Now Even Better Tasting?!


Oooo second day soreness from my tennis escapades has set in with a fierceness!

I felt like a little old lady peeling myself out of bed this morning – ankles creaking, hips tight and, omg, my swinging arm!! Ok, it’s definitely not as bad as that first weekend after getting Wii tennis for Christmas a couple years ago…but close. Ouch!

In other news, I went with an easy, portable, delish breakfast to enjoy at work today (sorry about the terrible photos. It’s raining. Again.) Starring… Multigrain Cheerios with USVAB.  The PERFECT milk and cereal combo, if you ask me.


This is like a kiddy cereal fix, for adults! I’ve traded sugary Captain Crunch and 2% milk, for lightly sweetened multigrain cheerios and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.



Don’t get me wrong – you put a box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch in front of me and it’s OVAH!


Now even better tasting? How is that even possible??? What were some of your favorite cereals growing up? I loved PB CC, obvi, as well as Kix, Trix, Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Puffs, if my Mom was feeling extra generous. ;)

I digress… My cereal shall be rounded out by a Pink Lady Apple and almond butter.


To be sliced


and dunked!


I made some extra spring rolls last night to take for lunch today!


I may have gotten a wee bit aggressive on the fillings in these. They were bursting at the seams! 8O


I also packed the extra cucumber to dunk into my peanut dipping sauce. The rice vinegar in it almost makes it taste like a vinaigrette. It’d be really good on a crisp, cold salad, actually!


Yummy. :)


Speaking of sugary, definitely-not-good-for-you kid’s cereals – how did you eat when you were growing up? Did it shape the food choices you make and the way you eat today?

I think it’s so interesting to see what role “nurture” has on our habits later in life. As in, how what we experience when we’re young, shapes the way we are today. Know what I mean?

Sugary cereals aside, my Mom was very conscious of the things she fed to her family. Dinners always consisted of a protein, carb & vegetable, as well as a big bowl of salad. I can definitely see this influence in the way that I cook and eat today. I wonder where I’d be without that kind of role model and experience?

At any rate, happy hump day people! The weekend is in sight – have a great day! :D

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  1. I was a terribly dull cereal child – branflakes with sultanas, weetabix..but I did like Cocoa Rocks at one point :P In general though I ate SO bad as a child!! Junk aaaall day. I’m amazed I wasn’t obese! But after my ED I’m totally different :) I can’t beleive the crap I used to have :s

  2. We always ate healthy in my house growing up. No one ever discussed food, my mom just cooked healthy and thats what we ate. If we wanted a cookie, we had one. But we always had healthy snacks and meals.

  3. That cereal looks amazing. I’m a sucker for anything peanut butter. Anything.

  4. Dawn Hutchins 06.23.2010

    I wouldn’t last long around that cereal either. The spring rolls look delish!

  5. Julie 06.23.2010

    My parents were anti-sugary cereal. Nothing but corn flakes, cheerios and rice crispies for this kid! I’m glad too, that crap is bad for you. We rarely got fast food, and always had dinner as a family…pretty much the same as you. I loved veggies and fruit growing up, thank to my grandmother. She was a healthy eater and taught us well.

  6. my parents were big believers in feeding us what they ate. we rarely ate “kid” foods like chx nuggets, mac and cheese, etc. i always loved veggied – i would eat frozen pepper strips, corn, peas, broccoli, everything! i am so glad my parents made me try everything, because there is NOTHING i don’t like today. we also never ate out a lot, and we still dont. sometimes i beg just get a pizza, but my mom will cook even on her busiest of days! dont know how she does it!

  7. Caitlin in MD 06.23.2010

    So funny – I had a huge bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning. I haven’t had that in YEARS! Like, probably 15 or 20 years (yikes). In my defense, I’m pregnant :)

  8. Becky 06.23.2010

    We weren’t allowed to have sugary cereals, so I recall eating a lot of plain Cheerios, Honey Nut occasionally, and Kix. Trix was a treat, too.

    When I pack leftover spring rolls for lunch I find that if I wrap them with a damp paper towel they stay just a little bit softer and don’t dry out so quickly. I just bought a giant bottle of sweet chili sauce and that is currently my favorite dipping sauce for them. Traditional? No, but so darn good.

