Creating My Own Blue Bunny Ice Cream Flavor + Free Ice Cream Giveaway!


Good morning! 8)

Some early bird thunderstorms rained out my morning Mom walk (again!) but they’ve since cleared up, and it’s actually shaping up to be a real dazzler of a day!

I got it started with a nice breakfast, that I even tweeted my excitement about last night. Let’s see, what do we have here…


A steaming, hot cup of coffee made in my lovely, oh-so-convenient Keurig.


Getting breakfast ready to the smell of freshly brewed coffee is the BEST!


I drank mine black today, because I was feeling hard core. I never drink mine without any mix ins – and now I am feeling all caff’d UP!


Brewed directly into my Las Vegas Starby’s mug. I always thought the LV mug should be hot pink or something, and embedded with rhinestones…just a thought. ;)


I also whipped up an English Muffin slathered in raspberry jam and almond butter.


I picked up these Thomas 100% Whole Wheat English Muffins at the store this weekend.


They’re super fluffy, squishy and light – SO GOOD.


And even better when simply dressed. :)  


Rounded out with half a ‘loupe. I can tell this one is going to be juic-ay!


Don’t get me wrong – oatmeal breakfasts with tons of toppings are fun – but sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Don’t ya’ think?!


I packed a leftover Mozzarella Stuffed Bruschetta Turkey Burger for lunch. Good news – Ben declared that these have officially taken over BBQ Chicken Quesadillas as his favorite food!! 


There’s just so many layers of flavor, and the mozzarella cheese stuffed inside the burger keeps the turkey so moist.


Along for the ride are some crunchy Wheat Thins and silky, whipped Basha Hommus.


A couple readers told me that “hOmmus”, spelled with an O, is the authentic, Middle-Eastern way to spell hommus. “HUmmus”, spelled with a U, is the Americanized way to spell/pronounce it. Interesting!

DSC_0057 DSC_0058

However you spell it, I want to eat it. I love this meal!


Wells Blue Bunny Trip Recap: Create Your Own Ice Cream Flavor!

After the unforgettable ice cream factory tour and delicious 5-course lunch prepared by Blue Bunny’s corporate chef John Kennedy (here are two of the recipes he used in our dessert course!) we sat through a fascinating presentation about snacking & dessert trends with Blue Bunny’s Director of Insights & Innovation (seriously, it was fascinating. I eat this stuff up! Pun intended.)

Afterwards we returned to Chef John’s kitchen, where we were greeted by THIS!


Holy ice cream toppings, batman! It was clear that we had entered the make your own ice cream portion of the tour! :D


Every ice cream topping, mix in and swirl in under the SUN was laid out before our very eyes. We’re talking chocolate chip cookie dough, snickerdoodle cookie dough, sprinkles of every color, cheesecake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake,


brownies, dark chocolate, apple-cinnamon crunchies, chocolate covered waffle cones, peppermint pieces, nuts, chocolate covered nuts, caramel pieces, sea salt caramel crunchies… That doesn’t even include the ice cream base flavorings like peanut butter, chocolate and black raspberry – oh my!!!


Us bloggers could hardly believe our eyes! 8O


Before we got started we settled in to listen to a presentation about how Blue Bunny develops new products from one of their resident food scientists.

It’s surprisingly technical, and the scientists are heavily involved in the process. Lots of checks & balances to make sure the finished product isn’t too sweet, too tart, or really, too anything! Every flavor and product should have a perfect balance. It’s hard work! (Please note how giddy I am.)


The presentation wrapped up not a moment too soon. I mean, hello, look what we were staring at!


It was time to get to work. ;)


Chef John gave us a demo on how to create our own flavor (as if we needed any help ;) ) He started with several scoops of premium, Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream, then added in a peanut butter base, to flavor the ice cream, and several mix-ins. After a quick whirl in a mixer, his combo was good to go!


Our turn! Clearly, we were not shy about digging right in. ;)


Here’s the thing – the food scientist told us that a really good flavor of ice cream has good balance. For instance, if there were chunks of brownie in the ice cream, then maybe they’d add a ribbon of peanut butter to add a hint of savory to balance out the sweet.


