A Velvety-Smooth Breakfast Combo!


Good morning!

After a warm and sticky Mom walk this morning, I dug into a brand new breakfast – Raspberry Banana Oatgurt!


WHATgurt? Oatgurt! Oatmeal + Greek yogurt!


I first spied this concoction on Holly’s blog, and was confused. "Wait a second," I said to myself, "hot oatmeal and cold yogurt? Together?! How will this work?"


In the mix:

My doubt flew out the window after my first bite – this was fantastic!


The hot oatmeal and cold Greek yogurt melded together like velvet. YES.


These are the cherries my Mom brought fresh from Michigan. Wowsers, they were sweet. What a breakfast! :D


Lunch is pretty spectacular too – I packed a nice sampler style lunch!


A pepper jack cheese stick – great for melting in grilled cheese, topping salads, and as an easy, on-the-go snack.


A Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar. If you think I went bananas with the Chobani this weekend, you should have seen me in the Larabar aisle! 4/$5 = happy IGE!


This flavor is one of my faves (second only to Peanut Butter Cookie.) It tastes exactly like the sammie, but has only four ingredients. Riddle me that?!


Rounded all out with a perfectly ripe cantaloupe half.


I ended up eating the other half of this cantaloupe for dessert last night, instead of my peanut butter ice cream bar. Someone wanted to see a picture of the empty ‘loupe half – so here you go! Demolished. :)


Trust me when I tell you that I am not an "I eat fruit to satisfy my dessert cravings" type of gal, but this cantaloupe was SWEETER than ice cream. The sweetest one I’ve ever had, actually!


Topped with saran wrap and wrapped with a rubber band for easy transport.


Satisfaction! :)


So I was was watching a Comedy Central special with Nick Swardson this weekend (hysterical) and he pondered, what if everyone had to grow up and become the first thing they ever wanted to be when they were little? Ie, when he was 6 he wanted to be a ninja. So what if he really had to be a Ninja when he grew up?

If that were true, I’d be sitting behind the telephone switchboard at the White House right now. It’s true. When I was about 7 years old, I got a million books on the White House and wanted to become one of the women who sat behind the switchboards directing calls. Random! ;)


What would you be today, if you had to become the first thing you ever wanted to be? Did anyone actually end up becoming what they wanted to be when they were little?

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  1. A 07.07.2010

    I did! Well, librarian might have been my second choice — after ballerina. But, considering that I can barely touch my toes, I think I went in the right direction. ;)

  2. cj 07.07.2010

    i’m new to IGE, but i’m loving all of your posts!! you have changed my breakfast habits with all of your fun combinations! to answer your question, no i didn’t become the first thing i wanted to be….i’m pretty sure i wanted to be a beautician. i’m a teacher instead lol

  3. Sarah 07.07.2010

    I heart Nick Swardson!
    I always wanted to be a nurse. In reality I work with railcars :)

  4. Kristin 07.07.2010

    I wanted to be a WWF pro wrestler!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAH, no I did not become that. I’m an English teacher. For the better. The much, much better!!! My arms are as wide as green beans! :D

  5. I wanted to be a writer! It still shocks me. :)

  6. Holly 07.07.2010

    YAY for yoatgurt – admittedly, i have not had that combo in way too long! glad you enjoyed :)

    and that white house tidbit made me laugh out loud – love it!

  7. i used to make hot oatmeal, then throw in a cold cereal like cheerios and pour skim milk all over it. amazing. if i had to be what i wanted to when i was little, i would be either a heart surgeon (i dream high…) or a coroner. seriously – i used to write letters to the local coroner. psycho child. hahaha

    • Oh.em.gee. This made me laugh aloud. Letters to the coroner!! Too funny. Although, I’m obsessed with all things murder/investigation related, so we can be psychos together :smile:

  8. Margaret 07.07.2010

    The first thing I wanted to be was a crossing guard. Haven’t done that yet — maybe when I retire. :)

  9. Hot and sticky eh? Cold and wet heere :D
    Hmmm..I wanted to be a vet\! Neeeever gonna happen :P I hate science!

  10. A bus driver – I always thought the people that drove us on field trips (I didn’t take the bus) were so cool. Haha.

  11. Jenny 07.07.2010

    I would be Indiana Jones

  12. Ashley 07.07.2010

    Ohh, I love Nick Swardson, and whenever I hear his name, all his Terry lines from Reno 911 start playing in my head!

