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I kicked off “no excuses” week this afternoon, with a nice 4 miler in the scorching heat. Seriously clouds, why is it that you miraculously disappear the moment I step out the door, only to re-appear and cover the sun the minute I step back in the door? I’ll never understand it! ;)

At any rate, last week I was full of excuses as to why I couldn’t work out. If it wasn’t raining, we were under a heat advisory. If we weren’t under a heat advisory, I was at the movies or having a cocktail with Ben. While there’s nothing wrong with taking time off from exercise, for me – the longer I’m outta’ the game, the harder it is to get back in it.

This week, I’ve put my foot down and told myself – “you’re doing it” – so I’m gonna’. And I did! Tonight = 4 miles. Tomorrow, the world.

I got right to work on dinner after showering up – Shrimp & Sweet Corn Maque Choux!


Oh yes – the delicate, sweet & spicy dish that I fell in LOVE with at Emeril’s NOLA in New Orleans was back tonight – featuring candy-sweet, local Iowa sweet corn!


Shrimp & Sweet Corn Maque Choux

Print this recipe!

Serves 4

3 Tablespoons butter, divided
1/2 small onion, chopped
1 small bell pepper, chopped (green or red)
1 green onion, chopped
3 ears of sweet corn, cut off the cob
1 small zucchini, chopped
3 teaspoons Emeril’s essence, divided
1/3 cup half & half
35-40 small-medium sized frozen shrimp, thawed


  1. Melt 2 Tablespoons butter in a large skillet on medium-low. Sauté onion and green pepper until soft, ~6-7 minutes.
  2. Turn the heat up to medium-high and add zucchini, sweet corn and 2 teaspoons essence. Cover the skillet with a lid, stir occasionally, and let the mixture cook for ~4-5 minutes, or until zucchini is tender.
  3. Add the half & half and cook until the mixture has thickened, ~1 minute, using your cooking spoon to scrape up any bits on the bottom of the pan. Remove maque choux to a dish and set aside.
  4. Melt remaining Tablespoon of butter in the skillet and add thawed shrimp. Sprinkle in remaining teaspoon of essence and cook until shrimp are heated through.
  5. Plate maque choux and top with shrimp!


YUMS! I have made this dish a couple times before, but this time – with the fresh, sweet, local corn – was the BEST. It was so, so perfectly sweet!


Emeril’s essence blend really compliments the sweet, by bringing the spice. It’s got a wicked kick to it with that cayenne pepper!


But oh – OH – that sweet corn. What a great dish to highlight nature’s candy. It’s definitely the standout star. 8)


FULL – but not too full to have a mini Cashew Cookie Larabar for dessert. It’s no excuses week, not no dessert week! I couldn’t live in a world without dessert, I tell ya! ;)

BACHELORETTE TONIGHT! I’m thinking Allie picks nobody in the end. While I HEART Chris, I think she thinks he might be a little too dull for her. And Roberto just seems like fling material to me. Poor girl. That’s what you get for trying to find love on reality television. It’s not reality!

*Steps off soapbox*

At any rate, I’ll still be watching, so what does that make me?! HA!


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  1. Lauren 07.26.2010

    Good job on the run tonight!

    And even better job on this dinner. It looks wonderful!

  2. Jenna 07.26.2010

    Nice job on the run! If the weather is anything like it is in MN, in Iowa, you rock for making it 4 miles.

    I don’t know what to believe on The Bachelorette… does she find somebody, doesn’t she find anybody?? That is the question. But I think you may be right.

  3. Sara 07.26.2010

    You are able to balance healthy living with life so well! You always have a delicious, yet healthful meals, dessert and you exercise regularly, but you don’t live your life around it….you’re an inspiration :D

  4. Renee 07.26.2010

    I’ve heard that she doesn’t pick anyone .. on the bachelorette that is.. ah wells, poor girl – she’s had an odd dramatic season.

    As for that meal, you’re coming to my house to make that soon right? along with everything else you taunt me with on your profile. haha.

  5. Molly 07.26.2010

    shrimp and corn!? oh man, Im already in love!

    I need to get back in the game too- I have been half assing it way too much.
    Enjoy the Bachelorette :)

  6. Daisy 07.26.2010

    Why did the producers pick such creeps. Gosh. I heart Homeboy Chris too.

    and i really wanna make this dish after every time you make it. I’m just not sure my corn would compare….sigh

  7. Congrats on your run! And what a wonderful looking dinner!!!!

  8. Tonight is “The Men Tell All,” so we’ll have to wait until next week to find out who she picks! If she does pick someone, I think it will be Roberto. She seems completely infatuated with him.

