If You Like Pina Coladas…


Boy do I have a stellar new oatmeal combo for you…

Pina Colada Oatmeal!


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oatmeal
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 3/4 cup fresh pineapple, divided
  • dash coconut syrup
  • Sliced almonds

Combine oats, water, banana and 1/2 cup pineapple in a large bowl. Microwave for 2 minutes, stir and microwave for another 1.5 minutes. Add syrup then stir, and top with rest of pineapple and almonds.


Tropical paradise in a bowl, I’m telling you!!! 8)


My secret weapon was this sugar-free coconut syrup (you can get it at World Market) I keep on hand for making skinny pina coladas. It is so fresh and you only need a teeny-tiny dash! I was worried that it might make my oatmeal taste a little too much like the frozen concoction, but it was literally PERFECT.


Sweet, but not too sweet, and besides a dash of syrup, it was all natural sweetness too!! I feel as though Jimmy Buffett would definitely approve. :)


FYI – I was in Key West once (where JB has a home) and the locals all told me he was a jerk…still not sure if I believe it!?

Lunch is amazing as well – leftovers! I heart leftovers. :)


The more I ate this Teriyaki Fried Rice, the more I liked it. Subtly sweet with just a hint of salt. And that fresh corn was bliss!


This combo of a Pink Lady Apple and Colby Jack Cheese Stick got two thumbs up from me yesterday, so I repeated again today. Plus, they’re two easy items to just throw in your lunchbag and go.


Do you use a lunchbag? I use this Susan G. Komen reusable lunch bag everyday. It’s insulated…and cute! ;)


I slept SO well last night. We kept the windows in our bedroom open so the cool breeze that helped me so much on my run yesterday, could roll through. Sleeping in a cold room is the way to go, I’m telling you!

In other news, I think I’ll get a Starby’s today.



I nearly thought it was Friday today and skipped TQT…luckily I came to my senses, and here ya’ go!

1. What was your first car?

2. Favorite guilty pleasure show?

3. What are you wearing today?

My answers:

1. A white Geo Tracker. Looking back, it was truly a piece, but it had a detachable roof and sides that my teenage self thought was the BOMB!

2. Real Housewives of New Jersey. That Danielle…’nuff said.

3. Dark jeans, black ballet flats with a ruffle on them, black v-neck shirt and a coral cardigan with a little pocket on the chest!

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  1. Emily 06.03.2010

    1. Honda Accord ’97 Good times, good times.
    2. We have the same guilty pleasure. I love the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County, not a fan of the Atlanta or New York series.
    3. black capris, pink v-neck shirt and Jack Rogers.

  2. Beth 06.03.2010

    I think Jimmy Buffett is brilliant! Hasn’t written a song in years, but still sells out shows! Awesome.

    1. Black Jeep Wrangler – still my favorite car I’ve ever had!
    2. I know it’s odd, but I LOVE documentaries on WW2. I can only watch them by myself because people think I’m crazy ;)
    3. Black v-neck, black and blue skirt, black wedge flops.

  3. Katie 06.03.2010

    Jimmy Buffet probably just wants to be left alone. I’m sure I’d be a jerk if people were invading my privacy or coming up to me on the street all the time. I don’t know why anyone would want to be famous!

  4. 1. A twice handed down black Beretta, 2 door. Rusty on the bottom. Popsicle stick shoved into the radio ‘on’ button to hold it in place. It was classy.

    2. How I met Your Mother. Just can’t get enough of it =)
    3. Lululemon running shorts and my #33 Justin Morneau Twins tee <3

    • Molly 06.03.2010

      hahah, omg jamie. sweet ride :D thankfully, i’ll the oldest..i get everything first ;-)

  5. Darcy 06.03.2010

    1. 88 White Chrysler LeBaron, loving referred to as “White Trash”. It started without a key so I would always find it moved in the high school parking lot, those darn boys!
    2. Housewives of NJ or NYC or the Hills/City hour on MTV
    3. Dark jeans, white sweater with pink cami and white tennis shoes, I love being able to wear tennis shoes all day!

