I got an email from the library today informing me that my time on the waiting list was over – Prep finally came in! It is so insanely gorgeous outside right now, so I hopped on my bike to go get it. :) 

Following my trail, I biked the 5 miles roundtrip to the library (calculated using my fave tracking tool) to pick that baby up. One problem, it’s due back to the library in three weeks, which I know isn’t enough time to finish my current book AND read this one. Have you ever read two books at one time?

I’m nervous to return Prep without having read it, because I’m selfish and don’t want to go back on the waiting list. ;)  We’ll see what I come up with…

In other news, tonight I took a break from my cooking school, to go to Jenna’s! I made her oh-so-exotic and marvelous Channa Masala for dinner!


I’ve made this popular Indian dish before with fantastic results, and tonight’s rendition was just as good.


Jenna’s recipe calls for caramelized onion and tomato paste. Aka layers and explosions of delicious flavor!



Classic Indian spices like cumin, coriander and garam masala give this dish that signature, smoky taste.


Mmmm – I’m pretty sure that garam masala is my favorite spice…ever. I just love that hint of cinnamon it has.


I halved Jenna’s recipe and, from start to finish, this dish came together in about 15 minutes. Just enough time for me to clean up and set the table!


Served over some chewy, brown rice – this meal is as flavorful as it gets! I LOVED the caramelized tomato paste!


One thing – I left out the chopped jalapeno her recipe calls for, relying on cayenne pepper to lend a kick. It certainly did the job as I was sweating like a mad woman! Good sweating though. :)



Fab, fab, fab. I’d totally make this again. I love Indian food! :D


Tonight = working on my cookie order for a bit, then hitting the stacks my bedroom to read, read, READ! I feel like such a kid again. :)



Where do you get your recipes and meal ideas from?

I find a lot of inspiration from other blogs and food websites I visit. I also like creating meals based off of weekly sale items at the grocery store!