  9. Lizzy @ LBBakes 07.26.2010

    Mmm, that dinner looks great! I’ve been allergic to shellfish for about 4 years now, so I have to eat it through pictures. ;) Thanks!

    I think Allie is going to end up picking no one, too! Maybe she’ll end up with Jake again? Haha!

  10. mmm that looks good! my husband is sitting here and he thinks so too :)

  11. Dawn 07.26.2010

    Normal, it makes you normal! We are dying to see who she picks. We hope it’s Roberto! But you may have pegged it, she was a little too upset when Frank bailed.

    Enjoy your evening!

  12. Dream Mom 07.27.2010

    Yay on getting in your workout. I used to have a two day rule where I couldn’t skip a workout more than two days in a row. It helped too being part of an online exercise group; I had a group I belonged to for years and every day we’d all post our workouts “after” they were done. I’ve had some serious medical issues these past few years (back surgery and need a knee replacement) so I can’t exercise now but I so miss it! I have a great trail around the golf course/river and it’s always so gorgeous with all the flowers, the water and nature.

    As for the Bachelorette, I think Ali was head over heels for Frank and was crushed when he dumped her. Overall, I think it was a bit sad with the Frank thing, the Justin thing, etc. I think Chris is good husband material but I don’t think she’s into any of them like she was Frank. We’ll have to see what happens next week though. I sure like to watch it when they have the romantic endings with a proposal. You’d like to think it would work but I don’t think this one is going to pan out, lol!

  13. Mimi 07.27.2010

    I swear the same thing with rain always happens to me. It’s clear before I start, rains when I’m running and then stops as soon as I’m back inside… Take this morning for example. Boo.
    Glad to hear you endured it, though. (:

  14. Kacy 07.27.2010

    Great job on the run! I’ve had to institute a “no excuses” rule lately too. It’s always “too hot” but if I use that as an excuse I’ll not be working out for another two months.

    I’m hoping she doesn’t pick Roberto so he can be the Bachelor next season. Hubba hubba :)

  15. Corinne 07.27.2010

    Nice work on the run! I am the same way: rest days are good and very necessary but if I take too many in a row I definitely start making silly excuses and the longer it takes me to get back into it! Putting your foot down works everytime :)

    When you purchase shrimp do you buy it fresh or precooked and frozen?

  16. Katie 07.27.2010

    Plain old almond butter all the way!

  17. Katie 07.27.2010

    Oh, and I’m a fan of Maranatha on facebook, too!

  18. Samantha from STL 07.27.2010

    A girl from my work turned me onto your website, she loves it! I have only been reading for a couple of days but it’s so nice to read a blog that is so positive yet realistic about being healthy. I struggle, daily, with making the right health choices in my life. It’s nice to know that there’s someone out there that is doing it and really happy about it! It’s not always fun. You are my inspiration to get back in shape (I am taking up running) and back to taking care of my body. Thank you!!!

  19. Julie S. 07.27.2010

    My friend & I both think she’s not gonna pick anyone either. Oh, how can you pass on Roberto?!?! (Not that I wouldn’t be perfectly happy w/ Chris either!) I hope Roberto is the next bachelor. We also think she was set on Frank. Why??? He just didn’t do it for me. Another clue that she isn’t picking anyone… why else would they bring back that guy from TX last night & have him & Deanna meet up again & both say that they support his decision not to pick anyone. Where did that come from if not to pave the way for Ali not choosing anyone next week.
    Bachelor Pad looks interesting… go Tenley & Kipton!!! :)

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  21. I know what you mean about working out. I have to do something each week, even if it’s just a quick jog or bike ride, so that I keep the momentum and routine of regular exercise going. If I stop doing it for too long I know I’ll never start again!

  22. Kim H 07.29.2010

    Emeril did a vegan soul food show on Planet Green and they made macque choux – here’s the link to the show info:

  23. I have fresh sweet white corn from the farmers and have been meaning to make this recipe! Do I need to boil the corn first and cut them off the cob?
    Also, I don’t have heavy cream or half and half. I was thinking of using my 1% milk and adding vinegar to turn it into buttermilk. What do you think?

  24. lisa 04.14.2014

    I tried this tonight because I had a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer to use up and canned corn in the cupboard. It was so delic!! I was skeptical at first about not adding salt to the shrimp but I held back and I’m so glad I did. There was SO much flavor!!! My boys loved it too so definitely a WIN!! Love this blog btw!!

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