It Was Good, Minus the Barking Dog…


Guess what I woke up to today?!

SUNSHINE!!! Finally! It was so gorgeous that I decided to go for a 3 mile run after my Mom and I were done walking. The 65 degree air felt fantastic and, I’m happy to report, it was one of my better runs! Oh except for the part where this small, black dog chased me for two blocks at one point, barking, and its owner did nothing to stop it. Except for that. ;)

Breakfast was even better, as I made a big bowl of Cherry Almond Oats!


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup each old fashioned oats, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze & water
  • 1 banana
  • almond extract, cinnamon
  • Bing cherries
  • Sliced almonds


I actually added an overflowing 1/3 cup each of almond milk and water, so the oats were nice and plump and creamy. I LOVED it that way.


Cherry + almonds = ace flavor combo. I could seriously eat this bowl everyday.


Check out that sun ray in the background – it’s going to be a beautiful day! The weather woman (Jeriann!) gave today’s forecast a 10 out of 10. :D


I brought my chop once, eat twice Veggie Salad and watermelon for lunch. 


In the mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Baby spinach
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Snap peas
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Green onions


This salad is HUGE and it kept me full all afternoon on Monday. I’m banking on the same thing today.


Can’t wait for this cold, sweet watermelon either.


This is actually the last of the giant one I cut up this weekend. I never knew my husband liked watermelon so much?! He’s been hoovering it down!


Oh, I did make it to the grocery store last night to pick up some Crystal Light Lemonade packets!


I saw these Diet Snapple on-the-go packets too and decided to give the peach flavor a whirl. I heart peach tea.


Don’t get me wrong, I lurve water – I try to drink 100+ oz a day – but sometimes you just want something with FLAVOR, know what I mean? Plus, it’s so much more thirst quenching to slam an ice cold lemonade or peach tea then water. I don’t know why, it just is!


In other news, Al Roker was in town yesterday giving over a half million dollars to the Iowa Homeless Youth Centers! He’s on a five city tour, in five days, giving away money to charities in his 9th annual “Lend a Hand” campaign, and the IHYC was one of the lucky recipients. Cool!

In even MORE thrilling news – it’s already Thursday! I don’t know how or why, but this week has absolutely flown by. Gotta love that.

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday…what are your plans for the 4th of July? What’s your favorite part about the 4th? Fireworks, BBQs, lakehouses?

International friends – tell us about any similar celebrations you may have!

Have a great day!

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  1. My husband loves the Target brand drinks mixes, I need to find these Snapple ones for him!

  2. Mellissa 06.24.2010

    I love iced tea so I should try the Snapple ones.

    We are going to a wedding on the 3rd so that will be most of our weekend. I am looking forward to having a day off.

  3. Watermelon never lasts long at our house either! Someone is always having a bowl of it after I cut it up!

    We have plans with some friends over the 4th…it should be a fantabulous weekend!

  4. sara 06.24.2010

    I’m doing my best to have a baby by the 4th so hopefully I’ll be at home busy with a newborn!

  5. Andrea 06.24.2010

    This week has gone very fast!! So excited for the weekend because I get to see all my college girlfriends at a wedding!! Hope these last 2 days continue to hurry up!

  6. Dream Mom 06.24.2010

    We finally have some great weather here too (Chicago). Man, that salad looks awesome. I usually need some protein in mine or I am hungry within an hour or so (and maybe a little bread too). I’ll have to get some snap peas this week. I’ve been eating watermelon too-sooooo sweet!

    As for Fourth of July, we have an Eyes to the Skies Festival out here where they have different groups play at night, a carnival day and night and these hot air ballons all lined up. They even have a hot air ballon for the disabled to go up. One year my son got to go up in a tethered ride in his wheelchair. It was really cool! In terms of traditions, we usually cook out and then make homemade ice cream with our Great Grandma’s recipe.

  7. Your bowl and your breakfast are beautiful!!
    No 4th July in the UK..but we do have lots of bank holidays – ie 3 day weekend :D – so it’s not all bad :D

  8. Stormy 06.24.2010

    My birthday is the 6th so for my entire childhood my Mom had me convinced that the fireworks were part of my birthday celebration. To this day, nothing makes me happier than fireworks!

    This year we will be in rooftop seats at a Cubs game celebrating – it’s going to be an amazing weekend!!

  9. ahh 4th of july plans! i’ll be out of work at 3pm the friday before, and then i MIGHT brave the traffic to head to connecticut to stay with my roomie from africa! she just rented a beach house for the summer, but i dont think traffic will be very fun! i just want the beach, beer, and barbeques!

