The End of an Era


I guess I knew this day would come…someday. Ok I’ll quit being dramatic, but seriously, Microsoft finally “upgraded” their user’s Hotmail accounts and they’re all jacked up!

It’s now painfully slow to load and respond to emails, buttons have been re-arranged, people are being forced to upgrade their browsers in order to access their email, etc. I especially hate the stupid orange icon that’s supposed to look like a piece of flying mail! 8O


I think the thing I’m most upset about, though, is the fact that users weren’t given the option to upgrade their accounts. Way to go and ruffle millions of people’s feathers, Microsoft. Bad!

Luckily, a program manager for the company heard my pathetic tweets and he’s been direct messaging with me about my gripes. I’ll fill you other new Hotmail haters in if I get any deets on how to switch back to our beloved “classic” view.

Oh, and, before you say what I know a lot of you want to say….I know. I know this is what I get for using something as ancient as Hotmail to manage my emails. What can I say, Hotmail and I are OG!!! ;)

On a happier note, I made a fresh summer soup for dinner – Sweet Corn Soup!


I know, I know. It’s almost August, hot as blazes out there, and I made soup for dinner?! Well, I had 4 ears of local sweet corn on my hands and knew this fresh tasting soup would be just the place for ’em!


It came together in no time and I started by sautéing onions & garlic in EVOO seasoned with lots of S&P. I added broccoli, turkey kielbasa and my sweet corn, sautéed, then added a can of creamed corn and 2 cans of chicken broth.


I let it bubble away for about 20 minutes and voila! A light, summer soup featuring crispy-sweet corn, smokey kielbasa and a fabulous texture!


I served some crispy, salty Terra Chips on the side.


The company sent me the chips to try and they miiiiiiight be the most addicting things I’ve had in awhile.


I love the ingredient list,


but I love the TASTE even more!


Light, crispy and they really taste like the veggies they started out as.


Chip calories don’t count when they started out as veggies, right? ;)


Well the cool & mild weather I enjoyed on my morning run continued throughout the day, and it’s turned out to be an absolutely PLEASANT night. Cross your fingers that I can convince Ben to take a ride to the ice cream shop with me?! ;)

Have a great night guys – Friday’s so close, I can SMELL it!



Do you ever make or eat soup in the summer?

What do you use for email?

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  1. Spenser 07.29.2010

    Forward all of your hotmail emails to gmail – you will love it!!

  2. eemusings 07.29.2010

    Yep, I hate it! So slow, so ugly. Funny how upgrades are often a step backwards.

    I use my Gmail for blog stuff and professional correpondence mostly, but for personal emails, mystery shopping an d Facebook notifications Hotmail is my email account of choice.

  3. JennyV 07.29.2010

    I adore soup ANY time of the year! In fact, I’ve had a craving for ‘blender chili’ lately… However, that sweet corn soup looks awesome!

    Hotmail — have had the same account for over 10 yrs!

  4. Jill 07.29.2010

    I hate the new hotmail too!!! BOOOOO

  5. AJ 07.29.2010

    I do eat soup in summer, but not stews. I wouldn’t make a hearty beef stew in the middle of July, for example. I also don’t do chili in the summer.

    I have a yahoo e-mail account for personal e-mails. It works fine.

  6. Lizzy 07.29.2010

    ahhhh i know what you mean about hotmail. happened to me today too and i HATE it! glad i’m not the only one

  7. I recently discovered veggie chips at our local grocery store – and oh my. Very dangerously delicious indeed!

  8. Becky 07.29.2010

    It’s OK…I still have an AOL account :)

    Love the soup! I actually enjoy soup year round. I just really like hot food. I especially love soup as a starter at freezing cold, air-conditioned restaurants.

  9. I made Salmon Chowder the other day, but then again our summer has been cool (50s), rainy, and cloudy–which is good soup weather.

  10. erica 07.29.2010

    i like things really simple, so i’m using yahoo for email…i tried gmail but got too confused. hahaa.

    i love soup anytime of the year! yours looks so delicious! vibrant colors, as always!

  11. Renee 07.29.2010

    I haven’t had any troubles with the new switch I guess for Hotmail, I tried Gmail- I’m not sure why I still dont use it but, I’m addicted to my longtime email account I guess :(

  12. jen 07.29.2010

    I never seem to make soup in the summer…too hot!

    gmail is awesome!