    I actually wanted to be a teacher for the longest time, then decided to try something else. So I got a couple of degrees in communication/radio&tv (electronic media)…decided it wasn’t for me, went back for my early childhood ed degree and became a teacher! I’m about to start my 4th year teaching 2nd grade:) So I guess I am what I wanted to be at 6!

  13. Lauren 07.07.2010

    In all honesty, I think I wanted to be married to one of the Walton Boys. Ok, really though, a doctor/ice skater. I am an Americorps VISTA.

  14. Bridget 07.07.2010

    Nick Swardson is one of the funniest people on the planet! My first thing I wanted to be was a ballerina. Yeah, that did not happen. My second was a teacher and I actually was a K-5 PE teacher before I became a sahm! I loved it.

  15. Elyssa 07.07.2010

    I think the first thing I wanted to be was an author/illustrator…it’s good that that didn’t happen, because I can’t draw at all! I’ve always stayed close to books and earned a BA in English lit and am halfway done getting a Masters in Library Science!

  16. Mich 07.07.2010

    I wanted to be a professional ice skater or a famous artist. Now I’m a graphic designer.

  17. LAURYN 07.07.2010

    I wanted to be a singer and a hairstylist haha. And I always wanted to be a cashier. I had the little toy machine and everything. Now that ambition, I accomplished in high school LOL

  18. Melissa 07.07.2010

    When I was 3, I told my mom that I wanted to be a hair dresser so I could get my money right away. Ha!

  19. I wanted to be a pediatritian! Now I am a chef to be/nutritionist. Ha!


  20. Anna 07.07.2010

    Nick Swardson is hilaaaaarious. Have you seen Grandma’s Boy? Go – rent it now!

    I would be an astronaut :D (I’m not, lol)

  21. Sara 07.07.2010

    I’m going to have to try this oatmeal and yogurt combo. It looks great. I’m pretty sure when I was little I wanted to be Barbie. :) Well, now I work in college admissions…I’m sure Barbie did that at some point right?

  22. Dawn 07.07.2010

    I can’t remember what I wanted to be…. sooooo long ago, but I don’t think Networks/Computers were part of that dream for sure as Etch-a-sketch and slinkys were the greatest technology of my childhood.


  23. Daisy 07.07.2010

    I ate the sweetest cantaloupe of my life last night too! i had half leftover in my fridge and went to town when I got out of work. (It was 100* in Boston and this worked wonders at cooling me off!!)

  24. I wanted to be a pro basketball player. I mean, really?! What 5-year-old girl wants to be that?!

  25. I always wanted to be a nurse or a teacher. Neither happened, but I’m more than OK with that.
    Yoatgurt is SO GOOD!!! I haven’t had it in forever. It sounded weird to me too but it just works somehow..

  26. Mikael 07.07.2010

    The peanut butter and jelly Larabar was the first one I ever tried! So yummy! Pretty sure it was because of your blog that I tried it ;)
    I’ve wanted to be a singer ever since I could talk! Of course, ice skater, shamu trainer, and actress soon followed. Haha!

  27. janetha 07.07.2010

    yeah for yoatgurt :) i am surprised you hadn’t tried it yet. i wanted to be a vet until i realized you had to put animals down :(

  28. I wanted to be a teacher. And I totally wish that I had. :(

    • Kristy 07.07.2010

      Its NEVER to late ;-)

  29. Heather 07.07.2010

    Wonder Woman. (I still want to be her.)

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  31. Jenna 07.07.2010

    I wanted to be a famous singer for many years growing up. I had a Spongebob notebook that I would write song lyrics in. I’d sit in my room after school and sing the words out of the notebook. Downfall to that idea: I have stage problems. So that didn’t work. I also went through wanting to be a teacher and a psychologist. Now I’m working on an English degree with a Creative Writing emphasis. I’ve never been happier with this decision.

  32. I love that combo. I used to eat it all the time. I called it my purple mess because I added blueberries and it turned all purple when mixed together.

    I would still be a teacher. I used to teach all my stuffed animals and little brother. My mom even bought me my own chalkboard and stuff to teach them with. I did actually teach for 2 years so it is kind of funny.

