When Hot Meets Stupid


Oh summer, you had to go and make a liar out of me, didn’t you?!

Just a couple days ago I claimed I would work out outside until the thermometer read 93 degrees. That’s when it reached the level of stupid hot. Right?

Well here’s the thing – it turns out stupid hot kicks in around 91 degrees, which we blew past today, and there was no WAY I was going to run out there in that heat. You can barely breathe I’m tellin’ ya’!

Instead, I enjoyed a lovely, Quiznos Flatbread Sammie for dinner, in the comfort of my air conditioned kitchen. :mrgreen:


A Roadhouse Steak Flatbread Sammie to be more specific!


Let’s see, what have we got here…chewy flatbread filled with roast beef, sautéed onions, mozzarella cheese and sweet & spicy steak sauce.


Passed under the broiler to warm everything through, and melt the gooey mozzarella cheese.


Ummm, I got this free because Quiznos sent me a gift card after Ben had such a hard time with the manager the last time we went there, but I would TOTALLY pay for this!


That flatbread is AWESOME!! Super chewy! And that steak sauce is incredible. Smoky, sweet and a little spicy. Bomb, bomb, bomb!


Chomp. ;)


I devoured in about .5, and forsee an apple and almond butter in my near future. The sammie, while super delish, is pretty tiny.

Oh, I also forsee opening up this month’s energy bill in my near future.


I’M SCARED. Last summer I was the queen of energy savings. I don’t think we even turned the air conditioner on until mid July?! It’s been so hot and humid this summer, though, that I’ve totally caved on the coolness front and we’ve had that baby humming for a good month now… Oh well, I think I’d rather pay an exorbitant energy bill than suffer!! You?


Wish me luck! 8O


How much is a typical energy bill for you?

Do you try and conserve energy but turning the AC off during the day, shutting off lights, water and unused appliances, etc.?

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  1. Jenny 06.17.2010

    I have yet to turn my air on and it’s about $30, but when inturn it on, and it will be soon… It will be about $70!

  2. PurlStar 06.17.2010

    Umm, about $60-100 in the winter. Depending on how cold it gets. We live in an apt., so it’s a lot lower than yours is lol.

    Oh heck yes! We don’t have AC, but we try to bundle up before we get crazy turning the heat on. Yeah and it’s important to conserve water too!

    And do you guys get up to 106 degrees plus? We did last year; ugh that was awful!!

    I’ll have to try a Sammie one of these days; mmmmmm toasty. :)

  3. sara 06.17.2010

    I agree – too hot and muggy in Iowa to do any exercise after work today! We signed up for the economy billing for both heat and air, where you pay the same amount every month (based on your monthly average from the previous year), and it is so nice to have the $$ evenly spread out over the year! Not to mention the fact that you can just set up the bill online to repeat and not have to do it manually every month. Anyway, I think our elec is about $80/mo and our gas is $54, and they re-eval your monthly payment every 6 mos so you don’t over or under pay.

  4. AmyLou 06.17.2010

    We live in an apt., so our bills won’t even come close to yours. That being said, we also cra-a-a-ank it up because we’re on the 3rd floor and heat rises. Our air has been on for quite a while.

    I, too, would much rather pay a large cooling bill than suffer. However, in the winter, I’m stingy. My feelings are that you can only take OFF so many clothes and still be decent (if you’re hot) but if you’re cold, you can layer, layer, layer baby! :)

  5. sazzy 06.17.2010

    I’ve been running in crazy, stupid, horrible humidity heat at 95 degrees! Makes me sweat like NO tomorrow! I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my life, but then again that’s probably TMI. :) Your sammy looks sooooo good. *patiently waits for dinner to be ready out of the oven*

  6. Lauren 06.17.2010

    Oh wow, Quizno’s makes flat breads now. How cool!

    We use to spend a lot more on our electric bills, but last year we had a brand new top of the line energy efficient heating/cooling system installed when our old one bit the dust. It was a pricy little project, but our monthly bills have definitely decreased. I guess it’s worth it.

  7. Jenna 06.17.2010

    I am scared to look at our energy bill, too. Yikes. I’m with you though, I would rather pay the mula than suffer. I also turn everything off before leaving for the day, got to save where I can!

  8. Mel 06.17.2010

    We just opened ours last night. If you wrap up electricity, water and trash which is on one bill and heat on another we average about 300-350 a month. With the summer coming I am scared to see that bill. Oh and we get billed every other month so we see double that scary number.