  13. Alyse 07.29.2010

    I hate the new hotmail, too. They messed with MSN News awhile ago too, and I find it EXTREMELY hard to navigate.

    I’m a big fan of chili in the summer. I just leave out the meat to make it seem lighter. :)

  14. Kelly 07.29.2010

    I’m a gmail gal, though I will say if you end up switching to gmail, there is a learning curve. Or at least a period of time where you think you aren’t going to like gmail…but give it a few weeks and you will realize it’s greatness…LOL!!

  15. Lauren-Marie 07.29.2010

    I could eat soup any day of the year!

    I use gmail. I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are some many uses for it!

  16. Lauren 07.29.2010

    I hate when that happens! Hope they at least gave you warning about the upgrade.

    Corn soup sounds so good and I’m dying to try those Terra Chips. What a great summer dinner.

  17. Brynne 07.29.2010

    Sweet corn soup sounds AMAZING! I definitely eat soup in the summer – and I use gmail. It’s awesome :)

  18. I’m definitely a gmail girl! I love it!!!

    Those Terra chips look amazing! I’m not usually a soup fan in the summer, but this one might be a winner! Looks great!

  19. Kevin 07.29.2010

    Could always use an email client as opposed to a browser-based client…

  20. Lizzy @ LBBakes 07.29.2010

    Hmm, I’m not a huge fan of soup in the summer. Although, gazpacho is refreshing. :) Love the kielbasa in the soup! I haven’t had kielbasa in years!

  21. cj 07.29.2010

    oh, yeah. we eat soup any time of year! we just had potato soup (one of our favorites) last week. yum!

    i use yahoo and gmail…

  22. My husband loves hotmail (although I’m not sure he’s aware of this “upgrade.” He had surgery today and hasn’t been on the computer! I keep trying to get him to convert to GMAIL but he refuses.

    Those terra chips ARE addicting. And so pretty!

  23. Hunni hated the changes so much that he finally got a Gmail account. Welcome to 2010 :-)

  24. Pamela 07.29.2010

    It’s absurd how many e-mail accounts I have, but mostly I rely on MSN (Hotmail). I HATE the upgrade – my iPhone app can’t read my Hotmail accounts at all now; it’s not compatible with the upgrade. Grr!

  25. andie 07.29.2010

    that’s *almost* like my mom’s corn soup! :)

  26. Kristie 07.29.2010

    Had two cups of soup last night. Yes it was hot and yes it was gooood!

  27. As I read your post, I checked my hotmail. Nothing’s changed for me Canada side. Hmmm… Only time will tell. As for what I use…. I have a hotmail account I created when I was 15 or 16 years old, that some family on my side email me to along wtih my junk subsciptions I sign up for (clothing sales etc), I have 2 accounts, one for me, and one for my hubby we made when we got engaged to deal with wedding stuff. don’t often check the joined account. My account is for almost all my personal correspondances, friends, family and work related stuff. I also have a gmail account which is solely for blog related stuffs.

  28. Ms.S 07.29.2010

    I like your summer soup idea. I’ll make/eat it in the summer on cooler rainy days, but otherwise I tend to save it for fall and winter.
    I use gmail for managing my email. It has a pretty decent calendar option – though I think it could be improved quite a bit – and allows me to chat with my phone-adverse sister. Plus, the interface is really straight forward and easy to use, even when they upgrade.

  29. Angharad 07.29.2010

    I’m actually on the verge of making some gazpacho i.e. chilled soup so we’ll see how that goes! But actually, yes, we make hot soup too – it’s just so good for lunches at work. An we just bought a whole chicken at the store so I can see a soup in our near future!

  30. Jen 07.29.2010

    My husband and I made a sweet corn chowder this week (it was featured in the Hy-Vee “Seasons” magazine). It had us cook the sweet corn cobs in with the broth and brought out so much of the Iowa sweet corn flavor. It was absolutely amazing! I could eat soup any time of the year. =)

  31. Erin 07.29.2010

    Those chips are AWESOME! The last time I bought them was when I lived in Chicago… yum. In fact, I think the last time I ate them was when I was waiting outside in line for a U2 concert. Funny.

