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Hello! How’d your Monday go?

Mine was good except I’m still sitting all day at work and (TMI?) my buns are sore! I don’t know how I used to do it because sitting in a chair for 8 hours is just not for me. The good news is that they’re finishing (hopefully!) my new cube tomorrow, which means I’ll have sweet, sweet standing freedom at work soon enough! :mrgreen:

Tonight I revisited the pasta feast I was going to make for dinner last Friday, but got too full on chips and granola bars to make, Chicken & Prosciutto Ravioli with Marinara Sauce!


I picked this up because I actually thought it was Butoni pasta and I had a free coupon for it. The cashier at the store gave me the discount so I didn’t think anything of it until I got home and realized it was a completely different brand!

DSC_0005 (2)

I pressed on because, Buitoni or not, it still looked pretty scrumptious. :)


Plus it was filled with prosciutto and two types of cheeses. Hello!


A couple minutes in some boiling water is all it took to go from package to plate!


I topped the ravioli with my favorite marinara sauce, Gino’s.

DSC_0001 (2)

Gino’s is a local restaurant that sells their sauces, salad dressings and other foods at grocery stores in the area. Everything I’ve tried has been completely to die for.

DSC_0003 (2)

I actually had the pleasure of dining in their newest restaurant location for work last week and was in HEAVEN! Fried ravioli, homemade cavatelli, sauce galore – and the crème brulee. THE CREME BRULEE!!! Locals, it’s in the West Glen Town Center – go NOW!

DSC_0004 (2)

Anyways, the sauce turns anything it touches to pure gold – not that this ravioli needed it.


It was salty from the prosciutto and cheese, and the bed of sautéed spinach I served them on lent a bright, fresh flavor to the whole dish.


Sprinkled with a parmesan herb blend on top, this was a fantastic, easy meal that came together in minutes. Word to the wise – the package says it’s two portions, but it’s two small portions. Plan to have something else to serve!  


Other then that – two thumbs up!


Well it’s looking a wee bit cloudy out there, but I think I’m going to take a chance and ride my bike up to the library to return Twilight. Lord knows I don’t need any late fees! ;)

Tonight I’m also helping Ben make salsa for a "Salsa-Off" at work tomorrow. He’s debating putting in a habanero pepper. I’m scared!

Have a good night!


What’s your current favorite restaurant? What type of food do they serve? What’s your favorite dish?

I think my favorite restaurant is Miyabi 9. I could eat their salmon nigiri all day, every day!

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  1. jassy 08.09.2010

    my butt got sore also when sitting for 8 hours :)

  2. Molly 08.09.2010

    Just found my new favorite restaurant. Hub 51 in Wrigleyville. oh my. So amazing! I had sushi and Ahi sashimi. I died. but they literally have EVERYTHING. Tacos, sandwiches, decadent salads.
    If you are ever in Chicago, you MUST go.

  3. oh what a wonderful dinner!!!!

  4. erica 08.09.2010

    I have a 3-way tie for favorite restaurant: Roy’s Waikiki, Lahaina Grill in Maui, and LeBistro!

  5. Ms.S 08.09.2010

    There’s a fabulous restaurant close to us called El Norteno (can’t remember how to get ~ above the ‘n’). Anyway…there are always the same three women there and their menu is full of to-die-for authentic Mexican food. I’m a huge fan of their cheese enchiladas with their red molè. Comes with the best Spanish rice I’ve ever had and superb refried beans (they aren’t greasy!). And if that isn’t enough, the salsa they serve with their chips is amazingly fresh with just the right amount of kick at the end. Total hole-in-the-wall that is awesome! Next time you’re in the Cities, you should definitely check it out (on E Lake Street).

  6. sassy molassy 08.09.2010

    Yeah, I generally sit most of the day as well and I hate it. Would love to have a standing type desk. Ugh. The buns get sore regularly.

  7. Sara 08.09.2010

    That raviloli look delicious! I’m going to have to look for it next time I go shopping. I don’t really have a current favorite restaurant…I like eating at home, more times than not.

  8. Go for the habanero! Spicy is good!

  9. That looks like such a yummy dinner! My favorite right now is probably Indian food, I love saag paneer!

  10. Abby 08.09.2010

    My favorite restaurant here in IC is Oasis (The Falafel Joint). They make AMAZING falafel, homemade hummus & pita, and other SUPER delicious sides. If you’re ever in the area, you must (must) stop and try it!
    Oh, and I thought I’d let you know that I absolutely love to read your blog…in the morning & at night! It is definitely one of the highlights of my day. Your blog is something I aspire to! All of your pictures and recipes are awesome!