If strawberries were the mix-in du jour, maybe they’d use a more tart ice cream base to create a sweet/tart balance.


I took all these helpful hints into consideration when creating my ice cream flavor.


I really did.


In the end though, my inner 8 year old dominated the situation and I ended up with THIS! Muwahahaha!!


Let’s see here…we’ve got premium vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, snickerdoodle cookie dough, caramel bits, brownie chunks, chopped nuts and peanut butter flavoring. I know.


I patiently waited until it was my turn to get have my ingredients whirred up to become real ice cream.




chango!!! Best ice cream I’ve ever had. Sweet, peanut buttery, chewy, crunchy, salty – AMAZING!!


Over the top? Sure. Obnoxiously sweet? You bet. But like I always say – go big, or go home baby!!!!!


We all silently devoured our luscious, creamy-sweet creations with delight. :)


Even our hosts got in on the action!


I made a second bowl, but we won’t talk about that…


Best afternoon EVER!


There you have it folks! Creating your own ice cream flavor. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! ;) 

Time for another Blue Bunny free ice cream coupon giveaway! Today’s question, which you have until 10pm tonight to guess correctly, is…

What is Blue Bunny’s most popular flavor of ice cream?

a. Bunny Tracks

b. Vanilla

c. Chocolate

d. Peanut Butter Panic

The answer to yesterday’s question was “c”. You could fill 1,000,000 pies with the amount of strawberries Blue Bunny uses in their products every year! Woah! Congrats to winner:

Ashley: My answer is C! And the picture of the Big Bopper Sandwiches is definitely a money shot!! Thanks for sharing :D

Congrats Ashley! Email me your address at so I can get your free ice cream coupon out to you in the mail. Good luck to today’s entrants!

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  1. Megan 07.20.2010

    I’m going to have to say “B”…you can’t go wrong with vanilla and if you’re feeling like something more exotic, you can always mix it in, right? ;-)

  2. Andrea 07.20.2010

    I’m going to guess D- Peanut Butter Panic. There’s nothing better than Peanut Butter in your ice cream!

  3. emily 07.20.2010

    B. Vanilla.

  4. Sara 07.20.2010

    I LOVE your ice cream combo! Brownies and peanut butter?! YUM!

    And I guess “B” Vanilla for the most popular flavor. Even though PB Panic is THE favorite in our house!

  5. Dawn 07.20.2010

    I’m gonna say B.

    However, my favorite is the bunny tracks! But you can never go wrong with vanilla or any ice cream for that matter!

  6. I’m going with Bunny Tracks!

  7. I guess B!

    I’m going to have to make those turkey burgers soon! They look great!

  8. Emily 07.20.2010

    I’m going to guess b. vanilla. It’s a classic!

  9. Lizzy 07.20.2010


  10. Cate 07.20.2010

    Bunny Tracks, for sure!

  11. Jane 07.20.2010

    Bunny Tracks?? They all sound so good.

  12. Abby A 07.20.2010

    A–Bunny Tracks!

  13. Michele 07.20.2010

    I know this….B, VANILLA as Chocolate is the 2nd best selling! I know my ice cream:-)

  14. Tiffany 07.20.2010

    The answer is B – Vanilla. I love seeing all these photos from your tour.

  15. im going with B – vanilla. you are TOO CUTE and so attentive in these photos! hahaha i love how everyone else is sorta here and there and you are front and center listening. everything looks SO good. i am infinitely jealous of you!! :)

  16. Colleen 07.20.2010

    I will go with B – you can do so much with vanilla.

  17. Megan A 07.20.2010

    I’m going with B-Vanilla! What’s better than classic vanilla with your favorite toppings? BTW, your ice cream concoctions looks oh so yummy!!!

  18. Lee 07.20.2010

    I think it’s A- Bunny Tracks.

  19. Lindsay 07.20.2010

    I’m going with Bunny Tracks…that is always the flavor that comes to my mind. It’s sooo good!

  20. Ashley 07.20.2010

    How about B? I LOVE my vanilla!

  21. Daisy 07.20.2010

    Well I’m 1 for 1. Today I guess a. Bunny Tracks

  22. Amy 07.20.2010

    What is A-bunny tracks!