  9. Growing up, I was all about the junk food. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I really began to think about the food I put into my body – he’s so health conscious! I definitely think habits are built over time, but I’m a bigger believer that the environment you’re in can affect the way you live – in terms of food choices and more!

  10. My favorite cereal as a kid was Booberry cereal! The yummy marshmallows and all that food coloring…just wonderful :) Or for a really special breakfast, it was Frosted Flakes with 1/2 and 1/2 for the milk!! Too bad those cereals are not gluten-free. I still remember the awesome flavor :)

  11. Beth @ bethcooks 06.23.2010

    OMG. My family was the worst about eating habits! My Mom didn’t cook, and my Dad travelled a good bit, so we were on our own for food (which is why I cook so much now!). I bet we had McDonalds 3 times a week for dinner, and all the other kids were jealous. Luckily, I’m not a sweets girl, so it was mostly Raisin Bran for breakfast….otherwise who knows what I would have gotten my hands on :)

  12. Anna (twelve22) 06.23.2010

    I was pretty picky and unadventurous as a child, and the amount of junky food that I consumed would never fly with me now (and I no longer crave it). But my mom was good about working in vegetables, even though there weren’t many that I’d eat!

  13. Anna 06.23.2010

    I ate terrrrrible at home. Soooo many cookies and cakes and ice cream. Meat and potatoes for dinner virtually every night. Casseroles. Macaroni. Breaded and fried everything. On the up side, it made me so averse to that crap that I eat much healthier now.

  14. Anna 06.23.2010

    Oh, and I ate the generic Lucky Charms, except – get this – I would sort out all the marshmallows and just eat those, lol! Yikes!

    • Ashley 06.23.2010

      This made me LOL. I always did the same thing with lucky charms and my mom would get SO mad haha

      • Jodi S 06.23.2010

        I have to agree with Anna. Not only did I pick out the marshmallows in the lucky charms but I was also raised in a house with lots of casseroles, meat & potatoes, as well as junk food!!! I have definitely had to learn how to eat healthy on my own. It’s been a struggle and not easy but I so far I haven’t been doing bad. All the bad habits I learned as a kid, I know I will not pass on to my kids. Nutrition is important and that’s something I was never taught.

  15. Kristin 06.23.2010

    I think we ate pretty normally for a busy small-town Iowa family. As in, lots of casseroles, potato side dishes, some uncreative veggies on the side, salads with ranch, etc. :) My mom always attempted to be healthy, but I also think a lot of it was Betty Crocker’s version of healthy, which, in the older cookbooks, is kind of packed with weird things like meatloaf and things in gelatin molds. haha!

    Actually, last night my mom and I just got to looking at these websites:
    They’re full of scanned-in recipe cards and cookbook pages from the 1940s through the 1970s, and the recipes are just AWFUL! We were laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. I think that’s where my mom used to get some of her inspiration to cook!

    Now thankfully Mom has come a little more into the trend of organic food and farmers markets and eating “real food” instead of Betty’s chicken liver mousse thing with Jell-o!!!! :D

  16. Other than my terrible sunburn, I also have a sore left bicep to remind me of the gardening I did Sunday afternoon.

    I loved all the surgary cereals as a kid, captain crunch, cheerios, fruity pebbles, the works. But I also enjoye wheatabex loaded with brown sugar. Now however I’m a devout oatmeal lover. I think I love cold cereals still but really I don’t I never feel good after eating cold cereal anymore.

  17. Dream Mom 06.23.2010

    I was always a picky eater as a child and growing up. I liked very plain foods and if dinner wasn’t to my liking as a child, I’d eat ketchup on white bread. Yuk! I never liked anything fried (think fried chicken) and did not like pizza either. I was always fit. We had regular meals up until my father died at 13 then my sister did more cooking. I loved sweets but luckily loved fitness even more and did massive amounts of exercise from my teen years up until my early thirties, as in hours of exercise a day (Not a good plan, needed a knee replacement in my mid thirties and back surgery two years ago.) . I would not say that my mother influenced my diet at all but I would say that my love of sports/fitness had a big influence in my life. As a child, I always liked good, healthy food however my mother never really cooked many fruits and vegetables, more meat and potatoes and lots of starchy things. I started cooking almost ten years ago and really learned how to cook, learned about nutrition and really turned things around from a nutrition standpoint. Now I eat mostly organic foods and make nearly everything. I rarely eat sweet things now.