  10. Anna 06.24.2010

    I’ll be at 80/35!! Favorite part – 3 day weekend! :D

  11. We’re not celebrating anything on 4th of July but I’ll packing for my trip to Germany ;)

  12. Kacie 06.24.2010

    Al was in Bozeman, MT the day before (my town :D )!!!!! Pretty cool!!!!

  13. You are making me want some lemonade! Have you seen the new Chrystal Light fitness packets? Apparently no artificial sweeteners and have some electrolytes too! Haven’t tried them yet though :) I wish it was still 65 degrees here in the morning. When I got up at 6am it was already in the 80’s :(

    My favorite part of the 4th is going to the lake and getting some wakeboarding in!!

  14. Cynthia 06.24.2010

    Mmmm, cherry almond oatmeal….totally trying that one out!! Beach and fireworks for the 4th. I drink tons of water too and sometimes want a little added flavor. I discovered this item at the supermarket a while ago and have been obsessed with it. It’s called True Lemon. They are packets of crystallized lemon, they’re the size of sugar packets. (They taste like actual lemon, no yucky aftertaste). They also come in True Lime and I think True Orange. I even take them to restaurants to add to my water, I have issues with wait staff handling my lemon or lime wedges. I even cook with it. Check out the website to see if your local stores carry them.

  15. Jessica Lee 06.24.2010

    the mango peach tea from crystal light is my fav!

  16. Rachel 06.24.2010

    My fam is headed to Omaha for the 4th (my sister-in-law & her family live there), so we’ll catch some fireworks and visit the zoo! I’m also taking an extra day off just for myself, and I haven’t decided how I’m going to spend that.

    • Darcy 06.24.2010

      Me too! Unfortunately it will probably be cleaning and making the house normal after a holiday weekend!

  17. Julie S. 06.24.2010

    Getting chased by yappin’ dogs while on my walks is a real pet (pun intended :)) peeve of mine! I walk really fast so when the irresponsible owner who has brought their dog outside w/o a leash (& who is invariably out of shape) tries to catch their dog, I just keep going. Let them get a little exercise! Teach them a lesson. (Guess I’ve got a bit of a mean streak). :)

  18. Jennyj 06.24.2010

    I can’t wait to go boating!

  19. Fourth of July is Sunday so we have church and then go enjoy a bike ride before the fireworks. We’ll just have a relaxing day.

  20. Beth 06.24.2010

    My birthday is on the 4th and I am looking forward to relaxing at my family’s lake house in NJ. There will be lots of food, drinks and fun. Can’t wait!

  21. Matt 06.24.2010

    Creamy oats are the best :)

  22. Liz 06.24.2010

    Watahmelon is so delicious and Trader Joe’s has the seedless kind for super cheap! I saw that Al Roker was in DM on TV yesterday and thought of IGE! :)

  23. Whoot Whoot International!! Canada Day! Pretty much the same deal just celebrated on July 1st. But my family doesn’t do a big family hoopla, no BBQ’s but rather spend the day at the beach with friends and fireworks at night.

  24. Amanda in Rabat 06.24.2010

    I’m impressed- I always discourage my husband from buying a watermelon because I think it will go bad before we can eat it all! Maybe I’ll reconsider…

    I miss oatmeal…especially when I see the lovely combinations you create…can’t wait to get back to the States and start making it for breakfast.

    Holidays aren’t a big deal here in Morocco—a few weird bank holidays are noted by flags going up all over the city. Ramadan will begin in early August, so that is what we are looking forward to the most. The American Consulate does have a July 4th party for expats and their families, but we won’t be going! :(

  25. Tamara 06.24.2010

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog! I try to check in daily. You provide some great recipes and tips. Especially for busy people that try to eat healthy. A couple of questions for you: Do you watch and food/cooking shows? If so, which are your favorite? Where do you buy your old fashioned oats and almond butter? We have a bulk foods store that sells almond butter, but it’s not as creamy as yours. Just curious.

  26. Calee 06.24.2010

    Okay, I love your blog and all your awesomeness and all of the things you post (as you probably know since I comment all the time). I’m glad to see somebody else is bothered by something I deal with on an almost daily basis it seems.

    I’m going to go on a minor dogs and leashes rant — seems appropriate.

    It doesn’t matter how well-trained a dog is. It needs to be on a leash at all times, unless it’s in a fenced-in property and the dog-owner has cleared it with the property-owner. This is for it’s own safety and for other people’s well-being. The dog is still an animal, regardless of how obedient it is, and can act on instinct at the drop of a hat.

