Girl’s night!

Ben and I gave my Mom a gift certificate for a luxurious pedicure for Mother’s Day, and she finally cashed it in tonight. Being the generous daughter that I am, I offered to get a pedicure too, so she wouldn’t have to go alone. HA! ;)


We entered and consulted the “wall o’ color”.


My eyes immediately went to the “pink” shelf. Pink is my favorite color, don’t ya’ know.


I settled on OPI’s Tropical Punch – the color I usually get for my summer pedis. It’s bright, fun and screams: it’s summertime!


It looks kind of coral-y in this picture, but it is hot pink in real life!


We settled in for a relaxing back massage in the big, comfy massage chairs,


and proceeded to get the living daylights rubbed out of our tired feet and calves. It.Was.Incredible. Locals – Venetian Nails at Jordan Creek Town Center is where it’s at. They massage each of your legs/feet for a good 20 minutes!  


All better!


Mother/daughter time is the best time. :D


The salon we went to was in the mall, so after our treatments we headed to the food court to snag some Panera for dinner. We were starving!


We both settled on the classic You Pick Two. Which is actually you pick three because they let you choose your side. Sweet!


I chose Chicken Noodle Soup and an apple,

IMG_9640 IMG_9641

and the big poppa himself, a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich! Oh, Mediterranean Veggie, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

1. You are stuffed to the gills with the tastiest of toppings, including fresh veggies, feta cheese and cilantro-jalapeno hummus.


2. Your Tomato Basil Bread has the sweetest crust and softest, pillowy center.


3. And you’re just really tasty, mmkay?


We had a terrific view of the hot and muggy outdoors from our cool and comfortable table indoors. :) 


Don’t you love spending time with your Mom?! :)

I am off to finally put together my Keurig – I shall be brewing my first cup in the a.m.!



What color do you usually chose for your nails? Do you match your fingers & toes?

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  1. Becky 07.07.2010

    Love mother-daughter time! My mom and I are super close and do a lot together….she gets me!

    Forget ice cream, pedicures really are my favorite summer treat! I love bright colors on my toes for summer. Last time I went, the girl added a flower. It was funny, but cute! I never get my nails painted bright colors, though! I have a serious pet peeve about chipped polish.

    Glad you had a fab night!

  2. What a fun evening with your mom! Love the toes!!

    My toes are usually some shade of burgundy or pink/red in the summer and my nails either match them or have a French manicure!!

    Good luck with your Keurig….you are gonna LOVE it!

  3. Jenny 07.07.2010

    The power of a pedicure!! I can’t wait to experience it for myself this Friday:)

  4. Lauren 07.07.2010

    AWww, mother daughter date nights are always a blast!! I just had one with my mama the other week. Ours involved shopping and Chipotle! So amazing! :)

  5. Mellissa 07.07.2010

    I love bright red toes, that makes me happy. I am not a big fan of nail polish on my nails but I will occasionally use a light color.

  6. Gorgey pics! Especially the ones of you two.

  7. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Mum/daughter time is the best! Sadly I dont get to see my Mum that often as she lives in a different State :(

  8. Mary Ann 07.07.2010

    Mother-daughter time is the best! I’m going on a vaca with mine in a couple weeks (and some other family). We’re going to NO so I’m going to have to go back and read your vacation posts for ideas.

    I usually go for pink or purple on my toes. We’re doing a mother daughter pedi next week before our trip in fact!

    That’s my fave sandwich at Panera too! Although i always have to get the multi-grain bread as the side, even if I’m having a sandwich already…love the bread :)

  9. Allison @ livingoneday 07.07.2010

    Awee I love spending time with my mom!!’great nail colors! I usually get the same color unless I get something outrageous -then it’s just my toes :)

  10. Elyse 07.07.2010

    I never paint my fingernails anymore because it seems like when I do they don’t grow as shiny and pretty as they do when I don’t wear polish. My toes are always painted however.. usually in dark reds/pinks.. but sometimes I go crazy and do black :-) It matches the little star I have tattooed on my foot!

  11. I love super bright colors on my toes! I like crazy colors for my hands too but they aren’t work appropriate ;-)

  12. Liz 07.07.2010

    La-Pazitively Hot is my go-to pedi color! I like Bubble Bath for my fingers- very Giada DeLarentis!

  13. I love the Mediterranean veggie too. I just wish they would put more hummus.

    I can’t wear nail polish with my uniform for work so I only get clear on my nails. But I love bright colors on my toes. I really need a pedicure but my toes are so messed up right now.

  14. Melissa 07.07.2010

    I love hot pink on toes! OPI’s Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot is my fave for summer pedi’s!

    That is the BEST sandwich at Panera! I love the pepadew peppers on it, too! And there’s something about the crust on that bread! Holy YUM!!!

  15. I almost always get the Mediterranean Veggie at Panera Bread; it is SO good!! The last time I got a pedi, I had a color very similar to your’s–loved it!!

  16. Alaina 07.07.2010

    AHHHH! I totally LOVE Mediterranean veggie sandwiches! I even worked at Panera for over a year and never got sick of ’em. Love them grilled, too! :D

  17. BroccoliHut 07.07.2010

    That’s my favorite item from Panera too–the cilantro hummus is so good!
    I always get a reddish pink on my toes–goes with everything!

