Good morning!

After a warm and sticky Mom walk this morning, I dug into a brand new breakfast – Raspberry Banana Oatgurt!


WHATgurt? Oatgurt! Oatmeal + Greek yogurt!



I first spied this concoction on Holly’s blog, and was confused. "Wait a second," I said to myself, "hot oatmeal and cold yogurt? Together?! How will this work?"


In the mix:

My doubt flew out the window after my first bite – this was fantastic!


The hot oatmeal and cold Greek yogurt melded together like velvet. YES.


These are the cherries my Mom brought fresh from Michigan. Wowsers, they were sweet. What a breakfast! :D


Lunch is pretty spectacular too – I packed a nice sampler style lunch!


A pepper jack cheese stick – great for melting in grilled cheese, topping salads, and as an easy, on-the-go snack.


A Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar. If you think I went bananas with the Chobani this weekend, you should have seen me in the Larabar aisle! 4/$5 = happy IGE!


This flavor is one of my faves (second only to Peanut Butter Cookie.) It tastes exactly like the sammie, but has only four ingredients. Riddle me that?!


Rounded all out with a perfectly ripe cantaloupe half.


I ended up eating the other half of this cantaloupe for dessert last night, instead of my peanut butter ice cream bar. Someone wanted to see a picture of the empty ‘loupe half – so here you go! Demolished. :)


Trust me when I tell you that I am not an "I eat fruit to satisfy my dessert cravings" type of gal, but this cantaloupe was SWEETER than ice cream. The sweetest one I’ve ever had, actually!


Topped with saran wrap and wrapped with a rubber band for easy transport.


Satisfaction! :)


So I was was watching a Comedy Central special with Nick Swardson this weekend (hysterical) and he pondered, what if everyone had to grow up and become the first thing they ever wanted to be when they were little? Ie, when he was 6 he wanted to be a ninja. So what if he really had to be a Ninja when he grew up?

If that were true, I’d be sitting behind the telephone switchboard at the White House right now. It’s true. When I was about 7 years old, I got a million books on the White House and wanted to become one of the women who sat behind the switchboards directing calls. Random! ;)


What would you be today, if you had to become the first thing you ever wanted to be? Did anyone actually end up becoming what they wanted to be when they were little?