  11. Erica 08.09.2010

    I don’t have a favorite restaurant, but after reading these comments I have about 10 that may be contenders! I’m hungry! :-)

  12. Erin 08.09.2010

    Currently, I’m absolutely in love with a place here called Larchmont Bungalow. The clientele is LA-hip (and celeb sitings are aplenty), but really – the atmosphere is awesome. And the food? Well, let me just name off one dish: red velvet pancakes. <3

  13. Danielle 08.09.2010

    I sat and worked all day and my buns are sore too! In fact, my whole body is sore!

    My favorite place is actually one of those self serve frozen yogurt places called YogaBerry. I love it!

  14. Keely 08.09.2010

    I LOVE Centro’s. Most locals will admit it has the best food in the city. Like the South Union bread and wood fire margaritas pizza isn’t enough – the flourless chocolate cake (also served at Django) will change your life.

  15. Daisy 08.09.2010

    oh yea you love that Miyabi 9! ;) gosh I have so many favorite restaurants. I just ate an incredible tuna tartare at a modern yet homey restaurant in the historic South End neighborhood. I think it’s totally a place you could dig….

  16. Mac 08.09.2010

    I sit in a chair at work all day too right now! I absolutely hate it! That is actually one of the reasons I am looking forward to going back and being a full time student… I get to move around more :)

  17. Mich 08.09.2010

    Speaking of restaurants… I’ll be in DM in a few weekends for a bachelorette party. Any good recommendations for good eats that would satisfy a large/diverse/hungry group of girls? Any fun bars in the downtown area we should hit up?? Woo hoo for a night out of Omaha :)

  18. Julie 08.09.2010

    Hey Kristen,

    Your food always looks so amazing and delicious! I need to try some of these recipes! I love all your breakfasts, lunches and dinners and I was wondering if you could do a post sometime on what your menu is that you planned along with your shopping list. I know you have a post already of how you menu plan but it would be neat to see a random week of menus and grocery list you create. I am always looking for new ideas. :)

    Thanks girl

  19. My favourite restaurant has great dishes, for example scandinavian tapas which are REALLY good (wild mushrooms, reindeer, cold smoked fish, herring…) :)

  20. Elyse 08.10.2010

    I love Mimi’s cafe. They are a french american chain and everything they make is so fresh and yummy. The muffins are out of this world! My favorite is the buttermilk spice. I love how they also serve fruit with a lot of their meals. The runnerup would have to be breadwinners though. I know from your recent trip to Dallas you understand my love for that place!! :-D

  21. Becky 08.10.2010

    I love pasta, especially when it’s stuffed with cheese! We have a “Little Italy” of sorts near us and I always go to a shop there to get their ravioli and sauce. I can’t wait for fall, so I can get the pumpkin ravioli. Yum!

  22. Bertucci’s. It’s a NE Italian chain. Their rolls and oil are to.die. My favorite dish is the margherita pizza. Carbs, carbs and more carbs!

  23. i love a local mexican restaurant called casa brava. it’s excellent! they have the best chicken quesadillas i’ve ever had. and not the healthiest either. haha :)

  24. Amber 08.10.2010

    I have some of that pasta in my freezer. AND Gino’s in the fridge!! I think I know what one of my suppers is going to be this week! I made your mozzarella stuffed turkey burgers last night–the hubby loved them! Thanks for great meal ideas! Have a good day!

  25. Amber 08.10.2010

    I have some of that pasta in my freezer. AND Gino’s in the fridge!! I think I know what one of my suppers is going to be this week! I made your mozzarella stuffed turkey burgers last night–the hubby loved them! Thanks for great meal ideas! Oh, as for a favorite restaurant…Cinco de Mayo. It’s a small town Mexican restaurant from back home…delicious! Good day.

  26. Jill 08.10.2010

    If you were to visit Newport Beach – I’d recommend my faves – Habana in Costa Mesa their Cuban Pot Roast & mojitos are to die for. Also Bandera in Newport for their amazing chicken enchiladas & homemade cornbread and they have no corkage so you can bring your own wine!

  27. The Heritage Cook 08.11.2010

    Root Beer BBQ Sauce!…

    I liked your entry and I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog! JB…

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