Alert the presses! The weather was, dare I say, tolerable today?!

The humidity level mercifully dropped below 50%, making for a very enjoyable walk at lunch time, and run after work!

I’m also happy to report that I steered clear of any large wildlife on the trail this afternoon, although I did witness a domestic disturbance between a male and female cardinal. Dunh-dunh-duuuuuunh. ;)

FYI – did you know that female cardinals only have red feathers in various places on their body, while male cardinals are mostly all red? I had no idea until my Mom told me a couple days ago when we spotted a few on our walk. I thought they were all red no matter what! (ps how hysterical is this picture?!)


Ohhh anyways, from the birds to the bees shrimp… Cajun Shrimp & Pasta!


Cajun Shrimp & Pasta

Serves 2.


2 servings whole wheat pasta

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 Tablespoon butter

35-40 medium sized shrimp

3/4 Tablespoon essence

1 Tablespoon soy sauce

drizzle agave nectar (or honey)

squeeze of lemon juice


1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain and return to pot. Meanwhile melt butter and olive oil in a 450 degree oven in a casserole dish.

2. Add shrimp to melted butter/oil mixture and add the rest of the ingredients on top. Mix to coat.

3. Bake shrimp for 5-10 minutes, or until heated through, then toss with the pasta. Enjoy!


WOW – talk about a punch of flavor!


I could really taste the fruity olive oil and all the super-spicy spices in the essence (love that essence on salmon too, btw!)


There was just a whisper of sweet from the agave nectar that I particularly enjoyed.


I used pre-cooked, frozen shrimp for this dish, which I thawed overnight in the fridge. Don’t worry, they won’t over cook in the oven. If you were using fresh shrimp, I’d bake them for at least 10 minutes, or until curled and pink.


Oooo boy, my mouth is en fuego, but I love it! This dish is tasty, fast and super yummy. A crowd pleaser, I’d say! :)


New Kathy Griffin on tonight! I seriously love that woman. Last week there was an honest to God puddle of tears in my lap from laughing so hard while watching a marathon of her specials. Some people love her, some people hate her. I happen to LOVE her! :D

Oh also, thank you for all your sweet comments regarding our upcoming trip to Italy. You guys made me even more excited than I already was – viva Italia!



Do you like spicy food?

I am usually the biggest wuss when it comes to spicy food – as in, ordering a “0” on the spice scale when out at Thai or Asian restaurants. I seem to be able to tolerate, and even enjoy, spicy foods when I make it though. Riddle me that?!