  6. heather 06.03.2010

    oh Lord, real housewives! teresa was signing books at a lord and taylor on the same lot as my job(where the westfield trader joe’s is)! those ladies are so over-dramatic. i really feel like i should invite you and mr. IGE out here for a visit sometime, lol, we’ll get in a city trip and you can tj’s to your heart’s content.

    1. an ’84 thunderbird…which i immediately sold to my sister. rule in our house is, the first child gets first dibs on my parents’ old cars. i can’t drive, since i have seizures, so i just sell them to my able-bodied little sister for a few hundred. it’s beneficial for everyone.

    2. old episodes of seinfeld, any hour, and i schedule my classes around barefoot contessa. no lie.

    3. zoo york raglan tee that i stole from my bf, jeans(love express jeans, btw), and converses–i have a dr’s appt and im off from work, so i’m on no dress up today.

  7. That is brillant…love pina coloda flavor!

    1. Ford Expedition! It was BIG.
    2. The Hills
    3. Lots of black. I live in black.

  8. VeggieGirl 06.03.2010

    1.) Mini Cooper

    2.) Any of the Real Housewives shows (particularly, NYC and New Jersey)

    3.) black & white, as always :)

  9. i use an insulated bag by french bull. they also make wine bottle carriers and a HUGE assortment of funky patioware. i love it!! my sister calls it the magic bags bc you can literally git EVERYTHING inside.

    1. 1990 white ghettofab mercedes with navy blue leather interior. she was a tank, but it was time to let her go… (i ALWAYS wanted a geo tracker!!!! always!)
    2. 16 an pregnant or the hills
    3. navy blue Jones NY skinny pants with a blue and white striped top and sequin sandals :)

  10. 1) One of those old-school squarish Volvos- LOVED it. My sister totaled it, boo!
    2) The cable provider in Colorado doesn’t include Bravo in the normal cable package (so sad) but I love watching Real Housewives marathons when I’m home. But other than that, MTV’s Teen Mom
    3) White skirt, blue v-neck, black wrap

  11. Yasmin 06.03.2010

    1. My first car was an Isuzu Rodeo in black. Lasted me through high school and boy do we have good memories from it!
    2. I love reality TV shows with Keeping up with the Kardashians my favorite.
    3. I’m wearing a short jade skirt and striped tee from H&M, forever 21 long cardi, and gladiator sandals! So comfy!

  12. Dani 06.03.2010

    Well, I am going to age myself with my answers but here goes.

    1. Datson F10
    2. Melrose Place
    3. Still in my jammies : )
    I love summer’s with Jimmy Buffet!

  13. Run Sarah 06.03.2010

    Cant wait to try that combo – I need to get some of that syrup!
    1) No car, sadly!
    2) Big Brother
    3) Green v-neck t-shirt and 7 jeans, may change into ‘professional’ clothing later though

  14. Heather C 06.03.2010

    Mmm, that looks so yummy!

    1) Can’t remember the year but 90’s Chevy Cavalier
    2) Not even sure it’s still on but for a long time, Girls Next Door!
    3) Black dress capris, black/red printed shirt and black “dressy” flip flops.

  15. I love those syrups but it I have more than a dash I get sick from the fake sugars. But I still love them.

    1. What was your first car? The first one I owned was a ’98 white Mercury Sable. Although I did drive my mom’s huge hand me down lincoln town car that I affectionately called the boat.

    2. Favorite guilty pleasure show? Graham Norton on BBCA. So wrong on many levels and not the type of thing people expect me to watch but I can’t turn it off.

