Free Ice Cream for a Year!


Greetings from the Ice Cream Capital of the World – complete with dairy cows right off the side of the road (to make all that ice cream, don’t ya’ know!)


The drive took a little over 3 hours during which I entered one crazy storm,


came out the other side to witness this beautiful scene,


and had myself a nice little sing-along to Whitney Houston’s "I Will Always Love You". You should have heard it. Epic, I say!

I arrived at my hotel and walked straight into this little welcome package as I entered my room. I’m sure the whole floor heard my "AWWWWW!!!!" as the door closed behind me!


Do not adjust your computer monitors, that booklet does indeed say "Free Ice Cream for a Year." omg.


Oh, I have to show you the view from my room. Hello, Iowa!


This just cracks me up. It’s so Iowa, and I couldn’t love it more.

IMG_9881 IMG_9883

I’m going to go drive around town for a little bit and get a bite to eat before the sun goes down. Perhaps I’ll check out Bob’s Drive In that so many of you are raving about! :D

See you tomorrow, friends!


What state do you live in? What do you like best about it? What’s it known for?

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  1. I’m from Nebraska – hello, Cornhusker football!

  2. Heather 07.14.2010

    aaahh AWESOMENESS! Your hair is so pretty by the way!

  3. I’m an Iowa girl…born and raised!! I’m so jealous of your free Blue Bunny for a year…you can’t beat it!

  4. erica 07.14.2010

    that picture of the other side of the storm is beautiful!
    free ice cream for a year?!?! i once won free pizza for a year…i think i’d rather have ice cream!

  5. I’m from MA, clam chowder and lobster out here :-)

  6. Marie 07.14.2010

    I live in the great state of New York, upstate about 45 min outside of the city.My town is known for having the oldest winery in America! its called The Brotherhood Winery , if anyone comes to New York you should deff check it out!

  7. ooooooh how exciting!!!!! Have fun!!!

  8. Kayla 07.14.2010

    all my family lives in LeMars! love it! I’m there at least once a month, so glad you’re enjoying your time.

  9. Jill 07.14.2010

    Im from Kentucky! I guess we are known for horses and bourbon. Have fun on your trip! How exciting!

  10. Rachel 07.14.2010

    I live in South Dakota, and since I’m a transplant, I think basically it’s known for Mt. Rushmore.

  11. Lizzy @ LBBakes 07.14.2010

    I love those pictures of your hotel room view! That’s hilarious. I have family from the quad cities area (IL/IA), is that near you?

    I’m from NY, and I love how different the whole state is – the chaos of NYC, the rural peacefulness of upstate. Oh, we’re known for our lake effect snow where I’m from too. :) Makes me want to move to FL every February!

  12. cj 07.14.2010

    south carolina gal here…..known for our palmetto trees, beaches and frogmore stew (aka: lowcountry boil)

  13. heather 07.14.2010

    new jersey-it’s like condensed frozen lemonade, we have everything america can boast in a tiny space, it’s amazing. mountains, ocean, a city up top and a city for the bottom(the one on the top is the greatest city in the world!), a random ivy league school, some forests and plant life, every known ethnicity, and a mall every two feet.

    we used to be known for the sopranos, good hair(haha!), and diner food…now we’re pretty much that place with the housewives and the situation’s summah house. <3

  14. Christi 07.14.2010

    Free ice cream for a year rocks! I love love love ice cream, especially in the winter…
    I am from the great state of Texas, west Texas to be specific! We are known for so many different things. Texas Longhorns, the Alamo, King of the Hill is based in Texas, lips smackin’ BBQ (slow smoked with mesquite wood NOT hickory), and big hair. But everything is bigger in Texas!

  15. Melissa 07.14.2010

    Im from central Iowa-known for it’s pure awesomeness….and Hawkeyes!

    Did you all know that Sunday is National Ice Cream day?? God bless Ronald Reagan for instituting such an important celebration of taste bud happiness.

  16. Lucky!!!! Free ice cream= Amazing! I drove through Iowa when I moved to CO and let’s just say it was pretty, but a little redundant ;) . I’ll be driving back through soon!

  17. awh thats awesome!!! so cute they printed out your header! i love it! i live in PA!! it’s known for…uhhhh…the liberty bell? historical philly is actually a super cool place. i love downtown philadelphia!

