It’s a fact that I turn into a pumpkin around 7pm on weeknights.

Sure, I’ll go for the occasional late night walk or after dinner bike ride, but I’m more likely to be in my PJs than a party dress on Monday-Thursday evenings. Last night was different though. I let my hair down, threw the rules out the window and went to the movies!


Wheee! It’s true – my Mom and I spent the evening with a wolf and a vampire…

IMG_9664 IMG_9666 

Aka, we finally saw Eclipse! If loving a hundred year old vampire in a teenager’s body is wrong, I don’t want to be right. TEAM EDWARD! I am this close to getting a poster for my bedroom wall. ;)


I drooled over the luscious vampire watched the movie intently with a small bag of popcorn on my lap. I can’t go to the movies without getting popcorn – it’s not possible. Although, at $5.25 for a small bag, I wish I could break the habit!


Our verdict? The second movie was better but we love all things Twilight so, of course, we loved Eclipse. I can’t wait for the 4th installment! Anyone know when it’s coming out? Do Edward and Bella actually get married? Will Bella turn into a willing vampire?! I should read the book… ;)

After the movie, my Mom and I sat down to a light dinner at Panera. You Pick 2 of a Mediterranean Veggie ‘Wich and Chicken Tortilla Soup.


The soup was SOUPER zesty and a tad spicy. I dug it!

IMG_9673 IMG_9674

This sandwich is what I was most excited for though. Salty, zippy, crunchy and that bread is just to die for. Squishy tomato basil with just a hint of cinnamon in the crust. I swear I tasted it. So unexpected!

IMG_9675 IMG_9677

Rounded out with a crunchy apple. Does anybody know what kind of apples Panera serves? I love the small size and perfect crunch. :)


This morning, after THE most humid morning Mom walk, I crushed my hunger with a sweet breakfast of Life Cereal + Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze and a Honey Roasted Peanut Butter + Banana English Muffin!


My hot and squishy Thomas 100% Whole Wheat English Muffin was slathered with some of the honey roasted peanut butter my friend gave me. I am becoming addicted to this stuff – it is CRAZY good!


This Life Cereal was a total impulse purchase at the store. I love this perfectly crunchy, lightly sweet cereal with all my heart. Plus it is insanely delish with USVAB, as are ALL cereals, imo!


Filling and tasty. :)  


Well I didn’t have any leftovers from last night’s dinner, and I ate all my pre-made salads for the week, so I dug around and packed a Sampler Style Lunch!


Including some Basha Hommus and Wheat Thins.


Crunchy and creamy – an ace combo.

DSC_0008 DSC_0007

Not to be outdone by a Pink Lady Apple and roasted almond butter. Ummm – Ben and I did an inventory the other night and realized we have 10 jars of various kinds of peanut and/or almond butter. Out. Of. Control!


Last, but not least, a 100 Calorie Jiffy Pop bag of popcorn. I’ve found this particular flavor of 100 calorie popcorn to be pretty decent, actually!


To be eaten here and there during the afternoon. Work has been absolutely nuts lately – no time for a leisurely lunch, that’s for sure. :? I’d rather be busy than bored to death though!


Blue Bunny Free Ice Cream Coupon Giveaway

The answer to yesterday’s final Blue Bunny free ice cream coupon question waaaaaas…”a”! There are 6 scoops of premium Blue Bunny ice cream in the Goliath Sundae! Sweet! Congrats to winner:

Jess S: A) Six scoops I LOVE ice cream and that might be even a little bit too much for me! Oh, my husband says he thinks I would handle it just fine. (I’m not sure that’s a compliment…) :D

Way to go Jess! And don’t worry, Ben would say the same thing about me. It IS a compliment! ;) Email me your address at and I’ll get your free coupon out to you in the mail.

THANKS to all who participated in the coupon giveaways the past several days. Free or not, I DO hope you’ll check out Blue Bunny’s products – they can’t be beat!

Three Question Thursday

Can we celebrate the fact that I didn’t forget about TQT today AND the fact that it’s already Thursday?! This week has flown by! Heeere ya’ go:

1. Do you wear gold or silver jewelry?

2. Do you bring your own snacks to the movies, buy them there, or go snackless?

3. Are you a homebody during the week, or do you like to get out and do stuff?

My answers:

1. I have always been a silver girl, but lately my wardrobe is starting to include a lot of blues, cremes and grays – which I’ve been pairing with gold jewelry. It’s nice for a little change-a-roo!

2. If I’m munching on candy, I usually bring it – but hot, buttery popcorn is a movie theater only purchase!

3. Homebody!