    I don’t make soup, but I cook everything else.

    For e-mail I’ve been slowly moving off AOL and onto Apple’s Mobile Me.

  32. Ugh, I hate when companies make their software laggy!! As the VP of a software company, it droves me extra crazy, lol.

    That soup look delish! I eat soup in the summer and ice cream in the winter, I’m a year-round food offender, lol.

    I use Outlook and Gmail for email.


  33. Amanda in Rabat 07.29.2010

    I don’t mind the new upgrade, minus the ridiculously small font…and I’ve had not a single issue using it in Morocco, which is quite strange given all the complaints about it. I can’t stand Gmail…

    I love Terra Chips…even better than potato chips. I used to always save the beet chips for last. Mmm, might be one of my first purchases when I get back to the US!

  34. I use Gmail and have been using it for 4 years now. I LOVE IT!

  35. Meghan 07.30.2010

    I have both gmail and hotmail … can’t quite let go of the hotmail, it is the original! I liked it better until today, the new view is the worst. Please do use your new twitter connections to get us classic view :)

  36. mina 07.30.2010

    we use hotmail for our blog email because we’re too lazy to log out of our personal gmails. i hate the change too.

  37. laura 07.30.2010

    I love soup soo much i still make it in the summer, but much less than the winter. I think I may make that soup this weekend to use up some sweet corn.
    P.S. I’m going to an Iowa Cubs vs Isotopes in Albuquerque tomorrow night and I can’t wait!! I’ll be rooting for Iowa of course : )

  38. Dream Mom 07.30.2010

    I dumped MSN about 18 months ago. I was always having problems with the email account and then I’d learn they did an upgrade or some enhancement. Prior to them going live with the enhancement though, there were umpteen issues. I switched to Comcast and never looked back.

  39. Mimi 07.30.2010

    I had the exact same reaction as you. Why go messing with a good thing, Microsoft? Why?

  40. Your soup looks really good. I don’t know why but I always think soups have to have all the ingredients blended together but this obviously isn’t the case; I love that you can see everything that went into it!!

  41. allijag 07.30.2010

    OMG I feel SO MUCH BETTER for two reasons! 1 – I’m not the only blogger out there who loves Hotmail and really doesn’t want to switch to Gmail, and 2 – I HATE the redesign! Every time I sign in, I get ALL frazzled. :( I actually sent feedback (just via the generic link on the page) the day it happened I hated it so much. And I never do that! I’m definitely interested to hear what you find out!

  42. I’ve been craving corn soup lately! Yours looks great because the one that I have is creamier with pureed potatoes which would probably be a little much in the summer!

  43. Emily 07.30.2010

    I just made a Cooking Light Summer Squash and Corn chowder and even though it was 100 degrees out – it was fabulous!!!!
    And gmail’s the way to go!!!

  44. lauramich 07.30.2010

    Hot soup? No. But this summer, I finally got around to making my own gazpacho. I even scaled the recipe down to a single serving in my mini chopper. It’s a great way to use up the last of the farmers’ market bounty.

  45. Daisy 07.30.2010

    Yes. I love soup so much, i can’t go a whole summer without some just cause its hot!!

    gmail! and microsoft outlook for work :)

  46. Gmail rocks! I love Google Calendar and how you can easily manage and share it. Check out for her tutorial videos.

    I eat COLD summer soups that incorporate a pureed fruit like cucumber melon or tomato gauzpacho.

    I love Terra veggie chips. If you like Terra’s brand, try Trader Joe’s! Doesn’t it seem like 90% of TJ’s versions are yummier (for a stellar price?)

  47. Sami 07.30.2010

    Ugh. I feel your pain, girl! I’m having the same issues! I have an old hotmail account, but for my blog I got a new email with gmail and LOVE it. I’m considering just forwarding the old to the new but I want two seperate accounts! Good luck, girl! :)

  48. mmmm i love gmail!

  49. Corinne 07.30.2010

    soup is def. good ANY time of year! esp. with fresh summer ingredients like CORN! gmail all the way…get your act together :)

  50. Bekah 07.30.2010

    omg terra chips are my fave! so addicting. (I’m actually surprised they’re not more popular through the blogosphere!) and your corn soup recipe looks delicious alongside some chips. :)

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