    I am great with faces when it comes to knowing people from television shows or movies, but in real life I’m awful. I recently bumped into someone from high school and all I managed was a “oh hey” granted they were an identical twin so I wasn’t sure which one it was…its still embarrassing.

    I work as a manager of a retail store and I’ll have customers that come back to see me and expect me to remember their whole ordeal…I try I do…but honestly when we see hundreds of customers each day its hard :(

  20. LOLthis post made me laugh!!! I’m OK with sunglasses, but not names; I can meet someone 10x but still not remember their name, it’s SO embaressing! And then you’ve met them loads so you can’t ask for their name again, so you go through life not knowing who they are…I swear if I get married,my husband will have to wear a name tag to the wedding!

  21. I am terrible with names! I have to see you for a good amount of time to remember your name! And I am the same with sunglasses.

    Those “nachos” look fabulous!!


  22. Candy 06.02.2010

    I take care of little people and it’s funny when we go to the park and meet “friends”. I will always remember the kids’ names, but very rarely the parent. I’ll just be really honest and say “oh, you’re “Abby’s” mom/dad, aren’t you?”.

    I have yet to try any of your recipes, but looking forward to doing so.

  23. Machelle 06.02.2010

    I’m terrible at remembering names & faces! Especially if I run into them somewhere where I don’t usually see them! I was in a bar once & ran into the gal who had been cutting my hair for years & I had no idea who she was! Ha! I blamed it on the fact that every time I would see her, her hair looked different…which was true! But still…..

  24. LAURYN 06.02.2010

    Are you still reading American Wife? I just got it, and I really love it so far!! I hope its good!!

  25. Jessie 06.02.2010

    Remembering names is the worst. When I run I say hi to everyone, even wave a passing cars. I run with my dad & we make a game out of it when we can see (we run at 5 am year round). Wave is 1 point, Smile is 2, Hi is 3, & if we get a honk that is 5, because people don’t honk a friendly honk that early! Maybe it is the Minnesota nice thing, because we notice that no one waves when we run in Iowa or South Dakota, or could just be a small town thing!

  26. Andrea 06.02.2010

    I ate your egg, chip concoction for dinner today, so good!

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