    3. What are you wearing today? Right now I have on my gym clothes…old race technical shirt, black pants and sneakers. Later I’ll have on my new jeans and cute green old navy 3/4 sleeve shirt I got for 2.97 on super clearance :-)

  16. Sarah 06.03.2010

    1. a ’89 Ford Mustang (a horrible, horrible yellow color)
    2. anything Real World/Road Rules oriented
    3. gold dressy flat “flip flop” sandals (hard to explain, hehe), black slacks, a black cami and a purple short-sleeved tunic sweater with purple earrings that were 65% off at Kohl’s :)

  17. Jessica Lee 06.03.2010

    I LOVE PINA COLADAS! Any tropical fruit is good in my book.
    First car: White Scion TC
    Guilty Show: Keeping up with the Kardashians and ANYTHING on Food Network
    Wearing: shorts, t and flats.

  18. Elyssa 06.03.2010

    I use a BuiltNY polka dot insulated lunchbag–it conveniently folds into my purse at the end of the day!
    1. ’97 Ford Taurus that’s as long (and as difficult to park) as my mom’s minivan…It’s lasted 7 years so far and will hopefully last a few more!
    2. Real Housewives of NYC or Millionaire Matchmaker
    3. Black sleeveless dress, red/black/yellow/white paisley cardigan, red sandals

  19. Beth 06.03.2010

    1. a gold 1982 Toyota Corolla; my grandmother gave it to me.

    2. I like to watch the new 90210. I don’t know why but i’m hooked!

    3. a green/black/white patterned dress with black flip flops.

  20. Sara 06.03.2010

    I like pina coladas…and getting caught in the rain! :)

    1. My first car was my grandma’s old brown, toyota corolla from the 80s.
    2. Favorite guilty pleasure show -90210
    3. Today I’m wearing brown slacks and a light blue work polo. Nothing exciting… :)

  21. Amanda 06.03.2010

    Oooh I think you need to provide your skinny pina colada recipe now :)

    1. 1993 Nissan – not even sure what it was called, but it was 2 door and had a t-top … thought it was awesome!
    2. Probably Jon and Kate plus 8
    3. Navy blue skirt with a white cami and pink cardigan and gold ballet flats

    Fun questions!

  22. denise 06.03.2010

    I need tropical oats! Sounds delicious!

    1. 2001 Silver VW Beetle! Her name is Sadie and she’s still kickin’
    2. It used to be the Hills, but now I think it’s Say Yes to the Dress (if my boyfriend only knew…)
    3. Chocolate brown dress, tan peep toes and a multi-colored, big bead neckalace!

    Happy Thursday!

  23. Cynthia 06.03.2010

    Mmmmmm, I love the pina colada oatmeal idea :) Totally trying it out tomorrow. Thanks Kristin!!

    1. 1997 Honda Accord.
    2. Real Housewives of New Jersey. Can’t get enough.
    3. Black dress with 3/4 sleeves and black sandals with a sparkly buckle. It’s a scorcher here in Philly today!!

  24. a 06.03.2010

    1. no car
    2. Court shows. People’s Court, Judge Joe Brown etc
    3. Beach washed ripped skinny jeans ( garage ) , teal colored thong, black lacy bra ( jacob ), black tshirt ( joe fresh lol )

  25. Machelle 06.03.2010

    1) “The War Wagon”..a 1977 Pontiac LeMans…retired Polk County cop car. It was only 3 years old when I bought it, had a couple of bullet holes in the hood, ran like a scalded dog & I was the only one of my friends who had air conditioning! WooHoo! I drove it for many years till the tranny pooped out on me. Sold it to a guy who drove it in the demolition derby. RIP. 2) Probably Billy the Exterminator show. Pretty entertaining. 3) Shorts, brown girly t-shirt, peace sign sandals. I can wear whatever I want. I’m the only girl who works here…so clothing in itself is optional according to the men! Ha!

  26. Corinne 06.03.2010

    1. a TEAL toyota corolla. 1996.
    2. i won’t change the channel if keeping up the kardashians just happens to be on
    3. knee length black skirt, grey v kneck gap cardigan, white tank, purple ballet flats with a lil ruffle.

    yay for it being thursday already :) thanks for the tip on the syrup!

