New Subway Sandwich Review


WOW – I’ve had a busy day! 8O

Not bad…just busy. From the time I arrived to work, to the time that I left,  it was go, go, go – yo!

I had an elaborate chicken dish that I was going to prepare for dinner tonight, but put it on the back burner for something convenient and, more importantly, made by someone else. Subway to the rescue!


S-way sent me a giftcard to try their new Orchard Chicken Salad Sandwich and I thought tonight would be a perfect opportunity to do just that.


Six glorious inches on wheat, with…three apple slices. I got the “value meal” which came with an apple bag and a cup of yogurt. I didn’t like the yogurt flavors they had, and all but three of my apple slices were bad, but whatevs, because…

DSC_0030 (2)

this sandwich rules! Roasted chicken mixed with crunchy celery, sweet apples, raisins and cranberries, married in light mayo.

DSC_0034 (2) 

I didn’t want my toppings to take too much away from the flavor of the salad so I got pickles for a salty contrast to the sweet apples & dried fruit, and cucumber for crunch. And because apparently I like cukes in all forms. :)

DSC_0040 DSC_0036

I will give mad props to Subway for making a chicken salad that definitely tastes homemade. It was light, it was creamy (but not excessively so) and I loved the cranberries in there. I add cranberries to my own mayo-less chicken salad recipe too!


And for the mayo haters out there (trust me I’m one too) this was perfectly fine. There was only enough mayo to bind the ingredients together, and I wasn’t freaked out at all.


Thanks Subway for the chance to try the new sub! :D 

In other news, it turned out, once again, to be a beautiful day outside!

DSC_0021 (2)

I love big, fluffy clouds. They make me feel like I’m in a screensaver or something. ;)

DSC_0023 (2)

My Dad teaches a “cloud unit” to his fifth graders every year, which is basically comprised of the class laying on their backs and pointing out cloud animals. Ahhh, the life of a fifth grader!

DSC_0026 (2)

See anything? I spot a flying bird! Or a jumbo jet! 

DSC_0028 (2)

Allllrighty, DECOMPRESSION TIME – I am mentally wiped! I think I’m going to go read on my back deck, then make Ben walk down to the grocery store with me. I’ve formed an obsession a deep appreciation for those little crystal light lemonade packets that you mix with 16oz of water, and I used my last one today. The horror!! 8O

See ya!


Mayo – love it, or leave it?

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  1. Daisy 06.23.2010

    i loved learning about clouds – the different types and whatnot. mayo – like it. don’t love (sometimes i prefer mustard or other condiments( but i don’t need to leave it either!

  2. Elyse 06.23.2010

    LOVE it. I am one of those people who likes it just falling out of their sandwich. Sadly mayo and trying to count calories don’t mix so normally I go for light or switch to grey poupon. I actually had subway for lunch today! I am addicted to their flatbread. I get it with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, salt & pepper, black olives, and but of course light mayo :-)

  3. AnneWF 06.23.2010

    Love it!

  4. Sara 06.23.2010

    I’ve been wondering about those new sandwiches! Thanks for the review, I definitely want to try it now :)

    Mayo is alright for binding salads together, but I just leave it off of sandwiches…I can never really taste it, so I don’t bother! Most of the time I use yogurt instead of mayo, but I’m slowly starting to use mayo again.

  5. Sara 06.23.2010

    Mayo – ehhh! It’s alright. :)

  6. erica 06.23.2010

    my mom was just talking about wanting to try this sandwich! good to know that it’s good and not too mayo-y ;p i’m a mayo hater, i just saw a guy in front of me at subway the other day ask for extra mayo and i felt my arteries clog up just looking at the amount that was on that sandwich!

  7. Dream Mom 06.23.2010

    That looks good, I’ll have to try it. I went to Subway on Monday morning to get a sandwich for lunch and the one bin of lettuce looked pretty sad. Thankfully, they didn’t use it or I would have said something. She took it from the good bin. Makes you wonder what they were thinking with the bad apple slices. Like the above poster, I like a lot of lettuce where it’s falling out the sides, lol!

  8. PurlStar 06.23.2010

    Whew, you do sound tired. I’d rather be tired than achey, which is what I am (don’t ask).

    Anyway thanks for the review; looks yummy.

  9. I’m not a chicken salad fan, but this looks pretty okay! I might have to try it! I like mayo…in small amounts on burgers or sandwiches. I’ve liked it ever since I was pregnant with my first child…before that I never ate it! It’s weird!!

    Have a good night!

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  11. I love that sammie flavour combination – what a great idea to use celery!!

  12. Sarah 06.23.2010

    i LOVE mayo! its kinda ridiculous and i limit my intake for sure but when i have it, oh yum!

    so glad to hear that new chicken salad is good, i wanted to try it but was worried it wouldn’t be any good!

