I guess I knew this day would come…someday. Ok I’ll quit being dramatic, but seriously, Microsoft finally “upgraded” their user’s Hotmail accounts and they’re all jacked up!

It’s now painfully slow to load and respond to emails, buttons have been re-arranged, people are being forced to upgrade their browsers in order to access their email, etc. I especially hate the stupid orange icon that’s supposed to look like a piece of flying mail! 8O


I think the thing I’m most upset about, though, is the fact that users weren’t given the option to upgrade their accounts. Way to go and ruffle millions of people’s feathers, Microsoft. Bad!

Luckily, a program manager for the company heard my pathetic tweets and he’s been direct messaging with me about my gripes. I’ll fill you other new Hotmail haters in if I get any deets on how to switch back to our beloved “classic” view.

Oh, and, before you say what I know a lot of you want to say….I know. I know this is what I get for using something as ancient as Hotmail to manage my emails. What can I say, Hotmail and I are OG!!! ;)

On a happier note, I made a fresh summer soup for dinner – Sweet Corn Soup!


I know, I know. It’s almost August, hot as blazes out there, and I made soup for dinner?! Well, I had 4 ears of local sweet corn on my hands and knew this fresh tasting soup would be just the place for ’em!


It came together in no time and I started by sautéing onions & garlic in EVOO seasoned with lots of S&P. I added broccoli, turkey kielbasa and my sweet corn, sautéed, then added a can of creamed corn and 2 cans of chicken broth.


I let it bubble away for about 20 minutes and voila! A light, summer soup featuring crispy-sweet corn, smokey kielbasa and a fabulous texture!


I served some crispy, salty Terra Chips on the side.


The company sent me the chips to try and they miiiiiiight be the most addicting things I’ve had in awhile.


I love the ingredient list,


but I love the TASTE even more!


Light, crispy and they really taste like the veggies they started out as.


Chip calories don’t count when they started out as veggies, right? ;)


Well the cool & mild weather I enjoyed on my morning run continued throughout the day, and it’s turned out to be an absolutely PLEASANT night. Cross your fingers that I can convince Ben to take a ride to the ice cream shop with me?! ;)

Have a great night guys – Friday’s so close, I can SMELL it!



Do you ever make or eat soup in the summer?

What do you use for email?