    I may also want to add that we live in a full size house with 2 airconditioning systems (central and one wall unit in the great room) and a pool/jacuzzi. We use the ceiling fans until we just cant stand it. then we hop in the pool and if that doesnt work then we turn on the air.

  9. I am really nervous for our next energy bill, too. We just started using the AC a couple weeks ago and it gets EXPENSIVE. I get really nervous and try to turn it off as often as possible. Aaron wants it on all night. This will be our first full summer here, and it gets hot hot hot. Our bills are typically $40-50 per month. It is amazing how much more expensive it is now that we are in a much larger house. But I agree, no need to suffer. Especially with two dogs and a cat.

  10. Bridget 06.17.2010

    Oh darlin’ you dont’ want to know. We chose to live in our tiny town in the middle of nowhere for the low cost of living, great place to raise our kids, great schools, friends and family, etc. However, our huge house has a furnace for the upper level and one for the lower level and two air conditioning systems as well. It’s the only way it can be “efficient”. I use that word lightly because we pay out the nose but it’s worth it to us. We rarely use the A/C but today it was turned on. Too hot!

    Heading up to Duluth tomorrow morning for the big 26.2!!! :)

  11. Love those sammies! So good!

    Last year we didn’t turn the air on for a long time…I hate turning it on until we absolutely have to! This year was a whole different story…we turned it on almost right away. I hate humidity!!!

  12. AJ 06.17.2010

    I like the plate your sandwich is on. Cute! I can’t handle heat. I click my air on when it gets over 75. =) I try not to think about the energy bill too much.

  13. Cate 06.17.2010

    I’m scared of my bill, too! I was pretty good about not using it in May and my bill was still $30! And my boyfriend runs about 10º higher than I do, so he complains relentlessly if I’m frugal with it, so I’ve just given up and turned the A/C on during all these hot, yucky days…and June’s still only half over! Very afraid…

  14. Molly 06.17.2010

    It’s weird. In winter I’ll suffer and not turn the heat on (in Japan) to save money…just wore my coat, hat, gloves, and sometimes my uggs to bed. Yet summertime I HATE the sticky heat. I cave. Yet, living at home in MN, our AC supposedly broke while I’ve been away and the ‘rents have yet to fix it…and dad never goes below 74 in the summer. I swear it should be at 70 or like 68 :)

  15. BroccoliHut 06.17.2010

    That flatbread looks delicious! I wonder if they have any vegetarian options?

  16. Matt 06.17.2010

    Mine is set on budget billing so it is $88 a month. Still outrageous for just me!

  17. Dawn 06.17.2010

    Hehe I usually don’t post but seeing your “sammie” reminded me of my husband’s conversation with a co-worker awhile back after the Quizno’s “sammie” first came out. The coworker said it was delicious and likened its size to “roast beef on a cracker”. I miss Jimmy John’s but I probably don’t need all that oil they sprinkle on the top (so yum!). I’m also not looking forward to those summer energy bills! Yikes! Have a great day! :)

  18. Colleen 06.17.2010

    We finally turned our AC on tonight because it was too humid in the house. However we set the program at different levels depending if we are home or not, but never go below 80. We’ll even turn it off and open the windows again if the humidity gets low enough. I like the cool but love the fresh air and the low bills (which being the first summer in this home – we’ll see how low they are). Additional items we do are: close the blinds on the sides of the house that get the sun during the day, only use lights when we need too, we just got a new BSH (Bosch) dishwasher free (trail unit-a perk for husband’s previous firm) that is so efficient it is nuts!

  19. Stephanie 06.17.2010

    It’s definitely worth every penny to be comfortable in your own house, bc if you can’t be comfortable there then where can you be ya know? At least that’s my motto. We turned our AC on about a month ago as well but keep it at a reasonable temperature so the bill ranges from $80-$150 depending on the month during the summer. If you think about it in terms of cost per day it’s about $5 max, ummm yea so worth it. Our weather reports show that it’s been the warmest spring on record ever in Richmond too, basically went straight from winter to summer with no in-between!

  20. We just turned our A/C on about a week ago because we felt bad for the animal. :( In the hottest part of summer our bill can get of $200 because it’s a large house that needs new insulation in the attic and new windows.

  21. Anna 06.17.2010

    I have a small apartment so my energy bill is usually only $25-30 but I haven’t gotten one since turning on the A/C and the boyfriend moving back in! Ack, I’m nervous too!