  13. sarah 06.23.2010

    i love crystal light too! have you tried the new hydrate packets to mix with the water….amazing! grape is my favorite!

  14. Lauren 06.23.2010

    Glad to hear Subway has created yet another fantastic menu item. Subway is so darn reliable for a busy night.

    Get some rest girl! :)

  15. jassy 06.23.2010

    if i can choose not to have it why not but sometimes a sandwich needs some mayo so in moderation, i guess :)

    i love the sky photos :)

  16. Jessica Lee 06.23.2010

    I used to eat subway all the time. Don’t know why I stopped. They have gotten REALLY cheap too!!

    I am quite addicted to the Crystal Light stuff too. I tried the new “pure” ones w/o the artificial sweeteners. Honestly, the chemical ones taste better! Plus there are so many more flavors!

  17. Jen 06.23.2010

    LOVE mayo, HATE Miracle Whip! Last night I got a sub at the farmer’s market and asked for extra mayo. Little did I know they use Miracle Whip, not mayo! Oh well, I’ll know for next time.

    I love me some Crystal Light! I’m going downstairs right now to cut up and freeze some bananas for smoothies and stuff. YUM!

  18. Ashley 06.23.2010

    Crazy timing. I made your chicken salad tonight! It was yummo!

  19. Renae 06.23.2010

    I love Crystal Light too! I gave up my daily lunch-time Diet Coke for CL Lemonade! Love it! I usually wouldn’t drink regular lemonade due to the sugar, but Crystal Light is a great alternative!

  20. Corinne 06.23.2010

    not a huge fan of mayo especially in things like chicken salad because when i dont make it myself i feel they go OVERBOARD on the condiment. but i do love your review and might just have to check it outttttt! you should make the fluffy clouds your screen saver!

  21. I’m not a mayo fan. I grew up with miracle whip so I can’t really get used to mayo’s taste.

  22. ShutupandRun 06.23.2010

    Yum… that sandwich looks tasty. I saw the commercials and was wondering how it was!

  23. Amy 06.23.2010

    mayo— MODERATION! sometimes I love it, depending what it’s on, but when I’m making my own salads (egg, chicken or tuna) I use the tasty zip of Miracle Whip! Mayo is too bland to me for those instances.

    Subway is good, but I love Quiznos more :)

  24. Dawn 06.24.2010

    Love Light Mayo.
    I also love the Crystal Light Ice Tea lemon Flav. Awesome. Just made a fresh pitcher tonight.

    Get some rest!

  25. I’ve been drooling over that sandwich whenever I see it on TV. Would love to try it, I have to wait until I can spare the sodium.

    I LOVE mayo! It’s my favorite condiment. :)


  26. I’m not the biggest fan of mayo – but I feel like I’ll have to make an exception and try this sandwich from Subway!

  27. Ashley 06.24.2010

    I love mayo! It’s my favorite, but not something I try and eat alot of. I actually tried the new mayo with olive oil, it’s yummy!

    And Subway is my favorite “Fast Food” Place! That sandwich looks delicious!

  28. Beth @ bethcooks 06.24.2010

    I’m ok with Mayo in certain things… spinach/artichoke dip and restaurant club sandwiches. I only buy it for certain recipes, not for sandwiches.
    I haven’t been to subway in a LONG time. Glad they’ve got a new good one!

  29. Cynthia 06.24.2010

    I too like mayo in certain things…like dips. I have to say though, the Subway sandwich is really good not covered in an excessive amount. I also loved the dried cranberries. I added banana peppers and pickles to mine :)

  30. I’m obsessed with Crystal Light—I buy the off-brand version at Walgreens, $1/box. My favorites are strawberry kiwi and raspberry, but they have several others. Big fan! :)

  31. girliefriend 06.24.2010

    Iowa has the most beautiful skies. On a road trip back from Kansas City one year, I drove through Iowa. Everyone warned me there would be long stretches of ‘nothing’, but I’ve got to tell you, the bluest skies and the fluffiest clouds kept me thrilled the entire trip!

  32. Tiff 06.24.2010

    I am not a big fan of Subway but I LOVE their new chicken salad sandwich. I have tried it a few times now and it’s pretty good. Much better than regular chicken salad.

  33. Laura J. 06.25.2010

    After your glowing review of the Chicken Salad sub at Subway I really wanted to try one. I go there today and they discontinued it!! Gaaa. Now I REEEALLY want to try! haha

    P.S. My entire family (well the women mostly ha) are obsessed with your blog! My mom tells everyone who will listen how great it is :)

  34. Abby A 06.26.2010

    I usually try to stray away from mayo…what’s REALLY in there?! There is a great alternative to mayo called “Veganaise.” It’s only made with oils, and is suitable for vegans!!

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