    I have such a problem with people thinking their dogs are okay without leashes. I run. I’m very tiny. A 50-pound dog barreling at me who probably just wants to be snuggled is a horrific site. The dog may be the friendliest dog in the world, but how would I know that? I don’t know the dog. It’s running toward me and there is a chance that it will try to tear my face off, so I will probably run faster to avoid it. Which is troublesome to a lot of owners because the dog will follow me, but honestly, what is my other option? Stop and be bitten? No thanks.

    I love dogs. I have a little one myself — but he is not allowed to go anywhere without a leash. If I had a fenced in backyard, that would be the only place he would be allowed to be off-leash.

    I just wish people would see the importance of leashes. It’s not only for other people, but it is for the safety of their animal too. No matter how well-trained the dog is, it could run into traffic or it could get into a tiff with another dog or animal and get hurt.

    Sorry about that. I just had to mention it. This is the time of year where people stop leashing their dogs, and it is such a problem!

  27. Becky 06.24.2010

    Dogs are one of my least favorite things about running in residential areas. I run by a few that are huge and bark like crazy over their fences. I’m just waiting for one of them to get loose. Glad the dog didn’t harm you!

  28. Ellen 06.24.2010

    Your blog is such an inspiration. I already have SO many new things that I want to try and cook and bake after looking through all of your posts.
    I used to run a lot, but then I got sick and I’ve had a hard time coming back from it physically. One of my goals for the past few years has been to run a 5K again, and I think after looking at your training schedules I’ve come up with a pretty do-able plan to compelte one… once I find one in the area. Right now, most of the exercise I get is in the forced bike rides in to work each weekday: 7mi roundtrip. Not terrible.
    Also, your foods look delish, even the ones you don’t cook.
    By the way, what camera do you have? I try to get by with the one I have a Canon PowerShot A610 (which I LOVE, now that I’ve discovered how to use my macro setting), but I always feel that my pictures could be better with a better camera and your pictures always look fantastic.
    For the 4th I’m driving up north to meet my boyfriend’s parents and lay out on the lake they have up there. Ahh, bliss after my usual 30hr/wk job and summer classes.

  29. Ms. S 06.24.2010

    Sounds lovely. I just got off the phone with my mom and it sounds like you’re supposed to have some great weather down there this weekend! Are you going to get out to the DM Arts Festival at all? That’s something I miss about Des Moines. The Uptown Art Festival just isn’t the same.
    Not sure about our plans for the 4th yet, as some friends invited us to join them out of town. But we aren’t sure we want to be gone for three of the 5 weekends in July. I think we’ll probably stick around the Twin Cities and steak out a spot on the Stone Arch Bridge in NE Minneapolis to watch the fireworks there. Because fireworks are, hands down, my favorite part of the 4th! :)

  30. Elyse 06.24.2010

    Omg that happened to me when I was on a bike ride once!! Someones yappy dog chased me for at least three streets and kept trying to bite the back of my ankle while I peddled. I was like really? Maybe this is why I have a cat lol Usually I go to my grandparents lake house for the 4th of July, but this year we are having a stay-cation since we need to pack. My boyfriend and I leased an apartment together and are moving in the weekend after the 4th so we are better off here getting things in order. I hope to at least make it somewhere to catch some fireworks though!

  31. Since I’m in Canada, I’m not celebrating the fourth this year- seems so strange to me, because every year we do a family BBQ and see the fireworks! However July 1st is Canada day, so I will be traveling to Nick’s (my fiance) hometown to get our BBQ and drink on for the day :D


  32. yay for sunny runs – well apart from the dog that is! I am hoping the weather warms up enough here so that I can go for one later!

  33. Molly 06.24.2010

    The 4th of July is by far my favorite holiday (90% because of the season), but I usually am with friends or family at the cabin with boating, drinking, skiing, swimming, the whole shebang…this year, I’ll be running a half-Marathon in Japan. I’ll be sure to wear my patriotic colors though!

  34. I know what you mean about loving water but needing to kick it up a little sometimes. I also like raspberry seltzer for a change up.


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  36. Wow! I can’t believe you drink 100 oz. of water a day! That’s crazy. I heard it’s good to drink your weight/2 of water… and you’re tiny. Good job!

  37. Brynne 06.24.2010

    Regular water gets so boring to me too! Flavored seltzer is my savior!

  38. Stephanie 06.25.2010

    I work at IHYC and read your blog- thanks for the mention :) And for reminding me to buy watermelon.

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  40. […] but cool, and the run was pretty terrific except for a brief encounter with a certain black dog. You know the one. I even ran on the other side of the street from its house, but it still chased after me for a […]

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