  33. Jessie 07.07.2010

    I’m dying to get my hands on a PBJ larabar. Both my trader joe’s and regular grocery store only carry about 3 flavors!

    I LOVE nick swarsdon. Netflix recently put up all comedy central presents comedian sketches on the insta-queue and my fiance and I have been laughing our way through the evenings. Let’s see…I always had about 12 different career aspirations at any given point in my life. Top 3 were usually: ballerina, horse boarder and novel writer. I just got my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, go figure! Fiance’s 3 were musician, filmmaker and astronaut. He actually went to film school so points to him for following a childhood dream!

  34. Margarita 07.07.2010

    When I was 5 I was obsessed with watching the garbage men jump off the garbage trucks. I thought it was so cool. But that would def not be glamorous. Perhaps fun though !

  35. Corinne 07.07.2010

    hahaha i watched that special this weekend too. he is hilarity defined. if that were true i’d be vanna white :) turning letters and wearing fancy dresses!

  36. Amanda in Rabat 07.07.2010

    A cashier at a grocery store…but that was before scanners. I wanted to press the buttons all day. Later, I did work at one while in college and got my fix, but w/ scanners by then!

  37. Sami 07.07.2010

    YUMMMM. velvety yoatgurt. looks good! how much banana do you use?? i always wonder. :) i don’t want it to be overwhelmingly sweet, but i DEFINITELY need a touch.

  38. Tracy 07.07.2010

    I would be a NUN…LOL!!!

    Instead I’m married with 4 kids and very happy that comedian’s thoughts weren’t true ;)

  39. Hot oatmeal and cold Greek yogurt. Sounds like something I’ll be trying. Maybe tomorrow morning ;-).

  40. I would be a TV Chef. When I was 10-12 (honestly I don’t remember what I wanted to be before that age), I was always watching Ken & Mary-Jo (Dean McDermot’s first wife), on thir Canadian cooking show. I remember telling my mom that I wanted to be a TV chef, but that I would have it in my contract that I wouldn’t do fish because that’s gross. LOL I love salmon now!

  41. Gosh, I don’t think I can remeber that far back! I would never have thought of puttinh yoghurt and oatmeal together in a million years! Interesting combo.

  42. sassy molassy 07.07.2010

    I remember wanting to be either a gymnast or ice skater OR some high powered business woman wearing suits and heels every day. I didn’t start early enough to do either of the sports and I don’t live in a big city to be a high powered business woman. plus, heels are too uncomfortable for these runner feet.

    I work in marketing and do a lot of writing, which probably suits me well. Loved reading everyone’s comments!

  43. anne 07.07.2010

    This is a comment from yesterday’s post… would you be willing to show us a picture of your desk at work? I’m really intrigued with the idea but can’t imagine how it looks?

  44. Elyse 07.07.2010

    It was a toss up when I was little. I dreamed of being an actress but knew I would be too shy, so I told my mom I would stick with the people at Sea World who care for the penguins. I didn’t want anything to do with Shamu since he scared me because of his massive size and the word “killer” in his name haha But today I am a mapping technician for a property appraisal software company. Talk about random?!

  45. Kristy 07.07.2010

    I wanted to be a princess-veternarian-lawyer (yes all in one)….HA….well my husband treats me like a princess, I have two dogs that I am mommy to and I have two teenagers….whom I argue like a lawyer with. So I feel like I have accomplished my childhood dream ;-) Now the job that pays the bills..yea thats a different reality!


  46. I love Greek yogurt with my hot oatmeal–so rich and creamy!!

  47. Emily 07.07.2010

    Aside from my dreams of being a gold-medal winning gymnast, I always wanted to be a journalist. Now, almost to my degree, I am proud to say that my dream is still alive!

  48. Julie S. 07.07.2010

    I would be a beautician. (I’m an accountant.) Not sure which is worse! :)

  49. Jenna 07.07.2010

    I wanted to become a country super star (like Dolly Parton)… instead I became a graphic designer. :D

  50. Lindsey Michaud 07.07.2010

    That is so funny! I only semi ever wanted to work at the white house, as a speech writer. Now I know that’s more stress than I ever want!

    your oatmeal looks amazing and I must try soon!

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