Nothin’ Wrong with Dessert for Breakfast!


Good morning!

Oooo, I have to show you the dessert I had last night! In a moment of weakness at the grocery store last week, I picked up some Hershey’s Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond Nuggets (say that 5 times fast!)

DSC_0009 (2)

Last night I paired them with sliced strawberries for, um, the most decadent, summery dessert ever! These chocolates are seriously to die for, and I love pairing chocolate with fruit, so this was right up my ally. Enjoyed on a perfect summer evening on my back deck. Bliss. :)

DSC_0006 (2)

This morning I enjoyed another three mile run after my morning Mom walk (seriously, why can’t early morning runs be as enjoyable in the winter when I’d rather, ohhhh, suck on cardboard, then get out of my warm, toasty bed?!) then dug into some MORE summery fruit, with a bowl of Fruit Cobbler Oatmeal!


Named “fruit cobbler oatmeal” because the vanilla and cinnamon oats, paired with the sweet fruit and crunchy almonds, tasted JUST like a warm fruit cobbler!


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 banana (sliced in while cooking)
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Peaches
  • Sliced almonds


I honestly can’t say enough good things about this bowl, so I won’t even try. You can imagine how fresh and juicy it was!


Oh, one thing, these peaches ARE amazing! Though they weren’t from the Farmer’s Market, and they were more of the “white” rather than the traditional “peach” colored variety, they were just as sweet and fantastic. :)

DSC_0008 DSC_0009

I brought a leftover Mozzarella Stuffed Bruschetta Turkey Burger and asparagus for lunch today!


That balsamic reduction/glaze SERIOUSLY makes the burger. It is sweet and thick and outstanding.

DSC_0001 (2)

Ben put these burgers in the category of “one of the best things you’ve ever made.” Awww! Yes! I’ll be sure to give you guys the recipe soon!

DSC_0004 (2)

Well, it’s hump day – which means the week is HALF over!! Who is working/schooling the whole week? Who’s taking an extra day off?

I’ll be working on Friday, then I have the weekend and Monday off…which is my BIRTHDAY! Holy cow, it snuck up on me!!

Have a good one, guys!


Favorite ways to enjoy chocolate?! Or, are you one of the rare people in the world that, gasp, doesn’t like chocolate?!

My #1 fave is the Wuollet Brownie (it will seriously change your life) drizzled with thick caramel sauce. Honorable mentions go to Starbucks’ Caramel Nut Hot Chocolate (so rich you seriously only need 3 sips) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie. That, when served warm and topped with cold vanilla ice cream, will also change your life!

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  1. I just love it plain! I really love it with sea salt – such an amazing combination!

  2. Jenny 06.30.2010

    I love spicy chocolate! And chocolate with sea salt… and white chocolate, and chocolate with PB… I’m an equal opportunity chocolate lovah!

  3. I love chocolate in all ways! Although, chocolate with fruit is one of my favorites!

    Can’t wait for the burger recipe…they looked so good!

  4. suck on cardboard bahahahahahaha. funny funny. i made oats with peaches and blueberries yesterday. amazeballs. i, too, have been CRUSHING peaches like theyre going out of style. i get mine at trader joes and i go through a huge carton of them in a week. lurve! my favorite way to enjoy chocolate isssssssssss with chocolate covered fruit (pref. orange slices, blueberries, strawbs) or a nice mug of hot choc in the winter. or maybe on a s’mores! haha

  5. I’m pretty dull – I just like to nibble reaaaally slowly at some 85% chocolate – thst’s heaven to me!

  6. sara 06.30.2010

    Oh, I love those hershey’s things – I hadn’t had them in forever, and caved a couple nights ago when I was looking for trail mix!
    Yeah, I pretty much love chocolate in any form, but I’d say a brownie sundae (warm brownie, homemade hot fudge, vanilla ice cream) is hard to beat!!

  7. Lauren L. 06.30.2010

    I’m one of those people – I don’t eat chocolate! I have never liked it and I have tried bites over my lifetime and just don’t dig it. It would be tragic if I didn’t love practically every other sweet out there!

