Guess Who’s Back + Wedding Shower Cookies!


Oats in a Jar!

Conditions were perfect…


MMM! I feel like I’ve been working on this particular jar of Trader Joe’s Salted Peanut Butter for ages…it’s actually been around 2 months, which is still a pretty long time for a jar of nut butter to last in my kitchen!


I have a particular affinity for this brand of peanut butter, because it tastes so much like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup PB. You should have smelled it when the hot oats hit the jar. HEAVEN!


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 banana
  • cinnamon, vanilla extract
  • nearly empty jar of peanut butter 


Look at that marbling! 8O  


I made sure to leave ample amounts of peanut butter in the jar this time. ;)


All mixed up!


Have you made OIAJ yet?


Today’s lunch took advantage of my favorite chop once, eat twice policy. I made two salads on Sunday night so I could have one ready for Monday and one ready for today! 

DSC_0002 (2)

In the mix:

  • Spinach
  • Mixed greens
  • Carrots
  • Dried cranberries
  • Sliced almonds

DSC_0007 (2)

Crunchy, and satisfying from the almonds.

DSC_0009 (2)

To be supplemented by a pepper jack cheese stick and a Pink Lady apple! Exclamation POINT!

DSC_0005 (2)

Good for the hot day were expecting.

DSC_0010 (2)

Oh, I remembered I never showed you the cookies I was working on last week!

DSC_0001 (6) DSC_0005 (4)

These were for a bridal shower luncheon, and the bride’s accent colors are bright blue, pink and orange.

DSC_0013 (4) DSC_0018 (4)

I think next time I’ll use a smaller sized tip to pipe the decorations on, but overall I thought they were very bright and festive!

DSC_0020 (2) 

The recipe I use for my cookies and icing can be found here!


I love the cookies the most when they’re all packaged up with a pretty, cheery ribbon. :D




Oh my word, I am so very full from all that peanut butter – I think there might have been more in that jar than I thought!! 8O Ooof. ;)

In other news – it’s already Wednesday! Happy hump day everyone!


What are your favorite ways to enjoy peanut butter?

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways… Ok, top 3:

  1. By the spoonful
  2. On saltines, preferably as a sandwich so the peanut butter oozes from the little holes in them.
  3. With a crunchy apple :D
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  1. Jessica 06.16.2010

    Peanut Butter makes everything better, but I love it with an apple, in cookies, on toast, or in a sauce for cold sesame noodles!

  2. Your cookies are too cute! You are a quite talented cookie maker! I’m sure they were a hit!

    I’m not a huge peanut butter fan….I don’t hate it, but it’s not a go-to food for me!!

  3. Stephanie Norton 06.16.2010

    Hey girl! I just love love love your blog! And it’s soo cool to know you live so close by! :) Btw- Those cookies look delish and are sooooo cute! I LOVE peanut butter in every shape and form! haha

  4. Mellissa 06.16.2010

    I love peanut butter on apples, on a PB&J and by the spoonful. My dog Clifford loves it on treats :)

  5. Colleen 06.16.2010

    Love the cookies! Never thought of using the PB jur for a dish – my husband would though. I love PB and celery sticks as a snack – actually brought some to work today.

  6. Emily 06.16.2010

    1. on carrots
    2. between nilla wafers (takes me back to childhood)
    3. on a bananananananaa

    • Corinne 06.17.2010

      between nillas!?!? omg this sounds AMAZING. i just bought a box of nillas too….i know what im doin tonight :) THANKS

  7. Run Sarah 06.16.2010

    I have an almost identical lunch packed, perfect for warm days! I love PB on oatmeal the most, but toast or apples are close seconds!

  8. emily 06.16.2010

    1. By the spoonful.
    2. On banana slices, eaten with a toothpick.
    3. Stirred into Greek yogurt (my favorite!).

  9. Stephanie 06.16.2010

    Pb w whole wheat crumpets.

    My new fave snack is “chips and dip” Chips being banana chips and dip being chocolate peanut butter. Seriously good.

    Where do you find the bags for your cookies??

  10. Those cookies are so gorgeous! You are a talented icer :P

  11. Margarita 06.16.2010

    Aww the cookies are so so cute!

  12. You have SUCH a talent with those cookies, girl!

    Okay, ready:

    1) In a fluffanutter sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!

    2) In a peanut butter and banana sandwich

    3) In the form of cookie :smile:

  13. Sara 06.16.2010

    Those cookies are so cute! My favorite ways to eat peanut butter are on toast or on an apple or banana. Yum!

  14. Sami 06.16.2010

    I love the little details on the cookies! How do you make the lines so smooth?! I usually try to use the plastic screw on caps for detail like that, but mine never come out so perfectly!

    Peanut butter is GREAT. I love it on celery with raisins, or with ANYTHING banana. ALSO, delish with baby carrots for dipping! <3

  15. Jennyj 06.16.2010

    Oiaj are the best! They’ll keep you full all the way through lunch!

  16. lauramich 06.16.2010

    Peanut butter = yum!

