I Miss Standing


Who’s ready for dinner?! :mrgreen:

I made on oldie, but goodie tonight – Tortilla Egg Scramble!


This has become a quick & easy dinner favorite in la casa de IGE. Ben even let out an audible "yay!" when I told him what I was making. ;)

DSC_0006 (2)

What’s not to love? Savory enchilada sauce, gooey cheddar cheese, luscious avocado and fresh homemade salsa. SO.YUM!!!!

DSC_0002 (2)

What makes this dinner even better is the fact that it costs like $0.70 a pop. Pantry staples like tortilla chips, enchilada sauce, eggs, cheese and veggies cost mere pennies, people!


Drool-worthy, I’m tellin’ ya’. The textures and flavors are absolutely fantastic. ;)


So, last night after we landed, packed up our gear and headed back to the balloon launch site, we got to experience "Light up the Night" night at the balloon festival!


Each balloon was docked on the ground and as the sun set, they’d give their flames a quick burst every minute or so. 


The result was a spectacular show, reminiscent of extra, EXTRA, large Christmas lights!




I think I caught the bug…the hot air balloon bug… I want to ride again!!


In other news, I’ve been feeling super sluggish the past two days and I think I know why…

We’re re-arranging cubes at work but before I can move into my new one, I’ve had to temporarily relocate to a cube with a sit-down desk & chair. Only problem is that I’ve gotten used to rocking the stand-up desk and tall chair and I never realized how positively it affected my life until it was gone!

Not that I stand for 8 hours a day at my stand-up desk, but I definitely don’t sit as much as I have been the past two days, and I’ve been leaving working feeling totally sluggish. Totally blah. Totally lump-esque, if you will.

Whenever I feel sluggish, I tend to try and pull the"Ugh! I have no energy to do anything – certainly not exercise!" card. But you know what? Exercise is the most important when you feel the least like doing it.

To me, sluggish doesn’t mean tired. It means…sluggish. Right? It’s one thing to skip exercise when you’re tired, but exercise actually revives me when I’m feeling like a lump.

Knowing this, I forced myself to head out for a three miler as soon as I got home from work and you know what? I feel LOADS better. Energy levels = back. Sluggishness = banished. Here’s hoping I get into my new cube soon, so I can resume standing. Glorious, glorious standing! :D

Ok, that was a lot of words and use of the word sluggish…

I am off to find some dessert – mama needs her chocolate!



Do you work at a computer or desk all day? How often do you try and get up and walk around?

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  1. If I ever do work a job where sitting is involved, I’m investing in those chairs! You have me sold!

  2. erica 08.05.2010

    i work at a desk ALL day. i get up every once in awhile to go to the copy machine or small things like that, but probably not moving around as much as i should……

    i think i’ll get up and walk around now.

  3. amanda 08.05.2010

    I sit all day but I make sure to get up every hour and walk around. Could you take a picture of your stand up desk? I’m interested to see how it works!

  4. I love that you drew the distinction between sluggish and tired! Winter for me makes me sluggish – but really – there is no better way to warm up than exercise!!!

  5. Lauren 08.05.2010

    I love this recipe. You inspired me to make it a few months ago and now it frequents our BFD menu!

    It’s so true. Being able to detect when you are mentally tired or physically tired is a completely valid aspect of striving for health.

  6. Michelle 08.05.2010

    A lot of my friends, this is including myself, have been sluggish this week. I haven’t felt like doing anything this week, and all I want to do is sleep.

    At work I make it a must to get up and walk around. If I don’t my back starts to get really sore; ever since my back injury last month, I can’t sit for long periods of time anymore.

  7. Cassie 08.05.2010

    I am a preschool teacher (or was, until I entered Mommyhood) so I was up down up down all day long! :)

    What kind of work do you do??

  8. Tina 08.05.2010

    I agree! I was dying for exercise yesterday and today because I felt sluggish and could use the stress relief. My body was acting sick though and I try to be more mindful of things like that while pregnant. It’s amazing how much better exercise can make you feel. Good job making sure to get it in.

  9. Nikki 08.05.2010

    Yes I do sit at a cube all day! I work in downtown Des Moines, so twice a day a walk down Walnut and Locust and read my James Patterson book of the week. It feels awesome to get up and walk around. My fiance works sits in a cube all day too, and he often gets up and walks the stairs and around the floors. He has back problems and ironically I just talked him earlier this week, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have a high desk so you could stand.” We didn’t know there was such a thing until I read it in your blog! What a genius idea!

  10. i sit at a cube all day and my boss would never go for raised chairs!! ive been contemplating bringing my aerobic ball and working on my core!!

  11. bonni 08.05.2010

    Moved to our brand new office a couple months ago and we have mechanical adjustable height desks so we can stand or sit whenever we want, it is great. When i feel achy or stiff up i go and i can stand as long as i want. Love IT

  12. Cocoa 08.05.2010

    After reading your post I got my desk raised last week. Unfortunately, the chair we ordered isn’t tall enough so I have to stand up all.day.long. I was hoping to work up to that 1 hour at a time ;) but I have noticed I feel so much better. No more tight back or night time twitchy legs. Thanks for the recommendation! Plus, I’ve started a trend at my office, several of the other ladies are getting theirs raised too. My new chair gets here Monday, but I might not need it anymore by then LOL

  13. Run Sarah 08.05.2010

    That scramble looks mouth-watering, yum! I don’t sit down much depending on my rotation I am standing tons! So when I see a chair, I take the opportunity to sit for a bit.