  8. The Rabbit Runner 06.30.2010

    my favorite way to enjoy chocolate is to pair it with some peanut butter – especially 90% chocolate. so good.

    wow that bowl of oats looks crazy good – love all the fruit :)

  9. Jenna 06.30.2010

    You know, I’ve never had a Wuollet brownie. I think that needs to change, asap, since I live near a Wuollet Bakery and all. :)

    Hands down my favorite way to eat chocolate is my Buttermilk Chocolate Cake!

  10. Mellissa 06.30.2010

    I like dark chocolate, just a plain piece of really good dark chocolate makes me happy :)

  11. *Andrea* 06.30.2010

    i loveeeeee chocolate. dark is good to savor but sometimes i crave milk hershey’s chocolate! they make a good bar i think it’s the toffee symphony bar. so good!

  12. brandi 06.30.2010

    Those chocolates are one of the main reasons I gained 25 lbs in one semester in college. They’re addicting!!

    I actually haven’t bought them since college, but they’re one of my favorite chocolates that isn’t dark.

  13. Favorite way to enjoy chocolate?! I adore a good chocolate chip cookie, warm fudge sauce over ice cream, and any type of truffle. Y.U.M!

  14. May favorite way to eat chocolate? Straight up, girlfriend!!

  15. Ashley 06.30.2010

    I love chocolate! Maybe a little too much! There is a “Peace Craft” store where I live that sells chocolate that’s imported from all over the world, and my favorite is a dark chocolate bar imported in from Germany along with a glass of Blackberry wine. Incredible!

    I can’t wait to see the recipe for last night’s dinner!

  16. Jen 06.30.2010

    I live about 15 minutes from Hershey, PA. I love just the plain old Hershey bar or the Hershey’s with almonds. It’s cool because at Hersheypark (a lot of people don’t know there is an amusement park there) they have a place called Chocolate World. There is a ride you can take that shows how they make the chocolate and all that. There is also a HUGE area where you can buy all the Hershey’s candy brands plus they put new things out at Chocolate World to test them to see how they’re gonna go over with the public. You never know what you might find!

  17. I’m working the whole week and working next Monday even though my office is closed because I need the earn some extra vacation hours to use later in the year. Bummer – oh well!

  18. Emily 06.30.2010

    Those burgers looks fabulous!!! I’m taking Friday and Tuesday off for the longest weekend ever. Love it.
    Oh and I’m trying your baked beans (well, your Moms)!!!
    Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  19. Anna 06.30.2010

    I agree – chocolate with fruit is where it’s at!
    Or just some extreeeeemely dark chocolate by itself.

  20. Dawn 06.30.2010

    OmGosh, last night I had the same thing you did!!! Well, I took mini chocolate chips and melted them in the mic and then cut some strawberries in half and dipped them! OMGosh, my new fav!

    Working, supposed to be off on Friday, but need to get some extra work done, so I am working! Then 3 days off!

  21. Sara 06.30.2010

    My favorite way to eat chocolate would be with peanut butter! :)

  22. Angie 06.30.2010

    This is my first comment, although I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks (sorry for the lurking). My favorite way to eat chocolate is any way :) I absolutely love dark chocolate, the higher the cocoa content, the better.

    I want to say kudos on all of the amazing photographs you post on your blog, and the super yummy looking food, too! Reading always makes me hungry! I’m a bit of a foodie, without enough time to dedicate to my passion, but I am inspired by your posts. Keep up the wonderful work! Thanks!!

  23. Ellen 06.30.2010

    I love chocolate with pretzels and nuts, so I guess I would have to say salt, thought with chocolate you really can’t go wrong with any pairing.

  24. Becky 06.30.2010

    I love chocolate and fruit! My favorite is white chocolate covered strawberries – they’re to die for!
    Where do you get those reusable lunch-to-go box things? Haha, sorry I really don’t know what to call them other than that!

  25. I’m a chocolate snob. I only like the European versions that I grew up on. Dark, no preservatives, just good stuff.

  26. L 06.30.2010

    IGE / Kristin – I just want to say that you are the sweetest thing ever and I LOVE reading your blog and your recipes. You will be famous one day for sure. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you seriously crack me up. I am kind of cynical and have a very love / hate relationship with food blogs, but yours is just awesome. Thanks for sharing what you do. Your pictures are stunning, you are hilarious and your recipes are SO unique and fresh. I’m sure you are just a local celebrity peach in Iowa, but you have big fans (me) in the big apple!

