A Yummy, Surprise Gift + Giveaway Winner!


Look what I brought home from work today!


A giant bag of mini LarabarsWHEEE!!! 


A friend of mine at work has a fiancé who was at a race this weekend where they were handing these bad boys out (woah, that was confusing!) Apparently there were a TON leftover so he got to bring some home and, since they know I heart Larabars, they gave me the entire bag!


From what I can tell, all my faves are inside. Peanut Butter Cookie, Cashew Cookie, Coconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie and Lemon Bar. Larabars for years. This totally made my week! :D


I’m still in a “I just got back from vacation last night and have a million things to do before I’m leaving for another semi-vacation in two days” mode, so I made a tasty, yet quick, 5 minute dinner tonight. Grilled Cheese Salad!


Don’t adjust your monitors, those are grilled cheese croutons in my salad – YES!


All I did was rip up some baby spinach and toss it with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and Bisignano’s Italian Dressing


Then I cubed up a grilled cheese sandwich that I had buttered on both sides and cooked on low heat so it got really super crisp. Toss again and serve!


Tell me grilled cheese croutons don’t kick stale, store-bought croutons to the curb! YUM! Cheesey, crunchy and perfectly soaked with zesty Italian dressing. The best. :)


In other news, Ben acquired an illness while I was gone (I know, I leave the man alone for two days… ;) ) so I’ve got to go play nurse. I’ll also be answering emails, so if you’ve sent me one in the past week, you should hear back from me tonight!

OH! Speaking of butter – I need to announce the winner of the I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Great Grilling Giveaway! You guys had me drooling over your favorite ways to enjoy warm, melty butter and giggling over your… eccentric… uses as well. Buttered cheerios anyone? Tehehe! ;)

The winner is…

Jamie: If your from Iowa it better be on corn.

Congrats Jamie! Email your mailing address & phone number to IowaGirlEats@hotmail.com so we can get your package out in the mail!

In other news, I’ve craving Pinkberry…dang.

Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Jenny 07.12.2010

    What great luck! Enjoy those babies:)

  2. What an ingenious idea with the grilled cheese! Totally jelly about the Larabars. That’s awesome!

  3. Liz 07.12.2010

    That’s like Christmas in July for you!

  4. Woohoo larabars! What a nice coworker!

  5. yummy!! bummer i didn’t win, but thanks for the giveaway anyways!! feel better ben!

  6. sassy molassy 07.12.2010

    Wowzers, a larabar stash like that would make me grin from ear to ear! And those croutons look delish!

  7. sassy 07.12.2010

    Er, apparently they look so good bc they’re grilled cheese bites (not croutons)! I did make this earlier this year after you had it on the blog. So good.

  8. YAY for surprise lara bar supplies!!!!

  9. Lauren 07.12.2010

    Wow, what a great stash and an even better friend! You are set girl.

    Awww, poor Ben!!!! I’m sure he was just “wife-sick” while you were gone! :)

  10. That is a stash and a half. Maybe I should start sticking around til end of races to see if they have leftovers :=)

    Sorry Ben is sick. I’m sure he is glad to have tender loving care tonight.

  11. Anna 07.12.2010

    Lucky girl! I’ve never seen the mini ones. Your salad made me giggle a little but I’m sure it tastes good!

  12. Stephanie 07.12.2010

    grilled cheese salad – genius – i need to try this out, i love it!

  13. Kathryn 07.12.2010

    Genious idea to add a grilled cheese sandwich to a salad! I will definitely be trying this one soon.

  14. I might just have to try “grilled cheese croutons” on my salad one day!! Yum!! Are you watching The Bachelorette tonight?

  15. Whoa! That’s a ton of Larabars! That’s AWESOME!!

  16. Grilled cheese salad is the most awesome thing I have seen all day!!! Along with pb cookie Larabar, of course!

  17. Sara 07.12.2010

    Wow, what a GREAT idea for croutons! I’ll definitely be trying this one out sometime soon :)

  18. He’s like the Larabar Santa! Lucky girl…

  19. Brynne 07.12.2010

    Ah SO jealous of all your mini Larabars!! How nice of them to just give them all to you :)

  20. Um YUM!!! What an amazing idea!

  21. Lisa 07.12.2010

    Where can you buy Lara Bars, I’ve never seen them in stores before?

  22. Teens Eat 07.13.2010

    Oh my heaven that looks yummy! Grilled cheese+salad= :) I am def. going to have to try that combo! I LOVE Lara Bars too! My fav. is PB & J. I recently tried the Mojo PB&J bars. Those are amazin’ too! I had this bar yesterday with my “sampler style lunch” inspired by you.
    Check it out!
    sampler style lunch

  23. Dawn 07.13.2010

    You take salad and grilled cheese to a whole new level!

  24. Becky 07.13.2010

    Grilled cheese croutons! You are a true genius! I love it – almost as much as Larabars. What a score!

  25. SO jealous of your Larabars! That is awesome!

    And seriously, grilled cheese croutons??? That is such a great idea!

  26. Christina Schave 07.13.2010

    I bought a couple of Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars this weekend … OMG, yum! Thanks for turning me on to them!

  27. Mae 07.13.2010

    Haha the larabar bag is like halloween candy… that would be perfect filling for a health foodie pinata!!

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  29. Grilled cheese croutons are BRILLIANT! love it! :)

  30. […] tried this flavor the other day when I got my big bag full of bars – I had forgotten how chewy, soft and tropical they are. Like a sweet coconut […]

  31. […] with a Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar for dessert. Seriously – I have been rocking these minis in my lunches, plus 1 or 2 every night, since JULY and the bag is still at least 1/4 full. Mini LBs […]

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