    Even though I never cooked a lot until a few years ago, I always cooked three healthy meals a day for my son making sure he had five fruits and vegetables every day. This was not easy because he was severely disabled and couldn’t eat certain foods or chew very well. My son loved my home cooking so much that he refused to eat anything but what I sent so even on field trips or when they’d stop for ice cream, he wouldn’t eat anything but what I sent, lol. He lost his ability to eat four years ago (now eats via a tube) so I am thrilled that I was able to cook for him as long as I did.

    P.S. Congrats on getting your iron up!

  18. Emily 06.23.2010

    I love Honey Bunches of Oats and OHS! I could literally eat a whole box in one sitting.

  19. Terin 06.23.2010

    My favorite cereals as a kid were PB cap’n crunch, cinnamon toast crunch, and chocolate pebbles!!!

  20. Oh I LOVED CC, and waffle crisp and fruity pebbles and cocoa pebbles and fruit loops… I didn’t discriminate.

  21. sassy molassy 06.23.2010

    mmm…i love me some salad rolls! perfect summer meal. As a kid, I loooved anything captain crunch. Still do, but try to stay away. :)

    The foods I ate as a child definitely shaped my healthy eating habits. The parents wouldn’t buy us sugar cereal unless it was a very special occasion and unlike many of my friends, I didn’t have doritos or little debbie snacks in my lunch box. The most junk food I got was plain ole tortilla chips or a fruit roll up. But hey, I didn’t suffer as a result. It was probably smart of my parents. :)

  22. Elyse 06.23.2010

    Regular captian crunch is my all time favorite sugary cereal. I like it with milk or even dry as a snack. Close seconds though are Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Flakes. My childhood eating habits totally affected the way I eat today. My mom was a terrible cook lol Her “meals” usually either came out of a box, a freezer, or were a bowl of cereal. I had a lot of health issues growing up from not eating properly, so I taught myself to eat the right way. I will never go back! Today I love fruits and veggies too much to even think about my life without them anymore!

  23. AJ 06.23.2010

    Growing up, I think our meals were typical for an Iowa family. Usually the main dish would be a protein (chicken, pork, steak, fish), and we’d have one carb dish (rice, pasta, etc) and one veggie dish as sides. We also had spaghetti, pizza, tacos, mac & cheese and other such typical family fare. I eat healthier now – more fruits & veggies.

  24. Bridget 06.23.2010

    Oh this is a hard question for me. There’s so much to discuss here and years of therapy (for my sister) has opened up a huge food obsession in our family. My mom was nuts about portions, food balancing, fats, sugar, etc. Everything put into our mouths, and even to this day, was and is analyzed. It wasn’t healthy and it lead to a major ED in my sis for years. I, on the other hand, seemed to have the genetic make up where I just don’t get obsessed. I like my food but I have an “off” button when it comes to eating and a love for running.

    Now that I’m a mom I talk about moderation. A bit of everything is good but too much of one thing will give you a stomach ache! I prepare 99% of our meals so I know what’s healthy and what’s not–the difference is I’m not constantly talking about it to my kids. They need to eat at least one bite of each thing on their plate. We have our gigantic vegetable garden but again–no preaching. We’re trying to lead by example which sounds like what your mom did.

    Sorry this got a little wordy!

  25. Kimberly 06.23.2010

    Every time I think about this I still can’t believe it, but my mom actually used to let me eat Ding Dongs for breakfast. I guess she figured a store-bought, chocolate covered chocolate cake with cream filling for breakfast was better than no breakfast at all? I dunno. Later in life (like most of my high school career) I enjoyed chicken tenders for breakfast quite often. Weird. I know. Now that I’m older and understand the nutritional ramifications, I opt for oatmeal (with a vareity of fun toppings) more often than not! I can definitely see some areas where my parents’ food choices for us have affected the way I eat, but for the most part I’ve changed my diet a lot from the diet I had growing up.

  26. As a kid we ate at ton of cheerios. My doctor told my mom I couldn’t have artificial colors or flavors back then so no froot loops for us.

