When Life Gives You Lemons…


When life gives you lemons, grab a drink! ;)


I’m not one to turn to alcohol during stressful times, I’d rather have a brownie, but it was hot last night and both Ben and I were itching to get out, so we walked down to a neighborhood bar to grab a cold & frosty brew!



IMG_9703 IMG_9702

We sat out on the patio to listen to the live band play a little Jazz, a little Gospel and a few Jimmy Buffett-type tunes. It was summer living at it finest.


We stayed until the sun started to dip,


the tiki torches were lit,


and before we knew it, the moon was the only thing in the sky. We had to get home before it got completely dark out!


So we took our drinks for the road and scooted on home. :)


I could get into these Thursday evening outings!

IMG_9714 IMG_9716

I was up bright and early for my morning Mom walk, but thunder and lightening had us turning back towards home about 2 minutes in.  


Instead of going back to bed, I brewed myself a cup of joe and settled into my front porch to sip my coffee and watch the storm roll by.

DSC_0019 DSC_0020

Just me, the chirping birds and the crickets – it was SO relaxing. I imagine it’s what I’ll be doing every morning when I retire, and I think I’ve recovered from my stressful week already!


Fast forward a brief storm and an hour later, and I was enjoying my breakfast of a thick & vibrant Green Monster. :mrgreen:

DSC_0006 (2)

In the mix:

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 3 big handfuls spinach

DSC_0010 (2)

Blended ’til silky smooth – one of my smoothest yet! I hit the “pulverize” button on my blender after I think everything is blended and let it go for, oh, another 30 seconds. It really gets everything blended the best.

DSC_0002 (2) 

I heart drinking nutrients!

DSC_0007 (2)

I brought some leftover Brazilian Coconut Chicken for lunch today.


This was such a delish meal with tons of layers of flavors. The kind that absolutely gets better as it sits. 


There’s some saturated fat in there from the coconut milk, but otherwise, this was a very healthy dish!


Paired with some crunchy carrots and sweet honey roasted peanut butter.


Aka, crack. I cannot stop eating this peanut butter – it is INSANELY good! :D


Not sure what’s on the agenda tonight – perhaps a low-key movie night? Anyone seen anything good lately?

Talk to you laterrrr – have a great day!


How do you unwind from a stressful day or week? Grab a cocktail? Indulge in some ice cream? Retail therepy? Exercise?

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  1. Working out is my main stress relief, but when the weekend rolls around, I like relaxing with some magazines and a cocktail.

  2. Dani 07.23.2010

    I love the Iowa glass!

  3. Laurie 07.23.2010

    What bar were you at that you can take your drink with you?

  4. Colleen 07.23.2010

    A stressful work week ususally results in a cold drink. I have all intentions of drinking an ‘adult’ one but by the time I get home I usually grab a pop and some dark chocolate.

  5. i just love your iowa glass!! sounds like a fun night. sometimes those are the best. im never one to make a cocktail if i’m having a bad day, but every once in a while it’s nice to have :) happy friday!

  6. Lizzy @ LBBakes 07.23.2010

    Looks like you’re transitioning nicely into weekend mode. :) I relax on the weekend by baking, and open water swimming in the summer! Love lake swims.

  7. Claire 07.23.2010

    I LOVE honey roasted peanut butter too! It is definitely only an “every once and a while” treat for me because I could eat it by the spoonful! Not sure if you know this, but you can grind your own HRPB at Whole Foods. It’s actually rather inexpensive (for fresh ground PB) and it’s the best I’ve ever had! Go check it out!

  8. Tina 07.23.2010

    I think those are all such great ways to chill. I love watching storms! And a chilled beverage or green monster are always nice.

  9. Corinne 07.23.2010

    Hold up, you can take purchased brews from a bar on the go!? l think that is amazing! Glad you had a nice relaxing evening AND morning to alleviate your work week! TGIF

  10. Looks like you guys had a GREAT time hanging out on the patio! Such fun!

    My mom just sent me an Iowa glass like that! I love it!

  11. Sounds like a great evening/morning to me! I can’t wait to have a real house so I can have a porch!! You are a lucky girl :-)

    To unwind I am def a cocktail girl. I don’t like to drink more than one or two, but I do enjoy the calm that alcohol brings to the body, ha :-)

  12. Sara 07.23.2010

    Glad you and Ben had a chance to wind down after a hard work week! :)

    As for a movie, you should try 500 Days of Summer! It’s REALLY good! It’s more of a comedy than a chick flick, in my opinion.

  13. Dream Mom 07.23.2010

    Sounds like a nice evening.

    As for recovering from a stressful week, the main thing I like is peace and quiet at home, meaning no t.v. or no sound. That is the ultimate luxury. I also enjoy a bubble bath or getting my nails (mani or pedi) and love the massage.

  14. Lauren Pavelka 07.23.2010

    Great Pictures! I love reading your blog.


  15. Emily 07.23.2010

    The gym helps with my stress a lot. But laughing is also one of the best cures for any bad week. But come Friday afternoon – I’m ready for a cocktail. It just screams “It’s the weekend” to me! Enjoy your low-key evening. :)

    Recent movies – not going to lie – the ABC Family moving “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” was cute -hahaha – but I don’t think the hubs would appreciate that.

  16. I’ll totally head to the gym…. roam the grocery store…. and then maybe have a brownie ;)

  17. Mellissa 07.23.2010

    I tend to do all of the above to relieve stress, sometimes I will workout sometimes it is a glass of wine, often I just like to grab a magazine and just veg.

  18. Angharad 07.23.2010

    I think we might go and see Inception tonight. It doesn’t sound like my cup of tea but so many people are raving about it and saying it’s not just for sci-fi folks so I’m giving it a go! Plus Leonardo Di Caprio…can’t be all bad!