  22. Elyse 06.17.2010

    You know, every time I have gone there I get HORRIBLE service. Which is a shame since they do make a great sandwich. :-( I almost had a panic attack last week when I opened up my energy bill. My boyfriend and I have an apartment and last month it was 70 in the middle of the summer in Texas which I thought wasn’t too shabby. I keep it around 80 degrees during the day and only let it get to 75 at night and turn fans on. This month however it was 135 dollars! In one month the change was THAT drastic! I am going into hiding before I open the next bill!

  23. Dream Mom 06.18.2010

    It’s been really hot here and I’ve been running the air conditioner alot! I am scared to death to open that baby. Typically, July is my highest bill and it might run around $120 however rates have gone up and who knows what it will be like right now. Normally, I do take care to turn lights off etc. however I have been running the air a lot.

    I hear you on the heat. We went to Orlando last month for my son’s Make a Wish trip and it was 92-95 every day. That was hot!

  24. Stormy 06.18.2010

    I also highly recommend the budget billing. I live in just a standard house in your same neck of the woods and for about half of the year I’m at $119, the other half $142 (they evaluate every six months). That’s for both gas and electric. We also use a programmable thermostat that we don’t set lower than 74 while home, and have at 80 during the day while we are both at work. Be sure to keep your blinds closed while you’re at work too to keep out the light and keep things cool.

    Last year was so cool, we rarely had the air on either. I don’t think we’re going to get that lucky this year – boo!

  25. Sarah W. 06.18.2010

    Our Electricity takes care of power & AC needs. I wish we had budget billing for it, but I dont think its an option – we have budget for our Gas though!!

    I was looking back at the “history” and we were paying $80-90 in January & February and then I was gradually able to drop it to $70, $60 and then last month was $51!!! I think what really helped is that I went around the house unplugging things we dont use (toaster is unplugged unless in use, we used to keep our computers plugged in but now I make more of an effort to unplug when I go to bed, I keep lights off unless I absolutely need them (I will watch TV in the dark at night LOL). My husband is really bad about unplugging/turning lights off, so I get really pissed when I wake up and the lights have been on all night and so has the TV!!!!!! so now I’ve been using the sleep function on the TV to help and yell at him to turn the lights off.

    Our house is from 1969 with original windows and NO insulation in attic – we need to get on that! We did, however, splurge on ceiling fans for the 3rd floor where our bedrooms are b/c it gets sooooo hot/suffocating up there!

    We use a combo of ceiling fans and A/C. Our A/C is programmable and I think set high enough so it doesn’t click on while we are at work all day. We do have it set to come on at night and while sleeping, and I keep ceiling fans off unless I am in the room! (so usually turn the ceiling fans at night). I am extremely curious to see this months bill!!!

  26. Amanda 06.18.2010

    My electricity bill runs around $150 a month. I’m really scared about my next bill though. I got baby chicks a week ago and they have to be under a heat lamp 24/7. Talk about expensive!!

  27. Corinne 06.18.2010

    lucky for me, my apt stays VERY cool in the summer heat. its close to the water, under many trees and for some reason just cooler. we have enough windows too so when it is hot the cross breezes help! of course im saying this now and just watch, it will be record breaking heat in southern nh this year and ill be forced to eat my words!

    ps thanks for turning me onto tj’s nut butter w/ flaxseed. i bought the pb kind and it is life changing.

  28. Amber 06.18.2010

    I love Quizno’s, but they really need to make their oven more efficient–it always takes SO long to make, and if there is a line, I usually walk right back out.
    I’m scared for our next bill too!!! Our last one for May was $100 (both electric and gas). We live in a townhome, and I swear our A/C has been running non-stop. I like it cool, so it’s around 70-72. We run our ceiling fans quite a bit. It’s a two level townhome, so upstairs is ALWAYS warmer…I hate that. We just rent for now, and even though the place is only 5 years old, I don’t think it was built well or insulated well. Frustrating!

  29. Mellissa 06.18.2010

    We just moved but the last 3 months have been about 90 and last month was 120 but we had the air on a lot.

  30. Nancy 06.18.2010

    Our utility company has a Demand Conservation program that we started using last summer. They come out to your home and put something on your a/c unit and also on your hot water heater. Then they can give your unit a “brief rest” during peak demand times. We save $5 a month from the a/c for the summer months and $2 a month for the hot water heater. A little help with the utility bill is better than none, and besides that, we’re doing something for the environment too…

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