Oooo second day soreness from my tennis escapades has set in with a fierceness!

I felt like a little old lady peeling myself out of bed this morning – ankles creaking, hips tight and, omg, my swinging arm!! Ok, it’s definitely not as bad as that first weekend after getting Wii tennis for Christmas a couple years ago…but close. Ouch!

In other news, I went with an easy, portable, delish breakfast to enjoy at work today (sorry about the terrible photos. It’s raining. Again.) Starring… Multigrain Cheerios with USVAB.  The PERFECT milk and cereal combo, if you ask me.


This is like a kiddy cereal fix, for adults! I’ve traded sugary Captain Crunch and 2% milk, for lightly sweetened multigrain cheerios and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.




Don’t get me wrong – you put a box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch in front of me and it’s OVAH!


Now even better tasting? How is that even possible??? What were some of your favorite cereals growing up? I loved PB CC, obvi, as well as Kix, Trix, Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Puffs, if my Mom was feeling extra generous. ;)

I digress… My cereal shall be rounded out by a Pink Lady Apple and almond butter.


To be sliced


and dunked!


I made some extra spring rolls last night to take for lunch today!


I may have gotten a wee bit aggressive on the fillings in these. They were bursting at the seams! 8O


I also packed the extra cucumber to dunk into my peanut dipping sauce. The rice vinegar in it almost makes it taste like a vinaigrette. It’d be really good on a crisp, cold salad, actually!


Yummy. :)


Speaking of sugary, definitely-not-good-for-you kid’s cereals – how did you eat when you were growing up? Did it shape the food choices you make and the way you eat today?

I think it’s so interesting to see what role “nurture” has on our habits later in life. As in, how what we experience when we’re young, shapes the way we are today. Know what I mean?

Sugary cereals aside, my Mom was very conscious of the things she fed to her family. Dinners always consisted of a protein, carb & vegetable, as well as a big bowl of salad. I can definitely see this influence in the way that I cook and eat today. I wonder where I’d be without that kind of role model and experience?

At any rate, happy hump day people! The weekend is in sight – have a great day! :D