  19. I definitely unwind with a good cup of tea and a book. I’m not a drinker so alcohol is out. Sometime exercise does the trick too. Or funny enough cleaning is huge.

  20. Amber 07.23.2010

    I definitely like to unwind with a cold Bud Light Lime or Summer Shandy! This heat has been a killer lately!
    I made your BBQ chicken quesadilla with caramelized onions last night, and it was delicious!! Now I’m trying to think of what else I can put caramelized onions on/in! I think homemade burrito bowls are on the menu tonight. Thanks for giving me some great new meal ideas!

  21. i unwind by cuddling with the husband… reading… watching mindless tv (HGTV, TLC, food network, etc.) :) but it’s summer so i haven’t been too stressed lately…

  22. Jordyn 07.23.2010

    Love your blog…I’m obsessed with green monsters too! Absolutely perfect breakfast.

  23. Mimi 07.23.2010

    Exercise is usually my go-to for stress relief, but it’s also nice to talk with friends, do a little pampering and maybe have a cookie (or two, depending on the situation).

    P.S. I just snacked on some PB and carrots. Love that combo!

  24. Jordyn 07.23.2010

    I love your blog…and green monsters too! Best and most amazing breakfast shake!

  25. Emily 07.23.2010

    It’s so funny that you were at Saints last night – a couple of my girlfriends and I have made it a new Thursday night tradition to walk from our house down there to grab a beer to relax. I thought I saw you, and I turned to my friend and said “I think that’s the girl who writes the Iowa Girl Eats Blog!” and she said, “no way, it couldn’t be” . . . and lo and behold, it was! I’m glad you’re enjoying the interesting Iowa nighttime weather as much as we are – the stormy unpredictability makes everything a little more fun. Hope to see you out again soon :)

  26. I’ve heard Inception is amazing if you want to go out.

    If you want to stay in, I’d recommend 500 Days of Summer. We recently watched it and I loved it!

  27. Daisy 07.23.2010

    Grab a cocktail for sure! I had some amazing ones yesterday! Seeee nights out DO help get through the week. ;) You local bar looks like so much fun!! Also – i know you just went to the movies but go see Inception. (I just wrote a mini review!) I’d be curious to know what you think.

  28. Kelly 07.23.2010

    Well, I can tell you to NOT watch The Bounty Hunter…it wasn’t good:( which is too bad b/c I like the actors in the movie.
    My husband and I saw Inception last night and it was the best movie I have seen this entire year, maybe longer than that…I’m just too old to remember last year’s movies..LOL!:)

  29. Dawn Patricia 07.23.2010

    Ah Kristin, this post made me giggle. Everyone in my family *loves* Miller Lite, unless you *married* into it, in which case you don’t drink (my husband) or you’d rather have a Coors (my uncle by marriage and my brother in law). I still remember my grandparents relaxing outside with their cold ones on steamy summer days. Anyways, I don’t drink to relax either, but I do treat myself to Starbucks when I’m super-stressed. There is something stress-relieving about say “yes” to the whipped and asking for extra caramel! I’m also hoping to see “Inception”. We don’t have a working DVD player so I can’t remember the last time my husband and I kicked back to a movie. We do watch a lot of stand-up comedy though! :D

  30. Dawn 07.23.2010

    You are THE CUTEST couple! Wow, beautiful pics as usual!

  31. Maura 07.23.2010

    After a long week, I’m not one to say no to a glass of wine. All in moderation, right? Haha. Usually before I have that glass of wine though I go for a run. Esp if it’s during the summertime on the brink of a storm. I find those moments so calming. That or I grab my phone and vent to a girlfriend!

  32. Julie S. 07.23.2010

    I definitely exercise to relieve stress! Works every time!

    If you haven’t seen “Role Models” yet, it’s a great movie! (It’s been out for quite awhile so you may have already seen it.) I rented “Youth in Revolt” recently & really liked it. It has the boy from Juno in it… Michael Cera.

  33. Nona 07.23.2010

    Don’t worry about the saturated fat in the coconut milk, I think – it’s not the same kind of harmful fatty acid chains as found in animal products. Sorry if you already knew that :)

  34. Kacy 07.23.2010

    Sometimes there’s nothing better than a cold beer and some live music. Sounds like a fun night!
    What a pretty storm, I would have really enjoyed that relaxing start to the day.

  35. Elyse 07.23.2010

    Cleaning does the trick for me too. After a really hard and stressful week, I like to slap on the yellow gloves and have at my apartment! In the end I feel better and my apartment looks great. Win win :-) Afterwards I like to soak in a warm bubble bath with a good book and a glass of wine. Ahhh bliss.

  36. Daily Reader 07.23.2010

    I read your blog everyday, but i wanted to make a commet out of all this food&lifestyle stuff. There is an english tv series called The Turdors, and you look alike one of its actresses. She plays the role of Ana Bolena, the lover of the king. Maybe in this photo she isnt too similar but she is a very beautiful woman. What do you think?


  37. sassy molassy 07.23.2010

    Ah, miller lite. Best light beer eva! I like to a) exercise b) go out to eat or grab a drink with the manfriend c) shop! Fridays are seriously the best.

  38. erica 07.23.2010

    i love ice cream on a friday :) a great, refreshing and yummy way to start the weekend!

    i haven’t seen it but literally all of my friends have been raving NON STOP about Inception.

  39. Janna 07.23.2010

    I like to unwind with a lovely glass of red. Or with some sushi, sake and good movie :)

  40. Jill Perschau 07.23.2010

    super cute pic of you and Ben! I really enjoy your blog Kristin, hope you’re well!

  41. I usually do yoga and eat something comforting, great balance ;)

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