  27. Sara 06.23.2010

    Almond milk is delicious! I wish it had more protein, though :(

    Anyways, I was big on LOVING a cereal at a friend’s house, but then after begging my mom to buy it for our pantry I suddenly didn’t like it anymore – happened frequently with Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes and Trix. I was always into Chex (rice variety with TONS of sugar), Cookie Crisp, Cap’n Crunch, and Frosted Mini Wheats.

    My mom always made my sister and I eat breakfast and generally cooked balanced dinners…the dinners may have been a little heavy in additives, etc, but I think she did well compared to most :) Bagged lunches and snacks were usually the worst for me – lots of Little Debbies, chips, etc. I had a much more balanced meal by eating school food :-p

  28. Margaret 06.23.2010

    The first couple times my husband and I made spring rolls at home, they ended up looking more like burritos — just seemed like there was so much wrapper going to waste. :) Yours here still can be classified as dainty!

  29. Liza 06.23.2010

    Those look great, I am definitely going to have to try them!

  30. Kacy 06.23.2010

    I love my Mom to death, but as a working mom she was soften pressed for time and would give me Little Debbie snacks, poptarts or sweet cereal as a child. I definitely think it affected the way I eat today, it took me a LONG time to learn to like healthy foods and what a real, balanced meal should look like (to be fair the dinners we ate were usually exceptionally nutritious). If I have children, I plan to feed them very healthy meals 95% of the time and make treats less of a staple in the household.

  31. Graze With Me 06.23.2010

    My mom always refused to buy me any sugar-packed cereals or other snacky foods. The first time I saw my cousins add sugar to their cereal I think my eyes popped out of my head. I said to my mom, “You can DO that?!?!” She said no. :)

    I think a lot of my initial rebellion from healthy foods in college stems from eating healthy versions in my childhood. Although my mom would buy the occasional box of Gushers or Oatmeal Cream Pies, I’m so happy she raised me the way she did. I plan on doing the same with my kids. Eating the way I was raised is so much easier now.

  32. I loved Golden Grahams as a kid. Now my favorite sugary cereal is Reese’s Puffs which I just discovered last year. I can’t buy them because they’ll be gone in about 48 hours.

  33. Angie 06.23.2010

    IGE –
    I LOVE to read your blog. I am orginally from Des Moines, but live in Kansas City. When I was making breakfast today I thought of you.
    Great idea: Toast with peanutbutter (almond butter) and I sprinkled crasins over it…delicious. Thought u would like the idea!


  34. Kate 06.23.2010

    If you love Cap’N Crunch Peanut Butter, you will love EnviroKids Peanut Butter Panda Puffs. They taste almost the same, but healthier and gluten free. I get them at Trader Joe’s, I am not sure if anyone else carries them, but they are delicious!

  35. Brynne 06.23.2010

    Lucky Charms and Kix were always my favorites!!

  36. Dawn 06.23.2010

    I loved sugar cereal!

    Has anyone here shopped at Sprouts yet, it is supposed to be really great – better than Trader Joes! Dare I say that here?

  37. My parents tried to eat healthy – just sometimes they relied too heavily on processed foods!!!

  38. BroccoliHut 06.23.2010

    I was always a huge fan of Rice Krispies Treats cereal–I don’t think they make it anymore, but it was DELISH.

  39. Jillian 06.23.2010

    Those spring rolls look so delicious! I will definitely be making them soon.

    We ate a lot of Grape Nuts as children. Cinnamon Toast Crunch was a special treat. Eating healthy cereal definitely affected how I eat today. I always eat a balanced breakfast, usually not sweet, and I only drink coffee, tea and water (and beer and wine), no pop ever.

  40. Charity 06.23.2010

    We ate a variety of cereals when I was a kid. I remember eating Cookie crisp and Alphabets.

    I get to go to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods tomorrow. Can’t wait. Any good suggestions? I got the Pumpkin pancake and waffle mix last time and loved it. Plan to definitely get more of that again.

  41. Corinne 06.23.2010

    wii games are brutal. they really show your muscles who is boss! ha. love it.

    fav. cereal growing up cinnamon (sp?) toast crunch!! mmmmmmmm. it was only a treat though. like you elaborated on, i was brought up in a very healthy environment and it definitely shapes the way i eat today. thank you mom over and over and over.

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