  23. brandi 07.20.2010

    I say Bunny Tracks! I know it’s the one I remember all the time as being their flavor.

    How fun! I think your combo sounds delicious.

  24. Cara 07.20.2010

    I’ve gotta go with “A”: Bunny Tracks. SO SO good!

  25. I’m guessing bunny tracks – I love it anyway!

  26. Megan 07.20.2010


  27. Tracy 07.20.2010

    I think Vanilla….its the classic!!
    I love ice cream, and your creation looked and sounded delicious!

  28. Margaret 07.20.2010

    It is b) vanilla. In a world filled with mix-ins like peanut butter bunnies, fudge ribbons, brownie pieces, and everything else, why in the world it would be vanilla is beyond me. :)

  29. Elliott 07.20.2010

    There is no way you can go wrong with an original so I’m going to guess, B. Vanilla.
    Btw, I’m pretty sure you’re ice cream concoction is one of the most delicious mixtures ever! I would guess that my own creation would probably be very similar… and usually is at “create your own” yogurt shops!

  30. Dream Mom 07.20.2010

    Love the pictures! I did notice how excited you were (elbows on the table, sitting up straight and paying lots of attention) as they were explaining it. Who wouldn’t! How exciting! That’s the kind of job we all want to have! I love how you put everything in that bowl-that’s exactly what I did Sunday when I went to a gourmet brunch (for Moms of seriously ill children)-I thought I’d put a tiny bit of everything on my plate and realized that wasn’t a great plan about 1/4 of the way through the buffet as my plate was nearly full, lol! Back to the ice cream, I mean, seriously, that is a TON of toppings. I am not sure how I’d choose! Good thing you let your inner 8 year old. Those 8 year olds know a thing or two about ice cream!

    Congrats on the magazine article! I’ll have to try that recipe.

  31. Sarah T 07.20.2010

    I believe it is Vanilla – B. My favorite however is Bunny Tracks – love the chocolate covered peanut butter bunnies.

  32. Katie 07.20.2010

    My answer is B :)

  33. Evelyn 07.20.2010

    B I’ve heard vanilla is still the top-selling ice cream so that’s my vote. But it must be because people put their own toppings on it to make it their own — like you did at BB! Thanks for sharing all the great photos. It is truly fascinating!

  34. Anna 07.20.2010

    It has to be B – vanilla. Vanilla’s got nothing on the bunny tracks, though, IMHO!

  35. sara 07.20.2010

    i’m guessing bunny tracks!

  36. McKenzie Wilson 07.20.2010

    B Vanilla! Love your blog!

  37. Elyse 07.20.2010

    B. Vanilla by far. All ice cream lovers can at least agree on that flavor right?! Besides what doesn’t vanilla ice cream go good with?! Pies, floats, shakes.. mmm now I want a vanilla shake and it’s not even 9 in the morning yet! :-)

  38. Amy 07.20.2010

    I’m guessing B! Your flavor looked amazing!! I would have totally bought it if it were on the shelves at my local grocery store :)

  39. Jenna 07.20.2010

    I am going to say B, vanilla. You can’t mess with a masterpiece!

  40. Angela 07.20.2010

    My answer is B! I love to make my own ice cream creations and vanilla ice cream is the perfect start! Yummy!!

  41. ThePony 07.20.2010

    I’m sayin B is the most popular. Plain Jane!

  42. Stacy M. 07.20.2010

    I got to go with B – always classic!

  43. Court and Whit 07.20.2010

    A. Bunny Tracks! This is my favorite too :)


  44. Sarah 07.20.2010

    I’m going to have to go with A) Bunny Tracks.

  45. SarahE 07.20.2010

    I say vanilla! That way everyone can add their own toppings and make their own delicious creation!

  46. kristin 07.20.2010

    im going to guess Vanilla :)

  47. mere... 07.20.2010

    B, vanilla is always a great place to start!

  48. I guess Bunny Tracks. Because it’s a cute name. :)

  49. Sara 07.20.2010

    I think vanilla is the most popular…

    Although my fav. would definitely be peanut butter panic!

  50. Maura 07.20.2010

    I’m going to go with Bunny Tracks!! Simply because that’s an awesome name!! In New England, we have Moose Tracks. Haha- fitting…

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