  27. Susan C. 06.30.2010

    I love dark chocolate, but it has to be high quaility, Dove is good. Once in a while I crave a Reeses Peanut Butter cup, yum.

  28. I’ll pretty much take chocolate anyway I can get it and that breakfast looks amazing!

  29. Erika 06.30.2010

    As long as it’s dark chocolate I don’t care what form it’s in! The best is probably warm and gooy.

  30. sassy 06.30.2010

    I absolutely adore that chocolate with the toffee and almonds. Such perfection. ANd a good pairing with strawberries I’m sure. It’s such a decadent choc. that you don’t need to have more than one or two either. YUM! And that dinner looks outfreakinstanding!

  31. I like Green and Black’s dark chocolate that has been kept in the fridge – HATE melty chocolate! In the Winter, a good Chilli Hot Chocolate makes me a very, very happy girl :)

  32. Sara 06.30.2010

    What a yummy dessert! Actually, all of your meals look yummy :)

    My favorite way to enjoy chocolate is in the form of double chocolate cake or brownies. OMG!

  33. lauramich 06.30.2010

    First, I will have to try some variation on the stuffed burgers — if I can sneak them by my husband, who on one hand claims to not be a picky eater and the other hand says “I’m a purist” and tends to resist odd (to him) combinations of foods. Sheesh, I couldn’t even sell him on sweet potato curry!

    Re: 4th of July — I’ll be off on Monday in observance of the holiday. I’m not taking any time off besides that, but we leave on the 9th for our week-long vacation, so we may spend part of the holiday prepping and packing.

    Re: chocolate — I’m definitely a dark chocolate girl. I bought some black cocoa (basically, the stuff used to make Oreos!) at an Amish market over Mother’s Day weekend, and I’ve been using that straight up in my coffee to help wean me away from half-and-half. I’m also madly in love with Trader Joe’s black cocoa almonds, which are dipped in dark chocolate and then rolled in black cocoa.

    Hot chocolate was actually one of my biggest weight loss tricks. My “recipe”: 1/2 serving Ghirardelli double cocoa mix, 1 tablespoon plain cocoa, and 8 ounces skim or 1% milk. Using only half of the Ghirardelli mix and half plain cocoa makes the drink less sweet and more chocolate-y. Using milk gives me a protein and calcium boost. And having that to look forward to in the evening helps me resist other temptations throughout the day.

    A treat that I tend to crave: Dark chocolate chips or chunks mixed with nuts and dried fruit.

    And when I’m going really indulgent? A good, dark chocolate ice cream, or a brownie! I’d rather eat brownies than cake!

  34. Julie S. 06.30.2010

    Have a great b-day weekend, Kristin!! :)

  35. oh my – what a perfect summery breakfast!
    I really love dark choc….straight up :)

  36. Elyse 06.30.2010

    I work all week.. drag.. but am looking forward to a nice long 3 day weekend! Happy early birthday!! :-D I am one of those rare people who actually has to be in the mood to eat chocolate. I don’t like it by itself. In a cookie or dipped with fruit I don’t mind, but I am never one to eat it from a box. And I don’t eat chocolate cake.. ew! (sorry choco-holics.. no offense). I will always pick a vanilla/honey/ or cinnamon dessert over a chocolate one.

  37. Ashley 06.30.2010

    I love dark chocolate with a nice glass of red wine :) I also love strawberries dipped in chocolate. I have heard of pears with chocolate as well and I think that sounds fantastic!

  38. mina 06.30.2010

    you’re seriously asking which way people like chocolate the best? isn’t that like asking which child is your favorite or something?!

    that oatmeal looks awesome and i can’t wait for the turkey burger recipe!

  39. White peaches are seriously THE BEST. I work at a farm and they grow these white peaches called China Pearls… OMG. No words.

  40. I love your bowl, especially the raspberries!

  41. sara 07.01.2010

    I’m a rare woman who can’t take too much chocolate….never alone it always has to be paired with something and never dark.

  42. Danielle 07.01.2010

    I love to eat chocolate just about any way although I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate.

    My birthday is next Saturday! Yea for July birthdays :)

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