  18. Bree 07.14.2010

    First of all…I am so jealous of your ice cream! It’s my favorite food by far.
    I’m from Minnesota! Um let’s see…10,000 lakes, Spam (the food not the emails), Mall of America… I am sure there are more :)

  19. Jill 07.14.2010

    I’m from Southern California and the best things around here is our year round awesome weather, amazing Mexican food, and beautiful beaches. I couldnt imagine living anywhere else. :)

  20. Daisy 07.14.2010

    I love your Iowa pride. it looks so gorgeous and I’m determined to visit someday. (I’ve got cousins in Fairfield). That Blue Bunny gear rocks.

    Massachusetts: History. Boston. Cape Cod. beaches. cobblestone streets. seasons. lighthouses. cranberries. clam chowder. lobster. Celtics. Patriots. Red Sox Nation.

  21. I live in Massachusetts. It is so great that you can see the ocean and history on one half and the beautiful mountains on the other. Such perfect contrast.

  22. Liz 07.14.2010

    Boston girl over here. We bleed history in this neck of the woods. Paul Revere, anyone?

  23. The clouds in that second picture remind me of some I saw earlier this summer before a storm; they were super cool!

    I live in Alaska now and it definitely has that “Last Frontier” feel to it. If you want to get away from people, this is the place to come. We are also known for the outdoor sports: fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, etc. And of course Sarah Palin (although no one up here talks about her anyone–or cares for that matter).

  24. Kelly 07.14.2010

    I live in PA! I love the variety of landscapes…lots of farms and hills, and also LOTS of mountains!

  25. Jenna 07.14.2010

    I am a North Dakota girl. I think my favorite part about my state is how nice everyone is here and how safe it feels. You can go away on travel or even move (though I haven’t done that) and when you come home it feels like you were never gone. It’s like time stops to wait up for your return. I don’t think I’ll live here forever, but it’s sweet known I can come back and feel good about it.
    Our state is known for a lot of things, but I’m afraid that most of them aren’t accurate. I’ve met people who think we don’t have electricity here. And in my area of Fargo we are known for the movie “Fargo” – which I find comical because it’s a poor representation and the movie was actually filmed in Minnesota.

    • Rachel 07.15.2010

      I get that comment about lack of electricity (and running water) too!

    • Amber 07.15.2010

      I lived in Grand Forks for 3 years…I miss it so much!!!

  26. Court and Whit 07.14.2010

    We are from Colorado! I love this state because everyone is always outside LIVING. I love that everyone in Colorado is so active. We are known for our trails, mountains, rivers, ect. It is so awesome to be driving to work and already see people up before the sun walking. Or kids actually riding their bikes outside instead of inside playing video games :)


  27. Megan 07.15.2010

    You should stop in at The Family Table while you’re in LeMars…their homemade onion rings are AMAZING (so bad for you, but still so AmAZinG!!)

  28. andi 07.15.2010

    woohoo! enjoy that ice cream, girl!

    I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life. we’re known for our cherries and blueberries … and our great lakes. :)

  29. Dawn 07.15.2010

    I live in California. What I like best is the beautiful beaches and the mountains. You can be anywhere in 20 minutes. It’s wonderful. I am not really sure what its known best for, but I would have to say Movies, Hollywood!!
    I wouldn’t trade it for the world~!

  30. Stephanie 07.15.2010

    I live in Alaska where we’re known for, well, lots of things: fish, bears, moose, oil, and giant cabbages. Less well known is the fact that Alaskans eat more ice cream per capita than any other Americans. Not sure why we do that; it’s not like there isn’t enough cold stuff here naturally!

    I went to Northwestern College (right in the LeMars area) and we LOVED having the ice cream capital of the world a perfect distance away for study breaks…helllooo freshman fifteen!

  31. Lauren 07.15.2010

    I think you just won the lottery! FREE ice cream for a year! I think this is better than winning the lotto actually! :)

  32. Melinda 07.15.2010

    I used to live in Vegas, but my husband is military and I now live overseas. It is certainly an experience. I live on a tiny island, so most things are locally made. There are tons of cows, so we are well known for cheese. Fish and seafood are amazing here. I have had some of the best lobster ever here.