  18. AJ 07.07.2010

    My fingernails are almost always bare. I work in a very conservative environment, so I try to keep it pretty tame on visible body parts. My toe nails, however, are usually painted. Right now, they are bright purple. I like reds, pinks, purples, nude shades.

  19. I love spending time with my mom. We can be doing nothing at all other than just being around eachother. I can tell that she has been missing me (we live less than 2 miles apart), lately though, as she has called me almost every day this week and she hates talking on the phone lol.

  20. Sara 07.07.2010

    I have only gotten 2 pedicures in my entire life and only one manicure…and it was for prom. I am not into that kind of stuff at all, as you can probably imagine ;-) I do paint my toenails dark colors in case they get dirty from walking around in flip flops…TMI?

  21. Sara 07.07.2010

    That’s the same combo that I always get at Panera! I love pedicures. I usually get some shade of pink and very rarely do my fingers & toes match. :)

  22. Kelly 07.07.2010

    I love my Keurig!! I hope you enjoy it too!!!
    I have recently branched out when choosing my toenail colors:). I used to paint them red or a shade of pink. This summer I have become a rebel and they are BLUE!! When I first painted them this bold color, I almost took it off that day, but then it started to grow on me and my toes have been blue most of the summer:). I also like purple, which is a new color for me also!!! I’m such a rebel:)).
    Mother/daughter time is the best, especially when it involves some shopping, eating, and pampering!!!

  23. It must be Maybelline Express Finish polish, because I don’t have time to wait more than 60 seconds for it to dry (especially with a nosy pup around). Speedy Hot Tamale is great! And I just bought Go Go Green to give a try.

  24. Abby A 07.07.2010

    I am always trying new colors, but my latest favorite is plum. Sometimes I’ll go with a flashy hot pink. And yes, fingers and toes must match!!

  25. Dawn 07.08.2010

    I always have pink and whites for my fingernails and pink (just like your pink) for my toes. You and your mom have the same toes! LOL

    I like to spend time with my mom when see her! She is 90, just got back from China and is a go-getter! My soul mate!

    Enjoy your coffee! I think they have hot chocolate pods too!

  26. Dream Mom 07.08.2010

    Love pedicures! I mean, who doesn’t love getting their nails done and a massage! As for nail colors, for summer I do a white or soft, pale pink on my fingernails and then do a really bright hot color for my toes. I typically love a hot pink. Right now I have Orly’s “Angel Face” (soft pale pink) on my fingernails and two colors on my toes-I have two coats of Zoya’s “Eva” (a pinky coral) and then I topped it with Orly’s Berry Blast which is a pinky/coral shimmer over it. Orly seemed to have the prettiest pale colors and I was able to get them a while back at Ulta at the their buy 2 get 1 free sale. In the fall, I am a lot bolder on the fingernail color. I love the deep brick colors, burgundy, deep purple and I even have a green (Zoya Irene) which looks amazing.

  27. I do love spending time with my mama and I loveee pedis too – great great color choice. I always go for pinks, sometimes hot pinks, sometimes coral. I can not mismatch my nails and toes, so I rarely ever get manis.

  28. Neen 07.08.2010

    i love mother/daughter time, my mum is totally one of my best friends!

    i usually go for pinks too, and i do like to match the toes to the fingers!

    love your blog btw, i just found you recently! x

  29. Denise 07.08.2010

    I just discovered this sandwich at Paneras and I am totally hooked. So refreshing.

  30. Carrie 07.08.2010

    Tropical punch is my “go to” summer color too!

  31. Brynne 07.08.2010

    I’ll have to check out that color!

    And Panera’s Mediterranean sandwich is the best!!

  32. My eyes generally go toward the red colors for some reason, but pink is definitely more summery! I love your necklace, btw. And, the Mediteranean veggie is WHERE it’s at.

    P.S. I asked my readers to share their favorite food blog with me, so I can find some new ones and I told them all to check out yours. I read a lot, but yours is defintitely my fav. So thanks again for writing :smile:

  33. Such a fun time with your mom! I’m heading to Nebraska next weekend, and my mom just scheduled pedis for the two of us and my older sister. I can’t wait – always a good time!

  34. I am definitely a pink person in the summer time!! But in the fall/winter, I got for the dark stuff! I never match my fingernail and toenails :)

  35. Corinne 07.08.2010

    ooo tropical punch…i like it!!

    my mom and sister are en route (live 5 hrs away) as we speak for a long weekend birthday visit! CANNOT WAIT

  36. Cynthia 07.08.2010

    AHHH, pedis are so relaxing. OPI That’s Berry Daring is my current summer fave. As for my fingers and toes matching, it depends. Sometimes I pick a really dark color so I just get it on my toes and choose a light color for my fingers. (Ballet Slippers by Essie) :)

  37. Anna 07.08.2010

    I don’t match my toes and fingers on purpose but sometimes it just happens. I have this pale shimmery gold that I love love LOVE.

  38. I’m gonna have to try the mediterranean sandwich (sans red onions) next time I’m at Panera.

  39. Maily 07.09.2010

    I usually go for reds & pinks, and I always match my colors :-)

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