  27. Lainie 06.03.2010

    Good Morning!
    Love your blog BTW. I just heard about it from my sister-in-law who lives in KS. I love your ideas and energy. :o)
    1) ’66 Mustang (red of course) LOVED that car.
    2) I’m going to sound like a guy on this one but you said “guilty pleasure”..LOL I’d have to say either South Park, Family Guy or LA Ink. (I know I’m Bad) but I don’t watch TV much and watching reruns of Friends isn’t a guilty pleasure to me..LOL.
    3) Still in my Jammies.. Scrubs and a tank top.
    Have a Blessed Day.. Everyone. :o)

  28. Tracy 06.03.2010

    1. A silver Audi Fox. It was a heap, but took me where I wanted to go!
    2. Sorta lame, I don’t really have a guilty pleasure show! Nerd alert…HGTV all the way for me!
    3. Short jean shorts and a pink tee with navy blue anchor on the front (circa 2009 J.Crew!)

  29. Brynne 06.03.2010

    1. White 2-door Jeep Cherokee. The red stripe made it pimpin, believe me.
    2. South Park
    3. Lazy day – black leggings and a white Hanes tee :0)

  30. CathyD 06.03.2010

    1. Ford Elite (this dates me a little)
    2. Same guilty pleasure–RHWNJ or New York or Orange County. My husband thinks this is ridiculous!
    3. Dark jeans, white cami, lime green blouse and my favorite chocolate brown flats.

  31. AP 06.03.2010

    That oatmeal would be better if you had one for each hand ;)
    My first car was a crappy ’96 Grand Am – I rolled it, uh, a few months after I got it. Got it fixed and had to drive it in even worse condition, haha. That’s what I get for complaining, right?
    GOSSIP GIRL!! And any reality shows. It’s been a while since I got sucked into one but I used to watch Flavor of Love… ahh…
    I’ve got some white/brown herringbone capris with a lavendar v-neck, and strappy brown sandals. Hello summer!

  32. Coco 06.03.2010

    So as soon as I read this post I went online and bought three bottles of Torani syrup, one being the coconut!!! YUM! I always add coconut extract to my oatmeal and I can’t wait to try the syrup!
    1. My first car, which is still have, is a black Honda Element. Solid car.
    2. The Hills and The City
    3. I am wearing all new things I bought from this London based store called All Saints: Tan flowy sweater, goldish tanktop, and super soft leggings that have a fold over so it looks like a miniskirt on top.

  33. Amber 06.03.2010

    1. Navy Blue 1989 Chevy Cavalier affectionately named Calvin. Makes me miss the good ole high school days!!
    2. One Tree Hill reruns on Soap network.
    3. Tan cardigan with silky tank and chunky necklace from NY&Co, dark jeans, tan Mary Janes

    I have a Susan G. Komen bag like yours but a different pattern–I’m amazed at how much I can pack in there!

  34. Kait 06.03.2010

    1. My first car my parents got me was a red Pontiac, Grand Am-GT…my little bro drives it now. The first car I got myself is a tan Toyota Carolla
    2. My favorite guilty pleasure show at the moment is Pretty Wild
    3. And today I am wearing dark skinny jeans, flat sandals w/ turquoise beads from target, a grey/silver tank top from anthropologie and a black sweater

  35. Bridget 06.03.2010

    1. 1989 brown Nissan Sentra with no air conditioning OR a radio. Sweet wheels!

    2. Real Housewives of anywhere–I love them all!

    3. I’m wearing my running clothes since I’ve got to get some miles in this afternoon.

    I LOVE pina coladas!

  36. I love that oats are a blank canvas.

    1. ’08 Honda Civic Coupe

    2. The Bachelor(ette)

    3. I haven’t gotten outta my pj’s yet. Going to slip into some spandex shorts for spin…

  37. sassy molassy 06.03.2010

    1. first car was a 4wd black Mitsubishi truck. everyone asked me if i took it mudding. That’s when you know you grow up near the country.