    * Stirred into hot cereal, with banana or canned pumpkin (I usually do Bob’s Red Mill high fiber cereal instead of oatmeal; hard to beat 10 g fiber and 20% RDA for iron per serving!)
    * As a dip for baby carrots
    * On a light, multigrain English muffin with banana slices

    Honorable mention:

    * Melted with a tablespoon or two of chocolate chips, and used to top “one-ingredient ice cream” (frozen banana puree)
    * As part of “ants on a log” with celery sticks and raisins. I love this, but I never think to actually make it!

  17. Dawn 06.16.2010

    * NUKED * In the microwave and used for dipping sauce for apples! YUMMMMM! ;-)

    Stirred into Oatmeal with Jelly OMG!!

    by the spoonful!

  18. 1. Nut butter on a spoon or finger ;-)
    2. OIAJ or regular oatmeal in a bowl
    3. Cookies!

  19. Those cookies are absolutely adorable! Love your swirly design!

    My favorite way to enjoy peanut butter is smothered on an apple+bacon+pb grilled sandwich =)

  20. Those cookies are so cute! I love your salads, so colourful!

  21. Nicole 06.16.2010

    Been reading for a while … but a first-time commenter!
    The cookies are adorable and have such fine detail! I am curious about how much time it takes for a cookie project like this. It looks very intricate.

  22. Ashley 06.16.2010

    Those cookies are adorable! You’re so talented! I’m usually not patient enough to decorate them with such great detail!

    Peanut butter, I don’t eat! I absolutely despise it, and have since I was a kid. Weird, huh? My mom calls me un – american!

  23. Dream Mom 06.16.2010

    Not sure what looked better: the salad, the OIAJ or the cookies! Great job on the cookies-they looked very professional.

    For pb, favorite way is with a banana (I like TJ almond butter with flaxseed). I also like it a PBJ made with homemade flaxseed bread and homemade organic jam (I make blueberry, strawberry or raspberry jam with my breadmaker and also bread; it’s a Zojirushi Mini Breadmaker-great for 1 or 2 people.) The third way I like it is to make these Oat Bran Cookies (made with pb and oat bran!). They are delicious! I don’t make the jam or the cookies very often though!

  24. Lea 06.16.2010

    I finished off my last jar of pb with OIAJ and love, love, loved it! Except I did it at work as my afternoon snack and people gave me weird looks. What?? Not everyone licks the pb jar clean at work?!? Ha!

    Missed you guys last week – sounds like you had a blast, though:-). We’re heading back to San Fran today (of course when it finally stops raining!)

  25. Elyse 06.16.2010

    How creative! Those are such cute cookies :-) My 3 Favorite Ways to Enjoy Peanut Butter are:

    1. Melted as a dip for apple slices

    2. On whole wheat bread with sliced bananas and drizzled honey/agave nectar

    3. In a dipping sauce for spring rolls (the healthy non fried kind)

  26. sassy molassy 06.16.2010

    Those are adorable little wedding cake cookies! Love ’em!

  27. I LOVE pb & saltines! In college my friend and I would also add a bit of maple syrup to it…which sounds weird to me now :) These days I stick to just pb or pb & j on saltines!

  28. Melanie 06.16.2010

    My fav way to eat PB is definitely by the spoonful – a big spoon :D

  29. Loving all these PB ideas! My favourites are:

    Swirled into hot banana oatmeal with walnuts
    Melted on a crumpet with raspberry jam (jelly!)
    Spread on to an oatcake and sprinkled with cinnamon

    Hungry now!

  30. jen 06.16.2010

    I have not tried OIAJ yet…but I do have a nearly empty jar of PB, maybe I’ll give it a go!

  31. Sara 06.16.2010

    I had a fat kitchen sink salad today as well! I had mixed greens, blueberries, cranberries, cottage cheese, squash slices, turkey chunks, carrots….I think that’s it ;)

    I love peanut butter on top of oatmeal, sandwiched between a sliced banana, and on an oreo!

  32. Cari 06.16.2010

    Love Peanut Butter, especially:
    1. On toast or a toasted bagel.
    2. On a graham cracker with–if I need a chocolate fix–a few regular M&Ms sprinkled on top.
    3. With an apple.

    I need to try OIAJ!

  33. I say you quit your day job and start a cookie business – beautiful!!

  34. I love PB on an apple or mixed into ice cream. It is so yummy when it gets cold and hard!

  35. Cute cookies!

    I love OIAJ… but it’s been waaay too long!!

    I love pb by the spoon, on toast with banana or on top of a brownie!! :D


  36. Corinne 06.17.2010

    i still have yet to get into oiaj. i dont know whyy i am so reluctant! your apple and cheese exclamation point had me in stitches. you are flippin a hoot :)

    oooooooo pb. how i love thee: 1. with chocolate!!! (pb +choco = best comob ever) 2. on a sandwich w/ bananas 3. in my oats

  37. […] over the past 12 months I’ve made enough cookies to rival the most enthusiastic girl […]

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