  14. I need to force myselt to start taking breaks starting next week. I’m a cubie myself. And I find myself extremely sluggish in the afternoon. I know a walk would help so much.
    I just recently found the absolute brilliance in eggs for dinner. I’m going to try your recipe soon!
    I have a question for you…did your ears bother you on the hot air balloon…i.e. did they feel that same pressure feeling people sometimes experience in airplanes???
    My friend took a Hot Air Balloon ride and she said that was the only drawback for her…and honestly I hate airplane ears and that has kept me from ever seeking out a balloon ride, even though I think it would be quite an experience!
    Thanks! :)

  15. Melissa 08.05.2010

    LOVED reading about your hot air ballooning adventures! Dinner looks amazing, as usual, too!

    I am a teacher so fortunately I get to move around a lot. But if I have to go to a conference or something, I’m super sluggish. And a workout always does the trick!

  16. i’m in grad school so i have a varied schedule… but when i have class, i’m often sitting for about 2-4 hrs. bummer. but on longer classes we get a break which is nice. but in my part time job i sit at a computer alllll the time. boo. and it isn’t even a real desk- just a long table and a very uncomfortable chair in a room with no windows and an old computer. oh well. :) maybe someday i’ll have a nice desk… we’ll see! :)

  17. girliefriend 08.05.2010


    Loved your pics from the balloon ride. Congrats on fulfilling a dream!

  18. Angharad 08.05.2010

    I do and I hate the fact that I’m sitting all day. I make sure I take an hour long lunch break to stretch my legs and I also drink a TON of water and so I tend to get up to pee at least once an hour if not a lot more :D

    Love the look of your dinner – my husband would definitely have “yayed” at that too!

  19. Ashley 08.05.2010

    I probably get up at least once an hour – either to fill up my water bottle or just walk around. My job requires some serious computer time – but in order to stay serious, I need to stay focused. I take my walk time to stretch and say hi to people :)

  20. MelissaOklahoma 08.05.2010

    I hear you on the need to to excercise when you feel sluggish. This is advice I need to heed for sure! I’m having such a hard time getting into the exercise routine…

  21. Love the pictures of “Light the Night” so beautiful! As for sitting, I end up doing a lot of it at work. In the morning I try I get up pretty often and will even on occasion walk up a couple flights of stairs to get get my heart pumping; but, in the afternoon I’m just trying to get everything done and do end up feeling quite sluggish come the end of the day.

  22. Ms.S 08.05.2010

    I used to work at a computer and desk all day, and was so grateful when I left that job to do other things (not desk jobs). But I’ve come to find I really love the desk-type jobs…so I’m super intrigued by your talk about tall desks & chairs that are conducive to working while standing, as well. Love it! Thanks for sharing the idea.
    Also intriguing – the chocolate peanut butter you posted about. So much so that when buying ingredients for scotcheroo bars tonight for our potluck, I decided to try the dark chocolate peanut butter I could find instead of regular. And I also substituted agave nectar for the corn syrup. Overall, VERY yummy! Though I don’t think I’ll make the subs permanent, I’ll definitely switch it up every-so-often.

  23. Bridget 08.05.2010

    I love the hot air balloon adventure!! I am a SAHM and look forward to the moment I can sit down. It’s pretty much sitting down to use the bathroom, check email quickly, and to shovel food into my mouth. OH! Also I drive people places which involves sitting. :) I wouldn’t care for sitting for 8 hours a day. Boooring and my bottom would totally fall asleep!

  24. I’m all about this easy dish! It sounds yummy. The hot air baloons are beautiful, especially at night. I didn’t know they went up in the dark.

  25. I agree that nothing gets you going like exercise, especially when it’s the last thing you feel like doing!

  26. Jacki 08.06.2010

    I’ve worked at a desk every day now for about 27 years. I’ve had back problems in the past 11 years and have tried the kneeling chair and even had my stability ball in there to sit on for a while. The stand up desk sounds completely awesome but I’m not sure I can sell that one… You wouldn’t have pictures of the set up would you?

  27. Katie Oswalt 08.06.2010

    I’m a Sales Rep for Kraft and I get to just go, go, go all day long! I have to lift a lot too, so many times I just let my work be my workout. It’s a blessing in disguise, for sure!

    My boyfriend surprised me with a hot air balloon ride last year for our anniversary… it was amazing! Glad you also got to experience it :)

  28. Julie S. 08.06.2010

    I couldn’t agree more on the exercising even when you don’t feel like it. Unless I’m really sick, I exercise every day & ALWAYS feel more energized afterwards!

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  30. Those night time pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Well…kinda just as gorgeous as the daytime ones:)

  31. sassy molassy 08.06.2010

    These are such beautiful balloon photos! The colors and lighting are amazing.

  32. Sara 08.06.2010

    I followed your advice and started standing at work whenever I have to do desk jobs…sometimes I shelve books for five hours, but lately I’ve been recycling and stamping microfiche everyday…booooring! Standing makes me feel less sluggish, though :)

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