  33. Free ice cream for a year? Lucky girl!

    I am from Rhode Island, where we are known for our beautiful beaches and awesome seafood :D

    Now I live in Ontario, which is known for… well, I have NO idea! Maybe I should find that out ;)


  34. Jillian 07.15.2010

    You must go to Bob’s! It’s a must. I went to college in the area, so it was a frequently visited spot for us!

  35. I’ve never been to Iowa and it makes me laugh to see everything so open. I’ve gotta get there and experience it! Best part about Massachusetts is the history. I love how you can tell someone to “bear right at Paul Revere’s house” or “it’s right off of the Freedom Trail” and everyone knows what you’re talking about. I couldn’t live anywhere else.

  36. Maura 07.15.2010

    Massachusetts, baby! We’re all about: the Islands & Cape Cod. Boston. History. Seafood. Sports teams. Harvard. The Charles River. Crazyyyy weather and Oh, Tom Brady…

  37. Amanda 07.15.2010

    Ironically the cows in the picture appear to be belted galloways and maybe some angus. They are beef cows, not dairy cows ;-)

  38. Sheri 07.15.2010

    I am from Canada! I live in Alberta…we are know for our majestic Rockies! Ice cream for a year…so lucky!!

  39. Marisa 07.15.2010

    Cows, maple syrup, Green Mountains and Ben & Jerry’s… must be Vermont!

  40. ElizabethMDS 07.15.2010

    YAY! Welcome to NW Iowa!

    Have an awesome day at the factory!

  41. Sherry 07.15.2010

    I was born in Lemars!! Still have lots of family in the area!! Gotta love Iowa!!!! :)

  42. Yasmin 07.15.2010

    I’m from Texas and you know what they say…everything’s bigger in Texas! So true!

  43. AJ 07.15.2010

    OMG!!! First you got free eggs for a year, and now free ice cream! Pretty soon you won’t have to buy food at all. ;)

    I live in Des Moines, IA. I enjoy traveling to other places, but I think Iowa is a perfect place to live. I love your pictures of the IA landscape; Iowa is beautiful, for sure.

  44. Rebecca 07.15.2010

    Born and raised in Iowa, but now living on the central western coast of Mexico. Thanks for the pics from your hotel room…seeing Iowa fields in summer, even just in pictures, makes me feel like I’m not so far from home!

  45. Becca (Hamtowne) 07.15.2010

    I’m from Eastern Iowa, but live in Knoxville, TN now. The best thing about living in East Tennessee has to be the mountains, it’s great be able to jump in your car and be hiking in less than an hour! There is also a lot of water in our area so going out on the boat is mandatory.
    I am super jealous of your free ice cream and your two days at the factory! Have a blast!

  46. Anna 07.15.2010

    YUMMMM. How much ice cream is free ice cream for a year? Like a quart a week? More than that? LOL. I see many ice cream concoctions in your future. That view out your window is sooo funny. So Iowa!

    Iowa here. You know how it goes. Corn and soybeans! Little piggies too. Us city girls know there’s more than that though :)

  47. Evelyn 07.15.2010

    Iowa. Love the sunsets — they are breathtaking!

  48. Sara 07.15.2010

    Arizona here! We’re known for…being hot. The weather, I mean. :)

  49. Hope 07.15.2010

    Yep, that’s definitely and all-Iowa view for ya!:)

  50. Zena Weist 07.15.2010

    I live in Kansas. I think it’s best known for being the place Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz hailed from…ya know the whole Dorothy telling Toto “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”
    What I love most about Kansas is Lawrence. It reminds me of Austin, TX – an inspiring university town surrounded in natural beauty.
    Love your road trip details…and love how Blue Bunny is asking bloggers to experience their brand first hand! I’m on my way to Le Mars now (not driving – my husband is) and I’m looking forward to meeting you!

    • Kelsey 07.15.2010

      I love Lawrence! Of course, I’m a Jayhawk so I have so many wonderful memories of KU and Lawrence, KS! It’s a beautiful city, especially in the fall! Always so much to do and yummy food too–love Pachamama’s, Sylus and Maddie’s ice cream, Zen Zero, and Free State. I’m a Kansas girl now, but home sweet home is Iowa! :)

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