    2. Grey’s, Losing it With Jillian, Bachelorette

    3.today is very casual bc we’re putting an event on campus (college) for the graduating seniors where we give out root beer floats and have music to say Congrats. I’m wearing jeans, college long sleeve shirt and college rain jacket w/ Adidas samoa sneakers.

  38. Elliott 06.03.2010

    That oatmeal looks great! Definitely a great way to incorporate some of the wonderful fruits available during this season.
    I have an oatmeal question for you…
    I’ve noticed that sometimes you add vanilla to your bowls and was wondering what kind you use. I wasn’t sure if it was imitation, pure extract or what. I have pure vanilla extract in my pantry, but I really taste the alcohol. It might be because what I have is not the best quality, but I wanted your opinion/suggestions. Thanks!

  39. Mellissa 06.03.2010

    1. First car was a Ford Festiva, very small!

    2. Guilty pleasure show- Anything on TLC

    3. Black cardigan, black, grey and green shell, black pants, black flat sandals.

  40. Elyse 06.03.2010

    1. A 93 Black Honda Civic EX stick shift! I got it from my uncle as my 16th birthday present and drove it until it literally died on me 5 years later. I have to admit that I was in love with the sunroof, and it really helped when my car stopped having AC that worked. In Texas that should be illegal!!!!
    2. Anything on the food network (i love watching people cook) or wedding shows. Seeing other girls plan their weddings and picking the dresses/colors is a blast! Maybe it’s because I haven’t had my own wedding yet, but it’s fun to share in the excitment of others :-)
    3. Clients were in the office today so I had to dress up for a change. I’m wearing black pants, a black top with one shoulder thicker than the other and has some bling on it from express, and a black ruffly cardigan with heels.

  41. Arati 06.03.2010

    Oooh that oatmeal looks so yummy and cool…

    1) Used Toyota Corolla
    2) Friends: any time any day
    3) Floral blouse, black trousers and sandals.

  42. 1) An Oldsmobile Intrigue named Ruby. Now extinct!

    2) The new 90210..don’t ask!

    3) Black jeans, flats, a white blouse and torquoise jewelry.

  43. Court and Whit 06.03.2010

    1. Silver 2001 Honda Civic
    2. Probably Kendra, lol that girl cracks me up
    3. I am wearing a gray jogging suit and a hot pink shirt that says, “Will work for juicy”. I had finals today so you gotta be comfy!

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  45. Megan 06.03.2010

    1) ’74 Powder blue VW Super Beetle :) The car was made before I was born, but I loved it!
    2) What Not to Wear
    3) Peach Ann Taylor Loft shirt with cute little flowers sewn onto it, dark brown pants and brown sandals

  46. Maura 06.03.2010

    1) Red (maroon-ish) Dodge Intrepid. Man that thing was a BOAT!
    2) Gossip girl and or anything on Bravo!
    3) Black Ann Taylor Loft shift dress, black Jack Rogers and some pearl jewlery

  47. Susan C. 06.03.2010

    1. What was your first car? A little bright blue Mazda GLC, it was a late 70’s model-loved it.

    2. Favorite guilty pleasure show? The Real Houswives of New Jersey and New York, love them both, its like junk food, no value but good fun!

    3. What are you wearing today? Scrubs, I am a nurse.

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  49. Fresh corn in a stir fry is seriously the BEST!!! That little hint of sweetness is just perfection.
    1. 98 Pontiac Grand Prix – AKA piece of CRAP
    2. The Bachelorette!
    3. A t-shirt and white shorts and flip flops. Total comfort.

  50. Amanda 06.03.2010

    1. Cherry Red GMC Jimmy
    2. Housewives! New York and New Jersey! The Hills and The City!
    3. Black pants, blue button-up shirt, black patent belt, ballet flats (and now I’m in my exercise clothes :o)

    What is your recipe for skinny Pina Coladas?!

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